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4 years ago

Inside The Wheelhouse: 2010 AL East Preview


Derek Jeter New York YankeesIt’s that time of year again where we look at the upcoming 2010 Major League Baseball season. Throughout the next couple of days I will preview every division in Major League Baseball then ending my blog series previewing the 2010 MLB Season by looking at the teams I see entering the playoffs this year and who will be World Champions when it’s all said & done. In this edition of my blog I will preview the AL East division.

AL East:

1. New York Yankees

I know it’s the homer pick to go for the New York Yankees as the top team in the AL East division this year. But how can you not say they are a favorite to win the AL East this season? This is literally the same exact team that won the championship in 2009 (minus Johnny Damon, here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

5 years ago

Inside The Wheelhouse – ALDS Preview


Dustin PedroiaNow that we have covered the National League, now onto the American League with the ALDS preview. One of these four teams will have home field advantage in the World Series so the American League already has an advantage going into the Postseason.

The American League and the National League have traded the World Series trophy between the leagues the last couple of season. So if history should repeat itself all signs point to the World Series trophy returning to the American League. Even putting history aside you would have to figure that the favorites for the Championship come out of the American League. With three of the four teams holding some of the best records in Baseball it would appear on paper that this would be the more superior team so far this year.


Boston Red Sox vs. Los Angeles Angels

Now this preview here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

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