WWE SmackDown Results and April 23 Recap

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Seth Rollins, and J&J Security are heading down to the ring. We get clips from RAW of Randy Orton RKO’ing everybody. Back to the arena, Rollins calls Orton oh-so clever, #RKOOuttaNowhere. He’s glad Orton got it all out of his system, because this Sunday at Extreme Rules, Orton is banned from using the RKO. I cannot stress enough that Orton is banned from using a move in a match with no disqualifications. How is no one in WWE seeing the problem here? Anyway, Triple H appointed Kane the special “gatekeeper” for this match. Rollins doesn’t care, as he doesn’t need the help of anyone in the Authority, including some aging, former monster like Kane.

This of course brings Kane down to the ring. He says Rollins doesn’t get it. He’s not a former monster. He can chokeslam Rollins to hell. He’s not just a veteran or corporate executive; he’s the guy who could be Rollins’ best friend on Sunday, or the guy who could secure the greatest loss of Rollins’ career. Rollins says they both know if Kane is not on Rollins’ side on Sunday, he’ll be fired. Kane says if Rollins were as smart as he thinks, he’d suck up here to read more

WWE Brand Split: Could It Ever Happen Again?

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The brand split in 2002 was a great idea of Vince McMahon’s in many ways. From a business and financial standpoint, it created more merchandise sales and would have caused more people to watch both programs to see what happened. The brand split also allowed more superstars to be put in the spotlight, Brock Lesnar being an example before he moved to SmackDown. I have thought about this subject a lot, about whether RAW and SmackDown should once again be separate entities rather than sharing rosters.

Points For:

Having the brand split would arguably be the more entertaining option due to the increased number of storylines and each General Manager (GM) or creative team would want to one up each other, probably leading to more compelling television. Paul Heyman as SmackDown comes to mind when the blue brand was arguably challenging RAW, if not beating it. SmackDown nowadays is always seen as the secondary show. A pre-taped event that will always play second fiddle to the mega-power RAW. That could all change with a few great superstars and some good booking decisions. The superstars aren’t always there though, not all the top stars compete on SmackDown. A few weeks ago, WWE advertised here to read more

WWE Extreme Rules 2015 Predictions and Preview

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WWE will have its annual WrestleMania rebound special event on Sunday with Extreme Rules. The gimmicked show will feature two old school stipulations in what appears to be a fairly predictable show.

Hey I’ll concede that it will never be easy to follow WrestleMania, but this year’s Extreme Rules event is a bit of a letdown. The omission of Brock Lesnar from the event really hurts whereas everything else seems so inconsequential in relation to Lesnar’s storyline with the Authority. But it is what it is and while I wouldn’t expect a great show, these shows generally deliver a lot of fun.

Let’s take a look at the key matches, break them down, and pick some winners.

Seth Rollins vs. Randy Orton for the WWE world heavyweight championship/RKO Banned in a Steel Cage – Rollins will get Orton as his first challenger to the WWE title. The main-event is a rematch straight out of WrestleMania. It is interesting to note that what was an undercard match that wasn’t all that compelling is now the main-event of the show. Talk about a promotion!

I will say this. I thought that next to Lesnar vs. Reigns that Rollins vs. Orton was the best match on WrestleMania. here to read more

What’s Next For Paul Heyman?

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There are many things to like about wrestling right now.

Seth Rollins has proven himself to be a potential all-time great (given he stays healthy).The United States Title feud between John Cena and Rusev has intrigued me, so much so it’s one of the main reasons I want to see Extreme Rules this Sunday on Pay Per View. And Cesaro and Tyson Kidd are one of the best tag teams the WWE has had in quite some time.

It feels good to be a wrestling fan again.

What also interests me is how the company will use Paul Heyman going forward. True, he is still the manager of Brock Lesnar, but his dates with WWE are limited, at best. They could be doing so much more with him, mainly getting more younger stars over with his great mic skills.

I have been a fan of Paul Heyman ever since I first saw him back in the NWA in 1989 in the famous “Midnight Express vs. Midnight Express” feud, which involved him bringing back Dennis Condrey and Randy Rose to take back the Midnight Express name from the guys who made it famous, Bobby Eaton and Stan Lane. Even though I was more of a here to read more

The Return of the Real Kane Has Been Long Awaited

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Nothing would make me happier right now than to see the WWE finally put Kane back where he rightfully belongs – in a red suit and the mask that made him one of the greatest and feared characters that professional wrestling has ever known.

Yes, Hell, Fire and Brimstone must reign supreme in the WWE again. Hopefully after the shenanigans of Extreme Rules, fans will have a chance to see the Big Red Monster I finish out his career how it started when he appeared in the WWE starting in 1997. While the WWE awaits the return of Brock Lesnar and his WWE World Title rematch (most like to take place at SummerSlam) the chance to promote Kane again as a force to be reckoned with is ideal as the company is in the infancy of putting new superstars over and providing serious heat to the current WWE World Champion, Seth Rollins.

It’s masterful and brilliant, and if it happens to work come Sunday in Chicago when Kane has been asked to protect the cage for The Authority, it will be the triumphant return of one of the company’s greatest characters.

Yes, the wrestling fans need a transition to Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Neville here to read more

Seth Rollins Will Further Establish Himself as WWE’s Top Performer at Extreme Rules

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On a roster that seems to always lack quality, top-level baby face characters, Randy Orton is beginning to emerge as the improbable “good-guy” opposite Seth Rollins in their current feud.

Currently, WWE is allowing Roman Reigns to get back into the audiences’ good graces as he feuds with mid-card performers, with the end goal most likely being a WWE World Heavyweight Championship victory that the WWE Universe accepts with open arms. With John Cena standing atop the United States Championship division, the main event scene is missing key baby face characters.

Although he is a heel performer by nature, the new anti-establishment characteristics Orton has been implementing as of late have quickly helped him to become a favorite of the WWE Universe. Facing such an experienced opponent in his first defense of the World Heavyweight Championship will also assist Seth Rollins in his quest to be viewed as a worthy champion.

Randy Orton’s RKO frenzy on this weeks’ episode of Raw helped to further emphasize his role as an anarchist, considering the popular finishing move will be banned at Extreme Rules.

Orton has been able to remain effective during his feud with Rollins since the storyline has more of a focus on his destruction rather than here to read more

Fake is a Four Letter Word

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Why Fake is a four letter word.

There was a time when any true wrestling fan would bristle at the word “fake”.

No matter what the internal processing of the nature of professional wrestling, those fans bought tickets, traveled to the arena, paid for parking, bought various offerings at the venue, often purchasing the tickets for the next event at intermission, and maintained an adherence to the industry.

“That’s fake” is the knee-jerk dismissal of an industry where making fans believe is supposed to be the intent of the product.

Unfortunately, it’s not often a profanity among today’s fans, because that’s not exactly the intent of the product anymore. The time when professional wrestling was taken as a pure entertainment and a sport and an amazingly crafted performance is long past. The time when fans took a professional wrestling match seriously, and often way too seriously, is long gone. The time when professional wrestlers were looked upon with awe, respect and acknowledgement of their athleticism is fading.

But it shouldn’t have to fade.

Professional wrestling’s long history is replete with cycles. This current cycle is long overdue for a revolution, and wow, it’s been a decade since I discussed this with Terry Funk, but at the here to read more

Rusev Must Continue on a Steady Path After WWE Extreme Rules

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Rusev is now entering his third consecutive pay-per-view match against John Cena, which puts him in a fragile position within WWE.

The company has spent the past year building Rusev up to be one of the biggest heel characters on the roster, the culmination being a feud with WWE’s biggest star. Rusev is playing his role to perfection, and having main event level experience so early on in his career will help him to remain successful for years to come.

Throughout this captivating feud, Rusev has been able to hold his own against John Cena. However, if WWE’s usual formula is any indication, this storyline is now nearing its end.

Rusev has now reached the pinnacle of his career thus far. For the first time, Rusev now risks being placed in a meaningless storyline; depending on the opponent WWE pairs him with moving forward. He is currently on the verge of becoming a top heel, but all of his momentum could potentially be lost if he isn’t paired with someone on the same level as Cena following their match at Extreme Rules.

John Cena is still in the early phase of his United States Championship open challenge, which continues to be prominently featured on here to read more


Shawn Michaels, Pro Wrestling and Sports Entertainment

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I wrote a column recently in which I referred to WWE as being pro wrestling. It seemed a fairly innocent statement to make; until a reader reminded me that Vince McMahon’s company is not pro wrestling, but sports entertainment. “There’s a difference.” He said that too.

I read the comment and silently wondered just how ridiculous it would be to debate this person. He had a point after all and it’s not as though I didn’t agree with him, I just wasn’t in the mood to engage in verbal catch-as-catch-can discussion. I was in the midst of a Daredevil marathon and a fanboy has to stay on track.

My statement was made in reference to the fact that pro wrestling as a business was finally getting over to the mainstream and that was thanks to WWE. It really had nothing to do with what the company called its product; it was more to do with how the fans and the rest of the world saw it.

So the bit of wisdom left for my consumption forced me to ask the question; how do fans view WWE? Is it pro wrestling or sports entertainment? Before you answer, think about this. Recently on Jim Ross’ here to read more

10 Things about WWE Champion Seth Rollins You May Or May Not Know

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WWE fans have a new world champion and his name is Seth Rollins. Rollins had a very interesting road to the top and has offered up these stories on previous interviews and podcasts. Here are 10 of the more interesting stories from Rollins that you may or may not have known about.

Seth Rollins wrestled in TNA Wrestling before signing with the WWE – Yep, chalk this one up to another talent that the crack TNA scouting department let get away. Long before Rollins came to the WWE, he made a brief appearance in TNA. Rollins appeared as Tyler Black on an episode of Impact in October 2006. Even better, he was squashed. Black and partner were Jeff Watson were destroyed by the LAX. Add Rollins to the list of guys from CM Punk to Dean Ambrose that TNA let get away. To be fair to TNA they did make Rollins an offer, but he went elsewhere.

Evan Bourne persuaded Rollins to sign with the WWE – Rollins was intrigued with the idea of going to the WWE but he wasn’t sold until he talked extensively with Evan Bourne. Rollins said in an interview with The Sun that here to read more