TNA Wrestling Impact Results and July 17 Recap

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Kurt Angle is in the stands to start the show by unveiling that tonight is the return of the 6 sided ring.

Tazz is also up in the stands, and gets a cheap pop from his hometown crowd by acknowledging how excited he is to be in New York City. Tazz couldn’t be happier that Kurt Angle is in charge, because Kurt understands one thing, one word, and that is wrestling. Tazz makes reference to “The Greatest Wrestling Revolution of All Time”, ECW, and that the TNA locker room has the same feeling and same type of men and women right now as what ECW had when they turned the corner toward greatness.  There’s one sentence to sum up what Tazz is saying, “The Mood is About to Change,” complete with voice croaking. He reminds everyone he is Tazz, “Beat me if you can, survive if I let you”

Bully Ray and Tommy Dreamer come out for yet another homecoming segment in New York City. Bully gets a cheap pop from the crowd by calling New York the “greatest wrestling city in the world.” Bully reiterates his promise and guarantee that Dixie will go threw a table. Tommy reflects to 1997 when he and Bully and some other E-C-Dub “freaks” were getting the national exposure in this same NYC Building. He is humbled and blessed by the people who have stood by them since then. Tommy says changes are being made, and that this feels like a new “Madhouse of the Extreme.” Cue EC3’s music. Ethan Carter III and Rhino interrupt and come to the ring. Ethan reaffirms that Bully will put Dixie through a table, “over his dead body.” Rhino defends Ethan over the boos, whining about how he deserves respect and if the fans don’t shut up he will beat each and every one of them up. Ethan calls Bully and Tommy some names, then plays up the chants from the crowd: “YOU CAN’T WRESTLE! I disagree. YOU CAN’T WRESTLE! I’m very good.” It was actually slightly entertaining. Ethan gets some negative heat by referring to NYC as “The Big Crapple,” then gets in the ring. Tommy makes note that Ethan obviously doesn’t know where he is. New York has never been very politically correct. Tommy takes a shot at WWE by confirming that this isn’t a “PG little product” and “the one thing [he] would love to see change in professional wrestling is less talking and more action. This leads to Bully and Tommy attacking Ethan and Rhino, knocking them to the floor.

Match 1 – Tag Team Match: Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer vs. Ethan Carter III & Rhino

After a break, this match is already in progress. Bully and Ethan are in the ring with the partners in their respective corners. Bully whips Ethan into a corner and follows up with a clothesline. Bully lets Ethan up, takes him to a corner, and delivers head butts to the sternum. Bully then with an open hand slap across Ethan’s chest knocking Ethan to a seated position. Bully with a low dropkick. Ethan stands up while Bully stares down Rhino, and gets another open hand slap across the chest when Bully turns around. Bully tags Dreamer. Tommy in with another slap to Ethan. Dreamer with a snap suplex. Dreamer bounces EC3’s head off Bully’s boot in their corner. Dreamer tags Bully. Double Irish whip sends Ethan into the corner. Bully with a boot, and then a neck breaker out of the corner. Bully gets a 2-count. Bully tags Tommy and holds EC3 in a double underhook, Dreamer with a punch to the ribs of Ethan. Ethan gets a knee up on Dreamer and a club to the back. EC3 tags Rhino. Rhino corners Dreamer and beats him down with right hands and then boots. Rhino whips Dreamer across, follows with a clothesline. Rhino lifts Dreamer up, tags Ethan, Body slams Tommy, Ethan misses the jumping elbow. Tommy tags Bully. Double Irish whip, and a double back elbow to EC3. Bully goes after Rhino and suplexes him into the ring. Bully and Dreamer have their opponents in opposite corners, and climb up for synchronized 10 punches followed by gnawing on the foreheads. Rockstar Spud comes running down and distracts Dreamer. EC3 slips out and knocks Tommy off the ropes to the mat. Bully climbed down on the other side of the ring, Rhino rolled to the outside as well. Bully chases after Spud but cannot catch him. Meanwhile in the ring, EC3 has Tommy in the corner and is delivering chops across the chest. Rhino, back in his corner, gets the tag. Rhino hard whips Dreamer into the corner. Pin gets 2. Rhino whips and follows Dreamer to another corner. Tommy gets the back elbow up to stop momentum, but runs right into a spine buster for 2. Rhino drags Dreamer across the mat to make the tag to EC3. Carter with a snap suplex to Dreamer, barely gets a 1 count. EC3 with a cross arm chin lock type manoeuvre, Tommy gets to his feet and battles back with elbows but is stopped with a blow to his back. Ethan whips and follows Tommy into the corner, but eats a boot. Tommy catches EC3 with a Reverse STO to the middle turnbuckle, and gets the tag to Bully. The fresh Bully comes in with 2 clotheslines and a back drop to Ethan.  Bully with a running back elbow as Rhino tries getting in the ring. Ethan gets to a corner, Rhino stumbles to the same corner, and Bully with a running splash to both men in the corner. Bully tosses Rhino over the top. Ray with the 3 elbows and the “Boom” elbow to Ethan. Bully tags Dreamer. Bully and Dreamer with a Reverse 3D for a 2-Count. Rhino back in, Bully tries to cut him off but gets a clothesline. Rhino with a punch to Dreamer, then goes out of the ring after Bully. Rhino bouncing Bully off the steel steps. In the ring, Dreamer hits a Death Valley Driver but Spud hops on the apron as a distraction. Tommy pulls Spud in the ring. As Dreamer stalks Spud, Ethan recovers enough to get a schoolboy roll-up for 3 and the win.

WINNERS: Ethan Carter III & Rhino

Carter and Spud quickly slide out of the ring and run up the ramp. Rhino follows.

Earlier today, Kenny King, MVP, and Lashley are shown arriving at the building. Jeff Hardy is shown arriving through a different entrance to the building.

Kurt Angle runs into Austin Aries backstage.  Kurt saying the crowd is ready to see some X-Division action tonight. Kurt then breaks the news to Aries that he has one more match before Destination X and being able to use Option C, tonight there will be an 8 man X-Division Gauntlet match to find out how great Austin Aries really is. Austin says some people may see this as Angle stacking the deck against him, but he sees it as an opportunity to go out and prove himself. He looks forward to the challenge.

James Storm sitting in the back, Sanada gets stopped walking by. He calls Sanada smart, driven, strong, fast, and different. He says he likes Sanada. He then slaps Sanada across the face. Storm says if Sanada continues listening to Great Muta, he will end up as a loser and a choke artist.

Match 2 – X-Division Championship – 8 Man Gauntlet Match: Austin Aries vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Manik vs. Davey Richards vs. DJ Z vs. Crazy Steve vs. Tigre Uno vs. Sanada

The Greatest Man that Ever Lived is out first. Eddie Edwards is the first challenger. Both men tie up, Eddie gets a wrist lock. Austin turns it around to a wrist lock of his own. Eddie flips out of the hold. Austin goes and lays himself up in a cocky fashion in the corner. Austin comes down and offers a  handshake. Eddie slaps Austin’s hand away. Eddie with a headlock, Austin throws him off the ropes, Edwards back with a had shoulder block. Eddie off the ropes, Aries rolls under, leapfrogs over, then arm drags Edwards. Eddie with a headscissor submission attempt on Austin. Aries rolls around into a head stand to break the hold, followed by a low dropkick. Austin takes Eddie into a corner as the countdown begins for the next challenger. Manik’s music hits. Austin tries to cut him off, gets a shoulder through the ropes. Eddie comes across the ring but gets hit with a top rope hurricanrana. Austin back up catches Manik with a boot to stop momentum. Aries attempts to throw Manik out of the ring, but Manik catches himself in classic fashion sideways between the ropes. Austin makes a run at Manik, Manik rolls out of the ropes and Aries tumbles to the floor. Eddie slides between Manik’s legs, Manik turns around with a hurricanrana to Eddie. Aries is biding time on the outside while the challengers work on each other. Eddie gets Manik into a corner, eats a boot on the run-in attempt. Manik hops to the second rope, Eddie with the rising high-kick to Manik in the seated top rope position. Eddie attempted to set Manik up for a move, but Austin with the full speed running dropkick catches both challengers in the corner, but mostly Eddie Edwards. Manik standing in the corner, gets double boots up to stop the rushing Aries. Manik rushes Aries, gets a Reverse STO Neckbreaker into an STO. Aries plays the crowd and then a pendulum elbow drop. Manik into a corner, Aries rushes, Manik leaps over and catches Aries with a neck breaker. Next competitor is Davey Richards, Davey rushes just in time to help Eddie with Manik. Davey catapults Aries up into a head butt from Eddie, Austin falls back onto the knees of Davey and Eddie goes up top with a knee drop to Austin. The Wolves with teamwork for now. Double team chops and kicks to Manik. DJ Z is the next competitor. Davey Richards with Manik against the ropes, DJ Z with a flipping sunset flip to both men at the same time. DJ Z taunts a little to long and Eddie Edwards with a flying leg clothesline. Austin Aries with the Discus forearm to Eddie. Austin tries another to Davey, but Richards catches him with a high roundhouse kick. Manik in with a springboard dropkick to Davey. DJ Z reverses a whip and sends Manik to a corner. Manik slides to the ground to stop himself, and catches DJ Z with a lifting kick from the ground. Manik springs to the top and hurricanrana DJ Z out of the ring, but he also goes over and out.



During a break, Crazy Steve and Tigre Uno were the next two competitors. Crazy Steve has Eddie under his boot under the bottom rope. Tigre Uno has Austin up on his shoulders in another corner. Austin turns it around and now has Tigre on his shoulders. Eddie gets Steve backed into a corner. Austin thinks he has Tigre out, but Tigre skins the cat and flips back in. Sanada is the final competitor to enter the match. He enters quickly with a springboard chop to Tigre Uno. Sanada with a standing chop to the head of Austin, then Davey and Eddie, and finally Steve. Austin was about to stand, but decides it better to latch himself to the bottom rope as Sanada tries to lift him. Crazy Steve goes, well, Crazy and starts bouncing off all six ropes towards Tigre in the middle of the ring without actually hitting him. After all 6 sides he stops and plays possum, Tigre turns his back and Steve tries to eliminate him. Tigre turns it around and Steve ends up over the top and standing on the apron. Eddie slides under the bottom rope. Steve uses some silly sting on Tigre. Tigre ties to attack but gets hip tossed over the top from the apron by Steve.


Eddie walks the apron with a high kick to the back of Steve’s head. Davey from the inside with a handstand double kick knocks Steve off the apron.


Austin attacks as Eddie climbs back into the ring. The Wolves double team and overpower. Eddie with the flapjack, Davey with the kick as Aries is falling. Sanada tries to intervene but gets stopped. The Wolves try for the power bomb/Backcracker, but Austin grabs Davey’s foot. Eddie stumbles backwards with Sanada on his shoulder and gets a hurricanrana to the floor.

Eddie Edwards IS ELIMINATED.

Davey tries to rush Sanada as he recovers, but Sanada catches Richards and dumps him to the floor with a back body drop.

Davey Richards IS ELIMINATED

Down to Sanada and Austin Aries as the final 2 and it begins a regular match. Sanada immediately back drops Aries to the floor, giving the ref the chance to re-affirm that this can only be won now by pinfall or submission. Sanada fakes a suicide dive and flips over the top to the apron as Austin slides back into the ring. Sanada with a shoulder through the ropes. Sanada tries a springboard chop, Aries pushes him off the ropes and down to the floor. Aries runs off the far ropes and flies with a suicide dive through the ropes, into Sanada and the steel guard rail. Aries rolls Sanada back into the ring and follows with a slingshot splash over the ropes. Aries locks in a Last Chancery. Sanada inches and gets the ropes. Sanada on the apron getting stomped. Aries tries a Brainbuster from the apron. Sanada fights and blocks it. Sanada tries to suplex Aries to the outside, blocked. Aries tries to lift Sanada again but is blocked. Sanada hit’s the Springboard Chop this time. Austin tries and misses a clothesline. Sanada with a back roll-up with bridge for 2. Sanada with a body slam but wastes time deciding which of the six corners to climb. Aries recovers and hits Sanada from behind on the top rope. Aries tries a knee breaker, but Sanada blocks it three consecutive attempts. Sanada reverses into a Tiger Suplex pin for 2. Sanada begins to argue with the ref about the count. Aries lifted up, Sanada hits the front slam and goes up for the moonsault. Lands on his feet as Aries rolls out of the way. Aries up and catches Sanada with the Discus Forearm, then another to the back of Sanada’s head. Sanada into a corner, Aries with the full speed dropkick and quickly a Brainbuster for 3 and retains.


Aries helps Sanada up and shakes his hand.

“Showtime” Eric Young and “The IT Factor” Bobby Roode, feeling like old times backstage preparing to team up for their match. Bobby says it feels right, because there has been a common thread between the two of them, MVP.

James Storm taunting with claps as Sanada comes to the back. He calls Sanada a loser and beats him down. Storm calls Muta a fraud, and walks away, Sanada did not fight back at all.

Dixie Carter has arrived at the building.

Jeff Hardy is questioned on what motivated him to return to Jeff instead of Willow, Jeff credits Kurt Angle and says it is because he trusts Angle. He confirms everything Angle said last week about Willow being created to combat the negative forces of MVP and Dixie Carter. Now the light is shining, the time is now, and “the moment” is Jeff Hardy becoming TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

MVP and Kenny King are already in the ring, MVP is still on crutches. MVP says that Bloomberg cleaning up this city was “grossly exaggerated.” MVP claims to be a bigger man than anyone else in the building because he is still in the ring despite a torn meniscus and being on crutches. Kenny says it is not about this match because he can beat Young and Roode at the same time. King accuses Angle of being a power hungry maniac, and putting MVP in a match is an abuse of power. MVP will still wrestle this match because he is still “half man, half amazing” even on half a leg. But he wants it formally noted that it is under protest.

Match 3 – Tag Team Match: MVP & Kenny King vs. Bobby Roode and Eric Young


Eric Young and Bobby Roode make their entrance, King and MVP clear out of the ring. King and Young start the match exchanging punches. Young gets the advantage, Irish whip, duck under, and flying forearm to King. King into a corner, reverses the Irish whip, Young front flips up over the corner and onto the apron. King rushes at Young, EY with the shoulder through the aprons and then slides under the rope between Kenny’s legs. Simultaneous punch from both men, King gets the worst of it. EY off the ropes, slides between King’s legs again and back up with a dropkick. Pin attempt gets 2. Young tags in Roode. Roode starts with boots to the midsection and right hands knock King down. Roode whips King off the ropes and follows with a back elbow. Roode gets into a stare down with MVP on the apron. Roode back to King, who has crawled to a corner, Roode rushes in but King gets the foot up. King with a weird one-hand handstand cartwheel kick to the back of Bobby’s head. King makes the tag to MVP and tries to hold Roode for MVP to get in. Roode fights free of King and MVP quickly climbs back out to the floor favouring his knee. MVP calls a timeout on the outside. MVP cautiously climbs back in the ring and begins circling with Roode, King tags himself in off the back of MVP and tries a sneak attack but Roode avoids and counters with a clothesline. Roode tags in Young. Roode and Young hit a double suplex, pin attempt gets 2. Young tries a whip, reversed by King, MVP gets a knee to Young’s back from the apron. King comes flying from behind Young, and connects with a hangman bulldog over the top rope, bouncing EY’s throat off the top rope. King back in with side mounted punches, and makes the tag to MVP. MVP in and drops the injured knee to the face of Young. MVP taunts Roode by waving Young’s arm at him, then hits a fist drop to the same arm. MVP lifts Young to his feet, but EY fights back. Young off the ropes, MVP counters with a flapjack. MVP drags Young back to his corner, King makes the tag. King climbs to the top rope and comes down with a stomp to Young. Kenny taunts Bobby, drawing Roode in and distracting the ref, then King goes back and starts yanking out the hair of Eric Young’s beard. King with a pin, 2 count. King with a body slam, and a bottom rope spinning springboard leg drop for 2. Kenny lifts Eric to the top turnbuckle in the corner. Young fights off the superplex and knocks King down. King back up, runs into a flying cross body. Both men down, EY looking for the Hot Tag and gets it. King got the tag to MVP and MVP, reluctant to come in, chooses to stay on the apron. Roode tries to go for a forearm, MVP hops off the apron, King attacks Roode from behind. King reverses a whip attempt to the corner, Roode bounces out of the corner with a massive clothesline and then another. Roode with another whip and follows, King gets the boot up. King runs out of the corner right into a spine buster. MVP tried picking his spot, but runs right into a Crossface submission. King breaks the hold, but EY takes King out and both men fight out of the ring and down to the floor. MVP crawls to his corner and reaches for a crutch. MVP with a crutch to Roode’s midsection, the ref doesn’t call a DQ yet though? The follow up shot to the back of Roode gets the bell and the DQ.

WINNERS: Bobby Roode & Eric Young (by disqualification)

MVP continues his attack, driving the crutch in the throat of Bobby Roode. Young makes the save, King in with the other crutch to the back of Eric Young. King drives the crutch into the throat of Bobby Roode, MVP continues to beat Young with the other. MVP and Kenny King switch opponents and continue the beat down with the crutches.

After another break, Brittany is waiting in the ring.

Match 4 – No Count Out and No DQ Match: Brittany vs. Madison Rayne


Madison quickly to the ring. The ref keeps the girls separated long enough to ring the bell. Quickly Madison with a Lou Thesz press and punches to Brittany. Madison lifts Brittany back to her feet, whips off the ropes, and drops her again with the back elbow. Brittany back up, reverses a corner whip and follows, but Madison gets a boot up. Madison out of the corner with a clothesline. Madison puts Brittany in a corner and delivers the corner shoulders to the midsection. Across the ring Madison takes Brittany to the opposite corner and lifts her to the top turnbuckle. Brittany head butts Madison as she was trying to climb the ropes. Madison comes back but walks right into an armbar with Madison hanging over the ropes towards the outside. No DQ so the ref can only watch and can’t break the hold. Brittany finally lets go, likely because the blood was rushing to her head as she hung upside down for that long. Brittany yells at the ref about something, Madison hit’s a baseball slide from the ring. Madison with a cross body from the apron. Brittany waves her hands that she is done and tries to head up the ramp. Madison catches her and attempts a possible piledriver on the ramp, Brittany blocks and counters with a back body drop. Brittany with some strikes, bounces Madison off the apron, rolls her into the ring for 2. Brittany with a snap suplex, floats over for a 2 count. Brittany lifts Madison up, and drops her with a side Russian leg sweep for 2. Brittany argues with the ref again, it gives Madison a chance to recover. Madison fights back from her knees, misses a clothesline, and Brittany hits her with a jumping clothesline. Brittany tosses Madison through the ropes to the floor, it looked like Madison might have caught the turnbuckle with her face on the way out. Brittany follows and attempts the inverted DDT on the floor. Madison reverses into a northern lights suplex. Both ladies up, Madison rolls Brittany into the ring and follows. Madison ducks a clothesline and comes back with a running back elbow, then a clothesline, and a front dropkick. Madison with a boot to the gut, and then a running knee to the side of Brittany’s head for 2. Madison lifts Brittany up, but Brittany runs her into a corner. Brittany tries the handspring back elbow, Madison dodges and Brittany goes back first into the corner. Brittany stumbles out and Madison catches her with the Package DDT for 3.

WINNER: Madison Rayne

Lashley is on his way through backstage to the ring. Jeff is also on his way to the ring.

Dixie is questioned on what she is doing at the show tonight. She owns this company, what does he think she is doing here? She is asked if she came to address Bully’s threats. Dixie is sick of hearing about Bully Ray. She has put Bully through 2 tables. She says Bully is all bark and Dixie is all bite, and no more stupid questions from the mystery interviewer.

Austin is questioned for thoughts about his victory, before he can answer he is congratulated by Kurt Angle. Aries says Kurt is the first person in that position who hasn’t doubted him, it’s because Kurt knows what it takes to be great in that ring.  When Aries created Option C, he didn’t do it for himself but for all the men who fought for the X-Division Title and didn’t get that chance. He basically says he is going to use Option C again, but Kurt says next week Aries will make a public announcement to make his decision official. 7 Days to think about how he is going to change the world again.

Match 5 – TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Lashley vs. Jeff Hardy

The Charismatic Enigma is the first out. The Champion comes last. Bell rings and they are underway.  They lock up in the middle of the ring. Hardy gets a headlock, Lashley with a show of power lifts Hardy up from the headlock and drops him face first to the mat. Hardy slowly to his feet, Lashley shoots around to the back, Hardy gives an elbow to Lashley’s face. Lock up in the middle of the ring again, Lashley backs Jeff to a corner where the ref breaks the tie up. A staredown between the opponents is broken up by fists and kicks from Jeff. Jeff hit’s a sitout jawbreaker, still doesn’t take Lashley off his feet. Jeff off the ropes, Lashley with a quick leapfrog over and turns around to deliver a clothesline to Hardy. Lashley lifts Hardy to his feet, and then into a stalling suplex and plants  him. Lashley stalking for a spear already, Hardy gives a boot to the midsection on the attempt. Hardy tries a Twist of Fate already, Lashley pushes him off back to the corner. Lashley rushes with a shoulder block in the corner. Lashley whips hardy to the opposite corner and looked like he was trying another shoulder, Hardy hops over and connects with a head scissor takedown. Hardy off the ropes with a clothesline, takes Lashley back down.  Hardy tries the kick, caught, and hits the reverse enziguiri. Lashley rolls to the floor, Hardy relentlessly follows with the low springing dropkick between the middle and bottom ropes. Hardy, still in the ring, flies over the top with a cross body to Lashley on the floor. Hardy drags the steel steps out to the middle of the floor. Lashley counters the attempt to throw him into the steps. Hardy leaps up to the top step, but Lashley pulls his leg out and Hardy plants his shoulder on the steps.

During the break: Jeff was smashed face first off the steps, and then whipped shoulder first into the side of the steps.

After the break, Lashley has Hardy laying face first across the middle rope and is delivering forearms to the face. The ref tries to break the hold, Lashley breaks and then pulling the hair of Jeff. Hardy back off the ropes is fighting back, Lashley grabs the hair again and uses it to throw Hardy down on his back. Lashley whips Hardy to a corner and follows with the clothesline splash. Lashley easily pulls Jeff out of the corner and into a torture rack. Jeff fights out of it, but Lashley with a kick and runs off the ropes. Jeff ducks the clothesline, bounces off the ropes and comes back with a flying forearm smash. Both men slowly to their feet, Jeff hits an inverted atomic drop and then the  double leg drop to the midsection. Dropkick by Jeff as Lashley was trying to stand. Lashley reverses a corner whip and follows, Jeff gets the back elbow to counter. Jeff climbs the ropes and connects with Whisper in the Wind.  Lashley crawls to a corner, Jeff rushes but gets flap jacked onto the top turnbuckle. Jeff rebounds back, Lashley whips him to the corner again, Hardy tries the head scissor again, Lashley counters and tries a running power slam, Jeff slips off the back. Hardy catches Lashley with the sitout Twist of Fate, holds on and stands back up, hit’s the full fledged Twist of Fate. Jeff to the top rope, Swanton Bomb right to the midsection of Lashley. Lashley kicks out at 2. Lashley rolls out of the ring, Hardy follows and smashes Lashley’s head off the steel steps  times, then heads up to the top rope with Lashley’s face laying across the steps. Hardy leaps with a Swanton, Lashley moves last second, Hardy’s back hits flush on the steps and actually bends the top step inward. Lashley rolls Jeff into the ring, and stalks him. Hardy slowly to his feet, Lashley pounces with the explosive spear and the 3.


Lashley celebrates amongst the boos, Hardy looks like he is broken in half as he recovers on the mat.

Angle in the back gives Lashley the vote of approval, that Lashley proved tonight he is the guy to go through. Dixie goes rushing by and Angle catches her arm asking where she is going. Dixie says to never touch her again. Angle calls her “whacked out of her mind” going out in front of Bully’s people after he warned her. Dixie says she is sick and tired of Bully’s idle threats. Dixie says Angle and bully can both go jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, she is going out to the ring to talk to “her people.”

MVP and Kenny King celebrate in their locker room with Lashley after the title defence. MVP says they made some examples out of people, the champ’s still the champ. Angle interrupts that he is tired of this. Angle accuses MVP of thinking he can do whatever he wants. Angle says enough is enough, and that MVP is scheduled for next week to face Bobby Roode one-on-one.

Rockstar Spud is in the ring, looking like a pumpkin, to present “the only flower in the Big Apple” Madame Dixie Carter. Dixie comes out with EC3 and Rhino, one on each arm. Dixie, giving a disgusted look around, doesn’t see what all the fuss toward NYC was about. She insults the audience some, insults the “god forsaken dump of a city,” explains that she had to wear extra sparkles tonight to give some extra class to this building, and that there is no class in the arena right now. She forgets Tommy Dreamer’s name and needs Spud to remind her. She gives a whining impression of Tommy Dreamer’s speech from last month, when he told her she could still save professional wrestling, and her knee made it perfectly clear that she can’t change perfection. Dixie calls Bully a “low brow, low class, hardcore, kind of C-rated star.” Dixie claims she should be called the hardcore star, because she has put Bully through the table so many time, and she will continue to do it until he gets it through his thick head. That’s enough of her screeching, Bully’s music hits and he and Tommy come out carrying a table with Dixie’s name spray painted across it. Bully and Dreamer slide the table into the ring, and go in to clear house. Bully takes Rhino, Dreamer gets EC3, then they switch. Tommy tosses Rhino over the top, Bully tosses Ethan. Tommy sets up the table. Dixie pushes Spud out to try to protect her, Rockstar gets a boot and down he goes, rolling to the floor. Dixie is left alone with Dreamer and Ray. Bully climbs to the top rope, Dreamer about to lift Dixie up for the power bomb but EC3 with the lowblow to Tommy and then flips the table over. Rockstar Spud and EC3 help Dixie out of the ring and Ethan slips out himself. Rhino, Spud, and Dixie escape through the crowd. EC3 backs up the ramp away from the ring. Music hits, and Devon comes out of the back to attack EC3 on the ramp. Devon drives EC3 back into the ring, Bully hit’s a body slam. Devon to the top rope, and nails a “Wasssssssup?!” double team. “Devon, Get The Tables!” Devon goes outside, ignoring the Dixie table already in the ring. He slips a table from under the ring, that is already pre painted with ECIII on it. Team 3D nails EC3 with a 3D through the table. Dixie is shown crying in the crowd. Team 3D celebrates in the ring, Tommy Dreamer disappeared at some point.


WWE: United We Slam – Best of Great American Bash

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TNA Wrestling World Champion Returning to MMA Fighting

July 17, 2014 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

The TNA Wrestling world champion is going to fight. Bobby Lashley is returning to MMA. Lashley will be jumping back into the cage for Bellator in a rare MMA fight featuring a world champion from a top United States pro wrestling promotion.

The fight was announced earlier this week and will go down on September 5 and air live on Spike TV. Lashley is part of a beefed up lineup that will go head-to-head with a UFC event 10 miles away. Lashley will play a minor part in the show but could wind up as the biggest draw of the night due to his crossover appeal.

This is an interesting deal as I have seen and heard both arguments as to why it is a good and bad idea for TNA to have Lashley fighting. Those arguments are obvious. I am on the smart move side. I see this as a no-lose proposition. Just having your world champion in a real fight is a big coup for TNA. What do they lose if Lashley looks bad anyway? TNA is in one of its worst states so Lashley losing won’t matter. I can’t see a fan in 2014 refusing to watch TNA because the world champion lost a fight. I can see Lashley getting TNA some good publicity and giving the title a much needed shot of legitimacy. Lashley could always blame some phantom injury on a loss if he loses badly and TNA fans wouldn’t know the difference.

Brock Lesnar is the most famous crossover pro wrestler/MMA fighter of our lifetime. Lesnar not only lost his last two fights, he was destroyed by Alistair Overeem in his final fight. Since returning to the WWE Lesnar continues to be a tremendous draw, maybe even the biggest depending on the criteria you use to assess that. I think Lashley will be just fine win or lose after September 5.

What is noteworthy is that Brock Lesnar will likely be WWE champion by the time Lashley fights. The two top pro wrestling promotions in the United States will have legitimate shooters as their world heavyweight champions. I can’t recall the last time that has happened. It is certainly a throwback to an era where that was a requirement for the world champions.

I have probably watched all of Lashley’s 12 fights. Lashley is 10-2. You have seen one Lashley fight you have seen them all. He tries to obliterate his opponent in the first round and comes out gassed in the second round. The longer the fight goes the more tired and vulnerable he gets. He has a good chance of winning this one, although it has been awhile since he has fought. Again I see this as a no-lose situation for everyone.

You have to wonder if a Lashley win would precipitate some kind of grandstand challenge from Lashley to Brock Lesnar for a fight. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what WWE does first before TNA can copy it.

WWE The Paul Heyman Story

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TNA Wrestling Impact Results and July 10 Recap

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Kurt Angle, comes out to the ring start the show and to announce that tonight is “TNA‘s Champion‘s Showcase,” which means all matches will have TNA Title ramifications. The Wolves will defend against Bram & Magnus; Gail Kim will defend against Angelina Love, Madison Rayne, and Brittany; Sanada will defend against Austin Aries; and there is an over-the-top-rope Battle Royal to determine the #1 Contender to face Lashley. The new #1 Contender will get his title shot on next week’s Impact Angle then calls out Willow to talk to him. Willow obliges and makes his entrance to the ring. Angle acknowledges that he has wanted to talk to Willow for a while, but it was never his place. Angle recognizes that Willow was born out of a necessity to counteract the authority of Dixie and MVP, but they are no longer around; therefore, Willow is no longer necessary. Angle says that what he needs tonight is “the most competitive wrestler in the business, and that is Jeff Hardy.” He and the fans all want to see Jeff Hardy. He is not asking for Willow to leave forever, just for tonight. Willow shakes Angle’s hand and doesn’t say a word.

The Wolves make their way through backstage, headed toward the ring.

Austin Aries is questioned regarding his thoughts on facing Sanada for the X-Division Championship tonight. Austin says it’s a great opportunity, he is the man who has held every championship in TNA, he created Option C, and he is now front and center during “Champion’s Showcase.” While everyone else is competing in a Battle Royal to be #1 Contender, he is going to beat one guy for his chance to be #1 Contender. He calls Sanada a “very good champion” but he is a “great champion.” Come Destination X, he claims that he will have “all the options in his hands.”

Match 1 – Tag Team Championship: The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) vs. Bram & Magnus

Bram & Magnus come out first while a recap of the Monster’s Ball from 2 weeks ago is shown. The Wolves follow. Magnus will start against Davey Richards. Richards ducks a clothesline attempt and quickly kicks Bram off the apron. Magnus attacks Richards from behind and traps him in the corner with punches. Richards tries to escape a couple times but gets physically forced back into the corner by Magnus. Richards takes a couple punches and stumble to the next corner over. Magnus with an Irish whip off the ropes. Richards handstands off the ropes into a rebounding spin kick to the head of Magnus. Magnus stumbles to the Wolves corner, Eddie Edwards from the apron with a head butt, and then gets the tags from Davey. Eddie immediately over to dropkick Bram off the apron. Both Wolves now with a double team to Magnus in the corner, Davey with kicks to the chest and Eddie with chops. Bram tries to intervene and receives a kick to the gut from Davey. The Wolves double team Bram now, and back him into his own corner with identical strikes that they were giving Magnus. Bram collapses to a seated position, Magnus takes a run and gets a double drop toe hold headfirst into the groin of Bram. Eddie whips Magnus into The Wolves corner, then whips Davey for a flying forearm at Magnus. Eddie comes running with a jumping back elbow. Eddie throws Magnus to Davey for a drop toe hold. Eddie with a running leaping elbow drop to the back of Magnus for a 1 count. Magnus gets up quick and counters with a lifting knee to the gut of Eddie, and gets a tag to Bram. Bram attempts a short arm clothesline. Eddie ducks it and counters with a chop, then forces Bram into a head butt from Davey on the apron. Davey gets the tag in. Davey tries an irish whip, but it is reversed. Davey holds the ropes, and gets the charging Bram with the feet to the face. Magnus comes down the apron and decks Davey. Eddie tries to help his partner, but all he does is distract the ref while Magnus pulls Davey headfirst down between the ring skirt and the ring, as he delivers kidney shots. Magnus tosses Davey back into the ring as the ref finally turns around. Bram grinds his elbow across the face of Richards, the ref counts a one and then tries to stop the assault. Bram locks in a front face lock on Davey. Magnus comes around and pulls Eddie off the apron, then delivers a body slam on the floor. Bram breaks the hold to deliver a body slam to Davey. Davey Richards rolls away from the jumping elbow drop. Davey stumbled to his corner, but Eddie is still down outside. Bram recovers with a running forearm smash in the corner., and a 2 count. Bram tosses Davey face first into the corner where Magnus is and makes the tag. Magnus with a gut punch, Bram with a stomp. Bram back to his corner. Magnus tries to pick Davey up, but Richards mounts a comeback with punches Davey attempts a kick, Magnus catches the foot, Magnus ducks the enziguiri and Richards lands hard on the mat. Magnus delivers an elbow drop. Davey tossed back into the corner, Magnus tags Bram. Bram with a European uppercut, Davey falls to a seated corner position. Bram tags Magnus, gives some kicks, Magnus comes in and continues the kicks. Magnus attempts a Suplex, Davey kicks and reverses into a Small package for 2. Davey tries a right hand, Magnus ducks and lifts in a back body. Davey, from on Magnus’s shoulder, gives elbows to Magnus’s head. Magnus sets him down, catches the attempted kick, ducks the enziguiri, but Davey kept his balance for the reverse enziguiri. Magnus gets the tag first, Eddie is ready for a hot tag. Bram catches the foot, Davey gives a second effort and dives for the tag. Eddie waits on the apron to block Bram’s punch and deliver one of his own. In the ring he blocks another Bram punch attempt and hits one. He ducks a Bram overhead punch and backs Bram into the ropes with successive chops. Bram shoves Eddie tumbling backwards. Eddie ducks the clothesline and hit’s a spinning heel kick. Davey attempts a corner irish whip but is reversed. Bram runs at the corner, Eddie quickly ducks through the top and middle ropes to the apron, gives a high kick to the head of Magnus on the apron, a shoulder through the ropes to Bram, then heads up top with a flying front dropkick. Bram stumbles to the opposite corner and gets a boot up to stop the rushing Eddie Edwards. Bram climbs up to the second rope, Eddie uses the rope to elevate with a high roundhouse to the side of Bram’s head. Eddie then hit’s a top rope hurricanrana for 2. Magnus back in with a club to Eddie’s back. Bram and Magnus attempt a double suplex on Eddie. Davey back in catches his partner on his shoulders, and the Wolves duck clotheslines from both challengers and pull the top rope down. Bram & Magnus tumble to the floor. The Wolves howl and take off with synchronized suicide dives to the outside. Davey takes Bram back inside the ring, goes up top, Bram rolls away from the double foot stomp and Davey rolls through the miss. Bram tries a gut wrench, but struggles lifting Davey and Davey flips all the way through to land on his feet. Davey tries a backslide, but he is not the legal man. Eddie comes flying in and flips over top of the backslide pin into a bridging pin for 3 and the win.

WINNERS AND STILL CHAMPIONS: Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards, The Wolves

Davey let go of his pin attempt to stop Magnus from breaking it up. Bram loses it after the loss, and blindsides Eddie with a forearm. Then a stomp to Davey. Bram & Magnus both continue to assault The Wolves. Magnus finally peels Bram off of Davey and they back up the ramp. Bram wants to continue the assault, but Magnus is telling him “Not this time.”

Booby Roode is shown arriving with his suitcase. Bobby is conveniently in the same spot where he got jumped last week He got his retribution against Kenny King last week, but that’s not the man he wanted. He wanted, and still wants, MVP. He calls out MVP and walks off.

Bobby Roode comes out to the ring after a break, while a recap of his street fight from last week is shown. Bobby asks if anyone has had something in life that they would do anything in their power to have it. That is what he thinks of the TNA World Heavyweight Championship, but he was made to sit at home by MVP. Roode claims that MVP sees him as a threat. Roode says that MVP’s “threat” is standing in the middle of the ring, and MVP is not his boss anymore. That MVP hid behind a doctor’s note last week, and Bobby doesn’t give a crap about a doctor’s note. Roode gives MVP a ten-count to come out and get the hell beat out of him, or else Bobby will come back looking for MVP and kick his ass. MVP comes out to the ramp in a wheelchair with a microphone. MVP calls the fans flat scans, and says he did Roode a favour and prolonged his career by giving him time off. MVP says he was days away from coming back to the ring, but because of Roode it is now worse than before and he can’t even get an MRI. Literally, MVP “won’t stand for this.” Roode comes up to the ramp anyhow to kick MVP’s ass. Kenny King must have come from the crowd, because he comes running up behind Roode. Roode heard him coming and ducks it, then gives King a clothesline for his troubles. MVP tries to roll away, but Bobby catches him. Roode runs down the ramp with the wheelchair but stops before the ring. He tips the chair sideways to dump MVP out, but by now King has recovered and clocks Bobby with a steel chair from behind. King holds Roode up for MVP to give punches, but Showtime Eric Young comes to the rescue. MVP rolls into the ring, King continues to punch Roode while EY goes after MVP. Kenny follows and makes the save. Eric nails Kenny with a discus clothesline and backs MVP into the corner. While he taunts MVP it gives Lashley enough time to make the save. Eric tries a clothesline, Bobby ducks and comes back with a spear. MVP, King, and Lashley stand tall in the ring while EY and Roode nurse their wounds.

Sanada is sitting in the back, and is approached by James Storm. Storm says Sanada puts a lot of pressure on himself. If Sanada loses the title, not only does he bring disgrace to his culture, also to the Great Muta. Great Muta is already coming to New York to see Sanada defend the title. What happens if Sanada loses that title? Storm wishes Sanada luck, then tells him not to choke.

Angle in an interview thinks he got through to Jeff Hardy. Willow brings the violence, but what he needs for the Battle Royal is Jeff Hardy.

Match 2 – X-Division Championship: Sanada vs. Austin Aries

The Greatest Man that Ever Lived is out first. Sanada, the Champion, comes second. Both wrestlers circle each other. They lock up, Austin drops to a knee and Sanada rolls over him. Another lock up and Austin Aries comes out with an wristlock. Sanada rolls and flips around to break the hold. Some spinning confusion from Sanada and a headlock takedown. Both men back to their feet, Sanada with a dropkick. Aries backs into a corner for a breather. Back to circling, another lock up and now Sanada with a wristlock. This time Aries with the flips and rolls, breaks the hold, headlock takedown on Sanada, and hits a low dropkick to a seated Sanada. Aries with a pin for 1. Side backslide pin for another 1. Top backslide for 2. Last Chancery locked in, but Sanada is too close to the ropes and gets the break. Aries holds for 3 of the 5 count before breaking. Aries tries to whip Sanada, Sanada holds the ropes. A boot and tries again, Sanada still holding on. Another boot, and the third try is countered into an abdominal stretch by Sanada. Sanada with rolling around the ring with Aries, eventually into the cradle pin for 2. Aries gets up dizzy and stumbles to the ropes. Sanada clotheslines him over the top rope. Sanada went for a dive at Aries on the outside, Aries slides in the ring so Sanada switches to flip over the ropes and land on the apron. Sanada with a shoulder through the ropes to Aries. Sanada tries to springboard into the ring, possibly for the overhand chop, Aries sees him coming and shoves Sanada off the top rope and to the floor. Aries springs to the top corner and comes off with a double axe handle to Sanada on the floor. Aries rolls Sanada in, then slingshots himself over the top rope with a senton splash. Aries off the far ropes and back with a high jumping elbow for 2. Sanada fights back with forearms. Aries whips Sanada to the corner, follows in but gets back dropped over the top rope. Aries lands on the apron and climbs up top. Aries with a diving body press, but Sanada counters with a dropkick. The ref makes the double count while both men recover. Advantage Sanada, with elbows, dropkicks, and then a hurricanrana. Austin crawls to the corner, Sanada takes a run and this time he gets back dropped over the ropes and lands on the apron. Aries attempts a shoulder through the ropes, which Sanada no-sells. Sanada then with a lifting kick to the bent over Aries. Sanada flips Aries the rest of the way through the ropes and down to the floor. Sanada with a running senton off the apron. Sanada hits the springboard overhand chop but only gets 1. Sanada looks for the dragon suplex. Aries tries to counter into a knee breaker but Sanada lands on his free foot and turns it into a body splash and a 2 count. Sanada tries for a double underhook, Aries backs him into the corner and gives some back elbows and then an open palm chop. Aries takes a run at the corner, but eats a foot. Sanada with a backbreaker across the knee, and heads up top. Sanada looking for the moonsault, Aries back to his feet to stop it though. Aries with what looked like a power bomb, but drops Sanada face first off the turnbuckle. Full speed running dropkick in the corner by Aries. Aries looks for the brain buster, Sanada floats it over and looks double underhook with the bridge for 2. Sanada with another backbreaker, and hit’s the moonsault for only 2. Sanada with another backbreaker, tries another moonsault but Aries rolls away. Sanada landed on his feet but gets a discus forearm from Aries. Aries with a knee breaker followed by a belly to back suplex. Aries with another full speed running dropkick in the corner. Aries with a Brainbuster for only 2. Aries up to the top rope. 450 Splash for 3 and the win.


Aries, the new 5 Time X-Division Champion, celebrates with the title.

Bully is asked about Rhino in a stairwell. Bully thought Rhino was his friend and brother. He has over 20 years of history with. Somebody that he has travel with, has fought by his side, he considers a friend in the wrestling business. Then Bully spazzes and screams at the interviewer. He’s going to talk to Rhino face-to-face, man-to-man, in the ring, right now.

EC3 and Rhino are being questioned about Bully. EC3 says Rhino will reveal the kind of man that Bully is, and that Rhino has quite a lot to say.

Bully comes to the ring and tells a story of himself as a young up-and-comer. Bully gives a shout out to Bam Bam Bigelow, who told him that by the time Bully retires he wouldn’t even need all the fingers on one hand to count the number of true friends he made in the wrestling industry. Bully thought Rhino was one of those friends, before last week. He wants and deserves an answer, and the fans deserve an answer. Rhino comes out with EC3 and Rockstar Spud, to EC3’s music. Bully says he should beat the crap out of Rhino right now, then pushes Rhino’s mic down to stop him from replying. All Bully wants to know, is “Why?” Rhino finally talks, and tells Bully to shut his mouth and he will give answers. Rhino tells the “You Sold Out” fans to “Go to hell!” Rhino says it’s not about EC3, that it’s about he and Bully. That the Hall of Fame induction was when Rhino realized that Bully is a conman. That’s why Devon isn’t out by Bully’s side right now. Just like Bully conned Paul E Heyman (interesting name drop, considering Heyman is working WWE right now). Just like Bully conned Dixie Carter, which draws boos and Rhino tells everyone to respect her when he mentions her name. Bully says that Rhino calling him a con artist sounds like a cop out. Where’s the Rhino he knows? The Carters brainwashed him. This is jealousy from Rhino. Bully says he is in the Hall of Fame because the fans said so, Rhino says the fans know nothing. Bully says Rhino is responsible for his own career, that Rhino is the reason Rhino got fired from WWE (another surprising namedrop), Rhino defends and says he didn’t get fired. Bully continues that Rhino is the reason Rhino got fired from TNA, it’s not Bully’s fault that at one time Rhino was hardcore but now he‘s just a bitch. EC3 steps in to defend Rhino. Rhino’s family lives in Detroit and needs money to survive, money that Bully stole from Rhino by stealing the spotlight. Money that a Carter, with infinite resources, has paid Rhino. Ethan paid Rhino to Gore Bully last week, and he will continue to pay Rhino to take Bully out. Bully threatens EC3 and gets Gored for his trouble. A 3-on-1 assault follows, until Tommy Dreamer comes out with a Singapore Cane to save Bully. Rhino takes the cane to the midsection, EC3 ducks out of dodge.

The Beautiful People are in the back complaining about the flirting with Brian Stiffler getting them nowhere. Velvet Sky gets upset that her flirting with Kurt Angle went nowhere either, even referring to her chest as “Real, Damn Real.” Angelina doesn’t even know what the “Championship Showcase” is called. She complains about it being a 4-Way for her rematch. This was actually one of the most awkward segments on TNA programming recently. #Truth #Holla

Willow is still sitting in the rafters, mulling over his decision for tonight’s Battle Royal.

The Menagerie are in the back getting a pep talk from Knux. They have a crazy clown, a strong man, a brawler, and one hell of a distraction. All 3 men are in the Battle Royal tonight.

Match 3 – Knockouts Championship – Fatal 4 Way Match: Angelina Love (w/Velvet Sky) vs. Madison Rayne vs. Brittany vs. Gail Kim

The Beautiful People come out first. Madison Rayne comes down, but gets assaulted on the ramp by Brittany. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky come out of the ring to join in on a 3-on-1 attack. Gail Kim’s music hits and she sprints to the aid of Madison. Velvet gets a forearm first, then Angelina. Gail grabs the head of Angelina, and then Velvet, and a meeting of the minds ensues. Brittany was still stomping and kicking Madison on the ground, but she eats a forearm from Gail once The Beautiful People are temporarily incapacitated. Gail rolls Angelina in the ring, Madison rolls Brittany in the ring, and the match can officially start. Gail beats Angelina down in the corner, Madison takes Brittany to the opposite corner. Gail moves out of the way and tells Madison to whip Brittany into Angelina, which she does. Gail whips Madison into Brittany and Angelina in the corner. Brittany falls down and crawls away after, Madison runs back and whips Gail into Angelina for a jumping corner splash. Madison and Gail play a little back-and-forth with Brittany, Gail hit’s the running shoulder into the corner on Brittany and slips through the ropes to the apron. Madison with a running back elbow, then a low dropkick while Brittany is on her knees. Brittany rolls out of the ring. Gail and Madison are left in the ring alone together and now turn their attention to each other. Gail goes for the clothesline, Madison ducks and spins around into a rollup pin for 2. Gail back up with forearms. She tries a running head scissors off the ropes, but spins through it and Madison gets a northern lights suplex with the bridge for 2. Madison with some forearms now, and tries a running body press. Gail catches her, sets her down, and then changes it to a lifting pancake slam. Gail tries for something running off the ropes, but Angelina catches the foot for a trip and pulls Gail out of the ring and faceplants her on the floor. Brittany back in with a boot to the side of Madison’s head, followed by a DDT. Angelina back in the ring and tries to form a team with Brittany. Brittany nods in agreeance, and whips Angelina into Madison for a splash in the corner. Brittany then follows with a handspring back elbow to Madison. Double irish whip, and double back elbow by Brittany and Angelina. Angelina lifts Madison, carries her for a minute, and then drops with a side slam. Brittany lifts Madison to her feet, and then drops her with a side Russian leg sweep. Angelina tells Brittany to go get something out of the ring, and tries for a pin. Madison gets the shoulder up at 2, but Brittany turned and realized the trick. Angelina tries another quick pin, this time Brittany breaks it up at 1. A shoving match ensues, both girls give forearms. Meanwhile, Gail Kim climbs up top and takes both girls out with a flying dropkick. Gail with a back elbow and then off the ropes with a clothesline to Brittany. Brittany reverses an irish whip attempt and sends Gail into the corner. Gail counters with a back elbow and climbs up top with a twisting cross body drop for 2 before Angelina breaks up the pin. Madison gets Angelina with a gut kick, then a hard front kick to the side of Angelina’s face. Brittany with a handspring moonsault to Gail Kim but doesn’t go for the pin. Madison catches Brittany with a unique front hook sitout neck breaker. Angelina catches Madison with the Botox Injection. As Angelina taunts, Gail gets up and catches her with Eat Defeat for 3 and the title defence.


Gail celebrates, Velvet Sky holds her head as she backs away from ringside.

Willow’s mask is hanging in the rafters, does this mean the return of Jeff Hardy is imminent?

Austin Aries says every year at this point the seems to have a chance to have his hands around the X Division Title. Ever since he was given Options A & B, and he came around and made Option C. The X-Division title is the key to a shot at the World Heavyweight title, which would be Lashley. But, everyone is expecting that is exactly what he is going to do, which means that maybe he won’t. He wants to keep people guessing, and not do what everyone expects. All that matters, is that the X-Division Title is once again relevant, once again great, and Austin Aries has all the options in his hands.

Bobby is asked if MVP or Lashley is a distraction. Bobby says he can’t focus on that, right now he has to focus on the Battle Royal and defeating 19 other guys.

Another package of MVP hyping Lashley follows.

Match 4 – #1 Contender for TNA World Heavyweight Title – 20 Man Battle Royal: Eric Young vs. Ethan Carter III vs. Rockstar Spud vs. Bobby Roode vs. James Storm vs. Gunner vs. Manic vs. Crazy Steve vs. Knux vs. The Freak vs. Bram vs. Magnus vs. Sanada vs. DJ Z vs. Jessie Godderz vs. Kenny King vs. Mr. Ken Anderson vs. Tigre Uno vs. Bully Ray vs. Jeff Hardy

19 men all fill out the ring and wait for number 20. Jeff Hardy comes out last, to the not-so-suspenseful question of if it would be he or Willow that came for this match. Everyone pairs off all over the place, 20 men of mayhem. Bully immediately trying to dump EC3 over the ropes, but Spud stops him. Jessie Godderz with a dropkick sends Crazy Steve over the top for the first elimination


Jessie taunts Steve, then goes after The Freak. Freak grabs Jessie with one arm and shoves him over the top rope.

Jessie Godderz IS ELIMINATED

DJ tries to avenge his BroMans partner by attacking Freak and Knux. Gunner pushes DJ Z right into The Menagerie twosome and Z is tossed over the top.


The Freak and Knux taunt The BroMans, which opens the door for Bram and Magnus to eliminate The Freak from behind.


Knux is double teamed by Bram and Magnus, but not eliminated yet. Gunner has Storm up over the ropes, but Storm holds the ropes and falls safely onto the apron. Hardy is sitting in a corner biding his time. Mr. Anderson almost eliminates Spud, but Spud skins the cats to stay on the apron. Knux fights back against Bram and Magnus. Bully has EC3 over the top rope, but Carter holds the rope and lands safely on the apron. Knux goes for a big boot on Bram, misses and hangs up on the top rope before falling to the mat. Bram and Magnus quickly get him up and over the top, but Knux lands on the apron. Magnus gives some boots and Knux falls to the floor.


James Storm with a big right hand sends Jeff Hardy over the top rope, but Jeff skins the cat and raps a leg around the bottom rope to hold himself on the apron as Storm tries to push him off. Jeff gives Storm a right to the midsection to break the pressure and get back in the ring. Bobby Roode sends Kenny King over the top, King holds the rope and rolls safely in on the apron. Bully lifts EC3 up and lays him across the turnbuckle. Spud grabs Bully’s leg as a distraction. Meanwhile, Tigre Uno was delivering some great kick combos to Bram and Magnus. Tigre went for a hurricanrana on Magnus but got caught and dumped to the apron. Kenny King threw Sanada over the top to the apron. Magnus moves out of the way and Bram attacks Tigre to send him to the floor.


Sanada slides back in under the bottom rope. Bully lifts Spud up for a body slam over the ropes, but Spud is hanging on to the top rope and resisting the move. Jeff gets EC3 over the top, but Carter holds the bottom rope again. Sanada has Magnus tangled in the ropes and goes for a clothesline, Magnus gets a low bridge on the top rope and sends Sanada flying over the top and to the floor.


While Magnus is still focused on Sanada, Roode comes from behind and dumps Magnus over the top.


Magnus gets a chop from Sanada on the outside, for good measure. Bully has EC3 on the apron in a precarious position, punches have Carter teetering, but he counters with a rake of the eyes. James Storm has Mr. Anderson against the ropes and dumps him over the top with a big clothesline.


Storm goes after Gunner in the corner, and easily dumps Gunner over the top.


Jeff Hardy hit’s a sit out Twist of Fate on Bram, then a huge clothesline over the top. Jeff follows through and almost tumbles to the floor himself, but catches the rope and rolls back in safely.


Bram goes under the ring to find his steel turnbuckle piece and snaps, he’s trying to attack anybody, mostly Hardy, through the ropes from the floor. Abyss’s music hits and The Monster comes after Bram. Abyss sends Bram into the steel guardrail on the outside and they brawl up the ramp to the back. Kenny King and Manic are battling. King had Manic in a fireman carry, Manic lands on his feet and tried to send King over. King reversed and Manic caught himself sideways between the top and middle rope. Manic ducks and King goes over. MVP helps King from the outside, to make sure he can stay on the apron. From the apron, King manages to grab Manic and send him over the side ropes.


Bully again has EC3 very precarious. EC3 actually using the ring steps to keep himself up on the apron. Technically not the floor, so it’s still legal.

After a break, we come back just in time to see Bobby Roode with a modified Roode Bomb to send James Storm over the top and out to the floor.

“Cowboy” James Storm IS ELIMINATED

Bully sends EC3 into a corner, and then focuses his attention to Rockstar Spud. Spud’s chops have no effect, Bully replies with a crotch claw to Spud. EC3 comes to make the save, but Spud’s groin is hurting after that. EC3 holds Bully while Spud climbs to the top rope. Bully with a low blow to EC3 to get free, lifts Spud off the top rope and tosses him down to the floor.


As Bully is watching Spud, EC3 tries for a clothesline to the back. Bully sees it last minute and ducks out of the way. Carter now in the ropes, Bully tries a clothesline and both men go over the top down to the floor.


Kenny King, Bobby Roode, Jeff Hardy, and Eric Young still remain. Jeff is laying in one corner, Eric in another, Kenny is attacking Bobby with boots and elbows. Kenny with the fingers to the eyes of Roode and rakes the face. Kenny in control right now, off the ropes and Bobby counters with the textbook spine buster. He lifts Kenny up and tries for the Roode Bomb over the top again. MVP from the outside jabs a crutch into Kenny’s midsection to break up the attempt. Kenny follows it up by dumping Roode to the outside


Kenny gloats and dances for a little too long, Eric Young comes from behind and dumps Kenny King over the top to join Roode.


We are down to the final 2. Only “The Charismatic Enigma” Jeff Hardy and “Showtime” Eric Young remain. Both men stand and face each other in the middle of the ring. The crowd erupts. It is impossible to distinguish between the “EY!” and the “Hardy!” chants. Both men mutually shake hands in the ring and then begin to circle. They tie up and take each other around the ring before Eric gets the upper hand with Jeff in a corner. Jeff pushes back, though, and gets Showtime in a headlock. Eric bounces Hardy off the ropes and whips him to counter the headlock. Jeff drops EY with the shoulder. Jeff off the ropes. Eric tries a hip toss, Jeff blocks and counters with his own hip toss attempt. EY blocks that and counters to hip toss Jeff over the top. Jeff skins the cat and dangles there, but his feet never touch the floor. Eric tries to grab Jeff on the apron, Jeff with a modified top rope neck breaker and climbs back in the ring. Hardy takes Young into a corner. Strong Irish Whip sends Eric flipping over the turnbuckle, but he lands on the apron shaking his finger. Jeff tries to rush Eric on the apron. Eric counters with a shoulder to the midsection and slides under the bottom rope through Hardy’s legs. Eric tries a clothesline, Jeff just bounces into the ropes and wraps his elbows around the top rope. Eric bounces off the opposite rope and tries a leaping clothesline. Jeff pulls the top rope down and Eric flies over. Eric managed to catch himself, barely, with one foot basically on the floor but still safely on the apron. Eric stands up on the apron, Jeff climbs to the top with a springboard dropkick and Eric Young falls to the floor.

“Showtime” Eric Young IS ELIMINATED


After the match, Eric Young gives Jeff Hardy kudos for the victory. JB gets in to interview the new #1 Contender. Jeff acknowledges his bad hair, still tied up Willow style. He claims to all the Creatures that he will be the next TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Hardy acknowledges that Lashley is extremely tough, but he can get extremely rougher than most. Next week, Creatures, Here We Go Again. Lashley interrupts and we end with a stare down in the ring.


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Kurt Angle Not Signing TNA Wrestling Offer

July 10, 2014 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

The TNA Wrestling roster continues to bleed as the promotion’s biggest stars exit stage right in 2014. It appears that the next man up is Kurt Angle. Angle’s deal is coming due in a few months and if it were up to him we will all be seeing him at WrestleMania 31.

I don’t think anyone could argue that Kurt Angle is the biggest star in TNA Wrestling. That also makes him a prime target for a budget cut when his contract comes due. Angle reportedly makes more money than anyone on the roster. In the last twelve months TNA has seen three of its big five walk due to finances in AJ Styles, Hulk Hogan, and Sting. That is why it is no surprise to hear that Angle is on the bubble. What is a surprise is that Angle’s future is not resting on finances according to the former champion.

Angle recently appeared on Jim Ross’ podcast and discussed his impending free agency with J.R. According to Angle, the decision to stay or go is completely in his court. Angle told Ross that he has an offer on the table from TNA to stay. Angle went on to say that he has not signed that agreement. Angle said that this next contract will probably be his last and needs to take everything under consideration.

In other words, Angle would like to return to the WWE. This is not big news. Angle has said over the last several months that he would like to return to the WWE. Rumors have been spreading for months about Angle possibly going back. Unfortunately it may not be as easy as you or he would think.

Dave Meltzer reported on the story in a recent podcast. Meltzer commented that Vince McMahon has told people that he would never bring Angle back out of fear that he’d “have an Olympic gold medalist dying” on his watch. As most know, Angle has struggled with substance abuse issues going back to his days with the WWE.

Meltzer also reports that Angle’s body is in real rough shape. Meltzer questioned whether Angle would even pass a physical upon returning to the WWE. UFC president Dana White claims a few years ago that Angle was offered a spot on The Ultimate Fighter but never made it to the show due to a failed physical.

Complicating matters is an odd story that popped up over the weekend. According to reports, Angle was on a flight with some WWE employees over the weekend. The WWE staff took pictures of Angle sleeping on the plane, giving the impression that Angle was drunk. Angle claims he was simply sleeping. I thought the whole story was bizarre myself as it is not uncommon for a guy to sleep on a plane.

What is also interesting about this story is that it would appear that TNA wants Angle back. Losing Angle would leave Jeff Hardy as the lone survivor of that big five group. TNA has yet to receive a renewal agreement from Viacom and their deal is up in the fall. I am sure that plays a huge part in Angle’s decision. He would obviously have more leverage to negotiate a deal with the WWE now as opposed to trying to work something out if TNA does not get renewed.

It appears the ball is in Vince McMahon’s court. I’d love to see Angle back. I still find him to be one of the most entertaining stars in and out of the ring. At the same time, you can’t fault the WWE for passing on a hurt guy in late forties with a record of outside-of-the-ring issues.

WWE The Paul Heyman Story

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TNA Wrestling Impact Results and July 3 Recap

July 07, 2014 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

Following the completion of the recap package our new Director of Wrestling Operations, Kurt Angle, comes out to the ring to announce that tonight is “Kurt Angle’s Red, White, & Blue Throwdown” in honor of Independence Day. Kurt then calls Earl Hebner out to the ring and publicly reinstates him. Kurt announces all of the matches for tonight, reading them off a cheat sheet  in the ring since he can’t remember them. As Kurt is finished and about to leave, he is cut off by Samoa Joe coming to the ring. Joe calls BS on Kurt being here to save the day. Joe points out the obvious, that Kurt is just like MVP because at the end of the day Kurt covets the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and that Kurt will put himself in the World Title picture as soon as his knee is healed. Kurt claims that he and Joe went through the same garbage management over the last few years. Joe defends that he fought his way from the bottom to get where he was, and that Angle was bought and brought to TNA. Kurt accuses Joe of coming out half-assed half the time. Joe gets right in Angle’s face screaming about fighting in halls for $40 and that he is Pro Wrestling. Kurt takes a turn and hypes that this intensity is what he wants to see from Joe, Joe leaves with “Be careful what you wish for”

MVP is in the back area on his phone, and Bobby Roode comes across him. MVP hangs up the phone and taunts Bobby Roode into a sneak attack from Kenny King, both in street clothes. Kenny bounces Roode off of the steel garage style door a couple times, MVP chokes him with a crutch, and they leave Roode lying in agony.

After a segment break, Kurt Angle arrives in the medical room and finds Roode being attended to with an icepack taped to his shoulder, asking what happened to him. Roode explains that he was attacked by MVP and Kenny King. They bring up their old feuds and having beaten each other in the past, but that even if Angle doesn’t necessarily like Roode, he respects him. Kurt asks the trainer if Roode needs to go to the hospital, and Roode cuts him off with “No!” before he can answer. Roode wants a match with MVP to end this.

Match 1 – Tag Team Championship – Three Way Tag Team Match: The Wolves (Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards) vs. The BroMans (Jessie Godderz & DJ Z) vs. The Menagerie (Knux & The Freak)

The BroMans attack the Wolves right before the bell rings, both Wolves end up on the mat and roll to the floor. The BroMans taunt The Wolves while the Menagerie stalk behind them. DJ Z turns and gets a big boot from Knux, Jessie gets a running elbow from The Freak. Knux tosses Jessie through the middle rope and to the floor with The Wolves. DJ Z tries to run at The Menagerie and gets double-team hip tossed over the top onto the 3 on the outside.  The Menagerie taunt in the ring and then Knux goes out to gather the bodies. Eddie Edwards is rolled back in to The Freak in the ring.  Eddie gets picked up into a brain buster hold by the Freak, showing off The Freak’s strength. Davey climbs in and kicks at The Freak’s legs but it has no effect. Freak puts Eddie back on the ground, kicks Davey in the gut, and then suplexes both Wolves at the same time. Eddie gets up in the corner, and takes a big splash from Freak. Jessie tags himself in off of Freak mid-splash. While the ref informs Freak that he must go to his corner, The BroMans double team Eddie Edwards with boots in the corner. The ref breaks it up, Jessie gets down with a hand to the throat choke under the bottom rope. The ref backs Jessie off to give him a warning, DJ Z delivers a jumping elbow off of the apron onto Eddie while Eddie is prone halfway under the ropes. Jessie gets a 2-count pin. Jessie applies a top wrist lock. Eddie starts to fight back, but bounces off DJ Z’s knee on the ropes and a dropkick from Jessie for 2. Jessie tags in DJ Z.  {Side note: There is an interesting discussion on commentary here between Tazz and Mike Tenay explaining Robbie E’s absence, and his Coulrophobia aka fear of clowns.} The BroMans deal some double stomps, DJ Z adds a couple punches and elbows. DJ Z tags Jessie. Awesome double team move, DJ Z lays on his back and Jessie delivers a spine buster onto DJ Z’s lifted knees. Davey Richards makes the pin save at 2. Jessie tags DJ Z in. The BroMans go for a double atomic drop, Eddie back flips out of it. Eddie Edwards hit’s a hurricancanrana on both BroMans at the exact same time, another great spot. Eddie gets the hot tag to Davey Richards. Davey hit’s a clothesline on Jessie, a back elbow to DJ Z. Davey ducks a Jessie clothesline, counters with 2 kicks to the midsection. Jessie reverses an Irish whip, Davey handstands and bounces back off the ropes with a spinning kick to Jessie’s face. Jessie rolls out of the ring. Davey ducks a clothesline from DJ Z and counters with an exploder suplex. DJ Z rolls to the floor. Knux comes in now, Davey ducks the clothesline and dropkicks Knux into the ropes. The Freak comes in and also gets a dropkick into the opposite ropes. Davey ducks a clothesline from the Freak, momentum carries Freak into Knux and both big men go over the top and to the floor. Jessie back in the ring. Davey howls and goes for a splash in the corner, but Jessie counters with an elbow. Eddie Edwards back in the ring. Jessie runs at Eddie, Eddie pops Jessie into the air and Davey delivers a lifting kick that catches Jessie high. Davey pins for 3.

WINNERS AND STILL CHAMPIONS: Davey Richards & Eddie Edwards, The Wolves

Knux dove in to break it up just a little too late.

MVP, Kenny King, Bobby Roode and Kurt Angle are arguing in the locker room area. Angle is trying to calm Bobby down. MVP jokes about Roode being a tattle tale and now they have to be sent to the principal’s office. Angle books MVP vs. Roode for tonight, until MVP reminds Angle about the Torn Meniscus and that he can’t wrestle. Angle changes his mind and books Roode vs. King in a Street Fight right now. Both men will be wrestling in street clothes without any gear.

Bobby Roode comes to the ring in blue jeans, and feels the need to grab a microphone to announce that he is back. Kenny King comes out in his street shorts with MVP and a microphone, and announces they are going to break Roode’s neck. Angle comes out to toss MVP from ringside. Kenny King is arguing with Angle on the ramp when he is attacked from behind by Roode.

Match 2 – Street Fight: Bobby Roode vs. Kenny King

Roode with punches drags Kenny out into the ringside area. Roode hits King with a plastic garbage. They fight up by an emergency exit where King gets tossed into the door. King responds by sending Roode face first into the wall. King gets a different plastic garbage and hits Roode with it, then dumps the trash on Roode. They fight up among the fans near the tech area. King bounces Roode’s face off the metal guard rail in the second level of the audience. Roode turns momentum with punches. Roode attempts to toss King over the railing, it would be approximately a ten foot drop to the concrete floor. King “skins the cat” using the metal railing and drops to the floor on his feet after a punch from Roode. Roode climbs down and bounces King off a stage of some kind that is in the audience area. Bobby tries taking King back to the ring, King counters with punches and then a head butt. Roode against the corner railing near ringside now, King tries for a power clothesline over the ringside fencing but Roode with the backdrop sends King up and over to the ringside area. Huge TNA Chant from the audience. Roode climbs over the rail and goes to get a steel chair. On his way back, King has recovered and delivers a spinning heel kick to the chair and Roode’s face. King lays some punches and then throws Roode into the ring. The bell finally rings and this match has started.  Kenny goes for the pin and gets 2, King rakes the eyes, gives a few more punches, and another 2 count. King lifts Roode up and delivers a suplex with a float over into mounted position and more punches. Another 2 count. King goes outside to get the chair. King stalks Roode with the chair laying in the middle of the ring. King gets Roode onto his shoulders looking for a Royal Flush, Roode lands on his feet. Roode gets King up and delivers a Roode Bomb onto the chair for 3.

WINNER: Bobby Roode.

After the match, Roode looks to be favouring the shoulder due to the earlier attack. King stumbles backward out of the ringside area.

EC3 is in the back being interviewed about tonight’s Tables Match with Bully Ray. EC3 says he and Dixie will never be put through a table by Bully Ray, no matter how many of Bully’s old friends show up to try to help him.

Roode commends Angle on the match and allowing him to get his revenge for Kenny King’s attack tonight. Roode promises that King was just the first step, next will be MVP, and ultimately Lashley because Bobby Roode was put on this planet to be TNA World Heavyweight Champion.

Kurt Angle is with Austin Aries in the back. Austin is claiming that he makes everyone who steps in the ring with him “greatness.” Austin requests his X-Division rematch against Sanada, since MVP never gave it to him. Angle brings up how Aries was the person who created option C, and that Aries is just trying to spin this around to have a chance to use Option C again and cash in to win the World Title against Lashley. Aries says he’s done it once, so he will be able to do it again. Angle makes the match for next week, Austin Aries vs. Sanada for the X-Division Championship. Angle teases that he and Austin Aries need to have a match someday to see who really is The Greatest Wrestler Alive.

Brittany is in the ring with a microphone and has something to get off her chest. Brittany asks Madison Rayne to come out to the ring. Madison comes out and immediately confronts Brittany, if fighting is the only way they can solve everything between them to get a ref out and they’ll go right now. Brittany stops her and says she just wants to admit that Madison was right and she was wrong about how difficult the Knockouts division is. Madison says she just wanted to help Brittany to not make the same mistakes Madison made. Brittany looked up to Madison before coming to TNA. Brittany apologizes, Madison accepts it, they hug it out, and then Brittany clotheslines Madison after admitting the real lesson she has learned is to never meet your hero. Madison gets thrown shoulder first into the corner post and falls to the floor. Brittany goes out after her and delivers a Reverse DDT on the outside. Brittany lays on the edge of the apron giving crazy eyes to Madison.

Bully Ray is in a stairwell backstage, repeating to himself “Over My Dead Body.” Bully calls EC3 tough to be lucky after the Texas Deathmatch at Slammiversary. That if it wasn’t for Spud and Dixie, Ethan never would have walked out alive. Bully reiterates his promise to the world that he is going to put Dixie through a table, but first Ethan will go through one tonight.

MVP introduces the audience to Bobby Lashley. 6’2”, 265lbs. The TNA World Heavyweight Champion, and MVP is confident enough to say that Lashley will be the most dominant champion in TNA History. MVP gives EY credit for having heart, but heart won’t beat Lashley. MVP says Angle is responsible for putting Young against Lashley, so Lashley and MVP won’t be responsible for whatever Lashley does to Young in the ring tonight.

Match 3 – Tables Match: Ethan Carter III vs. Bully Ray 

EC3 comes down to the ring while a recap plays of the Texas Deathmatch from Slammiversary. Bully Ray comes out with a steel chain in his hand. EC3 tries to get the upper hand as soon as Bully gets in the ring. Bully blocks and backs EC3 into a corner with punches. Bully slaps Ethan across the chest. Ethan gets Irish whipped from corner to corner three consecutive times, and Bully delivers a hard clothesline. Bully lets Ethan stand and then back with a punch. Bully goes from one corner to a second corner bouncing Ethan’s head off the turnbuckle. Bully then tosses Ethan over the top rope to the outside. Bully bounces EC3’s head off the steps a couple times, and then the other steps. Bully slides Ethan back into the ring and Ethan stumbles to the corner. Bully goes for a corner splash, but Ethan moves out of the way.EC3 catches Bully with a running diving forearm. Ethan picks Bully up and whips him off the ropes. Bully telegraphs it and delivers the trio of left jabs followed by the top of the head elbow. Bully goes out to “Get The Tables!” Ethan recovers right as Bully sets up the table and dives out of the corner with a clothesline. Ethan slams Bully back to the mat by the back of the head three times while Bully is still on his knees. EC3 picks up Bully’s steel chain and wraps it around his hand. Bully, from his knees, blocks the punches and open palm slaps EC3 across the chest twice. Bully stumbles as he gets to his feet, Ethan uses the chain to clothesline Bully across the throat. Ethan tosses the chain out of the ring, Bully stumbles to stand in a corner. Ethan climbs up for a Top rope 10-punch, Bully grabs Ethan onto his shoulders for a power bomb, Rockstar Spud arrives to stop the power bomb with a completely botched low blow try. Ethan gets to his feet safely off of Bully’s shoulders. Ethan is pounding away with rights to Bully’s head, meanwhile Spud is delivering boots to the back. This is a Tables Match, so No Disqualification. Spud rakes the face of Bully and delivers an elbow to the head. GORE! GORE! GORE! Rhino comes running down to the ring, Ethan jumps out of the ring and Spud backs into a corner. Rhino goes for the Gore on Spud, but pulls up short as Spud cowers in the corner. Bully gets back to his feet. Rhino turns and Gores Bully Ray in half. Spud celebrates with Rhino. EC3 gets back in and lifts for a modified choke slam through the table.

WINNER: Ethan Carter III

After the match EC3, Rockstar Spud, and Rhino celebrate together in the middle of the ring with their arms raised.

Bobby Roode and Eric Young are in the back together. Roode still has ice to his shoulder, but says despite his shoulder it was great to be back out there and in the ring because it has been far too long.  That’s just the beginning, Roode took care of Kenny King and now Eric Young gets his chance at retribution on Lashley. Roode picks up that something is off with EY, he doesn’t sound like a guy with the confidence to go out and win his match and get the title back tonight.  EY reads the facts, Lashley is ex-military, he still fights in MMA, EY is 0-3 in one-on-one matches with Lashley, he doesn’t stand a chance. Roode acknowledges that those are the facts on Lashley, but he wants the facts on Eric Young. EY’s facts: No one thought that he would be World Champion, no one thought EY would defend his belt week in and week out, no one believed he would walk out of the cage at Slammiversary still champion. EY says tonight he will prove the naysayers wrong once again and win his title back. Basically, it is Roode coaching and pumping up EY for the match. Roode says he will be in Young’s corner for the match tonight, to make sure MVP and Kenny King can’t try anything to interfere.

EC3, Rockstar Spud, and Rhino are in the backstage area. Rhino says he doesn’t owe anyone anything, sometimes he does things just because he wants to.

A package shows of Samuel Shaw’s obsession with Christy Hemme, his time in the padded cell, Mr. Anderson attacking him, Gunner talking to him, Mr. Anderson visiting Samuel Shaw’s mom, and then last week when Gunner came to say Samuel Shaw had been released into his custody. A clip shows from earlier today of Gunner and Shaw in the building. Gunner is trying to help Shaw gain some trust back in the locker room. They are going to start by apologizing to Christy when Mr. Anderson comes around the corner. Anderson confronts Shaw as a creepy bastard and that he spent months trying to get Shaw out of the company and now he’s back. Gunner tells his story of his friend that had a leg blown off and PTSD as a man who proved a second chance can help trying to convince Anderson to give him another chance. Anderson takes them to Christy’s locker room. Christy panics and wants them to get Shaw out of her room. Anderson and Gunner calm her enough to let Shaw speak. Samuel apologizes for everything he has done to her in the past, explains his time in the psychiatric institution for childhood issues, he is a changed man, and asks for her to forgive him, then walks away. Gunner follows him out. Christy and Anderson exchange confused looks.

The Beautiful People are in their locker room with referee Brian Stiffler who is concerned that he went too far at Slammiversary. Velvet is draped all over him, caressing his chest and back, she tells him what an amazing job he did reffing the Knockout Title match. Angelina Love tells him judgment calls need to be made in any match and that Brian was just doing his job. Angelina also mentions that Earl Hebner was just only mad because he was jealous since Brian deserves to be Head Referee. For some reason Gail gets a rematch tonight, and it is a very important match for Angelina so they need her man reffing the match for them. Brian says he had already demanded to ref this match from Earl Hebner. Velvet and Angelina are confident that they have this match in the bag.

Kurt Angle stops Brian Stiffler on the way to the ring and tells him that the Beautiful People are making him look foolish. Brian Hebner is brought in as Kurt Angle’s audible to ref the match instead.

The Menagerie are hanging out in the interview area. Knux is explaining to his team that this is the wrestling business, not the carnival business. They need to start winning matches and making money to make the boss happy, Freak flexing his muscles isn’t going to make the boss happy.

Match 4 – Knockouts Championship: Angelina Love (w/Velvet Sky) vs. Gail Kim 

Gail Kim comes to the ring first. Velvet tries to flirt with Brian Hebner before the match begins, Hebner makes it clear to the Beautiful People that their tricks won’t work on him and he will be calling this match right down the middle. As the bell rings, Angelina turns her back to Gail and tries to flirt with Brian Hebner but he isn’t having any of it. Gail spins Love around, ducks a clothesline, Angelina ducks the right hand and rolls out of the ring to regroup with Velvet Sky. Gail hits Angelina on the outside with a dropkick through the bottom and middle rope. Gail goes around Brian Hebner to go after Angelina on the outside. Hebner cuts her off telling her to get back in the ring. Hebner turns his back to get Angelina back into the ring and Velvet shoves Gail face first into the ring post. Angelina rolls Gail back into the ring, Brian Hebner gives Velvet Sky a warning. Angelina gets a 2-count.  Angelina hooks Gail’s upper Body between the top and middle rope, and stretches her out with a foot to the back. Referee breaks up the hold, Angelina comes back and dropkicks Gail through the ropes back to the floor. Velvet stalks over Gail, the referee yells at her not to touch Gail. Velvet backs away, but Angelina turns Brian Hebner to her as a distraction. Velvet hit’s a running diving clothesline as Gail got back to her feet. Angelina goes out to roll Gail back into the ring. Angelina Love gets another 2-count. Angelina starts throwing rights at the head of a prone Gail Kim. Angelina hangs Gail Kim up in a tree of woe in the corner and then kicks to the midsection and whips her head off the bottom turnbuckle. Angelina hit’s a running dropkick to the midsection that unhooks Gail from the corner, and a 2-count. Gail fights back with rights, Velvet stops the momentum by grabbing Gail’s foot under the ropes. Gail lifts Velvet to the apron, Velvet hit’s a stunner off the apron with Gail’s neck across the top rope. Brian Hebner saw it, and tosses Velvet Sky from ringside. This distracted Angelina long enough, Gail goes for a Small Package pin for 2. Angelina gets up and whips Gail at the ropes, Gail Kim telegraphs it and then knocks Angelina down with a shoulder block, a running back elbow, and then a jumping clothesline. Gail whips Angelina into the corner, and follows with a shoulder to the midsection. Gail Kim goes top rope, and hit’s a dropkick from the top for 2. Angelina hits a jawbreaker, Gail catches a right foot and hit’s a leg sweep. Gail going back to the top rope, Angelina loves catches her on the second rope with a Botox Injection and Gail tumbles to the outside. Brian Hebner starts the 10-count but Angelina stops him and insists she wants to pin Gail. Angelina goes out and rolls Gail back in the ring for 2.  Angelina is getting very frustrated, she goes for another Botox Injection but Gail catches it. Angelina with a right hand, Gail reverses an Irish whip attempts and connects with Eat Defeat for 3.


Gail celebrates in the ring with the title, Angelina crawls backwards up the ramp.

Lashley and Eric Young are shown separately making their way through the backstage toward the ring.

Kurt Angle is questioned in the back on how he feels the early days on the job have been going. Angle is pumping up the action so far tonight, he hypes the shows in New York City, including Destination X. Next week, every TNA Championship Belt will be defended except the World Heavyweight Title. Instead, there will be a 20-man Battle Royal for the #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Title.

Match 5 – World Heavyweight Championship: Lashley vs. Eric Young

Eric Young comes out first, Bubby Roode isn’t actually with him. Lashley comes out with MVP at his side, but no Kenny King. Bobby Roode gets his own music to come to the ring. I guess he was too good to come out with EY

The bell rings and the match is underway. Both men circle the ring. Lashley shoots the leg and goes behind for a back grab. Lashley hit’s a German style lift and drops EY on his face. EY rolls away to avoid an elbow drop. EY with a right hand, MVP grabs the foot from under the ropes. Lashley goes to bounce off the ropes, Roode grabs his foot. Earl Hebner tries to get people to pay attention to him and then tosses both MVP and Bobby Roode from ringside. MVP, on his way up the ramp, is still calling Roode a tattle tale. Back in the ring, Lashley spins EY around but EY ducks the punch and then backs Lashley into the corner with punches. EY tries a whip to the opposite corner, Lashley reverses and puts EY back in that same corner. Lashley runs at the corner, EY counters with a back elbow. EY climbs to the outside to high five the crowd and taunt Lashley from the outside. Lashley goes for the chase, EY slides back into the ring and lands an elbow drop as soon as Lashley slides in. Another elbow drop by EY. Lashley rams a shoulder into EY’s midsection and backs him to a corner and then two more shoulders to the midsection. EY blocks an overhand right, and fights back with punches. EY hops to the second rope, Lashley counters with another overhand right that sends Eric tumbling over the top and down to the floor. Eric Young hurt his left leg on the fall. Hebner checks on EY, Lashley wait’s a minute and then follows. Lashley rolls EY back into the ring and uses the edge of the ring to lift and slam EY’s injured ankle down on a couple times. Lashley  slides Eric on the ground to a corner and slams Eric’s ankle on the steel post. Lashley gets back in the ring, EY gets to his feet and fights back with punches to the midsection and forearms to the head. EY hobbles off the ropes and Lashley had plenty of time to recover with a back heel kick to the stomach, and then hand sweeps the injured leg out. Lashley locks in a single leg boston crab on the injured leg. EY almost reaches the ropes, Lashley pulls him back to the centre of the ring and then drops back with the leg still hooked. Lashley pins for 2. Lashley tosses EY into the corner, goes for the running shoulder, EY counters with a boot to the face, EY goes to the second rope and hit’s a dropkick. EY taunts the elbow, and hobbles back up the ropes. Lashley counters with a right hand to Eric on the top. Lashley tries a superplex, EY fights back, both men exchange punches on the top, EY bites Lashley on top of his head and sends him to the mat with a punch. EY lands the Top Rope Elbow Drop, but only get 2. EY calls for the piledriver, but his knee won’t hold up.  Lashley reverses into a Dominator. Lashley primes himself in the corner as EY struggles to stand. Lashley circles his prey and delivers a vicious spear that sends EY into a back flip. Lashley covers for 3.


Hebner raises Lashley’s arm in victory. Eric Young is still on his back in the ring, holding his ankle.

End of Show. 

WWE The Paul Heyman Story

WWE: The Greatest Wrestling Stars of the ’80s

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TNA Wrestling Impact Results and June 26 Recap

June 28, 2014 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

Impact begins with a recap of last week’s Impact. Kenny King vs. Eric Young, Eric got the win when the locker room emptied out to even the odds. MVP declared that EY would also have to face Lashley later that evening, and that the entire backstage would be evacuated by security so the only people left in the building would be himself, Lashley, Kenny King, and the referee. Highlights of that match include King pulling the referee out after an EY piledriver, Young missing with a top rope elbow drop, and Lashley spearing Young in half. After the match concluded MVP and Co. stomped on Young’s arm while it was wrapped by a chair before Bobby Roode comes out of the crowd to save the day.

Following the completion of the recap package MVP, Kenny King, and the New TNA Heavyweight Champion Lashley enter the arena discussing a night of celebration with champagne and hot females. Lashley leads them into the building and we get right into the first match.

Match 1: The Beautiful People (Angelina Love & Velvet Sky) vs. Gail Kim & Taryn Terrell

Angelina and Gail start the match, but Angelina quickly switches out with Velvet before any action. Velvet and Gail tie-up with Velvet gets a knee and she drops Gail to the ground by the hair. Gail recovers with a float over out of the corner and a drop toe hold to a 2-count. Tag and Taryn Terrell is in for her first action with a double-team double elbow for another near fall. Taryn gets a few kicks in, and dodges a Velvet high-kick before connecting with a nicely executed running rollover neck breaker for 2. Velvet plays a little possum and suckers Taryn into the ropes for a quick tag to bring in Angelina Love. Angelina goes to work with the boots, Taryn tries to mount a comeback but Love ducks out of the ring. Gail quickly catches Angelina and tosses her back in the ring. Taryn gets a school boy roll up for 2, and then a backslide pin for 2. A big clothesline and taunts for a second before heading up top. Velvet tries to interfere but gets a back elbow for her trouble. The distraction was enough for Angelina to recover and catch Taryn on the top rope. Taryn Terrell fights back and lands a top-rope clothesline for 2. Angelina slides out of the ring to catch her breath and Taryn goes on the chase. Angelina slides in on the side that Velvet is on, when Taryn tries to slide in Velvet catches her foot and trips her up. Love takes advantage and traps Taryn in The Beautiful People’s corner. Angelina gets a big power slam and tags in Velvet. The BPs land a double-team high-five elbow drop and Velvet gets a 2-count. Velvet throws Taryn to a neutral corner, lands a running clothesline in the corner and then a boot to the throat that the ref breaks up before a 5 count. Velvet lays some boots to get Taryn sitting in the corner, and then pulls her out by the feet and drops her, pin gets 2. Taryn tries to fight back, Velvet catches her with a running neck breaker for another 2. Velvet slows down and locks in a submission on the ground with a knee to the back and Taryn’s arms stretched around. Taryn fights out of it and both women appear to get a running faceplant by the hair at the same time. Velvet seems to take the most damage, which allows Taryn to get the tag to the fresh Gail Kim and Velvet tags in Angelina. Angelina misses a clothesline, Gail gets kicks to Love’s kidneys, running shoulder blocks, a jumping clothesline, and then sends Angelina into the corner for a shoulder to the stomach. Gail rolls over Love from the outside into a school boy roll-up for 2. She dodges another Angelina clothesline and turns it into a spinning neck breaker for 2, this time broke up by Sky. Taryn goes up top and hit’s a cross body to both Bps, she and Velvet roll out after contact, Angelina struggles back to her feet. Gail Kim catches her with Eat De-Feet and gets 3.

WINNERS: Gail Kim and Taryn Terrell.

Gail and Taryn taunt the Bps as they stumble backwards up the ramp.

MVP, Kenny King, and Lashley are heading towards the ring backstage. MVP dubs Lashley “Destroyer of Worlds” and “Devourer of Souls”.

Dixie Carter is backstage with her cell phone out. She says she has “confirmation that tonight is going to be a very good night to be Dixie Carter”.

MVP and Kenny King make their way to the ring and they are flanked by 2 lovely ladies. MVP takes the mic and introduces World Heavyweight Champion, Lashley, over the heavy boos from the crowd. Lashley comes out with a lovely lady on his arm as well. She even unbuttons his blazer for him, to show off the championship belt. MVP claims to have officially regained his power as Director of Wrestling Operations because Lashley is Champion, and that the world is their’s. MVP then mentions that they had people step out of line last week, and they need to remind those people who maintains those lines. He says that EY will be begging for his release by the end of the night, this draws EY from the back in a sling after the attack on his arm last week. EY talks of how he knew politics and garbage would follow when he became champion, and threatens to “tear down city hall” starting with MVP. Eric drops the sling and rushes the ring, albeit only to get teamed up on quickly by MVP and Co. Kenny lays the boots, Lashley holds Young for punches from King, MVP attacks with a crutch, Lashley leaves the ring to look for something underneath. Bobby Roode jumps the rail, similar to last week, steals the crutch from MVP and clears the ring.

Bobby has a microphone and gives a long speech about how long he has known EY. Like every friendship, they’ve had ups and downs but at the end of the day they share some common bonds. One, they walked in over a decade ago and signed their contracts on the same day. Two, they both love the sport of professional wrestling. They eat, sleep, and drink professional wrestling. Seven weeks ago MVP took that love from Roode with his suspension. Roode says he is here to end MVPs games, and get TNA Wrestling back for every fan around the world. Roode baits MVP, if he wants to suspend Roode more or fire him, fine, but do it to his face. MVP questions if Roode can be civilized, and then gets in the ring alone with EY and Roode. MVP calls Roode on making a mistake last week, and a further mistake by coming back this week. MVP lines up, finger in Roode’s face, and begins to fire Roode. Earl Soloman Armstrong, a representative for TNA’s Board of Directors, arrives on stage and relieves MVP of his position as Director of Wrestling Operations. MVP’s replacement will be here tonight to pick up the pieces that MVP has left behind. Roode questions and reiterates exactly what was just said, for clarification, and then lays a right hand on MVP’s jaw.

The Menagerie are backstage, Knux is on the phone with someone they owe money to. They need cash and they need it fast, so Knux says that Crazy Steve is going to challenge Sanada for the X-Division Championship. BroMans in the house, DJ Zee and Jessie! DJ Zee claims he should have been in the Slammiversary Ladder match and wasn’t. Manic shows up and calls Zee on being “nobody’s favourite wrestler.” DJ Zee and Jessie run off to try to get the title shot first.

Rockstar Spud is getting anxious with Dixie about MVP’s loss of power. They suspect that Dixie is the replacement that will be announced later tonight. Dixie sends Spud to get a good bottle of champagne for the celebration.

Sanada makes his way to the ring, where Manic, Crazy Steve, and DJ Zee are already waiting. Sanada questions all 3 if they want a title match, and then says that all 3 get the title match. This will be a Fatal 4-Way for the X Division Championship.

Match 2 – X Division Championship – Fatal Four Way Match: Sanada vs. Manic vs. Crazy Steve vs. DJ Zee

DJ Z attacks Sanada but gets a punch to the face. Crazy Steve punches Z. Manic runs at Z in the corner but eats a back elbow. Steve similarly eats an elbow when he tries to run at Z, and Sanada makes it three elbows in a row by Z. Z climbs to the second rope but eats a triple drop kick on the jump towards the competition. Sanada throws Manic into a corner, Steve rushes toward Manic but is dodged and both are standing in the same corner now. Sanada runs at them but eats a double boot from Manic. Manic rushes Sanada, ducks a clothesline into a back body drop position. Steve rushes both men, Manic lifts Sanada up, Sanada hit’s a clothesline to Steve while giving Manic a bulldog. Sanada tries a double underhook on Manic, but Manic gets his right arm free and dishes a back elbow to Sanada. Manic off the ropes, duck under and leapfrog by Sanada before nailing a dropkick. Steve slips in with a roll-up but only gets 1 on Sanada. Sanada and Steve exchange punches and chops. Sanada runs off the ropes but is tripped up by DJ Z and then pulled out of the ring. Steve pulls Z up by the hair but gets guillotined on the top rope. Steve hops up on Zee’s shoulders and bites his forehead. DJ Zee recovers and looks for a German Suplex, but again Crazy Steve bites him to get out of it. Crazy Steve goes behind, DJ Z runs toward the ropes to block, Sanada is on the ring apron and sunset flips over both men and sends them both onto their backs. DJ Z rolls out. Sanada and Steve get to their feet, quickly eat a springboard dropkick from Manic. Manic gets a hanging head scissor lock, quickly releases into a drop toe hold, and then a modified back leg lock. Steve chops Manic down, which amplifies the pressure of the lock on Sanada. Steve with the head butt, again Sanada yells in agony. Manic ducks under the next punch and catches Steve in an abdominal stretch while Sanada is still locked in the leg lock. DJ Z comes in to break up both holds and tosses Crazy Steve from the ring. Sanada tries to fight off Z, but Z manages to clothesline Sanada out of the ring. Manic runs at Z, Z dodges while trying to whip Manic out of the ring but Manic catches himself between the top and middle ropes and hangs sideways. DJ Z runs at the hanging Manic, who drops down and Z flies out of the ring. Crazy Steve is back in. Manic backdrops him over the top rope and Steve lands on Z and Sanada. Manic hops to the top rope and lands a back side flip on all three men outside the ring. Crazy Steve back in the ring, Manic on the apron. DJ Z pulls manic off, gets a shoulder to Steve from the apron. Zee climbs half in the ring, sits on the middle rope and springs himself into a spinning DDT on Crazy Steve. Zee does some taunting, and then lifts Crazy Steve to the top rope. DJ Z goes for the superplex, Manic quickly in grabs Z and power bombs DJ Zee mid superplex onto Crazy Steve. Steve rolls out of the ring. Manic tries to Double underhook Zee, Sanada springs in with the top rope chop on Manic as Zee rolled out of the way. Zee tries a clotheslines on Sanada, Sanada ducks into a double underhook suplex with the bridge for the 3.


Sanada celebrates in the ring. Crazy Steve looks psycho on the outside as he snaps his neck to one side. Manic backs up the ramp.

Spud comes to Dixie’s office and they are on their way out to the ring for Dixie to be declared the new director of Wrestling Operations.

Kenny King, Lashley and MVP are in their office. Kenny is having a mental breakdown trying to understand what just happened and what is still going to happen. MVP quiets him and says he wasn’t anticipating this. He thinks it’s Dixie, and that nobody takes anything from him.

Magnus and Bram backstage talking about the Monster’s Ball match later tonight against Willow and Abyss. Magnus says barbed Wire, chairs, baseball bats, and pins are what they used to call a Friday night. Bram says they just want to hurt people, it’s what they did as kids, they’re used to it.

Dixie and Spud make their way to the ring, Dixie is so happy she looks like she just won the lottery. Dixie gets the microphone and insists to talk over the extremely loud boos. She talks of the historical significance of what is happening tonight. She calls out Bobby Roode and Bully Ray for failing and turning on her, that’s why she lost her power as Director of Wrestling Operations. Dixie claims the only reason Lashley is champion instead of MVP is because MVP broke his knee. Dixie 2.0 will be “better than ever.” and she will give everyone what they really want, “a whole bunch more of her.” First, she must call out Earl Soloman Armstrong to make the announcement. Dixie and Spud already have the champagne poured. Earl apologizes and says there is a misunderstanding, and awkward situation because Dixie is NOT the new Director of Wrestling Operations. That person will be here later tonight. Dixie throws champagne in his face and loses it, claiming nobody is going to deny her power “Over Her Dead Body.” These are the magic words to bring out Bully Ray.

Dixie hides in the corner behind Rockstar Spud as Bully enters the ring. Bully explains that he is going to kick Spud in the face, and that everyone knows what’s going to happen next. Dixie tries to bribe Bully with $200,000. Take the money, or put her through a table? Bully decides he’s going to put her through a table. Ethan Carter III shows up but eats some fists and gets tossed. Rockstar Spud eats a foot and falls out of the ring. Bully gets Dixie up on his shoulder, but spends too much time taunting and Spud has time to knock the table out of the way and rescue Dixie.

Dixie and Spud are running backstage. EC3 fell behind somehow. Dixie says to leave him, they need to get out of there.

Bully says he was “this close” to making good on his promise to put her through a table. He will not rest until she goes through a table. One day it will happen.

Match 3: “Cowboy” James Storm vs. Mr. Anderson

Storm leaves the ring to attack Mr. Anderson on the ramp after the catchphrase introduction. Mr. Anderson was ready for it, though, and blocks the attack to take control with punches. Anderson bounces Storm’s head off the steps, Storm rolls in the ring. Anderson follows, and the bell rings to officially start the match. Storm catches Anderson with a slap, bounces off the ropes but gets countered with a clothesline. Anderson drops an elbow and gets a one count. Anderson tries to throw Storm out of the ring, Storm simply climbs through the ropes onto the apron. Anderson runs into a kick to the gut, then a roundhouse to the back of the head. Storm climbs back in and gets a running neck breaker on Anderson for 1. Storm whips Anderson to a corner, then eats a boot. Anderson counters a clothesline into a spinning neck breaker. Storm thumbs Anderson’s eyes, goes for a turnbuckle smash but gets reversed. Anderson hit’s a clothesline, a back elbow, and then a running Green Bay Plunge but hurts himself. A pin on Storm gets a 2 count. Mr. Anderson is still groggy when he gets to his feet, James Storm hit’s a Codebreaker and then a Backcracker for 2.Storm lines up Last Call. Mr. Anderson ducks it and goes for Mic Check. Storm holds the top rope to counter Mic Check and lands a Last Call Superkick when Anderson stands up again and gets the 3.

WINNER: “Cowboy” James Storm

Storm gives the throat slitting motion, and then celebrates in each corner.

A limo is pulling into the parking lot, teasing that it is the new Director.

Samuel Shaw is in a white padded room and Gunner shows up. Gunner has spoke to Shaw’s doctors, and they have decided to release Shaw into Gunner’s care.

James Storm is applauding Sanada backstage for his win tonight. Storm questions if Sanada will cash in his X-Division Championship to try for the World Heavyweight Championship at Destination X. What would it mean to take the World Title back to Japan? More importantly, what would happen if Sanada lost?

EC3 is yelling at Spud on the phone for leaving him behind. They have to come back and get him right now. EC3 hangs up the phone and gets attacked by Tommy Dreamer. Dreamer smashes EC3’s head off a metal door twice. Carter locks in a headlock that drives Dreamer’s head into a metal railing. Dreamer picks up a garbage can and throws it off Carter’s head. Dreamer throws a makeup chair down on top of EC3. Ethan manages to stumble through the curtains and out onto the stage. EC3 stumbles down the ramp, but Dreamer had went back to get the garbage can and bounces it off EC3’s head again before dumping all the garbage out onto him. Dreamer takes off his coat to choke EC3 with. Carter body slams Dreamer onto the ramp with a thud. EC3 flips up the floor mat to expose the concrete. Dreamer reverses the attack into a back body drop away from the concrete. EC3 reverses an Irish whip and sends Dreamer into the steps. Dreamer then reverses a whip and sends EC3 knees first into the other steps. Dreamer gets a chair and rams it into Carter’s ribs. Dreamer tries to bounce EC3 off the corner post, EC3 reverses, Dreamer bounces off the post instead. Dreamer manages to climb in the ring. EC3 gets some punches in on the apron, then chases into the ring. EC3 whips Dreamer into the corner, Dreamer bounces out with a big clothesline and then starts gnawing on EC3’s forehead. Referees come flooding out to break it up. Dreamer breaks free of the refs once to get a few extra shots in, but then they regain order.

Abyss is in the back with Willow. Abyss says, tonight Magnus and Bram will understand the true meaning of pain. Willow, in his poetic ranting style, most people fear the Monster’s Ball but they can’t get enough. He asks if Abyss has everything they need, and Abyss lets some thumbtacks fall from his hand. “Will she attend the ball?” “She’s always nearby.” Both cackle and laugh.

MVP, Lashley and King are heading out to find the limo with MVP’s replacement to “introduce themselves.” The doors are locked so Lashley pulls out the driver when they can’t find out who is in the back. King kicks the driver, and Lashley tosses him over the car.

Match 4 – Tag Team Monster’s Ball Match: Magnus & Bram vs. Willow & Abyss

Bram and Magnus come out first. Willow and Abyss both come out to Willow’s music. Bram and Magnus aren’t waiting, and meet Willow and Abyss on the ramp. Abyss takes Bram, Willow takes Magnus. Abyss and Bram get in the ring, Willow and Magnus are brawling on the outside. Abyss blocks an Irish whip by Bram, into a whip himself. Bram telegraphs it. Bram goes off the ropes again, Abyss with the clothesline. Abyss a second clothesline. Third clothesline sends Bram back to the floor, Abyss follows. Magnus tosses Willow into the ring and follows closely. Magnus off the ropes, Willow counters with an inverted atomic drop followed by the double leg drop to the midsection and a low drop kick to the face. Abyss has said up a board covered in barb wire between the ring and railing. Willow hit’s a handspring cartwheel right hand to Magnus in the corner. Abyss tries to choke slam Bram through the barbed wire, Bram counters with elbows. Abyss throws Bram into the ring, Willow comes out of the ring. Abyss tosses a kendo stick and chair into the ring, Willow grabs a trash can that includes a lid, a hockey stick, and another kendo stick. Abyss throws a second trash can into the ring. Willow’s can lands on a prone Bram when he throws it in. Willow and Abyss roll back into the ring. Bram with the Kendo stick to Abyss, Magnus with the hockey stick to Willow. Bram takes Abyss in the corner. Magnus with a shot to the back of Willow with the hockey stick. Magnus hits Abyss in the midsection with the hockey stick. Bram gets a garbage can, to the head of Abyss. Magnus with another can to Willow. Magnus with a can shot to Abyss. Bram with another trash can shot to Abyss. Willow whipped off the ropes, ducks the double team clothesline, hit’s a double clothesline to both opponents. Abyss rolls outside. Magnus reverses a whip, sends Willow to the corner. Willow counters with a back elbow from the corner. Whisper in the Wind to Magnus. Sit out jawbreaker to Bram. Willow’s dropkick sends Bram into the corner. Willow throws a chair into Bram’s face, Bram slumps into the corner seated. Willow slams a trash can onto Bram’s head, and then a rope-aided corner drop kick with the can in Bram’s face. Willow places a chair on top of a prone Magnus, Magnus rolls away from a Swanton Bomb. Magnus with a chair to Willow’s back, then throws the chair into Abyss’s sternum on the outside. Bram is busted open. Abyss has found Janice. Abyss tries to his Bram with Janice in the corner, Bram dodges and Janice gets stuck in the turnbuckle. Magnus gets a low blow on Abyss. Magnus and Bram double whip Abyss to another corner, the force sends Abyss rolling outside. Magnus and Bram follow. Bram with the trash lid to Abyss’s head. Magnus back into the ring with a chair to Willow’s lower back. Bram has handcuffs, cuffs Abyss to the railing outside. Magnus continues to hit Willow with the chair in the ring, Bram joins him. Magnus with a pin for 2, another, and another. Bram with the kendo stick to a down Willow. Magnus points to Janice, they mock and taunt Abyss who manages to break the handcuffs. Abyss cleans up. Abyss tries for a choke slam on Bram, broken up with a trash can by Magnus. Willow is up with the kendo stick and clears the ring. Twist of Fate to Magnus. Twist of Fate to Bram. Willow goes up top rope, Magnus throws the chair at him and Willow falls through the barbed wire board that had been set up outside. Abyss has the bag of thumbtacks and empties them in the ring. Abyss goes for the choke slam on Magnus, Magnus reverses and gets Janice. Abyss blocks it and choke slams Magnus onto the thumbtacks. Abyss is distracted by Magnus who rolled outside, and Bram has picked up Janice. Janice to the midsection of Abyss for the 3.

WINNERS: Magnus and Bram

After the match, all 4 men are in pain. Magnus’s back is covered in thumbtacks. Bram is bleeding. Willow is still sprawled on the floor, wrapped in barbed wire.

The feet of the new Director of Wrestling Operations are seen heading through backstage towards the ring.

Earl Soloman Armstrong comes out once more tonight, and introduces the new Director of Wrestling Operations ……….. The Olympic Gold Medalist, and TNA Hall of Famer, Kurt Angle!

Kurt Angle comes down to the ring with a microphone. He acknowledges that TNA has now gotten their heads out of their asses and that TNA has made a lot of mistakes recently. He doesn’t have any motives, unlike MVP. Anyone who wants to test him, It’s about to become Real, Damn Real. Lashley’s music hits and he is accompanied by MVP and Kenny King. MVP, just for clarification again, has to ask if Kurt Angle really is his replacement. Kurt Angle claims “I Am Your Boss!” MVP hobbles into the ring and gets right in Kurt’s face. MVP claims it is because he threw Kurt out of the arena last night and that Angle went and snitched to the Board of Directors. MVP claims that they will be the biggest problem of Kurt Angle’s career. MVP says they will end Angle’s reign before it begins. Kurt has a great moment of emotion in this segment “You lay a finger on me, and I will fire all 3 of you, on the Spoooooooot!” Lashley will defend his title next week against Eric Young. Kurt Angle officially reinstates Bobby Roode. Eric and Bobby come out and rush the ring. Roode lays the boots to King and Lashley takes it to Young in the corner.

End of Show.

WWE The Paul Heyman Story

WWE: United We Slam – Best of Great American Bash

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Bobby Lashley Isn’t ‘The Guy’

June 25, 2014 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

Our dear editor posted an article touting the virtues of Bobby Lashley as TNA World Champion and I have to say that I disagree. Don’t get me wrong, Lashley is probably at his best as a worker in a long time. He had an entertaining bout against Kenny King on television and his match with Samoa Joe at Slammiversary was very good. Mostly, this is because he is playing to his strengths which are being the silent muscle.

However, I don’t believe that he should have been world champion, heck I’m surprised they brought him back in the first place. No offense, I also had the same feelings with MVP since both guys haven’t been in the national spotlight in a long while. Plus, was anybody banging down the door to bring in MVP who really hadn’t made much of a dent in NJPW and Lashley who all but disappeared after his TNA run bar some minor indy appearances. Not only that, but MVP is 40 and Lashley is 37 which might not sound bad, but how much can you get out of these guys?

Here are my thoughts, if you want a guy to play the muscle, Chris Masters is only thirty-one years old and has improved greatly from his WWE days. He’s worked all over the world trying to improve as a worker and that is the type of WWE cast-off TNA should be bringing in. A young guy with upside, a guy who’s going to improve and you can build your company around. Remember, Christian was only 32 years old when TNA snatched him up after he left the company, heck Lashley was 33 when he signed on with the company. I presume that Lashley believed that he’d have a stellar run in TNA and the WWE would just have to bring him back.

Then again, it could be that same type of situation that TNA wants to avoid, sign up a young cast-off, build them up to only have Vince come calling with a nice big contract. Remember, Matt Morgan and how he became a not-bad wrestler and big man when joined TNA at the age of 31. WWE showed interest in bringing him back after a TNA run, but the lawsuit between the two companies put the kibosh on that. Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards are 31 and 30, so who knows with them. Once their deals are up, maybe the WWE decides to call again with a better deal than before.

So that might be TNA’s play, give the ball to the ex-WWE guys that aren’t at that point in their career where a WWE return isn’t likely. They’re in their mid to late 30’s, so the WWE might come calling if they want them to show up at the Rumble. As much as I wanted to see Bully Ray back in the WWE and a potential gimmick match with Cena, I don’t see that happen. After his TNA deal is up, I can see the WWE calling him and D-Von to make nostalgia appearances, but not much else. Probably a Dudley Boyz Hall of Fame induction eventually and a much anticipated two pack of figures.

There is one more problem with Lashley and this is his biggest problem.

He isn’t a monster and that’s what TNA wants him to be.

And he sure as hell isn’t Brock Lesnar.

While TNA wants Lashley to be their version of Lesnar so badly, an MMA bad ass who just kills people, that just can’t happen. Lashley’s MMA career was less than stell: Loss to James Thompson, beating up Clay Guida’s brother, avoiding fights against anybody who was remotely good (Shane del Rosario), opponents that were tomato cans and a rumored fixed victory against Bob Sapp. Plus, he doesn’t have the monster aura that Lesnar or even some of the MMA crossover guys had. He lacks the charisma of Sapp, the intensity of Shamrock, the cult following of Tank Abbott or the tough guy persona of Don Frye. Bas Rutten, one of the coolest cats in MMA did pro wrestling, working for New Japan and it worked because he was charismatic and could work a crowd. Or even the amateur pedigree of Mark Coleman, Dan Severn and Kevin Randleman.

Joe Rogan summarized it best when Brock Lesnar was making his debut at UFC 81, Brock Lesnar was the guy that you visualized being the heavyweight MMA champion in a movie. If you ever did an MMA version of Rocky and want that unbeatable champion, you would cast Brock Lesnar A monster, just one bad dude with tattoos and looks more like the guy the mob sends to tell very slowly to stop seeing the don’s daughter.

Brock Lesnar is Ivan Drago, Bobby Lashley is Tommy Gunn, a boxer playing a boxer but I never bought him as a Rocky villain. He was just a boxer, nothing more and nothing else. Creed had charisma, Lang was one bad mofo and Drago was a monster. Mason Dixon felt like a Rocky villain as the champion looking to prove himself as a top guy by beating a fifty year old man, Tommy Gunn was just a boxer.

That is what Lashley is, a wrestler and that’s not a bad thing. He just looks like a meat head, one you need if you’re making a movie and need an extra for a gym scene. As much as TNA wants to make him this Lesnar-style monster, that just won’t happen. It didn’t work for the WWE when they pushed him as the new Lesnar, it didn’t work for TNA in his first run and I have doubts that it won’t work now. He was a part of that huge WrestleMania match with Umaga, but were people more interested in Lashley against Umaga or Vince vs Trump with the presence of Austin as ref? He really didn’t inspire much confidence when he was ECW champion and managed to be the worse ECW champion since Justin Frigging Credible. And yes, I’m counting Vince, since he at least had a character and was wearing a doo rag as champion.

Eventually, a company needs to admit that a guy can’t be the top guy and move on. I presume that TNA will probably realize this again with Lashley, just like they did in his first run.

Robert Goeman has been writing for CamelClutchBlog since 2014 and has written for FiveOuncesofPain and What Culture. Follow him on twitter at After every article, Robert usually does “Talking Points” on twitter, bringin up points that didn’t make the article.

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Bobby Lashley Is A Great Choice For TNA Wrestling Champion

June 24, 2014 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

It certainly isn’t a popular decision in the Internet Wrestling Community but TNA Wrestling made the right move last week on Impact. Bobby Lashley is not only the perfect choice for world champion, he is the only choice.

Social media was out of control Thursday night minutes after Bobby Lashley defeated Eric Young for the TNA world championship. The move was mocked by many who are neither Lashley fans nor TNA fans for that matter. Yet a closer look at the booking reveals one of the smarter moves TNA creative has pulled off in quite some time.

The irony of the criticism is that most of these same critics were mocking the company for putting the title on Eric Young. Young’s ability to grow a beard during the height of the Yes Movement earned him a run as champion. Everyone saw the reign for what it was, a complete copycat angle from the WWE. Ironically most of those same people are upset at the latest title switch. I don’t get it.

Lashley may not be a darling of the IWC but he is the right choice at the right time for the title. Who else in the company, including Eric Young merits a run? I could easily say Kurt Angle but he is out of commission. The only other likely suspects have had their shot and while critics may differ on their analysis, nobody has moved the needle. Lashley is a fresh face with a ton of credibility at a time that the company desperately needs a shot in the arm.

Lashley may not be the best worker in the company but he is one thing that no other active wrestler in the TNA is. He is a legitimate tough guy. Lashley not only has a pedigree in amateur wrestling but is a semi-retired MMA competitor. Now how good of a fighter Lashley is another topic but the bottom line here is that Lashley is the only guy in that locker room who fights for real and there is something to be said for that.

Eric Young was a nice story but to the casual fan watching Impact at home, nobody believed that Young had a shot against the tough heels in the company. Lashley is a guy that casual fans at home know is the real deal. Does it matter in a worked product? I think it does to some extent. Again this is the casual fan I am talking about here and TNA needs to draw as many of those that they can.

Lashley was also a part of the second biggest WrestleMania match of all-time in regards to drawing power. Like it or not, Lashley’s WrestleMania 23 match against Umaga was the second biggest headliner in Mania history under the first Rock vs. Cena match. I am simply talking about the match that drew the second largest amount of eyes on it in the history of the event. That is a very big deal and one that Lashley rarely gets credit for.

The other wink-wink here is that TNA finally got one over on the WWE. It is widely known that Brock Lesnar is expected to challenge for the WWE world title at SummerSlam. Most rumors seem to indicate that Brock will get some kind of run with the title. Now it will look like WWE, not TNA are the copycats by putting a hybrid MMA fighter/pro wrestler in the top spot with the title. What that means for business is probably nothing, yet perception is reality and maybe TNA can finally break out of that reputation as a second-rate WWE copy?

I am not expecting blowout matches but you rarely get those in TNA championship matches anyway. That’s for the undercard. Yet what I do expect is for TNA to grab a little publicity and turn a few heads with their new bad as* champion. For a company that rarely gets attention for anything positive, that’s a great thing.

WWE The Paul Heyman Story

WWE: United We Slam – Best of Great American Bash

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