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19 hours ago

John Cena and Brock Lesnar WWE RAW Brawl


WWE is heading into Night of Champions 2014 with one of the worst go-home RAW shows I can remember, yet there was one bright spot. The brawl between John Cena and Brock Lesnar highlighted one of the better RAW segments of the year.

I don’t want to get too much into my Night of Champions predictions because I may do an entire blog on that later in the week. However, you can generally get a feel of who is going over in the top PPV matches by the way the angle plays out on RAW the week before. If that still holds true, it would look to me that Brock Lesnar is retaining the belt on Sunday…as well he should.

One of the things that Cena has said is that he doesn’t necessarily want the belt, he just wants to beat up Brock. I think that was a dead giveaway for the here to read more , , ,

3 days ago

WWE SmackDown Results and September 12 Recap


Chris Jericho and Roman Reigns team up to  take on Seth Rollins and Randy Orton in this week’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown main-event.

MATCH 1: THE WORLD’S STRONGEST TAG TEAM (THE BIG SHOW & MARK HENRY), AND WWE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS THE USOS (JEY & JIMMY) VS. GOLDUST, STARDUST, LUKE HARPER AND ERICK ROWAN (W/BRAY WYATT) Goldust goes after Jimmy, but Jimmy throws him to the corner and nails a series of strikes. Goldust reverses a corner whip, Jimmy puts on the breaks and knocks Goldust down for 1. Goldust recovers and throws him to the heel corner. Stardust tags in and nails a right. Jimmy comes back with a mule kick and a chop. He hits another one in the corner as Jey tags in. Jey hits a chop that sends Stardust into the middle rope. Jey drives his knee into Stardust’s back, then applies an arm wringer. Jimmy back in, here to read more

5 days ago

Hulk Hogan Talks John Cena, State of the WWE, and More

Hulk Hogan Talks John Cena, State of the WWE, and More

Hulk Hogan has never met an interview opportunity he didn’t like. That is evident lately as new Hulk interviews are popping up online weekly. The latest comes from Inside Pulse and while short on time, an interesting conversation nonetheless.

Murtz Jaffer, an admitted Hulkamaniac caught up with Hulk at a recent Fan Expo in Canada. Hogan and Jaffer cover a variety of topics which predictably included Hogan’s memories on wrestling in Toronto. Hulk also talks about the current WWE landscape including where he lies in the “John Cena Sucks debate. Hogan also teases a possible feud with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon, the Authority. Hogan also talks working as a heel or face and what he likes better.

Check out the interview. It’s a quick and dirty conversation with the Hulkster here to read more ,

1 week ago

WWE SmackDown Results & September 5 Recap


John Cena opens this weeks show (at the University of Nebraska) and panders to the crowd, since his new merchandise shares its colors with the Cornhuskers. In 3 weeks, at NoC, he will face Brock Lesnar for the WWE World title. No more talk of whether or not he’s changed or if it’s best for business; at NoC, he will face Lesnar for the title. The match is made, so enough.

Stop talking about whether it’s right or wrong, whether Cena is ready, etc. He’s been here for 12 years and had thousands of matches. After Summerslam, though, everyone is looking at him like he’s at the end of his road, like he’s a fragile old man. He is John Cena. He’s a WWE superstar, and he fights. He does that because he wants to be champion, because that is the symbol of excellence. The day he doesn’t want to here to read more

2 weeks ago

Rob Van Dam Talks Latest WWE Run, Paul Heyman, and More


Former WWE and ECW world champion Rob Van Dam is fresh off of his latest WWE tour of duty and is already doing media. The legendary pro wrestling journalist (and my one-time broadcast partner) Bill Apter was the first to catch RVD who talked about his recent run and much more in the Apter Chat.

“Mr. Monday Night” Rob Van Dam talks about his new schedule, offers some perspective on his latest run, why he left, will he come back, his home decor, TweetSecret, traveling, Paul Heyman’s latest WWE run, his new project, and more. Having interviewed Rob myself several times over the last several years I could tell you that he is always a fun interview and is one of the most revealing superstars you’ll get from the WWE (or just fresh off of). Even better, this interview was done over Skype so you can see Rob in all of here to read more

2 weeks ago

WWE Top 10 Video: World Championship Victories


The WWE has posted one of the more interesting top 10 lists on its YouTube channel. The WWE ranks the top 10 WWE championship wins in a list that is bound to stir debate among wrestling fans.

Before I get into anything I just want to preface this by saying you have to take these lists for what they are. It is someone’s opinion the same as I have my opinion and you have yours. Thus there really is no right or wrong list when it comes to something this subjective. That said, this list is ridiculous!

10 – The Rock defeats Triple H (Backlash 2000) 9 – Eddie Guerrero defeats Brock Lesnar (No Way Out 2004) 8 – Mankind defeats The Rock (Monday Night Raw, 1999) 7 – Randy Savage defeats Ted DiBiase (WrestleMania 4) 6 – Ultimate Warrior defeats Hulk Hogan (WrestleMania 6) 5 – Daniel Bryan defeats Batista, Randy Orton (WrestleMania 30) 4 – John here to read more , , , , ,

2 weeks ago

Happy 35th Birthday WWE Intercontinental Championship


The WWE Intercontinental championship celebrates its 35th birthday today. The Inertcontinental title has wrapped around the waists of some of the greatest workers in WWE history. Its present value may be diminished but its place in history remains strong.

It is almost impossible for someone watching pro wrestling today to understand what the I-C title meant for several decades to WWE fans and wrestlers. At one time some would argue the best workers in the company were rewarded with this prestigious title. Today the title is more a curse than a blessing, but that doesn’t change 35 years of rich history.

The WWE recently ranked the top 25 champions in I-C history on I did my own ranking a here to read more , , , ,

2 weeks ago

WWE SmackDown Results and August 29 Recap


Roman Reigns teams with the World’s Strongest Team to take on the Wyatts this week on WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

MATCH 1: ROMAN REIGNS VS. BRAY WYATT (W/LUKE HARPER AND ERICK ROWAN) The two lock up, and Wyatt breaks free to nail some rights. Reigns throws him to the corner and mounts the middle buckle for some rights of his own. Wyatt escapes and pulls Reigns’ foot from underneath him. Reigns gets whipped across the ring, but rebounds with a clothesline. He hits a few more rights until Wyatt tosses him to the floor. He lands on his feet and gets back on the apron. Wyatt kicks him on the way back in, then hits a vertical splash, knocking Reigns to the floor near the Family. Outside, Wyatt blasts Reigns with a clothesline, then rolls him back in for 1. Wyatt nails Reigns in the back of the head before applying a here to read more

3 weeks ago

Hulk Hogan Talks WWE RAW Birthday Bash, Vince McMahon, and Roman Reigns


Hulk Hogan continues making the rounds to promote the WWE Network and WWE 2K15. A recent interview heard the Hulkster talk about his RAW birthday bash, Vince McMahon, and the next Hulk Hogan or John Cena.

Hogan, along with John Cena recently spoke to Scott Fishman of the Miami Herald. I wanted to focus more on Hogan’s comments as Cena didn’t really say anything ground breaking other than naming Sting, Hogan, and Steve Austin as dream opponents. Hogan on the other hand opened up a little bit more.

One of the most memorable RAW moments of the year just took place a couple of weeks ago. The Hulk Hogan Birthday Bash saw Hogan reunite with friends and enemies from different eras of his career. Roddy Piper, Paul Orndorff, the n.W.o., and others paid respect to the Hulkster. According to Hogan, things here to read more , , ,

3 weeks ago

Hulk Hogan Talks NWO, Heel Turn, and Old Matches


Hulk Hogan was right in the middle of the Monday Night Wars sixteen years ago. The legend of those wars have resurfaced due to a new WWE Network series and Hogan offered a fascinating retrospective in a recent interview.

Hogan gave a recent interview to USA Today focusing on those infamous Monday Night Wars. Hogan arguably offered more introspective on the period in this interview than he has on the recent Monday Night War episodes, although to be fair he has been very good. Here are just some of the highlights..

Hogan was asked how he enjoyed his heel turn with the n.W.o. compared to being the top hero in the business at its peak in the 1980s.

“I was kind of at the crossroads. Vince [McMahon] and I had parted ways a couple of years before, he had an opinion about Hulk Hogan and his longevity and I had a totally different here to read more , , ,

3 weeks ago

The Undertaker Ice Bucket Challenge Video


I never in a million years thought I’d see this one coming. The Undertaker has reappeared after going A.W.O.L. since having his streak broken by Brock Lesnar at WrestleMania 30. The Undertaker has resurfaced as part of the ice bucket challenge with a mysterious video that you would expect from the dead man.

The Undertaker is arguably the most protective of his character in the pro wrestling business. Rarely do you see this man out of character. While he is out of character here, he still keeps it mysterious. The lights are kept dim but you could hear what I would guess is his little girl’s voice in the background having a great time with her daddy and the challenge. Check it out for yourself!

As far as an actual update or status on the Dead Man that is unknown at this time. The rumor immediately after WrestleMania was that Taker would here to read more

4 weeks ago

WWE SmackDown Results and August 22 Recap


Roman Reigns wrestles The Miz, Seth Rollins battles Jack Swagger, and Rob Van Dam takes on Randy Orton on this week’s WWE Friday Night SmackDown.

The show starts off with Randy Orton coming down for yet another coma-inducing interview. He says that, just because you’ve won the battle, doesn’t mean you’ve won the war. One match doesn’t define him or Roman Reigns. He’s been called the Legend Killer, the Apex Predator and the Viper, but he’s never been called a loser. The loss made him more focused, and when he’s focused, things like this tend to happen. We cut away to a video from last month of Orton putting Reigns through the announce desk with an RKO. Back to Orton, he says that is the Apex Predator, and Reigns will get what he deserves, maybe even tonight. First things first, he has a match with RVD tonight. Sorry, Rob, but you here to read more

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