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Odd Timing For Randy Orton WWE Babyface Turn

October 21, 2014 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

We all knew it was coming. The Viper and Seth Rollins have been teasing tension for weeks. Yet nobody thought less than a week before Hell in a Cell and with a hot Dean Ambrose on fire that this would be the week the WWE would turn Orton.

In case you missed it, Rollins turned on Orton this past Monday on RAW. Orton and Rollins teased the issue throughout the show. Finally after the main-event Rollins hit Orton with a curbstomp to solidify the turn and kick Orton out of the Authority, well seemingly anyway. It wasn’t the turn that surprised me, it was the timing.

I just don’t see the logic in turning Orton right now. Is he suddenly over with the fans? Did the fans demand a change? If so I must be living under a rock because I haven’t seen it. Are they weak on babyfaces? Is business way down? Did Orton demand it? I just don’t get it…at least right now anyway.

For starters they have a big show on Sunday. Now you go into Sunday with fans more interested in seeing a match that isn’t even advertised. The match is Orton vs. Rollins and the fastest we will get that is TLC, barring a RAW giveaway. It makes Ambrose vs. Rollins seem insignificant as well as the entire show. Sure the match should be great, probably a match of the year candidate, but to casual fans it an obstacle to the payoff they want to see.

Speaking of Ambrose, what does this do to his push? Ambrose has been pushed hard since Roman Reigns went down as the number two babyface. He is hot and something new and the fans seem to like him. Does anyone think that Orton is taking a backseat to Ambrose? This is an obvious sign that the company has little confidence in Ambrose as the number two banana on Cena’s side.

And speaking of Roman Reigns, what does this do to the heir apparent? The plans have been to push Reigns as the next heir apparent to John Cena’s throne. Does Orton take a backseat to Reigns? He should if Reigns is the future but I am not so confident that the WWE brass will allow it. Orton has always been protected at the expense of others, and this could do some real damage to Reigns moving forward.

I would not be surprised to see some kind of a Reigns heel turn when he comes back. I could easily see a feud with him and Ambrose, playing off of the real-life story of Ambrose taking Reigns’ spot while he was out. Now that would make sense and at least even up the sides a bit. Without a Reigns turn, you have a heel side headlined by Rollins and Rusev and a very part-time Brock Lesnar at this point. Take Brock out of it and you have problems.

Finally, where does this leave Daniel Bryan when he returns? Granted, his return is undetermined at this point and you can’t plan for something that you don’t know is coming. Yet at some point he will come back and he will likely be super over when he comes back (absence makes a fan’s heart grow fonder). So now you are talking about Orton, Cena, Ambrose, and Reigns jockeying for position against a heel roster of Rollins and Rusev? Excuse me if I temper my excitement.

Again I don’t think anyone cares one way or the other about what side of the ring Orton stands on. I just think the timing is poor and it opens up a lot of questions, most which have predictable answers that won’t sit happy with most fans.

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The Rock vs. Triple H is Old News That Deserves to Be Repeated

October 16, 2014 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

It’s that time again; WrestleMania season is nearly upon us. Okay it’s not, but it sure feels like it is. After all, fans are already starting to hit the dirtsheets, looking for the latest rumors of match-ups that may take place on March 29 2015.

The top names are the only ones anyone’s really concerned about of course and those are the ones currently being speculated about the most. Brock Lesnar is supposedly still meant to pass the torch to Roman Reigns, Sting is apparently finally going to face The Undertaker and John Cena might work Rusev. That only leaves Triple H and The Rock; you do the math.

It was all just a rumor to begin with and I for one treated it as such. Fans talk all the time and even the most “knowledgeable” sites are laughable at best.

But don’t look now, seems like they may have gotten one right.

The spot that ran backstage between Hunter and The Rock on the 15th anniversary episode of SmackDown basically set up their match at Mania. And it was unlike any match set up in recent memory, which makes it different and actually gives us a little more time to digest the whole idea of it.

So how does it taste to you so far?

This didn’t start with The Rock interrupting The Authority, or Triple H condemning The Great One for attacking Rusev. This renewed heat is not the result of a falling out or disagreement of any kind. This time, a WrestleMania main event bout is born due to old wounds that just won’t close.

And it was the most entertaining moment that we have seen in a long time.

But that should not be a surprise to anyone, the fact this is what these guys do. Anyone can sit back and debate their physical skills and whether or not they have lost a step in the ring but no one can argue each guy’s ability on the mic.

We’ve seen Triple H versus The Rock quite a bit before but after SmackDown 15? I’m up for another one.

I can only imagine the complaining that’s going on right now among some fans, though. Of all the matches that we thought might go down at Mania, this is likely one of the last ones we expected. And for those fans that are currently upset it’s happening the argument is probably pretty typical.

“Good Lord this is lame. Who’s booking this crap?”

Truth be told, I’ve uttered those very words myself on occasion. After 30 plus years of being a fan, I’ve said them more often than I care to remember. But no matter how boring it may appear to be or how weak the basis for it is, the fact is that this match is one that will be worth the price of admission.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, however. There’s no guarantee it’s going to happen, only the carrot of possibility that’s been dangled in front of us. So before we go any further with speculation on this, why should we want to see it happen again?

First off, what’s the alternative? CM Punk is gone, so that’s one Triple H opponent out of the equation. Shawn Michaels has legit walked away and shows no signs of ever returning for one more match, so there’s no possibility of that happening. Daniel Bryan is still out and he’s already worked Hunter at Mania, even if he’s back in time, why go down that road again?

So, Triple H’s dance card is empty. But what about The Rock?

Roman Reigns was perhaps a possibility at one time, especially after The Shield took Rocky down on Monday Night Raw. But too much time has passed on that one. There is an outside chance of Seth Rollins being the man to step up but there’s probably not enough money in that yet. Lesnar could be the guy for Rocky but does anyone really want to see The People’s Champ become the WWE World Heavyweight champ again? Of course, there’s John Cena; no don’t say it, I’m only kidding.

So, The Rock has nothing to do either. Well, except make movies. And money. Lots of money.

Truth be told, The Rock and Triple H have no one to fight but each other. They are default opponents and because of that, many fans are likely seeing red right now. And to those fans, I can only respectfully say shut up. Shut your mouth.

The bottom line is the match will be top notch. It will entertain on every level and it will leave fans wanting more. By the end of this bout, the crowd will be on its feet applauding out of respect; not because they couldn’t wait to see it and not because it’s a dream match. They will applaud because they appreciate the work that both men will do to entertain.

We spend a lot of time as fans talking about The Attitude Era. The Superstars, the storylines, the crazy angles, all of it has practically become the stuff of legend at this point. So when two of those stars step into a WrestleMania ring, fans should appreciate what they’re seeing. Triple H versus The Rock doesn’t have to happen but WWE knows it will work.

They also know that it will get over. Hate all you want, this match will deliver. Maybe it’s not WrestleMania season just yet but perhaps it should be. I’m ready, aren’t you?

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WWE Make Changes To Hell In A Cell 2014 Card

October 14, 2014 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

With two weeks to go the WWE are reshuffling the Hell in a Cell card deck. The planned card has been moved around allowing for more promotion and the usual indecisive booking we are used to seeing from WWE creative.

As evident on Monday Night RAW this week, plans have changed for the upcoming WWE Hell in a Cell pay-per-view. A scheduled card featuring John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose in a NHB contract on a pole match was switched around with WWE fans getting 1/3 of the main-event early, allowing the WWE to focus on promoting scheduled matches fans can count on seeing.

Dean Ambrose defeated John Cena on Monday night to win the match and advance to a Hell in a Cell main-event against rival Seth Rollins. The match was originally scheduled to take place at H.I.A.C. with the winner meeting Rollins later that night while the loser would meet Randy Orton in a separate Hell in a Cell match. Now that those matches are locked in, the WWE can focus promotional efforts in those directions.

Dave Meltzer explained the recent changes on his podcast. Meltzer reported that giving the Cena vs. Ambrose match away early was a last-minute decision. Meltzer reported that the change was made to allow the WWE to promote scheduled matches as opposed to promoting a card with no locked in main-event. Meltzer also reports that the pole stipulation added to Cena vs. Ambrose was made to avoid either guy taking an actual pin.

Meltzer also speculated that TLC could see a Four-Way main-event with Seth Rollins vs. John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose vs. Randy Orton with the winner getting a WWE world championship match against Brock Lesnar at the Royal Rumble. Plans are currently in place to book Cena vs. Lesnar at the Rumble. My hunch and this is purely a guess is that with Ambrose’s momentum, plans could change with Ambrose going into the Rumble to challenge Lesnar and Cena wrestling Rollins at the Rumble in a singles match.

I thought from the beginning that they should have went with a Rollins vs. Ambrose Hell in a Cell headliner. I think it gives both guys a boost with the perception that they are headliners and it’s a match that could deliver far better than any of the other options. It will be a real test in my opinion of how over both of these guys truly are. It’s hard to judge by social media reaction as that is where their fan base is. A strong number could go a long way in determining how Ambrose and Rollins are booked going into 2015 and beyond.

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WWE SmackDown 15 Results & October 10 Recap

October 12, 2014 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

Tonight is the 15th anniversary of SmackDown. The show opens with some clips over the past 15 years.

The first-ever SmackDown GM and co-head of the Authority, Stephanie McMahon makes her way down to the ring. She welcomes the crowd to the show, then asks who remembers the star who coined the phrase “SmackDown”. She points out that it was the Rock, then points out he lost to Triple H on the first episode. As the first-ever GM of this show, she gets to share many moments with the people tonight. The people represent something…

John Laurinaitis of all people interrupts this segment. A “People Power” chant starts. He reintroduces himself, and he thought who better to help celebrate than the man who created the greatest movement ever in WWE history, “People Power”. He’s been doing a lot of research on the WWE Network, he’s learned a lot and has a lot of matches to make. For example…

Teddy Long now joins the festivities to, admittedly, a huge pop. JBL starts dancing at ringside before running over to shake Long’s hand. We get a “Teddy” chant. He says he was the GM of the show for 6 years, and he’ll be damned if he’ll let Laurinaitis take it away again. Laurinaitis says he was better than Long then, and now. He and Steph aren’t feeling Long, but Laurinaitis is going to give the fans what they want tonight, and that’s a tag team match. Tonight, Damien Mizdow and Cesaro will face Sheamus and Jack Swagger. Can you feel that? Long says he’d make it a 6-man match, adding Bo Dallas and Mark Henry to the respective teams. Laurinaitis makes it a 10-man, adding Gold & Stardust, and the Usos. Long says that, since this is the 15th anniversary of SmackDown, he’s going to propose something that has never been done a before, that being a 15-man tag team match. Laurinaitis says that can’t be done. Long adds Mini-Gator and Slater Gator to the heel team, while adding Los Matadores, El Torito and Tito Santana to the face team. Steph says Tito isn’t here, but she likes the idea. Long says each team will have 7 1/2 men, so it works. Steph says these two are always in competition, so she’s going to steal an idea from WM 28, making it Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny. The two pick their teams, and the winner goes down as the greatest GM in SmackDown history.

Moving on, she points out that the match on RAW was made for John Cena vs. Dean Ambrose at HIAC, with the winner facing Seth Rollins in a Hell in a Cell Match the same night. So tonight, Miz will host a face-to-face with both Ambrose and Cena.

Adam Rose and the Exotic Express make their way out. I thought WWE had given up on this asshat? JBL points out he’s undefeated, which is the sad, pathetic truth. He says it’s time to party to honor 15 years of the show, but what’s a party without himself? He then tells Steph don’t be a lemon; be a Rosebud. Steph says it is indeed party time, and Rose should be in action, so up next, it will be Rose vs. Kane. She asks for the sound guy to hit Rose’s music, then starts mocking his dancing. Long starts dancing as well. Laurinaitis also starts to dance.

We get a video of the aforementioned Rock/Triple H match from the first episode.

Kane comes out and says he’s not a cheeseburger, a bunny, a lemon and certainly not a Rosebud. From time to time, he’s a demon. But tonight, he’s a party pooper.

Rose skips around the ring after avoiding a lock-up. He hits a kick, ducks an elbow, ducks a clothesline and goes for a cross-body. Kane catches him and goes for a powerslam, but Rose turns it into a sleeper. Kane breaks it by backing into the corner. Rose boots him out of the corner and goes up top. Kane nails him with an uppercut in mid-air, then hits the chokeslam for 3.


The Exotic Express all hit the ring to check on Rose, and Kane goes back in. He nails several of them until only the Bunny is left standing. Another Rosebud enters the ring, and Kane drops him with a chokeslam. The same things happens to a second one. The Bunny falls down in the corner, so two more come in. Kane hits them with a double chokeslam as the Bunny flees to the back.

Another video, and this one is the debut of John Cena in 2002 against Kurt Angle.

Fox knocks down Lee as Paige is holding onto the Divas title outside. Fox throws Lee to the corner, then hits a northern lights suplex for 2. Fox applies a rear chinlock, but Lee elbows out. Fox hits her with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2, then goes for a standard one. Lee counters it into the Black Widow, and Fox taps out.


Paige attacks Lee from behind after the match. Lee comes back with a pair of roundhouses for Paige and Fox, then throws Fox into Paige.

Video #3: A collection of high-risk moves and big spots over the years.

Rollins goes on the attack, backing Kofi to the corner and stomping him down. Rollins kicks him to the floor, then hurls him into the barricade twice. Rollins breaks the count, then hotshots Kofi onto the ring apron. Back in the ring, Rollins nails a clothesline before grinding his forearm into Kofi’s head. Rollins hits a crossface punch, then a few more punches in the corner. Rollins stomps him down once more. He beals Kofi across the ring before raking at his face through the ropes. Kofi comes back with a quick small package for 2, then hits a pair of knees out of the corner. He connects with a clothesline, a back-chop and a dropkick. Rollins ducks a jumping clothesline and hits the Sling Blade. He pounds away at Kofi, then powerbombs him into the buckles. Rollins does it once more, then hits the curb stomp for 3.


We see the video of Bray Wyatt releasing Luke Harper from the Wyatt Family.

Video #4: Edge and Jack Swagger cashing in their MITB cases.

Ziggler avoids a charge in the corner and hits a few week body blows. Rusev shakes them off and kicks Ziggler down. He stomps Ziggler, then stands on his face before applying a head-and-arm. Ziggler elbows out, then hits a dropkick. He misses a corner splash and goes flying to the floor. Commercials.

Back from the break, Ziggler nails some rights and goes for a cross-body. Rusev catches him, sets him on the top rope, hits a few kneelifts and then hits a high fall-away slam. He locks Ziggler in a front chancery and pulls him down into a guillotine choke. Ziggler hits a few punches to break the hold. Rusev comes back by standing on Ziggler’s face. Ziggler comes back with a jawbreaker, nails some more rights, ducks a clothesline and hits another dropkick. He mounts the middle rope for some punches, and Rusev shoves him off. Ziggler avoids a kick and goes for the leaping DDT. Rusev powers through and goes for the fall-away again. Ziggler lands on his feet, avoids a corner splash and nails the rocker dropper for 1. Rusev blocks a superkick and flips Ziggler over. Ziggler lands on his feet, but gets put down immediately with a jumping side kick. Rusev locks in the Accolade and gets the submission win.


Lana says Philadelphia (where the taping is taking place tonight) is the birthplace of America, which is why this country never had a chance to succeed. On RAW, they encountered an all-American, the Rock. Rock is a coward. Lana then loses her sh*t in Russian before handing the mic to Rusev. He says “The Rock will pay for the consequences”. Big Show, you garbage American, you’ll pay for this, too. He challenges Show to a match on RAW this coming Monday, then says Show will be crushed.

Video #5: The highly underrated supermarket brawl between Booker T and Steve Austin.

Lilian Garcia welcomes former SmackDown GM Booker T into the arena. He’ll be on commentary for the next match.

Video #6: Steve Austin tortures the Corporation and DX, then blows up the DX Express.

Swagger’s got a nasty black eye. Fernando and Goldust start, and Goldust shoves Fernando before throwing him across the ring. Goldust nails a couple punches in the corner, and Fernando comes back with chops. Goldust calls for a test of strength, then slugs Fernando. Fernando comes back with an elbow out of the corner, then hits a hurricanrana from the middle, sending Goldust to the floor. Stardust hits the ring, and Fernando throws him to the corner. Diego takes him down with a spinning headscissors from the apron, sending him to the corner. Slater comes in and eats a double dropkick. Both teams hit the ring, but the ref restores order before a brawl can break out. Commercials.

Back from the break, one of the Usos and Titus are the legal men, with the Uso beating on Titus in the corner. Titus comes back with a big punch and tags in Goldust. Goldust hits a few strikes and tags in Slater. Slater clubs the Uso down, then tags in Stardust. Stardust hits a headbutt, but it’s no good. Uso comes back with shots of his own, then tags in the other Uso. I learn this is Jey. Jey hits a series of chops in the corner, then whips him across the ring. Stardust backdrops Jey to the outside, where Jey lands on his feet. He nails Stardust, then nails an incoming Goldust as well. The distraction is enough for Stardust to hit the Disaster Kick, sending Jey to the floor. Stardust heads outside and throws Jey into the barricade, then rolls him back in. Goldust tags in and hits a few kneedrops. Jey is thrown into the corner, and Gator tags in, hitting a low avalanche. Slater tags in, stomps Jey and tags in Mizdow. Mizdow hits a bodyslam and a jumping kneedrop for 2. Jey gets back to his feet, but Mizdow grinds him back down. Titus tags in and boots Jey to a chorus of boos (the crowd wanted more Mizdow). Titus picks Jey up on his shoulder and drops down for a backbreaker. He stomps Jey in the corner, then clubs him down as a “Damien Mizdow” chant breaks out. Jey hits a boot out of the corner. Cesaro tags in and hits the deadlift gutwrench suplex. Commercials.

Back from the break, Slater is legal, and Jey is nailing him with rights. He goes for a tag, but Slater pulls him back. He spins Jey around, Jey continues to spin and blasts Slater with a kick. Cesaro makes the tag, walks over Jey and knocks Henry to the floor. He turns around into a back-body drop by Jey, who tags in Sheamus. Sheamus attacks everyone on the heel team, then rams Cesaro with a shoulder thrust before knocking him to the apron with a running kneelift. He goes for the 10 Beats, but only gets a few in before Stardust interferes. Sheamus blocks an attack and ties him up for the 10 Beats instead. Slater tries the same thing and receives the same fate as Sheamus trades off between all three. Cesaro hits a hotshot, but then gets hit with White Noise for 2 as Mizdow breaks it up. Swagger enters the ring and drops him with an elevated belly-to-belly. Slater in, and he hits a Harlem Side Kick, pleasing Booker T in the process. Titus comes in and clotheslines Swagger to the floor. Los Matadores go for a double-team, but Slater Gator see it coming. However, they don’t see the Usos on the outside, who trip Slator Gator and drag them to the floor. The Usos hold the ropes open, allowing Los Matadores to hit a pair of suicide dives. Gold & Stardust get backdropped to the outside, and now the Usos hit a pair of suicide dives on the entire other team, including Laurinaitis. Gator is in the ring, and Torito sends him outside with a dropkick. He goes for a suicide dive, but Dallas intercepts him and avalanche powerbombs him to the floor outside on the other wrestlers. Henry comes in and goes for the WSS, but Dallas escapes and low-bridges Henry to the floor. Sheamus in, and he levels Dallas with a Brogue Kick. Cesaro comes in and hits the first Cesaro Swing in ages, hitting 15 revolutions until Jimmy drops him with a superkick. Stardust clotheslines Jimmy to the floor. Mizdow tags in to a huge pop and goes for the SKF. Sheamus breaks free by backing into the corner. He snapmares Mizdow off and hits the Brogue Kick. Jey tags himself in and hits the Samoan Splash for 3.


Much like the Luke Harper video earlier, we see a video package of Bray Wyatt releasing Erick Rowan from the Wyatt Family as well.

The Miz is in the ring for MizTV. He blathers on to the delight of no one, then shows us what happened on RAW between Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose and John Cena. Back to the arena, Miz announces that Cena/Ambrose will be a Contract-on-a-Pole Match. Why? Why? Why?

Miz finally gets to introducing his guests, bringing Ambrose out first, followed by Cena. Miz points out Ambrose embarrassed Cena on RAW, then asks why. Ambrose says Cena needs to know that no one crosses Ambrose. He lives by a code that he doesn’t take crap from anyone. If you do him wrong, he’ll make you pay for it. Rollins crossed him, and he can’t live with himself until he sets it right. Rollins in HIAC belongs to him, and Cena is coming dangerously close to stealing that from him. Nobody steals from him, no matter how high on the food chain you are. Cena says he’s impressed. He watches everything and listens to everything. Ever since Ambrose came to WWE, those behind the curtain have been worried about him. Ambrose is unstable, dangerous, loves the business and will not stop until he achieves success. Groups like the Authority waste resources to look for the next guy who has “it”. Ambrose proved he has “it” on RAW, but his definition of “it” is a bit different. He pulls a pair of baseballs out of his pocket and says this is what it takes to be a success in the business before saying Miz has no balls. Ambrose impressed him. It’s what everyone has wanted to see. The fans want to see someone with balls who isn’t afraid to stand up to Cena. At HIAC, Ambrose is going to make Cena earn a victory. They don’t see eye-to-eye, but Ambrose is looking into a mirror when he looks at Cena. They’re cut from the same cloth. There is a reason Cena can always come down to the ring with his head high, because he’s proved to everyone that, after 12 years, he’s got two things: balls and his word, and he breaks neither for nobody. Ambrose needs to bring his A-game, and he may not know Cena now, but after that match, he’ll know Cena’s name. Cena likes his chances. This is…a really terrible promo by Cena. Miz repeats what Cena just said, then starts kissing his ass. He asks if Ambrose really has a chance. Ambrose simply says, “Yep.” Miz asks how he’ll do it. Ambrose says he doesn’t think he’s going to do it; he knows he’ll do it. Miz then repeats Ambrose, calling him a rookie in the process. Cena tells him to shut up, then says he’ll see Ambrose at the PPV. Miz doesn’t like that response and starts egging Cena on. He wants to stir the pot and see a brawl. These two are ruining the show. A fight is what people want to see. Cena says Miz is right. People want to see Cena and Ambrose fight. However, Miz has it wrong. They don’t want to see Cena and Ambrose fight each other. Philadelphia wants to see them fight Miz. The two then club the hell out of Miz. Cena goes for the AA, but drops Miz and throws him into Ambrose, who drops Miz with a double-arm DDT. Cena then hits Ambrose with an AA as we see Seth Rollins watching this on a monitor in the back.

End of show.

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Bray Wyatt Talks Triple H, Promos, and The Undertaker

October 09, 2014 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

Bray Wyatt is one of the WWE’s most intriguing upcoming superstars. The youngster has captivated WWE audiences with his unique presence and persona and gave a behind-the-scenes look at both in a recent interview.

Bray Wyatt took the WWE world storm a year ago. The anticipation for his debut was maybe the most for a debuting star in quite some time. Wyatt lived up to expectations with a unique presentation of persona and attitude, topped off with a new flavor of promo unseen in the WWE Universe. Wyatt recently talked to Scott Fishman of the Miami Herald about his promo style and revealed some of the inspiration to his mad ramblings.

When I speak, I like to speak powerfully,” Wyatt said. “I like feeling behind my words. I just don’t say things. Everything I say has a piece. Martin Luther King Jr., I’ve studied a lot of his work. Just the way he was able to speak, and the power he gives us is really incredible. In my opinion he is the greatest speaker of all-time. There are so many that I’ve studied and idolized. It’s deep for me…

Wyatt also talked about the controversy behind some of his promos and whether he walks the PG WWE line behind the microphone.

I don’t think I toe the line,” he said. “The things I say sometimes can be offensive to some, but for the ones that can figure it out and solve the puzzle or the labyrinths I put out there, they deserve it. Here is your cake. Here is the prize because there are so many complexities. I like to throw curveballs.”

Wyatt also credits the guy who ironically is blamed for holding back many careers for pushing the Wyatts and championing their push.

I can tell you Hunter [Triple H] was very instrumental in the upbringing of the Wyatts. He saw something in us that we saw. We were so attached to it that we were dying to make it work and to get it out there.

Hunter saw the same thing. From the first glance, people are just comparing us to hillbillies. I’ve heard ‘Deliverance’ and all kinds of things, but they were missing that underlying factor. Hunter was able to see that because we are more complex in the way we speak if you listen to the message behind it. You’re not looking at three Neanderthals. You’re looking at three very smart, capable athletes. Hunter was able to see it.”

Again this is a bit or irony here as Hunter has a reputation among many of Wyatt’s fans as being the guy responsible for holding back talent and squashing careers. According to Bray if not for Hunter, who knows how his career in the WWE would have played out. Something to think about the next time you accuse Trips of being the King of Buriers.

Finally, Bray has had a stellar 2014 but he has high aspirations for 2015. He had a prominent feud with John Cena which included a WrestleMania match as well as a recent feud with former undisputed champion Chris Jericho. So where does Wyatt go next? Wyatt sees one man and one match as the ultimate goal and that goal is the Dead Man.

Bray Wyatt versus The Undertaker would be the greatest I could accomplish,” he said. “Just being there side-by-side with him. I get the comparisons, but we are also very different. He is ‘The Deadman.’ He will always be ‘The Deadman,’ and I’m Bray Wyatt. When or if, or when we shall meet, it will be every bit of everything I thought it would be.

Unfortunately I don’t think that’s going to happen but nobody would have ever predicted a Cena vs. Wyatt WrestleMania match at this time last year. Overall this is a great interview which you owe yourself to check out over at

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Triple H Talks Rock, Hell in a Cell, SmackDown, and More

October 09, 2014 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

Triple H does a weekly segment on with Michael Cole called the Hot Seat. Hunter generally speaks on these interviews in a worked shoot mode, sometimes more one than the other. This week’s interview appears to be more shoot which features plenty of conversation about The Rock.

Hunter and Rock had a great rivalry in the Attitude Era so it is always fun to hear Triple H talk about the Great One. Hunter tells Cole how the WWE pulled off The Rock’s appearance and gives a lot credit to Rusev and Lana. It is quite an endorsement from the C.O.O.

Hunter also talks about the new match made for Hell in a Cell between John Cena and Dean Ambrose. Here you can see Hunter go more into working/promoter mode in how he answers the question. Hunter teases more conversation about Hell in a Cell in next week’s interview.

Finally, Hunter talks about 15 years of SmackDown. Hunter mentions that more SmackDown shows have been taped in Philadelphia than any other city which is something I never knew. Hunter teases the segment between him and The Rock on SmackDown. I saw the segment at the tapings and it was fantastic, well worth going out of your way to see.

Trips and Cole also talk some more RAW, Ambrose vs. Cena, and more. Check it out here.

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The Rock Returns To WWE RAW

October 07, 2014 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

The Rock is back! Dwayne Johnson made a surprise return to the WWE on Monday Night RAW. The Rock confronted Rusev and Lana in what was the only bright spot of Monday’s show. Is this a one-night stand or will we be seeing more of the Great One?

This was one of the rare occasions where the WWE was able to pull off a surprise without a whole lot of leaks prior to the segment. Now there were numerous reports that the Rock was in New York on Monday. However, nobody was able to predict exactly how this all played out and many were skeptical it would lead to a WWE appearance and thank goodness it did.

Where do we go from here? Is this the start of a long road to WrestleMania 31? Dave Meltzer on his podcast noted that while a Rusev vs. Rock match at Mania is possible, it is far from booked. Meltzer noted that while possible, nothing is set in stone for the Rock to return at Mania. I would think that if Rock returned at Mania to wrestle that it would be in a far bigger match than Rusev.

I still think the betting line is a Rock vs. Brock match at Mania if Rock comes back. The match makes sense and it is probably the only match you could give both guys at this point that would make sense financially. Although that said, I still think an Undertaker vs. Brock rematch would be big, big money.

The WWE desperately needed that boost from The Rock. Other than Dean Ambrose, the company is really struggling in creative. The storylines aren’t clicking and you saw an entire arena turn on most of the show Monday, sans a few segments like the Rock’s. Not that a one-night return of the Rock is going to turn things around, maybe it will somehow motivate the creative team to give the fans what the fans want and not want creative wants.

A novel idea isn’t it?

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Top Stone Cold Steve Austin WWE RAW Moments

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It was over a decade ago when “Stone Cold” Steve Austin‘s hell raising was a regular part of our Monday night pro wrestling culture. New reports indicate that the Texas Rattlesnake may be heading back to the WWE. What better time to celebrate his legacy on RAW and look back at the top Monday Night RAW moments of Stone Cold Steve Austin.

To sit here and recall all of the great WWE RAW moments and matches featuring Steve Austin would take forever. For me, there wasn’t a night where Steve Austin appeared on WWE RAW that wasn’t memorable. Rather than list them all, I want to take a look at just five of memorable WWE RAW moments from the Texas Rattlesnake. Crack a cold one and light one up, because Stone Cold is about to open a can of five memorable moments on you’re a$%.

Steve Austin stuns Vince McMahon in Madison Square Garden, 1997. This was the catalyst to the classic Austin-McMahon feud. Mr. McMahon had yet to arrive, as fans were still accustomed to watching the slicked back hairdo of interviewer Vince McMahon. However, Vince had lifted up his veil more than ever before and was readily acknowledging his role as the man who runs the WWE.

It was just a few months ago where Owen Hart dropped Steve Austin on his head and put him out of commission for months. Owen Hart was in the ring giving a speech, when an enraged Steve Austin hit the ring. Five NYPD officers tried to stop Stone Cold. Vince McMahon then stepped into the ring and played “compassionate McMahon” and explained to Steve that he was still injured and couldn’t compete. McMahon’s compassion was met with a Stone Cold Stunner. Austin was led away in handcuffs in a moment that is generally regarded as the most memorable moment in all of WWE RAW history.

Steve Austin says hello to Mike Tyson, 1998. This was voted on as the fifth most memorable moment in all of WWE RAW history. It was a transitional time for the WWE. The Attitude Era was taking over and the company was finally starting to make strides against WCW. Some point to this angle as the single most important angle to the turnaround in the Monday Night Wars and the next several years of monster business.

Mike Tyson was brought to RAW and introduced as the enforcer for the upcoming WrestleMania XIV match between Steve Austin and Shawn Michaels. Tyson came to the ring with an entourage and was paid several accolades by Vince McMahon. Steve Austin then hit the ring to McMahon’s displeasure. Austin went off on a rant which ended with Austin looking Mike Tyson in the eyes and popping him the one-finger salute on both hands. Mike Tyson and Steve Austin shoved each other and all hell broke loose. McMahon yelled that Austin “ruined it”, and Steve Austin was on his way to becoming the biggest star in the pro wrestling business.

Brian Pillman pulls a gun on Steve Austin, 1996. Over a decade later and this is still one of the most talked about moments in WWE RAW history. While this controversial moment aired on RAW, it actually took place off-site. The scene of the crime was actually the home of Brian Pillman.

After shattering Brian Pillman’s ankle in the ring, Austin drove to Pillman’s house. Austin fought Pillman’s neighbors to make his way into the house. WWE RAW had a satellite feed into the house set up for a Pillman interview. Austin broke down the door and came face-to-face with a psychotic Brian Pillman in a chair. Pillman then pulled a gun, fired shots, and the screen went blank.

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The WWE tried to replicate the angle a few times, never successfully. Recently as last year, the WWE tried to reproduce a similar angle involving Triple H breaking into Randy Orton’s house. For some reason, none of the attempts at similar angles since have been anywhere close to as memorable as the original between the two Hollywood Blondes.

Steve Austin’s Beer Bash, 1999. This was listed as the second most memorable moment in all of WWE RAW history on This was during the day’s Vince McMahon’s “Corporation” where Vince and Shane McMahon were proud to have The Rock as the WWE champion. Vince was interviewing The Rock live in the ring on WWE RAW when a glass crashed and a huge Coors Light truck made its way to the ring. The driver of the truck was none other than “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.

After weeks of being jerked around by Vince McMahon, Austin had enough. Austin drove into the arena, got on top of the truck, and cut a pre-WrestleMania XV promo on The Rock. Austin then offered to share a pre-match beer with The Rock that turned out to be a memorable beer bath. Austin sprayed The Rock and the McMahons with beer from the hose and tore the house down. Austin then capped it off with a traditional double one-finger salute to the Great One.

Steve Austin pulls a gun on Vince McMahon, 1998. This was a memorable Steve Austin moment that surprisingly didn’t make the Top 15 Memorable RAW Moments. Steve Austin had recently been fired by Vince McMahon, and well…he wasn’t going quietly.

Austin stalked McMahon throughout the evening on WWE RAW. Austin finally called Vince in his office and told him that his “time was up.” As Vince McMahon (in a wheelchair) was getting into his limo little did he know that the Texas Rattlesnake was waiting for him in the back of the car. McMahon tried to roll away in his wheelchair to no avail. Austin then took McMahon hostage. The night culminated with Austin wheeling McMahon to the center of the ring. Austin brought a hysterically crying Vince McMahon to his knees, stood behind him, and pulled out a gun. Austin put the gun to Vince’s head, pulled the trigger, and a flag that read, “Bang 3:16″ popped out. McMahon was further humiliated by peeing in his pants as Austin pulled the trigger. Austin topped the night off with a Stunner and a great deal of revenge had on his former boss, Vince McMahon.

And that’s the bottom line, because the Camel Clutch Blog said so.

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WWE SmackDown Results and September 26 Recap

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Cesaro challenges for the WWE intercontinental championship and the Big Show goes one on one with Rusev on this week’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

Ambrose ducks a clothesline, then swings for the fences, causing Miz to bail to the floor. Back in, they lock up, and Ambrose hits a hip throw, into a standing side headlock. He follows up with a shoulder off the ropes, then counters a kneelift with a schoolboy for 2. Miz bails to the apron, where he hits a hotshot. Miz clobbers Ambrose with a double axe handle from behind, then stomps him down. Ambrose blocks a hiptoss, misses a right, and Miz bails once more. Ambrose heads out and chases Miz back in, then tackles him down before peppering him with rights. Ambrose goes for his modified Regal Stretch, then grinds Miz’s face into the mat. Back up, Ambrose nails a chop, then grinds his forearm into Miz’s face in the corner before stomping him. Miz comes back with a punch, then hits a sloppy Reality Check for 2. Miz stomps Ambrose down once more, but Ambrose comes back with a seated dropkick that sends Miz outside. Ambrose floors him with a slingshot plancha, then tosses him back-first into the barricade. Ambrose drops Miz chest and face-first across the top of the barricade, then rolls him back in. Mizdow causes a distraction, which allows Miz to nail a big boot. Commercials.

Back from the break, Miz is stomping Ambrose down in the corner. Ambrose pulls himself to his feet and blasts an incoming Miz with a forearm to the face. Ambrose hits a series of jabs, ducks a clothesline and hits a pair of his own. Ambrose connects with a cross-body, then peppers Miz with more rights before clotheslining him to the floor. Ambrose hits a suicide dive and rolls Miz back in before chasing Mizdow to the other side of the ring. Miz catches Ambrose with a quick small package as he climbs back in, but it’s only good for 2. Ambrose drops him with a tornado DDT for 2. Up top, Ambrose nails Mizdow, who is on the apron, then goes for a seated missile dropkick on Miz. Miz blocks it and “locks” in the figure 4. Ambrose crawls on his back to the bottom rope to get the break, so Miz goes for it again. Ambrose boots him away, gets hit with a left, then hits a rebound clothesline. Corporate Kane and Seth Rollins appear on the stage, and Ambrose is distracted. Miz tries to go for the SKF, but Ambrose almost immediately breaks it and hits Dirty Deeds for 3.


Kane and Rollins climb into the ring, and Ambrose goes right after Rollins. Kane pulls him off, so Ambrose attacks Kane as well. The same thing happens to Rollins. Kane goes for the chokeslam, but Ambrose escapes and low-bridges Kane. Rollins hits a running kneelift, but Ambrose shakes it off and hits a rebound clothesline. He grabs the MITB case, ducks a clothesline from Kane and bails, heading out through the crowd, case still in-hand.

We get another Dust Brothers promo. Goldust says they have the cosmic key (the tag belts), and the Usos want them back. Stardust says they can’t have the key back. Goldust says they won’t get it, and they’ll never forget the name Gold & Stardust.

Dallas quickly eliminatees ones of the Matadores. He then throws Cara. Gabriel tries to eliminate Dallas shortly thereafter, but fails. Mizdow tosses the other half of the Matadores.

Los Matadores and Sin Cara have been eliminated.

Kofi tosses Gabriel. Cesaro then tosses Woods.

Justin Gabriel and Xavier Woods have been eliminated.

Cesaro and E go at it, and Cesaro presses E over his head before Titus stops him from the toss. Titus beats Cesaro down in the corner as everyone else seems focused on getting rid of Dallas. Ryder tries to toss Slater, so Swagger tries to toss them both. Titus saves his partner as E goes for a press on Cesaro. Cesaro escapes and press-slams E to the floor.

Big E has been eliminated. Commercials.

Back from the break, Kofi is trying to eliminate Mizdow. Doesn’t look like anyone else was eliminated during the break. Cesaro tries to toss Mizdow, but Mizdow escapes. Titus gets Ryder on the top, then knocks him to the floor.

Zack Ryder has been eliminated.

Swagger follows up by tossing Titus. Shortly thereafter, he tosses Slater as well.

Slater and Gator have been eliminated.

We’re down to Swagger, Kofi, Mizdow, Dallas and Cesaro. Everyone surrounds Mizdow, then quadruple-team before chucking him to the floor.

Damien Mizdow has been eliminated.

Swagger goes after Kofi while Cesaro tries to dump Dallas to the floor. Kofi avoids elimination and dives onto Swagger’s shoulders. Swagger chucks him outside, but Kofi lands on the apron. Dallas tries to break Kofi’s grip, so Kofi pulls him to the apron with his legs. Dallas rams him into the buckles, and Kofi responds with a Pendulum that sends Dallas to the floor.

Bo Dallas has been eliminated.

Cesaro goes after Kofi, but Kofi knocks him back into the ring with a kick. Swagger nails Cesaro with a Swagger Bomb. Kofi dives onto Swagger, Swagger catches him in a powerbomb position, then tumbles backwards across the ring, sending Kofi face-first into the buckles. That didn’t look like it was supposed to happen that way. Swagger goes for another Swagger Bomb, but Cesaro blocks it and tosses Swagger to the apron. He then tries to knock Swagger to the floor with rights, but fails. Kofi hits Swagger with a chop from the second rope, but Swagger just falls down on the apron. Kofi then tries to power Cesaro over the top rope, so Cesaro rakes his eyes. Back in, Cesaro shoves Kofi into Swagger, then press-slams him onto Swagger, eliminating them both at the same time.


Cesaro moves onto Dolph Ziggler later tonight, which should be a damn good match. Awesome spot at the end with the press-slam. I’m wondering if WWE is going to want him to do that more often, considering how many times he did it in this match.

Renee Young stops the Usos in the back to ask about their title match tonight. The Usos ramble on before basically saying they want the tag belts back.

Stardust starts against one of the Usos. Uso elbows Stardust off a hammerlock, but then gets hit with a hiptoss. Uso responds with a schoolboy for 2, then nails a pair of chops. We find out this is Jey (hard to tell anymore since they both have dual sleeves now). Stardust avoids a corner whip and celebrates before turning around into a bodyslam by Jey. Jey then clotheslines Stardust to the floor. Goldust comes in, and they take him out with a pair of uppercuts, sending him to the floor. The Usos then hit stereo suicide dives onto the champions. Commercials.

Back from the break, Jimmy avoids a corner splash by Goldust and tags in Jey. Jey hits a series of chops, sends Goldust across the ring and hits a back-body drop for 2. Goldust backdrops Jey in the corner, but Jey lands on the apron. He knocks Stardust down, then gets hit with a hotshot by Goldust. Goldust whips Jey into the buckles from the apron, then dumps him to the floor. Stardust begins slamming Jey into the announce desk while screaming at Michael Cole. Jey blocks a slam into the steps, hits a kick and rolls back in the ring. Stardust tags out, and Goldust nails an elbow to the back on Jey. Goldust applies a rear chinlock, but Jey fights out. He goes for a powerslam, but Goldust escapes and hits an armbreaker. Stardust tags in and gets 2, then begins laying punches into Jey’s shoulder before dropping a knee. Goldust back in and he hits a straight right for 2. Goldust rips Jey’s shirt off and throws it at him before hitting a hard right. Jey comes back with a right of his own, so Goldust tackles him and tags in Stardust, who stomps Jey in the chest. Stardust tees off on Jey with rights, then mocks Jimmy. He charges at Jey, and the two hit simultaneous clotheslines on each other. Goldust makes the tag, and he prevents Jey from tagging. Jey hits a back elbow out of the corner, then kicks Stardust off the apron before backdropping Goldust to the floor. Goldust comes back in, and Jey stops him with a Samoan drop. Jimmy and Stardust both tag in, and Jimmy hits a pair of clotheslines, a mule kick, an uppercut and an exploder suplex. Goldust gets knocked outside with with a spin kick. In the ring, Stardust receives the running hip attack in the corner. Jimmy misses the superkick, gets crotched and sent to the floor. Outside, Goldust goes for a somersault plancha from the apron on both Usos. They catch him and toss him into the barricade. Stardust then hits a springboard backwards plancha, taking the Usos out. He rolls Jimmy back in the ring and covers him, only getting 2. Stardust heads up top for a moonsault, but Jimmy picks him up in an electric chair. Jey tags in, and they hit a Doomsday Device. Jimmy tags back in and hits the Samoan Splash for 2 as Goldust breaks it up with a tag belt shot, leading to the DQ.


Seth Rollins is with Corporate Kane in an office, complaining that Dean Ambrose stole his briefcase. Kane tells him to calm down, because he still has the contract regardless. Rollins knows that, and he knows he’s the next World Champion when he decides the time is right. That isn’t the point. The point is Ambrose has crossed the line. He despises everything Ambrose represents, and if Ambrose doesn’t return the case in the same condition he took it, he’s going to make the incident with the cinder blocks look like child’s play.

Nattie goes after Rae, and Rae immediately tags out to Layla. Nattie rolls Layla up in a schoolgirl for 2. Layla comes back with a kick and an arm wringer. Nattie counters into one of her own. Layla reverses a hiptoss into a roll-up. Nattie breaks free and goes for the Sharpshooter. Layla kicks her away and tags in Rae. Nattie slingshots Rae into the ring, then hits her with a discus clothesline. In the corner, Nattie hits a series of kneelifts. Rae screams that she wants to be friends, then trips her into the middle buckle before stomping her in the back of the head. Rae goes for a pin, getting 2. Layla tags in and hits a kick to the gut. Rae back in, and she stomps Nattie down in the corner. Layla in again, and she foot-chokes Nattie on the bottom rope. Rae in once more, and she chokes Nattie before tagging in Layla. Layla applies a hanging headscissors over the top rope, breaks the count, then drops to the floor and trips Nattie. Rae back in as Layla hits a low seated dropkick. Rae hits a running kick, then applies a bodyscissors. Nattie flips to her stomach and nails Rae as Rae tries to apply a guillotine. Nattie throws her over her head, so Rae whips her down by the hair. Rae misses a legdrop, and Mendes tags in. Layla tags in as well, and Mendes hits two of the worst clotheslines in history before the worst dropkick this side of Erik Watts for 2. Layla hits the Bombshell for 2, but Nattie breaks it up. Rae charges in, and Nattie immediately dumps her to the floor. Nattie turns around, and Layla kicks her to the floor as well. She rolls Mendes up with a handful of tights and gets 3.


Wow. That is one of the worst Divas matches I’ve ever seen. And that screams volumes.

Renee Young is wasting oxygen with the Big Show. She asks about the footage with Mark Henry from Main Event, as well as tonight against Rusev. He says he’s known Henry for a long time. Henry has a big heart. He took his losses to Rusev hard, and they got to him. He has a strong bond with Henry. They’re brothers from different mothers. Rusev and Lana want to degrade Henry and the US. You have the freedom to do that in this country, but freedom comes with a price. Jack Swagger told Rusev, “We the people”. Henry told them the same thing. Now, Rusev has to deal with the Big Show, and Show is going to knock his ass out.

The two quickly reverse several hold attempts by each other before going into a lock-up. Cesaro backs Ziggler into the ropes, forcing a break. Cesaro takes Ziggler down, and Ziggler counters. They go through several more counters until Cesaro backs Ziggler into the corner. He gives a clean break, then boots Ziggler before nailing a straight right. Ziggler gets whipped across the ring, and Cesaro hits a monkey flip. Ziggler lands on his feet and hits a hiptoss before dropping the Show-Off Elbow for 1. Ziggler attacks Cesaro in the corner, but quickly gets dumped to the floor. Cesaro heads out and throws him back-first into the barricade before deadlifting him up and rolling him into the ring. Cesaro hits a slingshot double stomp for 1, then applies a top wristlock. Ziggler breaks it with a knee to the gut, then goes for a neckbreaker. Cesaro spins through into a back suplex, then taunts the crowd. Ziggler gets back to his feet, and Cesaro applies an abdominal stretch. He grabs the top rope for leverage without the ref seeing, then breaks it when the ref checks on the hold. He repeats this spot once more. Ziggler manages to get his footing and counters the hold with a falling hiptoss. Cesaro is back to his feet first, and he stomps Ziggler in the face before mounting the middle of the middle rope, hitting a flying elbow for 2. Cesaro applies a modified cobra clutch, and Ziggler manages to counter with a sit-out jawbreaker. Ziggler hits a back elbow in the corner, then avoids a splash. He goes for one of his own, but Cesaro catches him mid-air with a shot to the face. Ziggler recovers enough to pop up with a dropkick. He goes for the rocker dropper, but Cesaro catches him in position for a powerbomb. Ziggler tries to reverse it into a hurricanrana, but Cesaro powers him back up. Ziggler rolls over Cesaro’s back into a stacked-up pin and manages to get 3 while Cesaro has his hand on the bottom rope, out of the ref’s line of sight.


Cesaro argues with the referee as we see a replay two more times.

God. More Renee Young. And she’s joined by Rusev and Lana. Oh, for joy and happy day. Lana speaks in Russian, mocks Young for not understanding, then says Big Show will suffer the same fate as Mark Henry. Rusev will crush him. Rusev then speaks in Russian.

Show goes on the attack, sending Rusev to the corner with body blows. He whips Rusev across the ring, hits a corner splash, and takes Rusev down with a headbutt. He sets Rusev up in the corner for a chop, whips him across the ring and hits a corner clothesline. Show nails another series of body blows, then throws Rusev to the adjacent corner for another chop. Rusev stops it with a chop to the throat, then goes on the attack with rights. Show comes off the ropes with a sunset flip for 2, then knocks Show to the floor with a running shoulderblock. Commercials.

Back from the break, Rusev hotshots Show on the outside. Back in, Show hits him with another shoulderblock. He knocks Rusev down with another headbutt, then lands a big chop in the corner. Show hits another shot to the gut and another chop. Show hits a hip attack and bounces off the ropes, where Rusev takes him down with a front chopblock. Rusev begins working over Show’s left leg before applying a legbar. Rusev punches Show in the knee while in the hold, then drops a series of elbows before reapplying it. Show gets his other leg over Rusev’s head and breaks the hold by slamming his leg across Rusev’s nose. Rusev charges in, and Show counters with a sidewalk slam for 2. Show calls for the Knockout Punch, but Rusev ducks and hits a jumping side kick for 2. Rusev applies a rear head-and-arm, but Show powers himself up and breaks the hold with a series of elbows. Show nails a pair of clotheslines, sends Rusev into the corner for another one, then does it again on the other side of the ring. Rusev ducks another clothesline, but Show then puts him down with a chokeslam. He calls for the KO Punch again, but Lana grabs his foot. He turns his attention to her, and Rusev clobbers him with the Russian flag, leading to the DQ.


Rusev continues the attack with the flag, then signals for his kick. Show blocks it and levels Rusev with the Knockout Punch.

End of show.

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WWE SmackDown Results and September 19 Recap

September 21, 2014 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

Roman Reigns and Rusev collide in a huge WWE Friday Night SmackDown main-event on the Night of Champions go-home show.

We get an inset promo from the Dust Brothers, and it’s one of their weird-ass promos about a cosmic key and whatnot. The match starts, and the two jockey for position with a lock-up. They trade a few blows, then Jimmy nails a clothesline out of the corner. Stardust gets a rope break off a waistlock, then misses a clothesline. Jimmy hits a couple of strikes and goes for a Samoan drop, but Stardust counters it into a neckbreaker. Stardust stomps Jimmy down, then stomps him in the gut. He nails a forearm to the head, then stands on Jimmy in the corner. Jimmy comes back with an uppercut, but Stardust recovers and drops down to hit a kick to the head. Jimmy nails a boot out of the corner, then misses a superkick. He blocks a kick, hits a mule kick, then nails a superkick off the ropes for 3.


Goldust tries a sneak attack after the match, but the Usos send him to the floor with a double superkick.

Cesaro and Ziggler start, with Ziggler going for Cesaro’s leg. Back to a vertical base, Ziggler gets in a waistlock. Cesaro counters into a side headlock, then hits a hip throw. Ziggler counters into a headscissors, and Cesaro counters that back to the headlock. He hits a shoulder off the ropes, then mocks Ziggler with a hip swivel. Cesaro hits another hip throw as Miz hasn’t taken his stupid sunglasses off yet. Back to the action, the two crisscross until Cesaro blocks a hiptoss. Ziggler ducks a clothesline and goes for a sunset flip. Cesaro blocks it and goes for a press slam. Ziggler escapes and hits a dropkick. Miz distracts him, which allows Cesaro to hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker out of the corner for 2. Miz tags in, hits a boot and finally loses the glasses. He hits another low boot for 2, then nails a few lefts. He stomps Ziggler down, then goes for a suplex. Ziggler counters into a small package for 2, then hits a quick neckbreaker. He misses the rocker dropper, and Miz nails the Reality Check for 2. Commercials.

Back from the break, Miz hits a hanging clothesline in the corner, then goes up top, hitting a double axe handle for 2. Miz rakes at Ziggler’s face, then applies a rear chinlock. Ziggler counters with a jawbreaker, and now both are down. Cesaro makes the first tag and goes after Sheamus. Sheamus nails a right, and Ziggler hits Cesaro with a back-body drop. Cesaro grabs Ziggler’s leg to prevent a tag, then throws him to the adjacent corner. Ziggler nails an elbow and dives for the tag, but Cesaro catches him. He looks for a toss, and Ziggler impales him with a DDT. Miz and Sheamus tag in, and Sheamus hits all the hot tag offense, eventually tosses Miz to the apron for the 10 Beats of the Bodhran (actually hitting 15), then hits him with a rolling fireman’s carry slam for 2. Miz comes back with a kick off the ropes, but then runs into the Irish Curse for 2 as Cesaro breaks it up with a double stomp. Ziggler launches him to the floor, and Miz launches Ziggler. Miz turns around, and Sheamus hits him with a tilt-a-whirl powerslam. Mizdow jumps on the apron, and Sheamus looks for the 10 Beats again. Mizdow escapes, but then gets nailed by R-Ziggler. Miz tries to roll Sheamus up for a quick pin, but only gets 2. He hits a snap DDT for another 2, then signals for the SKF. R-Ziggler jumps on the apron for a distraction, which allows Ziggler to sneak in and blast Miz with a superkick. Miz gets up, and Sheamus drops him with a Brogue Kick for 3.


After the match, Cesaro tries a sneak attack on Sheamus, but Sheamus sees it coming, forcing Cesaro to retreat.

Slater nails a punch to the side of the head, then clubs Rose down in the corner. He whips Rose across the ring, but then eats a pair of boots in the opposite corner. Rose goes up top and hits a cross-body for 2. Rose hits a hip throw into a side headlock. Slater eventually counters with a back suplex, then nails a kick to the ribs. Slater hits a low running boot for 1, then begins to pelt Rose with rights in the corner. He foot-chokes Rose, hits a bodyslam, then mounts the middle rope. Rose blocks Slater’s dive with a foot, then rolls him up with a small package for 2. Slater misses a splash in the corner, and Rose hits a pair of forearms before dropping Slater with a spinebuster. He nails a corner clothesline, then lays in a few shots to Slater’s gut before ripping off his shirt. Titus trips Rose behind the ref’s back, allowing Slater to nail him with a Harlem Side Kick for 2. Rose’s bunny gets in the ring and starts bunny-hopping around before hitting Titus with a slingshot plancha. Slater is distracted, and when he turns around, Rose hits him with the Party Foul for 3.


Renee Young is standing by with Rusev and Lana. She mentions the match with Mark Henry at NoC, then turns to tonight against Roman Reigns. Lana speaks in Russian, then Rusev does the same. Back to Lana, who speaks in more Russian. Very productive interview here.

Fernando and Rowan are the legal men after a commercial break (that took place before the match started). Fernando mocks Rowan and hits a tilt-a-whirl into a sunset flip. Rowan blocks and throws Diego to the corner. Fernando dives off the buckles, but Rowan catches him and hits a fall-away slam. Wyatt tags in and stomps Fernando down before hitting a snap suplex and a running senton. Harper tags in and drops an elbow, followed by a fist drop for 2. Harper hits a European uppercut, and Fernando comes back with a forearm. Fernando hits a sunset flip for 2, and Harper blasts him with a forearm. He walks across Fernando before tagging in Rowan, who hits a jumping kneedrop. Rowan drives his fists into Fernando’s temples. Fernando tries to fight out, so Rowan goes for a back suplex. Fernando lands on his feet and tags in Show. Show hits a pair of clotheslines, sends Rowan to the corner, hits a hip attack and goes for a shoulder. Rowan ducks and nails a front chopblock, then tags in Wyatt. Wyatt assaults Show, then hits a low DDT for 2. Harper in, and Harper puts the boots to Show before applying the Gator Roll into a side headlock. Show gets back to his feet and shoves Harper away, but Harper comes back with a dropkick. Rowan tags in and kicks Show to the floor. Wyatt tags in and begins nailing Show on the outside. Show crawls back into the ring for a tag, but Wyatt cuts him off. Harper in, and he applies a rear chinlock. Show gets to his feet and breaks the hold with a back suplex. Show goes to the middle rope, missing the Vader Bomb. Harper nails one of the Matadores on the apron, then quickly tags out to Wyatt. Wyatt applies his own rear chinlock now, and Show once again breaks the hold with a back suplex. He tags Diego, who hits a big chop off the top rope. He follows up with a spinning headbutt off the ropes, followed by another and a series of rights. He avoids a back-body drop, then trips Wyatt into the middle rope. Wyatt shakes it off and drops Diego with a flying back elbow. Outside, Fernando ducks a clothesline from Rowan, but gets dropped with one by Harper. Show shoves Rowan into the barricade, so Harper nails him with a superkick before shoving him face-first into the ring post. Back in the ring, Diego ducks a clothesline and hits Harper with a suicide dive on the outside. He hits a hotshot on Wyatt on the apron, then misses a dive off the top rope before Wyatt hits him with a Sister Abigail off the ropes, in one fluid motion, for 3.


Resident waste-of-space Renee Young is once again with us, this time joined by Roman Reigns. She mentions tonight’s match with Rusev. Reigns says he doesn’t discriminate. It’s one vs. all. Tonight, it’s Rusev, and Sunday, it’s Rollins again. Believe that.

Paige shoves Nikki, so Nikki shoves back. Paige tackles her, then pulls her up by the hair and throws her to the corner. Nikki hits a back elbow out of the corner and some ridiculous middle rope kick for 2. Paige rolls to the apron, so Nikki knocks her to the floor with a hip attack. Nikki rolls Paige back in, so Paige now knocks her to the floor with a kick. Paige rolls Nikki back in, then applies a scissored rear chinlock. Nikki breaks the hold, so Paige clubs her down. Nikki comes back with forearms, but Paige stops that with a side kick. Nikki hits a clothesline, a dropsh*t and a back-body drop. A modified facebreaker gets 2. Paige comes back with another side kick, then hits the Paige Turner for 3.


Lee grabs the Divas title, then climbs into the ring, holding the belt like a baby. Paige screams to have it back. Lee starts to hand it to her, but won’t completely let go. Nikki rips it out of both of their hands and clobbers each of them with it.

Swagger immediately backs Dallas into the corner, and Dallas forces a break. They lock up, and once again Dallas gets himself into the ropes. After the break, Dallas slaps Swagger and bails to the floor. Swagger chases him back into the ring, and Dallas once again hits the floor. Swagger heads out from the other side and surprises Dallas with a clothesline. He sends Dallas face-first into the announce desk, then rolls him into the ring. Dallas kicks him on the way back in, then hits a neckbreaker. Dallas nails a short-arm clothesline out of the corner for 1, then applies a side headlock. Swagger fights out, but Dallas nails a forearms. Swagger reverses a corner whip and hits a big boot. The Swagger Bomb connects, but Dallas escapes the belly-to-belly. He heads out to the floor yet again, then heads back into the ring and crawls to the other side. Swagger tries to pull him back in by the ankle, but Dallas drops to the floor. He hotshots Swagger’s arm, then climbs back into the ring, hits the Running Bo-Dog and gets 3.


Dallas tells Swagger he appears to have lost his swagger. Does Swagger want to end up like Zeb, a haggard, old senior citizen? A waitress at a local diner told Dallas Zeb stole 3 packets of sugar and is a terrible tipper. It’s obvious Swagger is a slow learner. If he wants to be successful in WWE and in life, all he has to do is Boli…Swagger interrupts the speech by kicking Dallas in the face and sending him running up the ramp.

More Renee Young. I really don’t know how they justify paying her salary. Mark Henry is the subject of one of her “interviews” now, and she asks how he’s feeling after RAW. He says he feels good. 1992 at the Olympics, he was defeated by a Russian. In 1996, a Russian won after he left due to injury. This Sunday, he has the chance to not only win for himself, but for the fans and this country. Mark Henry crush Rusev.

Reigns charges at Rusev, and Rusev shoves him back. They lock up once more, jockeying for position, until both fall through the ropes to the floor. Rusev is up first, and he nails a kick. He goes for an iron claw, but Reigns breaks it and nails an uppercut, sending Rusev back into the ring in the process. Back in, Reigns nails a back elbow and a kneelift. Rusev shoves him off and nails a kick to the midsection. He clubs Reigns across the back, stomps him down, then hits a series of strikes in the corner. Reigns tries to shake it off, but Rusev applies a bearhug. Reigns elbows his way out, blocks a throw to the corner, then lands one of his own. Reigns comes off the middle with a flying clothesline, then hits another from the mat before Rusev nails a spinning heel kick. Commercials.

Back from the break, Rusev has Reigns locked in another bearhug. Reigns gets back to his feet after a minute or so and hits a pair of headbutts. Rusev sends him to the corner and hits a running shoulder thrust. Reigns blocks a second attempt, avoids a corner splash, misses a corner clothesline, bounces off the buckles and hits a clothesline on the second try. He hits another clothesline, but then gets hit with a vertical splash against the ropes. Reigns shakes it off and hits a Samoan drop, followed by some mounted punches. He lands a corner clothesline, ducks one from Rusev and lands a jumping one for 2. Another corner clothesline connects, as does an uppercut and a boot into the ropes. Reigns drops to the floor and hits the jumping apron kick. Back in, Reigns loads up the Superman Punch, but Seth Rollins runs down and causes a distraction from the apron. Rusev blasts Reigns with a jumping side kick, then goes for the Accolade. Reigns escapes and hits a back suplex. Rollins climbs to the top, briefcase in-hand, and looks to nail Reigns. Reigns ducks, and Rusev takes the case to the head, leading to the bell.


Reigns clotheslines Rollins to the floor, then nails Rusev with the Superman Punch. Rollins is back to his feet, and he drags Reigns to the floor. Reigns tackles him over the announce desk, then rams him into the barricade before tossing him into the crowd. Reigns chases after him.

Rusev and Lana celebrate Rusev’s “victory” back in the ring, when Mark Henry comes out. He points up, and a giant American flag drops from the ceiling. Henry hits the ring, and Rusev cuts him off with stomps to the back. He hits a few forearms as well, but that’s when Henry starts to get back to his feet. He shoves Rusev to the corner, then hits him with the World’s Strongest Slam.

End of show.

WWE The Paul Heyman Story

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John Cena and Brock Lesnar WWE RAW Brawl

September 16, 2014 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

WWE is heading into Night of Champions 2014 with one of the worst go-home RAW shows I can remember, yet there was one bright spot. The brawl between John Cena and Brock Lesnar highlighted one of the better RAW segments of the year.

I don’t want to get too much into my Night of Champions predictions because I may do an entire blog on that later in the week. However, you can generally get a feel of who is going over in the top PPV matches by the way the angle plays out on RAW the week before. If that still holds true, it would look to me that Brock Lesnar is retaining the belt on Sunday…as well he should.

One of the things that Cena has said is that he doesn’t necessarily want the belt, he just wants to beat up Brock. I think that was a dead giveaway for the fact that Cena will likely lose the match via DQ but come out of it looking like the victor. The way this angle played out on Monday seems to support that. Cena got the better of Lesnar, which is to be expected. That tells me that Lesnar is retaining the title on Sunday because why would Cena get the better of him and beat him Sunday? Maybe he wins out against someone else in that scenario but not Brock Lesnar!

Anyway here is the brawl from Monday thanks to WWE’s YouTube channel. Check it out and whether you like Cena or not, it is hard not to get pumped about this rematch on Sunday at WWE Night of Champions…which you can watch for only $9.99 in case you haven’t heard.

WWE The Paul Heyman Story

OMG Volume 2: The Top 50 Incidents in WCW History DVD

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WWE SmackDown Results and September 12 Recap

September 14, 2014 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns team up to  take on Seth Rollins and Randy Orton in this week’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown main-event.

Goldust goes after Jimmy, but Jimmy throws him to the corner and nails a series of strikes. Goldust reverses a corner whip, Jimmy puts on the breaks and knocks Goldust down for 1. Goldust recovers and throws him to the heel corner. Stardust tags in and nails a right. Jimmy comes back with a mule kick and a chop. He hits another one in the corner as Jey tags in. Jey hits a chop that sends Stardust into the middle rope. Jey drives his knee into Stardust’s back, then applies an arm wringer. Jimmy back in, and he comes off the top with a double axe handle. Stardust pushes him back to the heel corner and Harper tags himself in. He misses a couple of clotheslines and gets hit with a seated dropkick. Henry tags in and hits a big headbutt. He drops down for a JYD headbutt, then hits a corner whip, followed by an avalanche. Harper gets whipped one more time, but comes back with a big boot for 2. Wyatt, who was on the stage, starts to come down to the ring, only to have Show step between him and the ring. Commercials.

Back from the break, Jimmy hits Harper with a big cross-body from the top. He nails a mule kick and an uppercut, ducks a clothesline and goes for a Samoan drop. Harper escapes, blocks a kick, but then gets hit with a spin kick to the head. Jimmy charges at Harper in the corner, but gets backdropped to the outside. Jimmy lands on the apron, but then awkwardly falls to the floor, acting like his knee is hurt. Not sure if the spot was planned that way or not. On the replay, we see Jimmy slipped. The match is continuing, so I’m guessing that was planned. Stardust has tagged in, and he assaults Jimmy on the floor before rolling him in for 2. Goldust tags in and hits a Northern Lariat for 2. He drags Jimmy by his bad knee and tags in Harper, who immediately kicks said knee. Harper hits a European uppercut, but Jimmy comes back with strikes. He hits a sunset flip off the ropes for 2, but then gets nailed with a dropkick by Harper for 2. Rowan tags in for the first time and drops a knee before driving his fists into Jimmy’s head. Jimmy gets to his feet, but gets put back down with a knee. He recovers and manages a desperation Samoan drop off the ropes. Rowan tags in Goldust who goes for a back suplex. Jimmy lands on his feet and nails a superkick. Show and Stardust tag in, with Show hitting a clothesline and a pair of corner clotheslines. He hits a shoulderblock off the ropes and calls for the chokeslam. Goldust comes in, and Show goozles him as well. They fight him off and hit a double suplex. Henry knocks Goldust to the floor with a vertical splash. Harper & Rowan enter the ring and send Henry to the outside as well. They continue the brawl at ringside, with Goldust joining in. Jimmy takes them all out with a suicide dive. In the ring, Stardust hits the Disaster Kick on Show, followed by a dropkick. Jey makes a blind tag as Show hits the Knockout Punch. Jey comes off the top with the Samoan Splash, and this one’s over.


We see Kane with Seth Rollins and Randy Orton, saying RAW was a huge success. Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns won’t soon forget what these two did. Rollins says he knows what makes Reigns tick. It’s too bad Reigns can’t harness that fear. Tonight, they finish him for good. Orton likes the sound of that. Jericho says Orton has had everything handed to him. The beating Jericho suffered on Monday will be nothing compared to the beating they hand out to him tonight. Kane calls that what is best for business.

Wow. First time I’ve seen Gabriel outside of the bunny suit in a long time. Jack Swagger and Zeb Colter are at ringside for this match. The bell rings, but before the action starts, Dallas gets a mic and says that life’s funny sometimes. Most of the crowd are destined to be failures their entire lives. But if they work hard and listen to what he says, they can be just like him; you can all be “America’s Sweetheart”. Now, would you please rise and put your hand over your heart…Zeb cuts him off and says if Dallas is “America’s Sweetheart”, he’s Arianna freaking Grande. I have no clue who that is, so this reference means nothing to me. Zeb emphasizes that even he doesn’t know who that is. Good job there. Dallas needs to admit he’s running a scam. He shouldn’t be in the ring; he should be on an infomercial, selling snake oil. Real Americans don’t need to Bolieve; they need to cover their heart and say, “We the People”.

The action finally starts, with Dallas hitting forearms. Gabriel slides under his legs, hits a few kicks and rolls him up for 2. He hits an Oklahoma roll for another 2, but then gets sent hard into the corner. Dallas hits some mounted punches and a short-arm clothesline. Dallas applies a rear chinlock, and Gabriel counters with a jawbreaker. He hits some more kicks, then nails a forearm to the face. He hits another one off the ropes and follows up with a roundhouse to the chest. He hits a cross-body in the corner, then comes off the top with a springboard version for 2. Gabriel blocks a clothesline and hits an STO before missing an Asai moonsault. Dallas hits a running knee to the face, then hits the Running Bo-Dog for 3.


Dallas challenges Swagger to get in the ring, and Swagger responds. Dallas tries to stop him at the apron, but Swagger shoves him away. Dallas immediately turns tail and heads up the ramp.

AJ Lee is on commentary for the next match, which is fine by me.

Apparently, WWE is still doing the bit with Rae and Layla, despite the fact that absolutely no one is interested. Paige backs Rae to the corner with a lock-up. Rae reverses and attempts to stomp Paige down in the corner. She applies a version of the full-nelson with her legs, then turns it into a bodyscissors while hitting Paige in the back. Paige turns onto her stomach and breaks the hold with a headbutt. She ducks a clothesline and hits a short-arm clothesline of her own. She throws Rae to the middle rope for a series of kneestrikes from the apron, then gets back in the ring to attempt to apply the Black Widow. She mostly gets it right, and Rae taps out.


Layla enters the ring to confont Paige, but Lee stops her with a mule kick to the gut. She then drops Layla with a Paige Turner. Paige gets pissed and tries to lecture Lee, but Lee blows her off and skips her way out of the ring.

Michael Cole is in the ring, and he announces we are getting a USA vs. Russia arm-wrestling contest right now. He then plugs the WWE Network before introducing Mark Henry as the first contestant. Rusev and Lana are out next.

Before the contest starts, we must endure Lana’s usual crap (“Shut tup!”). Her and Henry verbally fellate their “respective” countries (since Lana is from Florida, and Rusev is Bulgarian).

After Rusev chalks up, the two get into position. Rusev pulls away after the start, claiming he slipped. Referee Dan Engler (aka Rudy Charles. Didn’t realize he still worked here) calls for a restart. Rusev re-chalks, and the contest starts. Henry immediately powers Rusev down, winning in easy fashion.


Lana immediately complains to the referee, and that’s when Michael Cole says she and Rusev want a rematch, using the left hands this time.

They lock up again, and Henry once more dominates. That’s when Lana throws chalk in Henry’s face. Rusev nails Henry in the gut with a kick, then another to the back. The Russian flag drops as Rusev celebrates his loss. Rusev starts to leave, but Henry pulls himself to his feet. Rusev knocks him back down with a jumping thrust kick to the face.

Renee Young is standing by with Chris Jericho. She asks about the Cage Match with Bray Wyatt, as well as the attack by Randy Orton. Jericho says that, last Monday night, he fought in one of the greatest Cage Matches in RAW history. He took chances, even scaling to the top of the cage and jumping off onto Wyatt. It was awesome. He took some chances. Some worked, some didn’t. He lost that match, but he did it on his terms, and he can accept that. What he can’t accept is being attacked from behind by Orton to make a statement. By taking Jericho out, Orton makes a statement, but he didn’t finish Jericho off. “The Viper” made a mistake because, as of right now, Jericho is the “Viper Vanquisher”. And, as of right now, after this is over, Orton will never, ever be the same again. Hiss.

We see the Miz and Damien Mizdow. They’re in action next.

Miz and Mizdow come out for their tag team match, and Dolph Ziggler is out next. He grabs a mic and says Miz’s idea for a stunt-double is pretty rad, so, please welcome, for the night, Ziggler’s stunt-double, R-Ziggler.

Dolph and Mizdow start, and Mizdow hits a kneelift. Dolph blocks a punch, hits one of his own, hits a snapmare and lands the Show-Off Elbow. R-Ziggler tags in and applies an arm wringer before hitting a snapmare. He hits a Show-Off Elbow of his own for 2. Dolph tags in and continues the focus on the arm before hitting a dropkick for 2. Dolph applies a front chancery while taunting Miz. He switches places with R-Ziggler as the referee is dealing with Miz. The ref sees what is going on, and apparently decides to let it go for a moment before telling them to swap. Miz tries the same thing, only to get hit with a double hiptoss. Mizdow receives the same fate before both men are clotheslined to the floor. R-Ziggler and Dolph taunt the crowd as we go to commercials.

Back from the break, Miz is in control of Dolph with a rear chinlock. Dolph reverses and kicks Miz away. R-Ziggler makes the hot tag, hitting a couple clotheslines and a corner splash. Mizdow distracts R-Ziggler, then gets knocked to the floor for his troubles. Off the distraction, Miz hits a big boot. Miz stomps R-Ziggler down, then gives himself a money shot before booting R-Ziggler in the face. Mizdow tags in and goes for a cover, getting 2. Mizdow nails a running boot off the ropes for 2, then tags in Miz, who stomps R-Ziggler down. R-Ziggler fights him off, but then gets hit with the Reality Check for 2. Mizdow tags in and goes for the Reality Check, but R-Ziggler counters into a backslide for 2. Miz tags in and hits a legdrop off the ropes as Michael Cole actually makes a “This match may go broad-way” joke. Mizdow backs in, and he goes for the figure-4. R-Ziggler kicks him away, and Miz tags in, knocking Dolph off the apron in the process. Miz turns around into a leaping DDT by R-Ziggler. Dolph pulls himself back up and makes the tag. Mizdow tags in for his team as well, only to get hit by a full-assault by Dolph, ending with a neckbreaker out of the corner. Dolph misses the rocker dropper, and Mizdow goes for the SKF. Dolph escapes and hits the rocker dropper for 2. Miz breaks up the pin, and the referee is trying to get him out of the ring. R-Ziggler comes in, misses an axe kick on Mizdow, and Dolph nails a right. R-Ziggler hits the Zig-Zag, and Dolph gets the pin.


Byron Saxton is with Nikki Bella. He asks about the Jerry Springer intervention. She says it has been a rough week, and the world got a taste of her rough life. She’s the victim here, not Brie, and now everyone knows it. Brie put Springer on a stretcher, and she has to live with that. Now, she’s going to focus on the Divas title, which helps make her forget she has a sister. AJ Lee interrupts and says Nikki weaseled her way into the title match, then calls Nikki Stephanie’s lapdog. The camera pans out to show Paige, saying they shouldn’t be fighting. Lee is right; it’s about her and Lee, not, “whatever-your-name is”. She loves Lee and wants to settle this. She says bye to “Brie”, and as she & Lee leave, Nikki says this will be easy.

Reigns and Orton start, and Orton immediately lays in some right hands. Reigns comes back with a snapmare and a pair of shoulderblocks before clotheslining Orton to the floor. He knocks Rollins off the apron, then heads outside to continue the assault on Orton. He nails Rollins, then tosses Orton back into the ring. Orton recovers and knocks him off the apron, into the announce desk. Commercials.

Back from the break, Orton is choking Reigns on the middle rope. Reigns recovers enough to knock Rollins down on the apron, but Orton continues the assault before getting a 2. Reigns gets to his feet while in a side headlock, then breaks the hold with a version of the blue thunder bomb. Jericho and Rollins tag in, and Jericho hits an overhand blow from the top ropes. He knocks Orton off the apron before hitting Rollins with a Flashback. He catapults Rollins into the buckles, then rolls him up into the Walls of Jericho. He breaks the hold to knock an incoming Orton to the floor, then turns back around to Rollins, hitting him with a running facebuster. He goes for the lionsault, but Orton punches him in the face. Rollins covers him for 2, then tags in Orton. Orton stomps Jericho down, then drops a knee for 2. Orton pulls Jericho up by his hair, and Jericho nails a few chops before getting hit with a powerslam for 2. Orton stomps Jericho in the chest and tags in Rollins. Rollins hits the 3 Amigos, then taunts Reigns on the apron. He charges at Jericho, but gets backdropped to the floor. Rollins rolls into the announce desk as Jericho crawls for a tag. Rollins gets back into the ring and prevents the tag, then tags out to Orton. Orton pulls Jericho to the corner for some forearm shots to the chest, then whips him across the ring. Jericho blocks the charge, then hits a missile dropkick from the middle rope. Jericho starts holding his bad knee, but still manages to crawl to make the tag to Reigns. Reigns knocks Rollins to the floor, then goes for a Samoan drop on Orton. He lets Orton go when Rollins re-enters the ring, hitting Rollins with it instead. He nails a leaping clothesline on Orton, sending him to the corner. He throws Rollins to the corner as well and hits them both with a splash. He knocks Rollins to the floor, then knocks Orton into the bottom rope before hitting the apron kick. Rollins springboards into the ring, but Reigns catches him by the throat and clotheslines him to the floor. Jericho tags in and hits a top-rope cross-body for 2 as Reigns clotheslines Rollins into the crowd outside. Back in the ring, Orton hits the 3.0 as Rollins and Reigns are shown brawling in the crowd. Orton goes for the suspended DDT, but Jericho escapes and rolls Orton up in a quick schoolboy for 3.


WWE The Paul Heyman Story

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