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WWE SmackDown Results and July 30 Recap

July 31, 2015 By: Category: Videos

Seth Rollins is opening the show this week, and he’s smiling. We go to clips from his match with John Cena on RAW, which resulted in Cena suffering a broken knows as a result of a high knee. Back to the arena, Rollins doesn’t care about the “You tapped out” chant. He single-handedly forced Cena to put the Authority back into power, and everyone said “So what?” He became the first man to cash in the MITB case at Wrestlemania, and heard the same thing. He stood toe-to-toe with Brock Lesnar at Battleground, did exactly what he said he would, and all he hears is those same two little words from everyone. A man can only take so much, and on RAW, he reached his breaking point. The unfortunate victim of his rage was Cena. Cena was sent to the ER with the aforementioned broken nose. He pummeled and unloaded on Cena until his nose was smashed sideways across his face. We go back to the footage again, only we see it in slow-motion, which is pretty rough. That’s followed up with black-and-white photos of Cena’s nose. It doesn’t look as bad as Rory MacDonald’s at UFC 189, but still pretty damn nasty. Back to the arena again, Rollins is laughing. What he did to Cena was gruesome, but at the same time, it was kind of beautiful in a way, kind of heavenly and divine. It was like a work of art, but on psychedelic mushrooms. He turned Cena’s face into a Picasso painting. He is an artiste. And John Cena…

Cesaro interrupts, and Rollins says he wasn’t finished. Cesaro knows, because Rollins just goes on and on and on and on and on…about how great Rollins thinks he is, like he always does. But talking about the match on RAW, Rollins failed to mention the best part, when Cena made Rollins tap. Rollins says Cena didn’t make him. It was a strategic move. He has a bigger thing to worry about than the US title. Cesaro says for him to keep telling himself that, champ. And since they have a rematch, Cesaro will see him later tonight. Rollins tells him to “git”, because this is his ring. Cesaro comes back and says that since they’re both here right now, how Cesaro makes him tap out right now? They get in each others’ faces, and a referee appears to make this match official.

Cesaro blocks a kick and hits two dragon screws. He looks for a half-crab, then the Sharpshooter, before Rollins escapes to the floor. Kevin Owens slowly walks down to the ring, and Cesaro notices him. Commercials.

Back from the break, Rollins has Cesaro in a side headlock. The two crisscross before Cesaro catches a cross-body attempt and hits a backbreaker for 2. Owens is on color commentary now. Cesaro goes for the Sharpshooter again, but then instead hits a double-stomp for another 2. Cesaro hits a European uppercut, sending Rollins to the floor. Rollins rolls back in, misses a double axe handle, then gets hit with a sunset flip from the apron. Cesaro rolls through and goes for the Sharpshooter yet again. Rollins gets to the ropes, gets in a quick shot and goes to the middle for a cross-body. Cesaro catches him and hits an elevated northern lights bomb for 2. In the corner, Cesaro lands another European uppercut, followed by another. Rollins comes back with a complete shot into the middle buckle, then dropkicks Cesaro in the back for 2. Rollins mounts Cesaro for a few punches, then lands a European of his own. Cesaro comes back with a trio before eating a kick off the ropes for 2. Rollins applies a rear chinlock, which Cesaro counters with a back suplex. He misses a corner uppercut, then gets dropkicked to the floor. Rollins goes for a suicide dive, but Cesaro hits a European through the ropes. He comes off with a few more in the corner back in the ring, then goes for the Cesaro Swing. Before it can happen, Owens hits the ring and assaults Cesaro, leading to the DQ.


Rollins shoves Owens, acting like he’s pissed, but then the two both stomp Cesaro down as more referees hit the ring and push both men back.

Later tonight, Jack Swagger faces Rusev for the 812th time.

The Prime-Time Players are on color commentary. The New Day come out and call both masked teams winners, then asks if they could be the next champs. Yes, they could, and that means if the New Day win, they could become the new top contenders and then the 2-time champs. When asking who the fans would like to see as the new champs, Big E completely ignores the Ascension. After the pointless squash by Randy Orton and this promo, it’s safe to say the Ascension are dead in the water in WWE.

Viktor and a Matador start. The Matador hits a sweep for 1, ducks a clothesline, puts on the brakes, taunts Viktor, then trips Viktor onto the middle rope. He hits Viktor across the back and slides to the floor, tagging the other Matador in the process. Matador hits a slingshot elbow and tags in Cara, who hits a tope con hilo before applying an armbar. Viktor backs Cara into the corner and tags in Konnor. He stomps Cara down in the corner before tagging in Viktor. The Ascension miss a double clothesline and get hit with a double Asai moonsault. Cara goes up top, but gets knocked to the floor by Woods when the ref’s back is turned. Commercials.

Back from the break, Kofi is stomping Cara down in the corner. E tags in and does the same. Then Konnor. Then Kofi. Then E. Viktor tags in and gets 2, then applies a rear chinlock. Cara fights out before eating an uppercut. E tags in and clubs Cara in the gut. Kofi in, and he hits a running kick for 2. Kofi applies an armbar with a chinlock, but Cara fights out. He goes for a tag, but Kofi yanks him down by the mask for 2. Konnor tags himself in and stomps Cara down. Viktor in, and he whips Konnor in for an avalanche. Konnor then sends Cara into a high knee by Viktor for 2 as one of the Matadores breaks it up. Viktor drops a big elbow for 2, then nails a chop. E tags himself in and stomps Cara down. Kofi tags in, and E whips him in for a low dropkick in the corner. Viktor tags himself in as Kofi hits a catapult under the bottom rope. Viktor gets 2, then applies a rear chinlock. You wouldn’t think these 8 would make a boring match, but you’d be wrong. Viktor throws Cara into the buckles, eats a pair of boots, blocks a tag, then misses a corner splash. Cara pulls himself to the corner as E tags in. Kalisto makes the tag and hits a sprinboard dropkick, followed by a springboard twisting cross-body. He dropkicks the rest of the heels off the apron, then runs into a shot by E before hitting a handspring Tidal Crush. He connects with a tornado DDT before Woods distracts him. Torito hits a kick to the head around the post on Woods. Konnor picks him up for a slam, but then gets wiped out by a double suicide dive, courtesy of Los Matadores. Kalisto turns around and ducks Trouble in Paradise and sends Kofi to the floor. He turns around and gets caught with a vertical splash by E. E picks Kalisto up for the Midnight Hour, but Viktor tags himself in before Kofi has the chance. E nails Viktor before Los Matadores pull E to the floor. Viktor recovers and goes for a leglock, but Kalisto reverses it into a modified victory roll for 3.


New Guy tries to stop Kevin Owens in the back for an interview, but Owens blows him off. New Guy follows him and tells him he’s now in a match tonight. He and Seth Rollins will take on Cesaro and a partner of his choosing. Owens asks who made the match, and New Guy says the Authority. New Guy says he’s sorry, and Owens agrees, but he won’t be as sorry as whoever teams up with Cesaro. Trust him.

Summerslam will be four hours this year. Does anyone care?

We get a video package for Becky Lynch. I love this woman, and it’s not just because of the red hair or the steampunk-themed gear.

The screen cuts to the Wyatt Family. Luke Harper says he used to be a man who thought he had nothing. But Bray Wyatt saved him. He showed Harper the truth, and now, he has everything he never needed. He has a purpose: his life for Wyatt. Wyatt says there’s no doubt in his mind that going into battle with Harper that Harper would be willing to give his life in the name of God. Roman, can you be sure Adam Rose is willing to do the same for you? He’s warned everyone before to be careful, inviting the devil into your backyard, because he might just like it and decide to stay. They’re here to fix the mistake. Anyone but you, Roman. Anyone but you.

Adam Rose is rumored to be the newest member of the Wyatt Family, since Erick Rowan has been shelved with an injury. Needless to say, I’m not happy.

Before the next match, Rusev cuts a promo about Lana’s unprofessional behavior on RAW. Lana disrespected “Hot Summer”. Lana is jealous because she wants to be with Rusev. He knows Lana is watching somewhere. He is ashamed the way he fell for her, then calls her a “Russian wannabe”. He tells Rae that, after he crushes his opponent, he’ll take her and their new puppy, Dog Ziggler, for a walk. Not here in Oklahoma, of course. Mayble they’ll lay down a blanket, stare into each other’s eyes…And Jack Swagger comes out to get squashed in his home state.

What do you think? Rusev wins with the Accolade.


Rusev tries to continue the attack after the match, but misses an avalanche. Swagger hits him with an elevated belly-to-belly and applies the Patriot Lock before Rusev escapes.

New Guy (who I think they called Rip Morgan or something. I don’t know, I wasn’t really listening) is standing by wth Cesaro in the locker room area. He points out the match tonight and asks if he has a partner. Cesaro says not yet, but he’s the one with the issue with Kevin Owens and Seth Rollins. No one owes him anything. If someone wants to join the fight, fine. If not, he’s been on his own his whole career. If he has to do it again tonight, that’s fine. He knows what he’s walking into.

The feud with Neville and Stardust is STILL going.

They lock up, and Truth applies a side headlock before hitting a shoulder off the ropes. They go into the crisscross before Truth hits a forearm. He slaps Stardust and whips him into the corner before missing a splash. Stardust kicks him in the back of the leg and rakes the eyes before hitting a clothesline to the back of the head for 2. Stardust applies a crossface chickenwing, but Truth breaks free and gets in a sunset flip for 2. He connects with a pair of clotheslines and a jumping side kick for 2. Truth goes for an Osaka street cutter, but Stardust escapes and shoves him into the buckles. He then hits the Queen’s Crossbow, the move formerly known as Cross-Rhodes, for 3.


Stardust cuts a promo about outer space while holding a yellow mask molded after his own face. He then calls for Neville before trying to put the mask on Truth. Truth briefly gets away before Neville hits the ring. Neville dropkicks Stardust to the floor, then wipes him out with a twisting suicide dive. He rolls Stardust back into the ring and goes up for the Red Arrow, but Stardust bails through the crowd.

We see Sheamus in the back with a stagehand.

After some commercials, we’re back with Sheamus, who is now with Jo-Jo. She asks what triggered him to attack Randy Orton on RAW. Sheamus says he doesn’t need a trigger. Orton thought he’d show up at Battleground and that would be the end. Not by a long shot. When Sheamus returned to WWE, he targeted the underdogs. He did it because he’s a real man. Orton might fancy himself a real man, but when Sheamus’ Brogue meets Orton’s face and Sheamus is the last man standing, he truly will be the last real man in WWE. Before you think he’s the bad guy in this, Sheamus isn’t responsible. Orton said he’d be waiting for Sheamus to cash in his MITB contract to become the next WWE World Champion. When Sheamus sees a threat, he gets rid of it. All of these attacks will not stop until Orton is gone from WWE. Think about it: WWE without Orton. It’s like a blue sky without clouds, or Oklahoma without Tulsa. It’s a dream come true, and he’s entertained.

The two teams start immediately throwing fists and pair off. Ambrose knocks Rollins to the floor, followed shortly by Cesaro doing the same to Owens. Owens and Rollins re-enter the ring, but it’s more of the same. Commercials.

After the break, the bell rings to officially start. Ambrose and Rollins start. Ambrose hits a snapmare and a low clothesline before tagging in Cesaro. They wishbone Rollins before Cesaro hits a low European uppercut for 2. He hits another in the corner, ducks an Owens clothesline and knocks him to the floor. Rollins takes advantage before tagging Owens in. Owens stomps Cesaro down before foot-choking him, then taunts Ambrose. Owens nails a chop and a few punches before hitting a back elbow. Cesaro comes back with a boot and tries to fight his way out of the corner before Owens puts a stop to that. Owens stomps Cesaro some more, then tags in Rollins. They get in a couple shots on Cesaro before Rollins connects with a short-arm clothesline for 2. Rollins applies a rear chinlock as Ambrose bounces on the apron. Cesaro fights out with Europeans before Rollins nails a Ghetto Blaster. A jumping elbow gets 2, and now Owens is back in. More stomps for Cesaro, followed by a running senton for 2. Owens hits a couple straight rights for another 2, then applies a rear chinlock. Cesaro counters with a back suplex, then crawls for the tag. Owens cuts him off and sends him into the corner. Cesaro sidesteps a charge and sends Owens into the post. Rollins tags in, gets backdropped to the apron, then heads up for the flying knee. He misses as Cesaro rolls for the tag to Ambrose. Ambrose hits a cross-body into some mounted punches, then throws Rollins to the corner for some stomps, a running forearm and a bulldog. Rollins heads to the apron, dropkicks Owens in the knee, then backdrops Rollins to the floor. He hits Rollins with a suicide dive and follows up with a chop before rolling him back in. Owens tries to knock Ambrose down, but gets kicked away from the buckles. Ambrose dives over Rollins, lands on his feet, then intercepts a thrust kick and looks for Dirty Deeds. Rollins escapes before getting rolled up for 2. Ambrose ducks a roundhouse and hits a back suplex into a sit-out facebuster for 2. Ambrose sets Rollins up in the corner for a superplex, but Rollins blocks while calling for help. Ambrose sees Owens coming and knocks him to the floor. He goes up again, but Rollins rakes the eyes, flips over Ambrose and runs across the ring with a corner powerbomb for 2. Rollins heads up top and connects with the flying knee before following up with a thrust kick for 2. Owens is back on the apron and looks for the tag, which he gets. He knocks Cesaro off the apron on the other side, then heads up top. Ambrose recovers enough to crotch him, then goes up top for a superplex. Owens fights him off, but Ambrose shakes it off, nails a forearm and tries again. Owens blocks it and hits a twisting superplex for 2, only to have Cesaro break it up with a double-stomp to the back. Owen goes after Cesaro who drops to the floor. Owens then turns his attention back to Ambrose, missing a running senton in the process. Cesaro tags in and blasts Owens with Europeans in the corner, then powers him up on his shoulders with a modified Argentinean backbreaker, only to turn it into a front powerbomb for 2. Cesaro breaks his own pin to lock in the crossface, which he breaks when he sees Rollins coming in. He grabs Rollins by the legs and hits him with the Cesaro Swing before locking in the Sharpshooter. He breaks it when he sees Owens coming back and clotheslines him to the floor. Rollins climbs up top, but gets cut off by Ambrose. Ambrose finally hits the superplex on Rollins, then clotheslines him to the floor. He turns around into an Owens superkick. Owens goes for the pop-up powerbomb, but Ambrose instead leapfrogs over Owens, as well as Cesaro who is right behind. Cesaro rolls Owens up off the ropes and gets 3.


Awesome tag team match. These are the kinds of guys the main event picture should be full of right now.


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Roddy Piper Tells Hulk Hogan Critics To Get Over It (Video)

July 30, 2015 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

Arguably, Hulk Hogan’s greatest WWE rival was “Rowdy” Roddy Piper. So naturally Piper would have a lot to say regarding Hogan’s recent fall from grace and TMZ Sports was lucky enough to get it all on video.

Piper has been fairly outspoken on Hogan’s mess ever since the first transcript of Hogan using racial slurs was released earlier in the week. Piper has never been a guy to mince words nor has he been afraid to embrace controversy. As a matter of a fact, Piper is currently involved in his own controversy with Stone Cold Steve Austin over a podcast. Needless to say, Piper has an opinion and isn’t afraid to give it.

Piper feels that we should all move on. Piper says we should get over it. Piper says that it was impossible to be racist in the pro wrestling business. Coming from a man who painted half of his body in black-face during a feud with an African American Wrestler, I wouldn’t expect much less.

Check out the video for yourself courtesy of TMZ Sports. A much more coherent performance than his appearance earlier in the week on the Rich Eisen Show.

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WWE 2K16 Terminator Parody Video Featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger

July 28, 2015 By: Category: Entertainment, Video Games, Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

One WWE Hall of Famer may be out of WWE 2K16, but a recent Hall of Famer is coming in. A new video showcases a new member of the roster making his WWE video game debut.

Arnold Schwarzenegger will be making his WWE video game debut as the Terminator. Yes, the Terminator will be a WWE pre-order special character for 2K16. If they decide to go with a WCW classic mode, maybe you’ll have the opportunity to book a Terminator vs. RoboCop battle for the cruiserweight title?

I haven’t played WWE video games in well over a decade, but this one looks pretty cool. Best of all may be this promotional video WWE 2K posted on their YouTube channel, recreating a scene from the Terminator with WWE superstars. Of course, all sense of logic is lost when you see Daniel Bryan sitting at the bar.

WWE 2K16 hits the shelves October 27 in North America.

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WWE Battleground 2015 Results and Recap: Undertaker Returns, Owens Taps

July 19, 2015 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

TheThe Undertaker WWE Battleground road to SummerSlam began at WWE Battleground. The prelude to the biggest party of the summer kicked off with one of the most exciting angles in recent memory to set up one of the biggest SummerSlam seasons in recent WWE history.

The Undertaker returned in what was arguably the best angle of 2015. The Undertaker returned to set up a big money rematch with Brock Lesnar at SummerSlam. The return of the Dead Man while predicted and reported prior to the show, still came as a bit of a shocker in the way it was done. The heat for it was the best of any angle I can remember on a WWE show in recent memory. Lesnar and Taker are expected to wrestle at SummerSlam.

The return came at the conclusion of the Seth Rollins vs. Brock Lesnar match. Lesnar dominated Rollins for most of the match, sans a brief flurry of offense from Rollins. Lesnar at one point hurdled the barricade in a jump that was much more impressive than it sounds. The finish came when Lesnar dropped Rollins with the F5. The ref began to count, the lights went out, the bells rang, and Undertaker was in the ring. The best part of the entire angle was Undertaker’s facials. His eyes were bulging out of his head the entire time he was in the ring. It was simply awesome! Rollins disappeared and Lesnar looked scared and confused. Taker kicked Lesnar with a low blow and eventually hit a choke slam and laid him out with two tombstones. Again it was the look on Taker’s face that put this thing over the top. The reaction from the fans made this probably the biggest “must see” WWE moment since Lesnar defeated Taker at Mania 30.

I blogged shortly after Mania 30 that a Taker vs. Lesnar Mania rematch would be a blockbuster matchup. Between the shock of the moment and Heyman’s constant taunting of Taker, I think it would have been huge which was I was surprised that Taker came back for a mid-card match with Bray Wyatt. I love the revenge angle and it will be big but I can’t help thinking that they are losing out by not pulling this angle off at the Royal Rumble and setting it up for WrestleMania 32. Regardless, this will be the first non-Mania big match the Undertaker has worked in years and that is something to get excited about.

The timing of it all does seem odd in that the WWE finally pulled the trigger on turning Lesnar babyface. The crowd has booed Heyman at any mention of the streak and the crowd in St. Louis were 100% pro-Taker when he laid out Lesnar. It will be interesting to see where things go post-SummerSlam for Lesnar and Heyman.

The finish leaves the belt on Rollins and leaves the situation between Lesnar and Rollins open. I predict with Cena winning and the ratings woes RAW has experienced this summer (although I’d expect that to end tomorrow night) that Cena will wrestle Rollins at SummerSlam and regain the WWE championship. I don’t know this nor have I seen it reported, it’s just a gut feeling reading the lay of the land and seeing Vince go back to Cena a couple of weeks ago to close out RAW.

In what will go down as one of the most disappointing, yet expected results of the night John Cena defeated Kevin Owens…by tap out. To say that fans on social media are irate would be an understatement. These two had another very good match, probably not as good as their last but very good nonetheless. I do think that having three matches so close together prevented this one from being appreciated as the classic that it was. Cena defeated Owens via tap out when Owens was caught in the STF. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I published a blog shortly after Owens won the first match reminding all of you optimists out there that Cena never loses twice in these situations. At least he’s consistent!

I can’t describe this as anything other than disappointing. Owens had a ton of steam coming out of Extreme Rules but has been marginalized ever since Payback. Owens desperately needed a win here and while he still got himself over with a loss at Payback, this was not the case at Battleground. I am not sure where you go from here. I think Owens and Cena need to be kept a part for a while. Owens will be challenging Finn Balor for the NXT title at NXT’s biggest event in history on SummerSlam weekend. However, it seems like a step backwards for Owens to win the NXT title and I think it’s too soon for Balor to lose.

Bray Wyatt defeated Roman Reigns in a bit of a shocker. The finish saw former Wyatt family member Luke Harper interfere and attack Roman Reigns outside of the ring. Bray then hit a Sister Abigail on the apron, rolled Wyatt back into the ring, and covered Reigns for the win. The match was much better than you probably would have expected. It was very similar to a house show match I saw the two have but with much better timing. At one point the crowd was chanting “This is awesome!” I am not sure if I agree with that, but it was a pretty damned good match nonetheless.

One thing that I’d like to point out is that while Harper was wearing a hooded sweatshirt it was obviously him. Yet the commentators all “had no idea” who it was, not even a guess that it could be a former Wyatt family member. I think the announcers all look like idiots while most casual fans who aren’t necessarily the “experts” can clearly see who the attacker is.

The rumor is that the finish set up the Wyatts vs. Reigns and Sting for SummerSlam. That would certainly make sense coming out of the match. It’s a great spot for Reigns who will likely avoid the booing when he is teaming with Sting. It’s also a great spot for someone like Sting to come in and help get Wyatt and Reigns over.

Full WWE Battleground matches and winners…
Seth Rollins defeated Brock Lesnar via DQ to retain the WWE title
John Cena defeated Kevin Owens to retain the U.S. title
Charlotte defeated Sasha Banks and Brie Bella
Bray Wyatt defeated Roman Reigns
Prime Time Players defeated the New Day to retain the WWE tag team titles
Randy Orton defeated Sheamus
King Barrett defeated R-Truth

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WWE: Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe

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WWE SmackDown Results and July 16 Recap

July 17, 2015 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

This Sunday is WWE Battleground, although no one really seems to care. Roman Reigns makes his way down through the crowd. After seeing a clip of the fight between Reigns and Bray Wyatt on RAW, Reigns says this started when Wyatt screwed him at MITB. Ever since then, he’s interfered in every one of Reigns’ matches and tried to get in his head with stupid mind games. Reigns is sick of it, and Wyatt isn’t in his head. He can’t break Reigns’ focus. If he could, Reigns wouldn’t have whipped him on RAW all over Atlanta. Wyatt needs to stay out of his business tonight, because he’s got a good one for Birmingham. He’s teaming with Dean Ambrose, and they’re bringing the fight to Sheamus and Big Show. The good guys…

The lights go out, and Wyatt appears on the TitanTron, clapping. He’s impressed. It appears the prophecy is true. Reigns is the perfect combination of brutality and brains. What is it that Reigns did to deserve those gifts? What gave him the right to try and make a clown out of Wyatt? On RAW, he didn’t need to turn around to find Reigns; he knew he was there. He could feel Reigns’ presence. For a moment, he was like everyone else and admired Reigns. He can see why they chose Reigns and believe in him. After all, Reigns is the unattainable. A stone monument that represents all that is good in this world. But understand Wyatt when he says his hand is the hammer, and at Battleground, the hammer destroys the monument and leaves it crumbling on the ground. *Laughs* Reigns says Wyatt keeps talking about this hammer. Why doesn’t he bring it down to the ring? Or is he going to stay on the TV all night? It sounds like Birmingham wants him to come down the ring now. Wyatt laughs and says Reigns holds no power over him. This is what true power looks like, and while Reigns stands out there with the insignificant people, just because they cheer for him, chant his name…go on, Reigns. Collect your roses, gladiator, because at the end of the day, none of them are real. But what is real is that while Reigns is in the ring, gallivanting around, Wyatt is back here with everything Reigns actually cares about. Does Reigns honestly think he can protect them all from him? He’s capable of some horrific things, and their game has only just begun. *Laughs* Reigns says the only thing that’s real is the whole world saw the “Face of Fear” run from Reigns live on RAW. Wyatt says that’s the fire that he’s been trying to get out of Reigns. Give it to him, because he knows that when he corners this vicious dog, he’s expecting the dog to bite him. But what Reigns doesn’t understand is that he’s the master, and when he raises his hand, that vicious dog will sit and obey. He wants Reigns to take some advice: Before Battleground, he wants Reigns to go home and surround himself with the people he loves most, and he wants Reigns to kiss them, tell them he loves them, and tell them he’s sorry. After Battleground, he won’t be able to promise he’s coming home. Anyone but you. Anyone but you.

The Prime-Time Players are on commentary for this match. Cara and Kofi start with a lock-up. Kofi applies a side headlock, hits a shoulder off the ropes, goes into a crisscross, poses for the crowd, then starts clapping. Cara applies a headlock now and hits his own shoulder off the ropes. More crisscrossing until Cara hits a springboard cross-body. Kofi comes back with some shots and tags in E. E tees off on Cara in the corner, then tags Kofi backs in. Cara boots both of them and counters an E arm wringer with a takedown on E and a headscissors on Kofi simultaneously. Kalisto tags in and Cara wheelbarrows him onto Kofi for 2. Cara back in, and he comes off the top, hitting Kofi with a forearm to the back. E makes a blind tag, Cara ducks a double clothesline and goes for another cross-body. E and Kofi catch him and dump him to the floor. Commercials.

Back from the break, E and Kofi take turns stomping Cara down in the corner. E whips Kofi in for a low dropkick in the corner, and Kofi follows up with a kick off the ropes for 2. Kofi applies a half-nelson/chinlock combo, but Cara elbows out. Kofi trips him and slides to the floor in the process. Back in, Kofi goes to the middle rope and snaps off a hurricanrana, but Cara rolls through for 2. Kofi nails Kalisto before kicking Cara and tagging in E. E locks in an abdominal stretch, but Cara knees his way out. E catches him with a back elbow off the ropes for 2, then kicks him across the ring. Cara blocks a corner charge, fights off Kofi, dives over E and tags in Kalisto. Kalisto hits a springboard cross-body, then goes for a corkscrew plancha. E catches him and sends him into the ropes, where he hits a handspring Tidal Crush. Kalisto trips him before hitting a Kalisto Kick. He ducks an incoming Kofi and nails him, knockin him to the floor. Cara wipes Kofi out with a suicide dive. Kalisto gets grabbed from behind by E for a roll-up, but he counters into a Salida del Sol and goes for the pin before Woods jumps up on the apron. Cara blasts him with a kick and calls for a tag, but Kofi yanks him down. Kalisto tees off on E and goes for an Asai moonsault. E catches him before tagging in Kofi and the two hit the Midnight Hour for 3.


Woods grabs a mic and tells the PTP that what just happened is what the power of positivity is all about, baby. Kofi says the PTP thought they could keep the New Day down, but what they failed to realize is when they ride the train of positivity, there is nothing in the world that can derail them. E then just orders the crowd to clap, because at Battleground, they’re taking what is rightfully theirs, and prime time is their time. The belts return to them, and they become the new WWE Tag Team Champions. Woods says then everyone will sing with them, “New-Tag-Champs”. The PTP hit the ring, so the New Day bail.

Roman Reigns is in the locker room with Dean Ambrose. Ambrose checks to see if Reigns is good. Reigns says he’s just ready for Sunday. He’s ready to beat the crap out of Bray Wyatt and be done with him. Ambrose is sick of him, too. He’s lucky they didn’t do worse to him on Monday. He wants to take care of the jokers tonight and keep an eye out for Wyatt.

Swagger takes Barrett down by the waist, then rolls him over for 1. He picks Barrett up by the neck, but Barrett quickly gets to the ropes for the break. Swagger goes for a waistlock again after tripping the leg. He then powers Barrett up for a takedown. He goes for it again, but Barrett elbows out and nails Swagger in the corner. Swagger gets corner-whipped, avoids a splash and hits a clothesline off the ropes. Swagger goes for the Swagger Bomb, but Barrett sees it coming and rolls to the floor. Swagger follows and slams him face-first into the apron before rolling him back in. On the apron, Barrett nails a mule kick, then throws Swagger into the top buckle. He drapes Swagger across the top, nails some forearms to the back and goes for a kick. Swagger avoids contact, and Barrett collides with the buckles. Swagger hits a hotshot from the apron and rushes back in, only to have Barrett nail him in the face. Barrett follows up with the Royal Bull Hammer and gets 3.


R-Truth’s music hits, and he starts to do a speech, but Barrett cuts him off. He says this has gone on way too long. He’s sick of Truth’s nonsense. He’s the King of the Ring because he won an 8-man tournament, defeating 3 wrestlers in less than 24 hours. Truth was in the tournament, but wasn’t good enough to win it, so he makes a mockery of Barrett’s crown. The crown is one of the most prestigious accolades in the history of WWE. Some of the all-time greats have been the King, including himself. Truth wants to come out every week, no matter how many times Barrett beats him, to make a mockery of the crown. That’s fine, but the jokes and laughter end on Sunday. Barrett is going to beat him so badly, Truth will be on his knees, bowing down to the true King, and all will hail King Barrett.

We see Cesaro getting ready for his match. Kevin Owens spots him, wishes him luck, then walks away.

The two lock up and jockey for position. Rusev eventually controls and backs Cesaro into the corner. He misses a clothesline, and Cesaro takes him down with a waistlock before rolling him over into a crucifix for 1. He holds onto the waistlock before Rusev gets to the ropes. Rusev gets in a couple cheap shots, then clubs Cesaro down. Rusev hits a kick off the ropes, but Cesaro no-sells and nails a clothesline. He goes for a suplex, but Rusev fights him off and clubs him across the back. Rusev hits a knee, then goes for a suplex. Cesaro blocks twice and powers Rusev up for one of his own, getting a 1-count. Cesaro nails a right and a European uppercut. Rusev backdrops him to the apron, then tries to throw him into the buckles. Cesaro blocks counters and climbs back in. Rusev catches him with a knee and a goofy-looking swinging back suplex. Rusev stomps Cesaro down befor foot-choking him against the bottom rope. Rusev corner-whips Cesaro, then catches him with a knee to the chest. Rusev knocks him down with a punch, then lays in some stomps. Cesaro comes back with some rights and body shots. He ducks a clothesline and hits a German suplex. He hangs on for a second, but Rusev elbows his way out and hits a vertical splash against the ropes before dropping Cesaro with a fall-away slam for 2. Commercials.

Back from the break, Rusev headbutts Cesaro in the back before applying a rear chinlock. Cesaro elbows out, ducks a clothesline and hits a springboard European uppercut. He follows up with more uppercuts in the corner, then hits an overhead slam for 2. He sends Rusev to the floor with a dropkick and goes for a suicide dive. Rusev nails a forearm through the ropes, comes back in, ducks a clothesline and hits a spinning heel kick for 2. Rusev stomps Cesaro on the back and Cesaro then counters the Accolade attempt by rolling onto his back. He pulls Rusev down for a Sharpshooter, then instead hits a double-stomp to the gut. Cesaro goes for the Neutralizer, but Rusev backdrops him. Cesaro lands on his feet, then turns around into a thrust kick. Rusev calls for the Accolade again, stomping Cesaro in the back. He tries to lock it in, but Cesaro blocks it before grabbing the ropes. Rusev stomps him down, then charges in, only to get low-bridged to the floor. Cesaro dropkicks him through the ropes and lands outside as well. He charges in, only to have Rusev nail him with a big kick. Rusev rolls Cesaro back in and breaks the 10-count at 9, but then decides to go up top. He goes for a dive, but Cesaro meets him mid-air with a Very European Uppercut. Cesaro hits the Neutralizer and gets the 3!


Cesaro becomes only the second man to pin Rusev, and he proceeds to celebrate with the fans in the front row. That’s a good win for Cesaro, and I hope it leads somewhere.

New Guy approaches Sheamus (who is now sporting a bull ring) for an interview about tonight’s main event, as well as his match with Randy Orton on Sunday. What are Sheamus’ thoughts on his upcoming challenges? Sheamus say they might seem like big challenges to a little man like New Guy, but he is just one Brogue Kick away from becoming the next WWE World Champion. It’s just another day at the office. He doesn’t cower from challenges; he embraces them. Tonight will be fun when he teams up with Big Show to take on Ambrose and Reigns. And he can’t wait to see the smile on his own face after what happens in the ring tonight. He wants to send a message to Orton, who has been jumping and mocking him. He invites Orton to watch tonight and see the battering he gives his opponents, because it’ll be nothing compared to the beating at Battleground. Tonight is about competition, but Sunday is personal, and everyone will be entertained.

Neville blocks a kick and applies a side headlock. They crisscross before Neville hits a seated dropkick. He lands a spinning back kick before Stardust hits a misdirection forearm. He stomps Neville down in the corner, then lands a snapmare and a running knee to the face for 1. Stardust drives his knee into Neville’s back, then takes him down with a rear chinlock. Neville snapmares out, runs into a back elbow, then leapfrogs an incoming Stardust, sending him crashing to the floor. Neville heads out and connects with an Asai moonsault beore rolling Stardust back in. He goes for a slingshot sunset flip, but Stardust drops down for the pin and grabs the ropes. The ref sees it before he counts three, leading the two to argue. Neville then surprises Stardust with a victory roll and gets 3.


New Guy stops Neville in the back to congratulate him on his victory after his loss on RAW. What was his strategy in this match? Neville starts to talk about strategy when he gets attacked by Stardust from behind. Stardust then rambles.

We see Sasha Banks, Naomi and Tamina watching clips from the 9-woman brawl on RAW, when Jo-Jo asks for a reaction to that brawl. Naomi says finally, the odds are even. Her and Tamina having been riding together, but now they have the NXT Women’s Champion with them. Banks says “The Boss” (horrible nickname) is here in WWE. It’s their time to take over and run the divas division. The Bella Tw*ts, Alicia Fox, Paige, Charlotte and Becky Lynch want to step to them? They think they can take Banks and her girls? They’ll handle their business. Naomi says they’re bad, the best at dominating. Why? Because they are the most amazing & athletic diva, the most power diva and the baddest diva on the same team. They are the trifecta. They didn’t come here to make friends or play nice. Play time is over. Banks says you can bank on that. Tamina then stares Jo-Jo down.

The IC triple threat that was supposed to feature Ryback, Show and the Miz for the title has been canceled due to Ryback suffering a staph infection in his knee. Sheamus locks up with Ambrose and backs him into the corner. Ambrose reverses, then grabs a waistlock and takes Sheamus down. Sheamus backs him to the ropes, turns around and hits a European uppercut. He hits another out of the corner, but then Ambrose comes back with some forearms. Sheamus catches him with a kneelift and a snapmare before kicking him in the spine. Sheamus hits another European uppercut, misses a clothesline and gets caught with a flying forearm. Ambrose hits another in the corner and goes for a bulldog. Sheamus shoves him off and hits a forearm, but Ambrose rebounds with a clothesline and knocks Sheamus to the floor. Reigns tags in as Show checks on Sheamus on the floor and nails them both with a running apron kick. Back in, he tags in Ambrose, who wipes them both out with a flying elbow. Commercials.

Back from the break, Reigns tags in to face off with Show, who is now legal. Show goes for a test of strength, but quickly breaks it and throws Reigns to the corner. He goes for a big chop, but Reigns fights out with kicks and punches. Ambrose tags in and hits Show with several punches and chops before running into a shoulderblock. Sheamus tags in and hits a standing release suplex. Ambrose comes back with punches and gets him against the ropes for a running dropkick. He follows up with a second, then goes off the ropes, only to have Show yank him down. Sheamus capitalizes with the Irish Curse for 2, then tags in Show. Show boots Ambrose, then punches him in the gut. I just realized Show isn’t wearing a shirt like he did last week. Not sure what that was about. Anyway, Show hits a bodyslam, then walks across Ambrose’s gut. He connects with the Nightmare on Helms Street for 2, then throws Ambrose to the corner for a pair of chops beofre tagging out to Sheamus. Sheamus throws him to the adjacent corner, hits a running shoulder thrust, a kneelift and an Irish Hammer. Show tags back in and hits another bodyslam. Show misses a big elbow off the ropes, and Ambrose makes the tag. Sheamus also tags in, and Roman drops him with a trio of clotheslines. He hits several more in the corner, then nails a big uppercut and a Samoan drop. Reigns calls for the Superman Punch, sees Show getting back up and goes after him instead. Show catches him with a goozle and shoves him into Sheamus’ White Noise for 2 as Ambrose breaks it up. Ambrose then dropkicks Show in the knee, sends him to the floor and goes for a suicide dive. Show catches him by the throat and goes for a chokeslam through the announce desk, but Ambrose counters with a DDT through the desk. Back in the ring, Reigns and Sheamus trade punches and uppercuts. Reigns gets the best of the exchanges before being thrown to the corner. Reigns backdrops an incoming Sheamus, but Sheamus lands on the apron, peppers Reigns with punches and then hits a hotshot. Sheamus heads up for the Battering Ram, but Reigns sees it coming. Sheamus rolls through and turns around into a Superman Punch. Reigns calls for the spear, but Bray Wyatt appears out of nowhere and attacks Reigns, leading to the DQ.


Wyatt goes for Sister Abigail, but Reigns escapes and nails a Superman Punch. Sheamus is back up and he goes for the Brogue Kick. Reigns ducks and nails him with a spear.


WWE: Daniel Bryan: Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes! on

WWE: Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe

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WWE SmackDown Results & June 9 Recap

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The show emanates from Milwaukee, WI this week, and we’re kicking off with Seth Rollins, sans J&J Security, as a result of the attack by Brock Lesnar on RAW. He says on RAW, he marched to the ring and he did the unthinkable. Boo all you want, but he is more of a man than anyone in the arena. This past RAW, he came to the ring and called out Brock Lesnar. He gave Lesnar every opportunity to come into the ring, like a man, stare him down, like a man, and prove to the world he is the beast everyone thinks he is. Instead, Lesnar proved to the world what he truly is: Lesnar is a coward. Lesnar is a coward because instead of staring Rollins in the eyes like a man, he took his frustrations out on Rollins’ brand-new, $56,000, 2015 Cadillac CTS. When Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury to stop him, Noble got his arm snapped like a twig, and Mercury got suplexed through the windshield. It’s not the car that bothers him so much. 56 grand is pocket change. It’s what the card represented. It was a gift he gave to his friends, his family. Lesnar messed with his family, so at Battleground, he will not only slay the beat, he will humiliate Lesnar.

He’s interrupted when we hear a loud beeping in the arena. Rollins looks up to the stage, where a flat-bed tow truck is carrying what’s left of the Caddy.

Paul Heyman comes out on the stage. He introduces himself, and he’s here to confess his sins. Admittedly, he’s the advocate of the beast that did that damage to that car, the conqueror, Brock Lesnar. He could come out and spew a bunch of stupid metaphors like how Rollins is alone in the ring and he’ll be alone without J&J at Battleground when he loses the WWE World title to Lesnar, or metaphor about how the damage to the car pales in comparison to the damage that will be suffered by Rollins for violating the 11th Commandment, “Thou shalt not intentionally provoke the beast, Brock Lesnar”. But the truth is, the metaphor that applies is the damage to the car will pale in comparison to the damage when Lesnar on July 19th at Battleground, gets his hands on Rollins and drags him to the pits, not of hell, but to a place far, far, far worse, a place they like to call “Suplex City”. Rollins wants to know what Heyman is doing here. Heyman thinks the car is a metaphor for what Rollins will look like after Battleground? No, that car is a metaphor for what Lesnar will look like after what Rollins does to him. And Heyman wants to talk about Rollins being alone? After Battleground, Heyman will be alone, because he will no longer have a client to advocate for. Did he and Lesnar forget who Rollins is? He is the “Architect”. He destroyed the Shield. He cashed in his MITB contract at Wrestlemania and took the title from Heyman’s client. He’s also the man who reunited the Authority and left Lesnar laying in the ring. So, Paul, who do you think will walk out of Battleground the champion? Heyman is happy to answer this question. The person that will leave Battleground as champion is the one that will have his foot on Rollins’ chest, with the title in the air, and he will be declared the brand-new reigning, defending, undisputed WWE World Champion, Brooooo….

Rollins tells Heyman to shut up repeatedly. He’s heard enough of this crap. The man who will walk out of Battleground as the reigning, defending, undisputed World Champion is Seth Rollins. I think some of the audio was re-recorded there, because it didn’t sound right when Rollins said “reigning, defending, undisputed”.

Jimmy Uso is STILL on commentary. Who in the bloody hell thought this was a good idea?

Of course, Dallas comes out with a mic. He says after months of falling short of winning the WWE World title, Ambrose looks like he’s in need of some inspiration. And maybe a shower. Help is on the way, though. Last week at a WWE live event, he inspired the Rock to strive for greatness. Look at him now, starring in a hit TV show on HBO. He’s on top of the world, thanks to Dallas. If he can turn bland, unattractive people into mega-stars, then there’s still hope for Ambrose. All he has to do is Bolieve!

The two trade waistlocks before Ambrose goes for an arm wringer. Dallas tries to reverse, but gets pulled to the mat. Ambrose applies a hammerlock, but Dallas gets a rope-break. Dallas comes back in, misses a clothesline and gets rolled up for 2. Ambrose nails a chop to the chest, then corner-whips him. He hits a forearm and goes for a bulldog, but Dallas escapes and sends Ambrose shoulder-first into the ring post twice. He then does it a third time across the ring, and Ambrose falls to the floor. Dallas heads out and sends Ambrose into the barricade, then rolls him back in. Ambrose rolls to the apron, so Dallas heads to the floor and nails some forearms to the back with Ambrose draped across the apron. Dallas continues the attack, while covering Ambrose’s head with the ring skirt. Back in, Dallas hits a belly-to-belly off the ropes for 2, then applies a cravat. Commercials.

Back from the break, Dallas has Ambrose in a version of a crossface. Ambrose escapes, gets punched and nails a rebound clothesline. He lays in some jabs and backhands, ducks a clothesline and clotheslines Dallas to the floor near the announce desk. Ambrose sends him onto the table with a suicide dive, then mocks Dallas’ stupid sideways “thumb’s up” pose. He rolls Dallas back in the ring and goes up top, but Dallas recovers and hits a belly-to-belly superplex. Dallas then hits a complete shot in super slo-mo, but only gets 2. Dallas grabs Ambrose by the hair and goes for the Running Bo-Dog. Ambrose throws him off, avoids a corner charge, hits a clothesline and a running bulldog. Ambrose goes for Dirty Deeds, but Dallas backdrops him. Ambrose holds on and tries for a sunset flip, so Dallas sits down for 2. Dallas then argues with the ref before going for a clothesline. Ambrose ducks and hits Dirty Deeds for 3.


We see Seth Rollins in the Authority’s office, and he’s joined by the Big Show. He says with Lesnar taking J&J out like that and coming after Rollins, times are tough, and Rollins has to be a bit overwhelmed right now. Rollins says he can take the neanderthal down by himself…but if Show would like to help burn Suplex City to the ground…Show says no. He’s just here to make sure Rollins is focused on Ryback tonight. Rollins says he’ll make an example of Ryback tonight. He’ll show Ryback brains always beat brawn, and then at Battleground, he’ll destroy Lesnar. Show says that’s the right attitude, and that’s why Rollins is the champion. Show is going to do Rollins a favor and take care of Roman Reigns tonight. Oh, we get another installment of Show vs. Reigns? Goodie!

Rusev backs Fandango into the corner, but Fandango escapes and hits some chops. Rusev comes back with one of his own, misses a clothesline and gets hit with a spinning headscissors. He misses a corner attack but then hits a shoulder off the ropes. He connects with a vertical splash after a crisscross, then stomps Fandango down before dropping an elbow. Rusev kicks Fandango in the gut before Fandango comes back with some weak punches. Rusev hits a back elbow off the ropes, then applies a double trapezius claw. Fandango eventually escapes and snaps off some jabs before ducking a clothesline and hitting a seated dropkick. He nails a chop in the corner before getting corner-whipped. He blocks a charge with an elbow, then hits a flying clothesline to the back of the head for 2. Fandango goes up top once more, dives over an incoming Rusev, then gets nailed with a thrust kick. Rusev stomps Fandango in the back, locks in the Accolade and gets the quick submission.


After the match, Rusev reapplies the hold as Summer Rae continues to look absolutely horrible in every possible way.

Show is now wrestling in a shirt under his singlet, and looking fatter than ever. That’s pretty much the only thing of note here. It’s a Big Show match, after all.

Near the end, Reigns calls for the Superman Punch, but the lights go out. Bray Wyatt’s music hits, and someone who looks like Wyatt comes out on the stage. As Reigns is staring at him, the real Wyatt sneaks up onto the apron out of nowhere. Reigns turns around and manages to knock him to the floor. He turns back around, ducks a KO Punch, escapes chokeslam attempt, hits two Superman Punches and calls for the spear. Wyatt recovers and grabs Reigns legs, crotching him around the ring post, leading to the DQ.


After the match, Show hits a chokeslam before leaving. Wyatt enters the ring and crab-walks over to Reigns from the corner, then lays Reigns out with Sister Abigail.

Kofi causes a distraction, which allows E to nail Titus from behind. He stomps Titus down in the corner, then clubs him in the chest. E hits a vertical splash off the ropes for 2, then applies an abdominal stretch before clubbing Titus in the chest again. Titus manages to toss E to the floor, but E lands on his feet and gets back up on the apron. Titus catches him with a knee through the ropes, then slingshots him back into the ring. Titus nails a shoulderblock and a clothesline, then hits a bodyslam. A legdrop off the ropes connects, and Titus follows up with an avalanche. E catches him off the ropes with a belly-to-belly, and now Woods is distracting the referee as Kofi jumps on the apron on the other side of the ring. He goes for a sneak attack, but the referee sees him. He then ejects both Kofi and Woods from ringside. E argues with the referee just before turning around into the Clash of the Titus for 3.


Yay! It’s “Story Time With Randy Orton”! Great, because I’ve been suffering from insomnia lately. We see some clips from RAW regarding his current feud with Sheamus that no one is interested in. Back to the ring, Orton says he’s been here a little over 13 years now, and he’s made more enemies than he can count, but no one has gotten under his skin like Sheamus. Sheamus acts like he’s a modern-day gladiator, saying, “Are you not entertained?” No, Orton is not entertained (or entertaining). Sheamus has succeeded at getting Orton’s attention, so he’s going to attempt to make the impossible possible, and that’s make Sheamus entertaining. He’s going to do that by ripping the mowhawk off his head and shoving it up his pale, white arse.

Orton starts to leave, but the Ascension come out for some reasons. Viktor says this is their match time, so Orton can leave. Konnor says if he stays, he’ll fall pray to two hungry wolves. That was a really awkward promo. Orton looks around as the Ascension take off their entrance gear. Viktor says there is absolutely nothing more that they would enjoy doing than ripping him limb from limb. They jump in the ring, and Konnor tells him to leave, or they will personally introduce him to the Wastelands. Orton starts to back off, but then drops Konnor with an RKO before hitting a suspended DDT on Viktor. Orton then hits another RKO. Somehow, it’s “outta nowhere” according to the commentators, despite the fact that Orton signaled for it.

It’s a safe bet that after that pointless segment, the Ascension are officially dead in Vince’s eyes.

Brie and Naomi start with a lock-up. Naomi pie-faces Brie, and Brie returns the favore before “tackling” Naomi and punching her. Brie “trips” Naomi into the middle rope, then knees her in the face for 2. Tamina tags in and throws Brie to the corner. She misses a splash, and Brie hits a few kicks before going for a cross-body from the middle. Tamina catches her and hits a sidewinder for 2. In the corner, Tamina kicks her a few times and tags in Naomi, who stomps Brie down. Brie escapes a bodyslam and nails a shot to the back of the head. Naomi prevents a tag and drops an elbow, then goes to drive Brie’s head into the buckles. Brie shoves her off and makes the tag to Fox. Fox hits two dropsh*ts, then…um…something. She connects with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, unaware Tamina made a tag off the Irish whip. Fox goes for the pin, but Tamina nails her from behind. She clubs Fox across the back, then goes for a Samoan drop. Nikki jumps on the apron for a distraction, which allows Brie to come in, pull Fox to safety, then shove Tamina into Naomi on the apron. Fox hits the “axe kick” and gets 3.


The new interview guy is standing by with Ryback. He asks for Ryback’s thoughts on his match with Seth Rollins tonight. Ryback mentions their face-to-face on Smackdown recently, then says there’s no denying Rollins is talented. But the way he’s conducted himself as champion represents a gutless child. A champion fights, a champion doesn’t run or hide. We all saw what happened on RAW when Lesnar showed up. When the going got tough, Rollins got going. Tonight, there is no running or hiding. Two weeks ago, he said what it means to be champion and tonight, Ryback shows him what it means to be champion. It’s feeding time.

The two lock up, and Ryback throws Rollins toward the corner. Rollins applies a side headlock before getting shouldered off the ropes. He rolls to the floor for a breather, then comes back in with a series of boots to the gut. He goes for a suplex, but Ryback blocks and hits a delayed vertical after a long delay. Ryback then clotheslines Rollins to the floor as we go to commercials.

Back from the break, Rollins is in control, with Ryback on the apron. Rollins goes for a suplex, but Ryback pulls him to the apron. Rollins kicks Ryback in the knee, then sends Ryback to the floor with a thrust kick to the face. Ryback pulls himself to the apron, but gets sent back down with a knee to the side. Rollins then hits a suicide dive before throwing Ryback into the barricade. Ryback gets rolled back into the ring and pulls himself to a seated position in the corner. Rollins mocks Brock Lesnar on the apron, then nails a corner forearm after climbing back into the ring. Rollis applies a scissored sleeper on the mat, but Ryback powers back up and hits a backpack stunner. Rollins gets up first and misses a corner splash. Ryback ducks a clothesline and hits a back-drop before hitting a running sit-out powerslam for 2. Rollins escapes a powerbomb and hits a boot in the corner. Up top, Rollins dives off for the flying knee. Ryback avoids it, Rollins through, then runs into a spinebuster. Rollins rolls to the apron, and Ryback goes for a suplex. Rollins rolls through into a schoolboy for 2. He goes for another kick, but Ryback blocks it and hits him with a powerbomb. Ryback connects with the Meat Hook, then calls for Shell Shocked. He gets Rollins up, but Rollins escapes. Ryback grabs him by the legs and tries to slingshot Rollins up. Rollins spins through and hits a kick to the head. He then heads outside, grabs the WWE World title and begins heading for the back. Ryback cuts him off on the ramp and rolls him back into the ring. Rollins heads to the floor again and tries to escape through the crowd. Once again, Ryback catches him and throws him back to ringside. Rollins crawls into the ring, only to have Ryback yank him back down to the floor. Ryback calls for Shell Shocked on the floor, but Rollins escapes and runs through the crowd. Ryback returns to the ring and gets a count-out win as Rollins makes his way through the crowd and towards the stage.


The Big Show’s music hits, and Show & Rollins are heading back to the ring. They each take a side of the ring and this quickly leads to a double-team on Ryback. Roman Reigns’ music hits and he comes down the ramp. He nails Rollins and spears Show. Rollins goes for the Pedigree, but Reigns escapes and shoves Rollins into a Shell Shocked by Ryback.

End of show.

WWE: Daniel Bryan: Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes! on

WWE: Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe

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Happy 19th Anniversary Hulk Hogan WCW Heel Turn

July 08, 2015 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

Nineteen years ago this week history was made and a revolution was started. Hulk Hogan dropped the leg on WCW and joined Kevin Nash and Scott Hall to form the New World Order beginning what some would call the greatest angle in the history of pro wrestling.

It is easy for a lot of us to sit back and criticize the many mistakes WCW made but on one night they got it right. July 7 1996 at the WCW Bash at the Beach 96 one angle revitalized a legendary career, gave new life to a struggling company, created icons, and pumped new blood into an entire business that some had left for dead months earlier. The night Hulk Hogan turned heel is something that those of us that were fans in 1996 will never forget.

To fully appreciate the impact of this angle I have to give you a little background. WCW had been a place up to that point that was more appreciated by hardcore and longtime wrestling fans for legends like Ric Flair and young athletic stars like Brian Pillman and Steve Austin. It had a nice following but it was more southern than national. Eric Bischoff was determined to change that and made a stunning move by signing Hulk Hogan in 1994. Bischoff put his job on the line and offered Hogan a deal which the WWE opted not to match.

The deal was a huge gamble for WCW. Hogan had been on the downside of his WWE career. It was generally believed that Hogan would have been used as a guy to hand the torch off to the next generation of stars rather than be the face of the company had he stayed in the WWE. Hogan was also the poster boy of everything WCW fans hated about the WWE. Could Bischoff level the playing field bringing over new fans to outnumber the fans who would be tuning out of WCW?

It was a nice start for Hogan and WCW. Hogan feuded with Vader and Ric Flair early on and did fairly well on pay per view. The awareness of WCW was certainly higher with Hogan on top. Unfortunately the honeymoon would end faster than anyone expected. Hogan had run through everyone on top without returning the favor, no-sold finishers, and ate up every top heel in the company in a little over a year. Hogan without the oversight of Vince McMahon was becoming a real problem in WCW.

Fans started tuning out thanks to Hogan’s ridiculously cartoonish angles and just got tired of seeing the Hulk beat all of his repackaged foes. In addition to their own self inflicted damage, a little company called Extreme Championship Wrestling started making some noise. A big part of that noise was to expose the faults of WCW to their fans. ECW fans heard every week how lame WCW was and more people began laughing at the joke that was WCW.

Eric Bischoff played his ace card and developed a Monday night program to not only counter WWE programming, but steal some of their audience. In addition to the Monday night move, Bischoff slowly started poaching familiar names like Bobby Heenan and Randy Savage. Even with great talents like Heenan and Savage on board, WCW continued to come off as a company out of touch with the teenage audience and stale on ideas.

This all changed on May 27. Scott Hall clad in denim, walked out on WCW Monday Nitro and caused the biggest stir in the history of the program. Hall laid out a challenge to face three WCW wrestlers and said he would have two friends to join him in the match. A couple of weeks later Kevin Nash joined Scott Hall on Nitro. It was implied that Hall and Nash, seen on WWE TV for years as Razor Ramon and Diesel respectively, had invaded WCW. Nash and Hall were known as the Outsiders to play off of this. For fans that didn’t know any better, this was must-see television because anyone from the WWE could show up next.

WCW was starting to turn things around. Nitro had regularly done ratings in the low-mid twos yet were now pulling in ratings between 3.3-3.5. It may not sound impressive but to increase your ratings that fast and maintain them was a big deal. But even bigger than the ratings and the buyrates was the perception of WCW. WCW was cool again (well most of it).

The angle really kicked into second gear at the Great American Bash 96. Eric Bischoff accepted Hall’s challenge and said his three WCW wrestlers would meet them at Bash at the Beach. Bischoff refused to reveal the names to Hall and Nash. For that, he was powerbombed off the stage through a table by Nash. Today, this is something you probably see every week in wrestling. In 1996 the only place you were seeing anything like this was ECW. It was a very powerful angle and a historic moment in the angle.

To show you how big this angle was the Nitro rating that week shot up from a 2.7 to a 3.4. Nitro would only do one more rating below a 3.0 all year. A “random” drawing was held on Nitro the following week to determine who from WCW would wrestle Hall and Nash. Randy Savage, Sting, and Lex Luger were chosen to represent WCW. Hall and Nash refused to reveal their partner. For the weeks up to the pay per view all of the talk on Nitro was, “who is the third man?” For fans at home not knowing any better, it could have been anyone from the WWE.

The week before Bash at the Beach, Hall and Nash invaded Nitro as usual. The Outsiders walked through the crowd in the middle of a segment with Bischoff and Heenan. The crowd was all over this and just eating it up. Hall and Nash wound up taking front row seats with popcorn in hand. Nash eventually grabbed the microphone and said, “It looks like we’re taking over a little early.” Hall and Nash proceeded to walk up the broadcast area where Bischoff and Heenan were sitting. Heenan left. Security stopped them and Sting, Luger, and Savage all madeup like Sting came out to confront them. Nash yelled, “look at the clowns!” The entire WCW locker room emptied out to support their company. Everyone had to be separated by security. It was an unreal moment and only added more excitement for Bash at the Beach.

Keep in mind the Internet was in its infancy so most of the scoops during this time period came from either the wrestling newsletters or hotlines. Most of the reputable sources reported that Hulk Hogan would be the third man for the Outsiders in the weeks leading to the show. Dave Meltzer on the other hand reported a week or so before the show that Hogan didn’t want to turn heel. Lex Luger was reported to be the backup plan with more sources leaning towards Luger in the days leading up to the show.

I remember watching Bash at the Beach 96 and thinking, “just get on with it.” It was torture sitting through two hours of undercard matches with so much anticipation for the main-event. All in all it was a pretty lousy undercard that night which certainly didn’t help matters. Finally though it was time for the main-event and you could cut the tension with a knife in the living room amongst friends and live on pay per view in the arena.

The Oustiders come out first with no third man. Gene Okerlund walks down the entrance way and looks confused. Dusty Rhodes says on commentary, “This is bogus!” Okerlund then enters the ring to confront Hall and Nash and says, “I don’t see three men here tonight. Where is your partner?

Hall answers and calls him “Scheme Gene.” Hall then tells Gene, “All you need to know little man is that he’s here, and he’s ready.” Okerlund then asks Nash, “Is your partner telling me your third man is in the building?” Nash says, “He’s here alright Gene. We’ve got enough to handle it right now, right here.” The WCW announcers are upset.

Before I talk about the match let me just say that Bobby Heenan is awesome here. He is selling this whole mystery like it is the biggest thing he has ever seen. Considering where he’s been, that said a lot. Heenan is mostly known as a witty commentator but when he had to get an angle over, he was a genius and highly underrated in that regard. We all talk about Heenan’s performance at the 1992 Royal Rumble but this may have been just as good.

Savage, Luger, and Sting all come out with war paint on. It’s your typical match early on, although very heated thanks to the audience. Lex takes a fall early on and is out on the floor. Luger is knocked unconscious on the floor. Heenan than tells the crowd that it’s now two against two, or three against two if the other guy is really in the building. Heenan tells Dusty, “Something’s up.” This was brilliant as it played into the whole drama surrounding the reports of Luger joining the Outsiders. Luger gets stretchered out and at this point just about everyone watching is thinking that Lex is coming back and turning on his friends.

The guys actually have a pretty decent match at this point. The crowd is red hot and everyone appears to be working their butts off. Savage was fantastic here. Savage wrestled with such aggression against Hall and Nash that he really got the whole idea over of how WCW hated these guys for invading their company.

Savage drops Hall with a double axe handle from the top rope. Nash and Hall are both down. Nash gives Savage a low blow. All four guys are out (Sting from earlier). Referee Pee Wee Anderson starts to count them out. The attention is turned to the ramp as Hulk Hogan walks out with the red and yellow and pointing fingers. The fans start screaming, yes screaming for Hulk. Once again this isn’t 2011 and most of the crowd had no idea at all about the Hogan rumors. God love that gullible WCW crowd.

Dusty and Tony Schiavone start screaming about Hulk Hogan being there to save the day for WCW. Dusty sounded a little phony but Schiavone was really believable. Dusty, “Hulk Hogan is in the building.” Schiavone, “You’re damned right he is!” Bobby Heenan asks the million dollar question, “Yeah but who’s side is he on?” Dusty won’t even hear of it.

Hogan enters the ring, Hall and Nash take a powder, and Savage is still laid out in the center of the ring from the low blow (he’s selling this low blow like he’s Josh Koscheck). Hogan leans back in the turnbuckle, looks around, and then drops the leg heard around the world across the neck of his old foe Randy Savage. Heenan announces that Hogan is the third man. Hogan drops another leg while Hall and Nash join the party and give each other high-fives. Heenan calls it, “the lowest shot ever given to professional wrestling.” Keep in mind this was before Dixie Carter’s state of the company address on TNA Impact.

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I hate to keep gloating about Heenan but I will. What made Heenan so great in this situation in addition to everything else was his credibility. Heenan tells the fans that he told them so and he was right about Hogan all of these years. Another heel announcer like Michael Cole would have suddenly started talking about his love for Hogan where Heenan actually turned himself babyface here.

Of course we all know what followed next. Fans started throwing trash into the ring at Hall, Hogan, and Nash. Gene Okerlund immediately entered the ring to ask Hogan what the hell this was all about. One thing to note here is that if this was present day wrestling, you would have turned into RAW or Impact to get this interview. At Bash at the Beach, you were certainly rewarded for the money you paid to watch this great moment.

Hogan cut what would become a historic promo in the center of the ring to explain the turn. Here is the entire transcript of the Hogan promo thanks to

Gene Okerlund: Hulk Hogan, excuse me. Excuse me. What in the world are you thinking?

Hulk Hogan: Mean Gene the first thing you gotta do is to tell these people to shut up if they want to hear what I’ve gotta say.

Gene Okerlund: I have been with you for so many years for you to join up with the likes of these two men absoulutely makes me SICK to my stomach! And I think that these people here and a lot of people around the whole wrestling world have had just about enough of this man and this man and you want to put yourself in this group? You’ve gotta be…kidding me!

Hulk Hogan: Well the first thing you’ve gotta realize brother is that this right here is the future of wrestling. You can call this the New World Order of wrestling brother. These two men came from a great big organization up north and everybody was wondering about who the third man was. Well who knows more about that organization than me brother?

Gene Okerlund: I’ve been there and done that. You have made the wrong decision in my opinion.

Hulk Hogan: Well let me tell you something, I made that organization brother! I made the people rich up there. I made the people that ran that organization rich up there. And when it all came to pass, the name Hulk Hogan, the man Hulk Hogan got bigger than the entire organization brother! And then Billionaire Ted amigo, he wanted to talk turkey with Hulk Hogan. Well Billionaire Ted promised me movies brother. Billionaire Ted promised me millions of dollars. And Billionaire Ted promised me world caliber matches. And as far as Billionaire Ted, Eric Bischoff and entire WCW goes, I’m bored brother. That’s why I want these two guys here, these so called Outsiders, these are the men I want as my friends. They are the new blood of professional wrestling and not only are we going to take over the whole wrestling business, with Hulk Hogan, the new blood and the monsters with me. We will destroy everything in our path Mean Gene.

Gene Okerlund: Look at all of this crap in this ring! This is what’s in the future for you if you want to hang around the likes of this man Hall, and this man Nash.

Hulk Hogan: As far as I’m concerned, all this crap in this ring represents these fans out here. For two years brother! For two years, I held my head high. I did everything for the charities. I did everything for the kids. And the reception I got when came out here, you fans can stick it brother. Because if it wasn’t for Hulk Hogan, you people wouldn’t be here. If it wasn’t for Hulk Hogan, Eric Bischoff would still be selling meat from a truck in Minneapolis. And if it wasn’t for Hulk Hogan, all of these “Johnny come latelys” that you see out here wrestling wouldn’t be here. I was selling the world out brother while they were bumming gas to put in their car to get to high school. So the way it is now brother, with Hulk Hogan and the New World Organization of wrestling brother, me and the new blood by my side. Whatcha gonna do when the New World Order runs wild on you? Whatcha gonna do?

Hulk Hogan: What are you gonna do?

Gene Okerlund: Hey, don’t touch me! Don’t touch me, I’m going to see the lawyers! Tony, Dusty, Bobby, Dammit let’s get back to you!

Tony Schiavone: “All right. We have seen the end of Hulkamania. For Bobby “The Brain” Heenan, for Dusty Rhodes, For “Mean” Gene Okerlund, I don’t know…I’m Tony Schiavone. Hulk Hogan, you can go to hell! We’re outta here. Straight to hell.”

What made this equally memorable was the scene of Hogan talking as endless amounts of trash rained down on him in the ring. I never saw anything like that and man did it give this angle some extra punch. Seeing how much the fans hated this made it even that much more powerful to the fans at home watching on television. It was a moment that I and many others will certainly never forget.

Jeff Peck and I break this down on an upcoming edition of the Still Real to Us podcast. We debated whether this was the greatest angle ever. I argued that next to Hogan dropping the leg on the Iron Sheik and beginning Hulkamania that it was. It pumped new life into the wrestling business which was struggling across the board. It saved what looked like was the end of the career of Hulk Hogan. It turned Scott Hall and Kevin Nash into icons. Was Stone Cold Steve Austin’s confrontation with Mike Tyson more successful? Maybe, but I don’t know if we would have ever even seen Stone Cold if it weren’t for the N.W.O.

The angle also ended a lot differently than it started. The same angle that revitalized the business and shot WCW to the moon was also badly mismanaged and would end up hurting WCW in the end more than it helped it. It had nothing to do with the Bash at the Beach angle but more to do with the incompetent booking of Eric Bischoff, Hall, Nash, and Hogan.

I could also make an argument that this was the greatest heel turn ever in the business. Bruno Sammartino, Steve Austin, The Rock, and Hulk Hogan were probably the biggest money makers in pro wrestling. All made money as blockbuster babyfaces but only Hogan did it as a blockbuster heel. While I am sure that someone will argue differently, I can’t think of a bigger heel that drew more money than Hogan did during his N.W.O. run.

Happy 19th anniversary Hollywood Hulk Hogan, the N.W.O., and Bash at the Beach 1996.

Legends Of The Mid-South Wrestling

WWE: The Top 25 Rivalries in Wrestling History

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WWE Beast in the East Results and Recap: Balor Wins, Brock Destroys Kofi

July 04, 2015 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

The WWE started off July 4 with a big bang courtesy of its Beast in the East special. The live broadcast from Japan packed in two hours of some of the best action the WWE Network has seen in months, featuring another show-stealing performance from Kevin Owens.

Finn Balor defeated Kevin Owens to win the WWE NXT championship in the semi- main event of the show. Finn Balor and Kevin Owens tore it up in Tokyo on July 4 with a Match of the Year candidate. The match was action-packed and right up there with the Owens vs. Cena series, maybe better than the Owens vs. Cena match from Extreme Rules. The finish came at 19:25 when Balor pinned Owens after hitting the Coup de Grace. The match ends Owens reign as champion as well as likely ends Owens tenure in NXT.

Michael Cole was fantastic here on commentary (and throughout the night), telling the story of Balor’s journey from cleaning bathrooms in Japan to realizing his dream of becoming WWE champion. Cole was great throughout the show, offering a more “smarter” version of WWE commentary than I have ever heard him produce. Owens was super over here as a heel, Balor as a face, and the place was just electric for the entire match. I’d highly recommend going out of your way to see this one and the entire show for that matter.

The finish opens up all kinds of possibilities for Owens on the main roster. Coming off of two losses, it becomes even more important for Owens to defeat Cena at Battleground for the WWE U.S. title. A loss at Battleground puts Owens 0-3 in his last three big matches, seriously jeopardizing the momentum he has sustained on the main roster. Balor on the other hand is so ready for the main roster it isn’t even funny. I would be shocked not to see Balor on the main roster by the fall. We can all look forward to some killer matches between Balor and Hideo Itami for the NXT title as well.

In what I would call the attraction of the show, Brock Lesnar destroyed Kofi Kingston. Lesnar wrestled his first non-PPV match since 2002. The story behind this is that Lesnar wanted to go to Japan to visit an ailing Masa Saito, who is in bad health. A deal was struck allowing Lesnar to travel to Japan on “business” in exchange for giving WWE a date.

Lesnar beat Kofi in just under three minutes. Kofi barely got any offense with Lesnar literally no-selling a series of kicks. Kofi was the bumping machine you’d expect here and the match was a lot of fun to watch. Lesnar hit several suplexes and finished him off with the F5. Lesnar started to leave the ring after the match and returned to hit Kofi with another suplex and F5. The rest of New Day ran into the ring with each getting an F5 for their troubles.

This was a great win to set up Brock challenging for the belt at Battleground. I did think that Lesnar and Big E. could have done a little more teasing than Brock immediately treating him like he was Xavier Woods’ size. I think Big E and Lesnar could have gotten a little more heat with a standoff, at the same time it isn’t as if they are coming back with a Lesnar vs. Big E match anytime soon. Regardless, it was a nice squash win for Brock and a bonus match in 2015 for Brock so everyone wins.

Overall it was a real fun show. The show moved fast over two hours, yet the big matches all had time. Chris Jericho defeated Neville in a hell of an opener on the show. The main-event was a fairly typical match and probably not worth reviewing if you are going to watch the show on demand. The commentary was also noticeably different and improved, enhancing what was an already excellent show from top to bottom.

Full WWE Beast in the East matches and winners…
Finn Balor defeated Kevin Owens for the WWE NXT title
John Cena and Dolph Ziggler defeated King Barrett and Kane
Brock Lesnar defeated Kofi Kingston
Chris Jericho defeated Neviile
Nikki Bella defeated. Paige and Tamina in a Triple Threat Match

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WWE: Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe

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WWE Legends Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels Talk About Their Past and Present

June 29, 2015 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

Legendary pro wrestling journalist Bill Apter had the opportunity to sit down with WWE legends Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart recently. The former heated rivals updated Bill on their friendship in this exclusive Apter Chat.

Bill sat down with both guys separately and asked them about where things stood today between the two. Both were very complimentary towards each other and tell Bill they have a great friendship these days. It’s a short video but well worth the watch considering the amount of history both Hart and Michaels have together.

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The Rock Makes Surprise Appearance At WWE House Show (Video)

June 28, 2015 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

There used to be a time where you never knew what would happen at a WWE house show. Today, house shows are generally one in the same yet Saturday night was an exception as fans in Boston received a very big surprise.

The Rock made a rare appearance on Saturday night in Boston at a WWE house show. According to reports, Dwayne Johnson is in Boston making a movie. The Rock came out during Bo Dallas’ match and had a lengthy verbal altercation with Dallas. You can probably guess how this one ended.

The WWE posted video of this on their YouTube channel and by the way, I love the gritty appearance of the video. It reminds me of seeing house show clips on WWF television as a kid. Video of this appearance needs to be played numerous times over the next few weeks. I think something as simple as this could really help house show business. Most know that you aren’t going to get big angles or title changes at house shows anymore. They just don’t happen. A video like this could change that mentality completely.

Finally, you have to give credit to the WWE for giving a younger guy like Bo Dallas the rub. He desperately needs it. Although I am surprised they didn’t stick him in there with someone a little higher up on the card. Kevin Owens is the first guy that comes to mind and even though it would have ended with Owens taking a Rock Bottom, maybe the video has some legs and they work towards a match somewhere down the line.

Owens, Dallas, or whomever, I am sure the fans in attendance in Boston were just happy for a once in a lifetime moment which is seeing The Rock at a house show.

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