WWE SmackDown Results and May 21 Recap

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This week’s episode opens with Roman Reigns making his way down to the ring. He says he has a bit of bad news: he didn’t win at Payback. But, he has some good news: he had a really good time at Payback. Any time you punch Seth Rollins in the mouth, it’s a good time. The Shield hit a triple powerbomb and blew the roof off the joint, and he got to go toe-to-toe with his boy, Dean Ambrose. The fact is, he can chase Rollins all he wants, but it won’t be a fair fight. By next week, he’ll probably have 50 more little security guards. While Reigns is fine with punching them all, sometimes, you have to think with your head and not your fists. It’s a new game plan now, as he’s entering the Money in the Bank match, and he’s going to win. You can believe that.

Dean Ambrose heads down to the ring. He apologizes for interrupting, but when he heard Payback, his ears started burning. So he looked for a bucket of ice to dunk his head into, but took a wrong turn at catering, and here he is. But before he came out, here to read more

Kevin Owens Talks WWE Transition and NXT Sami Zayn Feud

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Nobody ever doubted whether Kevin Owens had the tools to make the switch to the WWE. Yet even Owen’s supporters are impressed with his quick success in making the transition yet according to Owens, it really hasn’t been much of a transition at all.

Kevin Owens made one of the most memorable WWE RAW debuts in years this past Monday when he laid out John Cena. Owens is on his way to becoming a money player in the WWE as NXT champion and a new feud against John Cena. Owens rise to the top is coming quicker than anyone has expected and as Owens told recently, his success may be credited with a very minor transition process from the independents to the WWE.

“I had a bit of a struggle at first with thinking, “Who do I want to be here? What part of myself do I want to tap into so I get on NXT television as quick as possible?” Then I realized what I’d been doing for 14 years had worked because it had gotten me here. So there were little tweaks, maybe clean up the language a little, but besides that I think I’ve been pretty true to here to read more

TNA Wrestling Respond To Reports Of Destination America Cancellation

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TNA Wrestling are fighting back against reports that Impact Wrestling has been cancelled effective this September by Destination America. Unfortunately TNA are spending more time attacking and threatening the source as opposed to commenting on the actual story reported.

Dave Meltzer earlier this week reported in the current issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Destination America has exercised its option to cancel all TNA programming effective in September. While the word “cancel” is subjective, the essence of Dave’s report is that TNA is not being renewed.

TNA loyalists (fans) immediately shot back accusing Dave of being a “hater” and the report being another of Meltzer’s continuous “lies” about TNA Wrestling. As a subscriber of Dave’s since about 1988, the irony of those statements have not been lost. For starters, Dave’s reviews of Impact have been extremely positive since TNA went to Destination America. Thus the accusations of Dave being a hater are obviously being made by those who don’t read Dave nor listen to his podcasts. Furthermore, I am unfamiliar with these countless “lies” Dave has made about TNA. Would it be the lie Dave was accused of when he reported Impact was not being renewed by here to read more

The Rise and Fall of Damien Sandow

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Let me get this out of the way right from the start: I don’t dislike Sandow. Quite the contrary. He’s a fantastic in-ring athlete and his work on the mic was sublime. It’s the gimmicks he’s been forced to work with that I’m not a fan of.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane. At Money in the Bank 2013, Sandow won the briefcase for a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship, and it was extremely well deserved. He was on the hottest run of his career and the company was getting him over extremely well.

A few months later, he cashed in the briefcase, but lost to John Cena. It wasn’t what the fans wanted to see, but it wasn’t disastrous. Sandow put in the performance of his career and showed he could hang with the top guys. His future looked extremely bright, and I for one was massively excited to see where the company took him next. Yet, in early 2014, things had changed.

Sandow was barely on TV at all in the build up to Wrestlemania 30, and his few occasional appearances were in costume. He was a dancer, he was Vincent K. McMahondow, he even pretended to be LeBron here to read more

Samoa Joe Debuts On WWE NXT Unstoppable

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It only took him sixteen long years to get there but Samoa Joe is finally in the WWE. Joe debuted at the conclusion of the NXT Unstoppable Network special, confirming numerous reports throughout the week that predicted Joe would debut at the event.

Joe came out following the Kevin Owens vs. Sami Zayn match. Owens had Zayn laid out and started attacking him with a chair when Joe’s music played. Joe walked out and got into the ring going nose to nose with Owens. The fans ate it up chanting “Holy Sh*t!” and “Joe is gonna kill you.” The confrontation ended with Owens walking away and Joe looking strong to close the show.

According to a report on, Joe has a “Rhyno-like” deal in which he will work independent shows as well as NXT dates. Ironically it was announced this past week that Joe just started booking independent dates into the summer, leading many to believe that Joe was not coming to NXT. My hunch and it is only a hunch is that Joe is in, and those dates were a ruse. Joe will probably honor those dates, but I would not expect to see more announced elsewhere.

As big here to read more

Destination America Reportedly Cancels TNA Wrestling Programming

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TNA Wrestling is facing a familiar crisis. A new report suggests that Impact Wrestling may be homeless come this fall as Destination America has reportedly exercised its option to cancel Impact Wrestling programming by the end of September 2015.

Dave Meltzer is the first to break the story in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Meltzer’s story is somewhat cryptic in that he reports Destination America has cancelled the show yet closes his article by saying that the decision is not definite. Definite or not, the point here is that TNA Wrestling is in big trouble.

“Destination America made the decision to cancel TNA Wrestling, with the time frame given at the end of the third quarter (roughly the last week of September, when the current television season ends). Key people at the Discovery Channel network were informed of the decision at that point. The word internally was that while they considered the ratings good, the ratings were not good enough to justify the cost of the programming. The other problem was that so many regular station advertisers specifically did not want to advertise on the show.

It should be noted that when the word was sent out, it was stated specifically that here to read more

Brooklyn Brawler Was The Ultimate Enhancement Talent

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My early memories of the WWE are sometimes hazy, but the characters that are encompassed by that haze are often crystal clear. Back when the WWF used enhancement talent to beef up their weekly events, there was one man, among many, who stood out from the much forgotten pack.

One of those “fillers” is a multi-talented performer of who not only wore many costumes, but personalities as well. That wrestler’s name is Steve Lombardi. Although Steve has adopted more ring names than Goldberg wins, he is most commonly referred to as the legendary Brooklyn Brawler.

He was born in Motorcity, but raised in the tough neighborhood of Bensonhurst, Brooklyn during the 60’s. The later dubbed Brawler, knew after seeing his first event in MSG that he wanted to be involved with the World Wrestling Federation. It took months of annoying the hell out of the producers when they finally caved and he got called up to the big leagues as a body against the late, great Mr. Perfect, Curt Henning.

1983 marked his first of what would eventually be many loses at the hands of wrestlers who the fans preferred to adore. Something Steve would never really ever come to fully know. here to read more

Hart & Soul: The Hart Family Anthology WWE DVD Review

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The Von Erichs. The Funks. The Anoai Samoan Clan.

All families that have made a major impact in the history of pro wrestling. For decades, wrestling families has been an important part of sports entertainment.

“Usually second generation wrestlers were just a little better seasoned than most of the guys who had to learn it from the beginning”, former WWE superstar “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan once said.

And he’s right.

No family made a bigger impact in wrestling than those rowdy, scrappy kids from the Prairies of Alberta, Canada.

The Hart Family.

In Stu Hart’s wildest dreams, never did he probably imagine that his sons, grandsons, granddaughters, and son-in-laws would dominate the wrestling scene like no one else. They not only were stars in the local Stampede Wrestling promotion, but eventually, they became champions in WWE & WCW.

In this 3-disc collection, WWE chronicles the life of the Hart clan, and their rise to prominence. The first disc is basically a documentary on how Stu battled poverty, met his beloved Helen in New York in the 1940’s, and raised a huge brood of kids all the while running one of the most successful wrestling promotions in Canada from the 1950’s through the 1980’s.

Everyone remembers here to read more

Stone Cold Steve Austin Talks WWE Heat, WrestleMania, and More

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Stone Cold Steve Austin is a fairly modest guy and is never one to toot his own horn. Yet Austin has made one thing perfectly clear in recent years, he was the biggest draw in WWE history and he doesn’t care if your name is Hogan or Rock, he wants his respect.

Austin recently did an extended interview with and while he talked about a variety of interesting topics, yet an anecdote he told about his surprise appearance at WrestleMania 30 is what is making news. While some may take it out of context, Austin related a story in which he claims he was swerved by the WWE and he wasn’t happy about it because to him, he is the biggest star in company history from a revenue standpoint.

“Vince called and said, ‘Here’s the set-up,’” said Austin. “‘Hulk Hogan’s going to come out and he’ll cut a promo. All of a sudden, they’re going to hit The Rock’s music. He’ll go out and cut a promo. All of a sudden – crash – it’s Stone Cold’s music, and you’ll go out and cut a promo – then bam, we start WrestleMania XXX.’ That’s the way it was pitched to me.”

Austin here to read more

Breaking Kayfabe: Terry Brunk (Sabu) DVD Review

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It’s easy to oversell the Breaking Kayfabe series. Unlike the “shoot” type interviews of the past two decades, we’re starting out with a more serious look at professional wrestling: by looking at the person (and not the persona), by looking at the humanity (and not the work), by looking deeply at the talent and not just the talent of telling tales.

With the seemingly 70’s style music (hearkening to a time when distinctions between work and shoot were much more distinct) and the efforts of emcee extraordinaire Sean Oliver weaving his way through potentially hostile answers, this is a completely serious effort and one of the most important projects in the history of this business.

(I mean, if the WWE continues to control 98% of the industry, this sort of reflection about wrestlers with different styles will become moot. If the WWE disintegrates into oblivion, it’s much the same. Either way, some promoter in the year 2050 may want to re-invent the sport. If that’s the case, there’s a lot of reading between the lines of these interviews to figure out how to approach it).

Professional wrestlers are often awesome (if not awfully incapable of self-reflection) at spinning things, playing a role, putting here to read more

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