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Posts by tag: UFC 117

1 year ago

Anderson Silva ‘Like Water’ Documentary Review


It is a rare occasion when you get an inside look at Anderson Silva. Like Water shows a fascinating backstory behind one of the greatest fights and fighters in UFC history yet still left plenty of unanswered questions about who Anderson Silva really is.

I recently found some time to watch the Silva doc which is on Netflix and I have to say that I thought it was very good. It certainly wasn’t the best sports documentary I have ever seen but it was better than the average. The documentary follows Silva as he prepares for what turned out to be arguably the greatest championship fight in UFC history against Chael Sonnen at UFC 117.

If you are expecting to learn a lot about The Spider I think you’ll be disappointed. They certainly cover Silva’s beginnings and his entry into MMA. But the background is very brief which I found unfortunate. I here to read more , , , , , ,

2 years ago

Anderson Silva Vs. Chael Sonnen UFC 148 Fight Prediction & Analysis


The time for talking is over. The UFC’s hype train rolls into station this weekend as one of the biggest grudge matches in the promotion’s history is set to unfold this Saturday night on Pay Per View. Live from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada loud-mouthed Number One Contender Chael Sonnen will get another crack at history when he battles UFC Middleweight Champion and Pound-for-Pound Kingpin Anderson Silva.

The two originally met in a clash for the ages at UFC 117. The title fight was preceded by a slew of trash talk from the loud-mouthed challenger Sonnen who insulted Silva’s family, country, training partners and even his wife. He then went on to dominate the champion for four rounds, putting a beating on the champion like no one had ever done before. Then in the final round, it was all for naught as the champion pulled off one here to read more , , ,

2 years ago

A Look Back At Silva Vs. Sonnen 1


It’s been almost two years since a big mouthed middleweight named Chael Sonnen stepped into the octagon to face the legendary Anderson Silva. The fight featured five rounds of drama, brutality, and intensity making it arguably the greatest fight in UFC history.

It is amazing to think that close to two years has passed since Sonnen vs. Silva took place at UFC 117. Quite frankly not a whole lot has changed inside the UFC for both fighters. Chael is still the brash, arrogant showman while Silva continues to dominate all comers, writing a legacy that may never be touched inside the world of MMA.

The climate is a bit different inside of the UFC. In 2010, the UFC was stacked with superstar fighters and grudge rivalries. Today, the UFC is starving for something exciting. Sonnen vs. Silva II couldn’t have come at a better time for the UFC.

Looking back at the events here to read more , , ,

3 years ago

Anderson Silva Vs. Chael Sonnen Rematch Is Official


Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson SilvaThe most anticipated UFC middleweight championship fight in division history is on. UFC president Dana White confirmed that Anderson Silva has agreed to fight Chael Sonnen. This contradicts recent statements from Silva and his camp saying that they would not fight Sonnen.

The news came late this week after a reported meeting between Chael Sonnen, Anderson Silva, and the UFC. Sonnen sent a tweet out on Tuesday in typical Sonen fashion letting fans know that there was a meeting scheduled this week between all parties.

“The bug got to Anaheim today, I get in tomorrow. We are having a meeting, and I AIN’T BRINGING FLOWERS….”

That will smooth things over. Well something happened at that meeting because on Thursday, Dana White confirmed that there here to read more , , , , , ,

3 years ago

Chael Sonnen Says He Wanted To Fight Anderson Silva Right There At UFC 136


Chael Sonnen Ariel HelwaniIt has been over 24 hours and the MMA world is still talking about Chael Sonnen’s challenge to Anderson Silva at UFC 136. Well guess what? Chael is still talking and according to him, we would have seen the rematch right there in Houston if he had it his way.

I will be quite honest and admit that I have been very harsh on Chael following his loss to Anderson Silva at UFC 114. The repeated lies and denials about his outside of the octagon activities have been more obnoxious than entertaining. However, after UFC 136 I think I am back on board on the Chael Sonnen entertainment bandwagon.

In case you missed it, Chael Sonnen returned to the UFC after a fourteen month layoff at UFC 136 and looked fantastic. He dominated Brian Stann for a round here to read more , , , , ,

3 years ago

Chael Sonnen No Longer Suspended, Can Reapply To Fight


The next chapter in the Chael Sonnen began yesterday. Sonnen’s suspension is over and in his own words on Twitter, “I can finally get back to the most important thing in my life. Defending my Middleweight Championship.”

The Chael Sonnen saga is probably up to chapter 12 at this point. Between his positive PED test, his suspension, his legal proceedings, his re-suspension, his decision reversal, etc, etc it just never seemed to end. Sonnen’s CSAC suspension is now officially over. The new chapter will see whether Sonnen can get licensed to fight in the United States and whether the UFC forces him to reapply in California.

Sonnen can get licensed here to read more , , , , , , ,

3 years ago

Updated – Chael Sonnen Loses CSAC Fight, Gets One Last Chance


UFC fans have probably seen the end of Chael Sonnen. The CSAC voted 4-1 to hold up Sonnen’s indefinite suspension. Sonnen told the CSAC that Dana White told him that his career is over if he doesn’t get licensed today.

Sonnen fought the fight of his life today. Sonnen met with the CSAC to get his license back after a recent re-suspension by the CSAC. The re-suspension came after Sonnen plead guilty in a mortgage fraud case and lied under oath to the CSAC. If Sonnen was telling the truth, today’s decision has ended his UFC career.

The UFC has stood by Sonnen during his battles with the CSAC and NSAC. It appears that the UFC is moving on.  Sonnen told the CSAC today,  “If I don’t get my license today I’m effectively retired. That came from the boss, Dana White.”

With tears here to read more , , , , ,

3 years ago

The CSAC Re-Suspends Chael Sonnen Indefinitely


Chael Sonnen continues to be the gift that keeps on giving to UFC blogs. The on again/off again MMA career of Sonnen is off again. In light of Sonnen’s “false testimony” and money laundering conviction, the CASC has re-suspended Sonnen‘s fight license indefinitely.

On the surface it would appear that the CSAC is on some kind of a witch hunt against Sonnen. I can’t recall the last time someone has had as much trouble with state athletic commissions as Sonnen. However, when you look at the facts of the case and Sonnen’s continued ignorance regarding the matter it becomes incredibly difficult to offer up any kind of sympathy for the UFC fighter.

According to numerous reports, the here to read more , , ,

4 years ago

Chael Sonnen pleads guilty to money laundering


Chael SonnenAfter receiving a six month suspension for a PED failure, UFC fighter Chael Sonnen found himself back in court. Instead of fighting to get back into the UFC now Sonnen has been fighting to stay out of jail after pleading guilty to money laundering charges carrying a max 20 year jail sentence.

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any worse for Chael Sonnen you were wrong. After it looked like Sonnen was going to be able to put his PED failure behind him he found himself back in a court of law. Unlike Sonnen’s last appearance in a legal environment this one went under the radar. Well now the cat is out of the bag and Chael Sonnen may have gone from top of here to read more , , , ,

4 years ago

2010 MMA Year in Review


Chael Sonnen vs. Anderson Silva UFC 117 is the MMA Fight of the Year2010 was a fascinating year in MMA and the UFC. The Fedor Emilanenko puzzle was finally solved, Chuck Liddell likely fought his last fight, after finally winning over MMA fans Brock Lesnar has more critics than ever and one of the greatest fights in MMA history was tainted by a positive drug test.

In my opinion, 2010 was one of the most exciting years for MMA than the last several. Going into 2010, the UFC was struggling to find a main event due to the biggest rash of injuries in the history of the company. The UFC here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

4 years ago

Chael Sonnen tests positive for PED on post-UFC 117 drug test


Chael SonnenFor most of the 2010 year, Chael Sonnen has dominated the MMA headlines thanks to his gift of gab and his in-ring domination of the presumed pound-for-pound top fighter on the entire planet. His self-promoting, outspoken promos have provided each of us with a few eye-rolls and a few laughs. Just when it seemed like Chael Sonnen was on top of the world and that nothing could shut him up, today the California State Athletic Commission has done just that. was the first to report that Chael Sonnen failed the post-fight drug screening following his pure domination of Middleweight Champ, Anderson Silva. CASC Executive Officer George Dodd stated that Sonnen received notice of his failed test on Friday. It is unknown exactly what substance triggered the red-flag for Sonnen, but Dodd here to read more , ,

4 years ago

Chael Sonnen talks trash on Anderson, Lesnar, and GSP – Video


Chael SonnenChael Sonnen did not disappoint fans at the UFC Fight Night Q & A this week. If you think the UFC 117 loss humbled Chael Sonnen, well you would be mistaken. Sonnen unleashed insults on everyone from Anderson Silva, GSP, and even Brock Lesnar in the video.

It was at a Q & A back in June where Chael Sonnen put himself on the map. Chael Sonnen answered questions from fans and ripped Anderson Silva to shreds. The video soon went viral on You Tube and in the blogosphere and all of the sudden a match not many people cared about seeing turned into one here to read more , , , , , ,

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