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9 months ago

UFC 170 Main-Event Makes No Sense


The UFC is gearing up for 2014 with at least one lackluster main-event. The UFC 170 headliner has been confirmed and it will feature a battle of light heavyweights. Unfortunately it is one of the strangest fights the UFC has put together in awhile.

Rashad Evans will fight Daniel Cormier in the UFC 170 main-event in a light heavyweight fight. Cormier will make his debut at 205 in this fight. The fight is odd for a few reasons. The most prevelant being that the UFC is taking a huge gamble here with Cormier with little payoff in the interim.

The UFC has nothing for Jon Jones after an Alexander Gustaffson rematch and that is not guaranteed. While hot shotting Daniel Cormier to the front of the light heavyweight line makes little sense, a winnable fight to get there is logical. Rashad here to read more , ,

1 year ago

UFC 161 Evans vs. Henderson Results and Wrap Up


Another weekend has come and gone, and with it, the UFC has had its first successful show in yet another new market. This past Saturday night, the UFC held their first ever event in the Canadian province of Manitoba, holding UFC 161 on Pay Per View live from the MTS Centre in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Although some fans complained about a lack of big name value, or high-profile fights on the card (both very legitimate complaints after the cancellation of the planned main event; an Interim Bantamweight Championship bout between Eddie Wineland and Renan Barao) the event did deliver some fireworks and it also helped to raise the stock of a few fighters, while it sent the stock of some other fighters plummeting. Let’s recap the card and take a look at what’s next for the main carders.

Heavyweight Bout: Shawn Jordan defeated Pat Barry via TKO (Punches) at 0:59 of here to read more , ,

1 year ago

UFC 2013 Spring/Summer Events Preview


As the UFC schedule continues to roll along at breakneck speeds, MMA fans should be gearing up for an action-packed Spring-Early summer schedule as the world’s leading promotion has a number of events scheduled over the next few months. In this blog we’ll take a look at a schedule of the upcoming cards and highlight the fighters and fights to watch out for. Before we get started, I should point out the usual UFC disclaimer that all fight cards are scheduled to change, and if the past is any indication, there could be a number of these cards shuffled, main events scrapped or changed as fighters become injured.


Event: UFC on Fox 7: Henderson vs. Melendez

Date: April 20, 2013

Venue: HP Pavilion in San Jose, California

The first stop on our preview takes us to the Sunshine State of California where Benson Henderson will once again defend his UFC Lightweight title on free here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

2 years ago

Dan Henderson Vs. Rashad Evans Official For UFC 161


Medical clearances have been received and the UFC officially announced a big light heavyweight showdown for UFC 161. Former Strikeforce and Pride FC champion Dan Henderson will battle former UFC champion Rashad Evans in Canada on June 15.

This marks what has to be the quickest turnaround for both fighters in quite some time. Both fighters are coming off of big losses in the division and hope to rebound on the big event. The marquee fight will reportedly serve as a co-main event with a headliner expected to be announced soon.

Henderson wasn’t kidding when he said he wanted to get back into the octagon quickly. Henderson is coming off a controversial loss to Lyoto Machida. Personally I think he was robbed but that isn’t going to change anything. Henderson not only lost the fight but lost his place as the number-one contender to light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Rashad Evans is also here to read more , ,

2 years ago

UFC 156: Edgar Vs. Aldo Results and Wrap Up


Another weekend has come and gone, and with it, another UFC event is now in the books. The UFC returned to the Pay Per View airwaves this weekend with their traditional Superbowl weekend card. By all accounts, this one was quite the success. Despite some fairly lackluster fights, the opening Flyweight tilt and the Featherweight Championship Main Event provided some great action and early estimates have place the number of Pay Per Views over the 400,000 buys marker, which should definitely be considered a success for the UFC.

There were many stories heading into this bout and a number of fighters who could make big steps towards their title aspirations with victories on Saturday night. Unfortunately for them, most of them fell short as it was a night where many of the underdogs reigned supreme. Admittedly my predictions were pretty far off on this card, and my wallet took a bit here to read more , , , , , , , , ,

2 years ago

UFC 156 Edgar Vs. Aldo Predictions and Analysis


After a couple of weekends of free violence on the Fox family of channels, the UFC is returning to it’s bread and butter game of making you pay for the privilege of watching two dudes beat the hell out of each other inside a cage. Stacked UFC events on the weekend of the Superbowl are nothing strange for the world’s largest MMA promotion, so it’s no surprise to see another stacked event this weekend.

In the main event of the evening former UFC Lightweight Champion Frankie Edgar is finally making the drop to a more natural weight class of Featherweight to take on reigning kingpin Jose Aldo. Light Heavyweight action is featured in the co-main event as ‘Suga’ Rashad Evans takes on Antonio Rogerio Nogueira. Heavyweight wrecking machine Alistair Overeem returns from a 9-month drug suspension to take on Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva. Other main card bouts feature Welterweight stars Jon Fitch here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

2 years ago

Top Five UFC The Ultimate Fighter Coaches Of All-Time


To date there have been fifteen seasons of The Ultimate Fighter that have aired in the USA on Spike TV and FX, plus a sixteenth season that is currently airing on FX. Add to that a completed season of The Ultimate Fighter: Brazil and a currently airing season of The Ultimate Fighter: The Smashes (UK vs. Australia) and there have been thirty professional fighters who have served time as coaches on The Ultimate Fighter.

With the recent announcement of Jon Jones and Chael Sonnen as upcoming coaches for the next season of The Ultimate Fighter, many people have seen through the UFC’s charade, and are criticizing the UFC’s decision to forego the sporting aspect of the UFC and instead focus solely on the business aspect of the UFC. Despite what fans may believe about the decision to use Sonnen and Jones as coaches on the next season of the UFC’s flagship here to read more , , , , , , , , ,

2 years ago

Anderson Silva: Who’s Next?


I had made a gentlemen’s bet on UFC 153’s main event with a friend of mine. “Bonnar won’t make it out of the first round,” he said.   Based on Bonnar’s chin, size advantage and jiu-jitsu, I had confidence in Bonnar to at least make it out of the first round.  “I think he’ll lose, sure, but I think he’ll make it to at least the second round before he gets knocked out,” I said in reply.

…in related news, I hate losing a bet, even one without any money on the line.

Anderson Silva is the pound-for-pound best fighter in mixed martial arts, having left sixteen bodies in his wake without a loss since joining the UFC in 2006.  Okay, that might be a bit of hyperbole if “leaving bodies in his wake” means he finished everyone he’s faced in the company.  If we’re going by those standards, he’s left thirteen in here to read more , , , , ,

2 years ago

Vitor Belfort Intense UFC 152 Training Video Posted


Vitor Belfort may be a huge underdog going into UFC 152, but that hasn’t slowed him down. A behind the scenes video shows Belfort enduring grueling workouts en route to Bones. If you thought for a second that Belfort wasn’t taking this fight seriously, you need to see this video!

This dramatic video was posted by Ryan Loco and goes inside of Belfort’s training camp with the Blackzilians. MMA fans will recognize Rashad Evans and Alistair Overeem (who looks surprisingly smaller than usual) training with Vitor and evaluating his chances against Jon Jones. Needless to say, the Blackzilians think they have themselves a winner.

This video is nice to see after rumors started buzzing in recent days about Belfort possibly being hurt. Those rumors were found not be true and it appears from this video that Belfort is not only here to read more , , , ,

2 years ago

Rashad Evans Blasts Jon Jones On UFC 151 Cancellation


The entire MMA world continues to pile on Jon Jones over the UFC 151 cancellation. It is probably a surprise to nobody that Rashad Evans is the latest to blast the champ. What is surprising is the professionalism and truth in his criticism.

I don’t think anyone expected Rashad Evans to sit back and allow the Jon Jones bashing train to pass him by without jumping on. It was Evans who was the first to truly expose Jones as the phony most see him to be. Jones’ former training partner and opponent withheld the personal jabs in a recent interview with Pro MMA radio and instead laid out one of the most logical arguments against Jones for turning down the UFC 151 fight.

“For me, it’s a two part question for me. For one, you want to always here to read more , , ,

2 years ago

Lyoto Machida: The UFC Rise and Fall of the Dragon


A long time ago Eric approached me with the idea of writing a blog about “The decline of Lyoto Machida.” I was instantly intrigued, but thought that we might be of two different minds on the subject. With his recent victory over Ryan Bader and his upcoming title shot, I thought it might be worthy of discussion.

My original idea was to talk about what happened to the Era of the Dragon reigning with terror over the UFC’s Light Heavyweight division. Many people were so drawn in by his style and his seeming invincibility that he was heralded as an undefeatable champion after signature wins over Thiago Silva and Rashad Evans. Both wins were massive for Machida. They were both nasty knockouts over top competitors, and the second one over Evans actually earned him the UFC Light Heavyweight title. What has happened since? He’s gone 3-3, earning a close decision over here to read more , , , , , , , ,

2 years ago

Rashad Evans Asks The UFC To Fight Anderson Silva


Finding a challenge for Anderson Silva isn’t easy. Silva has cleaned out the division and left the UFC scrambling for opponents. That is why one former UFC champion is willing to drop down in weight and give Anderson the fight he has been waiting for…or so he thinks.

Picking a fight with Anderson Silva seems to be the new trend in the UFC. Former UFC light heavyweight champion Rashad Evans is the latest fighter to challenge the Spider. Evans took to Twitter following Silva’s second round thrashing of Chael Sonnen to throw his name in the hat and call out the champion.

“@lorenzofertitta i want 2 pick a fight with the middle weight champion! Lol Make it happen!! Please!!” – @SugaRashadEvans

Lorenzo didn’t address Rashad directly, but did throw his name in the mix for potential Silva opponents. Fertitta tweeted the question to the here to read more , ,

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