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WWE SmackDown Results and July 2 Recap

July 03, 2015 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

Smackdown opens with Seth Rollins, flanked by J&J Security. Jimmy Uso is back on commentary this week, and I’m already in hell. Rollins says in today’s fast-paced culture, everyone’s always in a hurry to get where they’re going. It’s too bad none of you can get there in style. His boys, J&J epitomize style and will be riding around in a brand-new 2015 Cadillac CTS that he gave them. They’re generation, they’re up on technology, like Apple watches, like the ones he gave to J&J and Kane. He’s as eager to talk about the future as anyone, but they need to focus on the present. We are living in historic times. The world is changing before their eyes. Their children’s children, and their children, are going to want to know what it was like to be part of such a historic era. He then pretends to be a kid, asking “Uncle Joey” and “Uncle Jamie” about Rollins destroying the “Roman Empire” and burning “Suplex City” to the ground. We go to footage from two weeks ago when the Authority quadruple-teamed Lesnar. Back to the ring, Rollins says he never gets tired of seeing that. In the matter of two weeks, he decimated the other two men in the main event of Wrestlemania. He cemented his place as the greatest superstar of his generation, if not the history of WWE. He conquered the conqueror. He beat the one in 21-1. He slayed the “Beast Incarnate”. This past Monday, they did the same thing to Reigns. Mercury and Noble were too much for him. Kane is a legend, and Reigns could never measure up to him. They left him in a heap, while his best friend was in a heap on the outside of the ring. Bray Wyatt set him up, and they knocked him down. Wyatt then picked the bones. He wants everyone to know the Authority is fair. Before Kane took off on his flight to Tokyo, he made sure Ambrose and Reigns would be afforded opportunities at payback tonight. With that said, Ambrose goes one-on-one with Wyatt, and Reigns goes one-on-one with Rollins in the main event. That is, of course, if Reigns shows up. No one’s heard from Reigns since Monday, but if he knows Reigns as well as he thinks…

Ambrose interrupts and marches down the ramp a ways before heading back up to the stage and behind the curtain. He comes back out a moment later, wielding a kendo stick. He tosses Mercury before getting double-teamed by Noble and Rollins. Mercury grabs the stick, but Ambrose kicks him away, grabs the stick, then swings wildly as everyone bails. Ambrose gets on the mic and says if Ambrose is ready for payback, that’s great, because his match with Wyatt is happening now.
The two lock up, then trade some punches before Ambrose hits a snapmare and a low clothesline. Ambrose nails a few more strikes before Wyatt runs through him with a flying back elbow. He hits a headbutt, then chokes Ambrose over the middle rope. Wyatt hits a standing suplex, then mule-kicks Ambrose in the chest for 2. He drives his knee into Ambrose’s back before applying a rear chinlock. Ambrose fights out before Wyatt knees him in the gut. Ambrose ducks a clothesline and hits one of his own. He hits a forearm off the ropes, then blocks a clothesline and turns it into a swinging neckbreaker. Ambrose heads to the top, but Wyatt rolls to the floor on the other side of the ring. Ambrose follows him out, ducks a clothesline, gets rolled into the ring, continues spinning then knocks Wyatt down. Commercials.
Back from the break, Wyatt nails Ambrose in the gut off a top rope dive and goes for Sister Abigail. Ambrose counters into a schoolboy for 2, then goes for Dirty Deeds. Wyatt escapes and looks for a standing uranage. Ambrose escapes again and low-bridges Wyatt to the floor. Ambrose floors Wyatt with a suicide dive, then rolls Wyatt back in. He hits a corner forearm before Wyatt blocks a running bulldog. Ambrose hits a back elbow out of the corner and follows up with a tornado DDT for 2. Ambrose goes for a neckbreaker, but Wyatt escapes before fighting out of a waistlock. Ambrose goes for the rebound clothesline, but Wyatt drops him and hits a running senton for 2. Wyatt throws himself backwards in the corner before dropping right down into a crab-walk. Ambrose kicks him in the head, but Wyatt recovers and nails an avalanche. Ambrose follows up with a corner forearm, eats an uppercut, then nails the rebound clothesline. Up top, Ambrose hits the flying elbow for 2. Wyatt rolls to the floor and walks towards the announce desk. Ambrose follows, climbs up on the desk and dives off. Wyatt catches him and hits the standing uranage against the barricade. Wyatt rolls Ambrose back in, hits Sister Abigail and gets 3.
After some commercials, we come back, and Adam Rose is in the middle of an in-ring promo, accompanied by Rosa. Rose is sporting a mustache now, and he looks like an out-of-work 70’s porn star. He says that people don’t get it, and they never will, because they’re all too “jelly” of him and Rosa. Thanks, Adam. Short yet pointless.
R-Truth comes out, and he’s apparently doing some spoof of King Barrett, wearing a homemade cape & crown, and carrying a plunger. He gets an inset promo and talks about King Barrett, but it was dumb, so I’m not going to recap it.
Rose applies an arm wringer, which Truth counters into a side headlock. He hits a shoulder off the ropes, the two crisscross, Truth puts on the breaks, ducks a clothesline and hits a back elbow. Rose gets pissy and runs into a hiptoss. He avoids a corner splash, then gets an Eskimo kiss from Rosa. Rose drops some elbows for 1, then goes for a bodyslam. Truth escapes and goes for a roll-up. Rose holds onto the ropes to block, then goes for a back-body drop off the ropes, which Truth counters with a sunset flip for 2. Truth blocks a few shots and hits the Lie Detector for 3.
After an interview clip of Ryback talking about destroying Mark Henry tonight, we see Henry in the back, standing by with some interviewer. This guy asks Henry what he thinks of Ryback’s words. Henry says Ryback put his name in his mouth, and Henry’s going to leave a bad taste in it. He disrespected the Henry’s name, and the name of the Big Show. Maybe he has amnesia from the whipping he took last week. Ryback has bit off more than he can chew, and if he thinks he’s going to put Henry up, he’s out of his mind. Tonight, Ryback will get his hairline pushed back, and will definitely be put in the “Hall of Pain”.
The two lock up and jockey for position. Henry gets Ryback against the ropes, then shoves him to the floor. Ryback lands on his feet and gets back in, where Henry clubs him down. Henry nails some forearms to the back in the corner, then biels him across the ring. Henry misses an avalanche, and Ryback hits a few rights. He gets whipped across the ring, but blocks a charge with a back elbow. He looks for Shell Shocked, but can’t quite get him up. Ryback shoves Henry against the ropes, but then gets knocked down with a clothesline. Henry stands on Ryback’s back against the ropes, then picks him up for a straight right. Off the ropes, Ryback ducks a clothesline and hits a shoulder. He connects with a Warrior Splash for 2, then looks for a suplex. Henry blocks and nails Ryback with a forearm to the back. He chokes Ryback over the middle rope, then corner-whips him, Ryback slumping to the mat on impact. Henry hits a sit-down splash to the back, then picks Ryback up for a bodyslam. Henry applies a double trapezius claw, then turns Ryback around for a headbutt and a bearhug. Ryback fights out and goes for a bodyslam, but Henry lands on top of him, getting 2. Ryback ducks a clothesline, and the two collide off simultaneous clotheslines in the middle of the ring. Both get back up, and Ryback lays in some rights before stomping Henry down in the corner. Ryback goes for a suplex and gets Henry up and back down this time. He calls for the Meat Hook and connects, then calls for Shell Shocked. Henry punches Ryback and goes for the WSS. Ryback escapes, lands on his feet and hits a spinebuster. Ryback drops the straps, hoist Henry up and drops him with Shell Shocked for 3.
Seth Rollins is in the back with J&J. Joey Mercury shows Rollins his watch, apparently showing an email that says Roman Reigns still isn’t in the building. Jamie Noble shows him the same thing, but in text. Mercury and Noble continue playing with their watches.
Naomi grabs the hair, and Brie gets her in an arm wringer. Naomi counters, sends Brie on her ass, then kicks her in the face for 2.  Naomi gets in arm wringer, but Brie counters by flipping off the ropes. Naomi chases her outside, ducks a clothesline from Fox, then gets hit with one by Brie. Back in the ring, Brie stomps Naomi down then goes to throw her into the corner. Naomi counters, runs into a back elbow, then gets hit with a second-rope dropkick for 2. The crowd is bored sh*tless. Brie applies a modified rear chinlock, but Naomi escapes and hits a dropkick. She gets tripped into the second rope, then hit with a running knee to the face for 2. In the corner, Brie kicks Naomi in the gut and hits a bulldog for 2. Brie applies another rear chinlock, but Naomi fights out and sends Brie into the corner. She ducks a clothesline and hits a version of Eat Defeat. In the corner, Brie backdrops Naomi, but Naomi lands on her feet and hits a forearm. As the ref pushes Brie back, Fox grabs Naomi’s foot on her way back into the ring. She trips a bit, which allows Brie to boot Naomi and hit her with a sit-out facebuster for 3.
Bray Wyatt appears on the screen and tells Roman Reigns to come out, come out, wherever you are. He misses Reigns. After all, he doesn’t have anyone to blame but himself for why Reigns isn’t here. He’s the reason Reigns wasn’t there to protect his only friend in this world, Dean Ambrose. Where are you, man? Wyatt thinks he’s hiding, deep in some black cave, feeling sorry for himself, licking his wounds like some injured animal. But that ain’t the Reigns he tells everyone he is. That ain’t the Reigns that he feeds to all these kids. Nah, man. One versus all. That’s who he is, right? It’s a lie. The real Reigns has too many people that he loves, too many people that he cares for, and it makes him weak. Wyatt has no one, and he’s never had anything since he’s been alive on this planet. That makes him strong. He wants to Reigns a promise: everything Reigns loves in this world, Wyatt will burn all around Reigns until there is nothing left, until it’s just Reigns, standing all alone. Then, he will show Reigns the ultimate mercy: he will finish Reigns last. Anyone but you, Roman. Anyone but you. Run.
Titus and Viktor start. Viktor ducks a lock-up and hits some chops, which Titus no-sells. Titus grabs him by the face, throws him to the corner and hits a big chop. He does it again, then calls for one more before tagging in Young. Young walks over Viktor before Titus gourdbusters Young onto Viktor. Young hits a sit-down splash for 2, but then gets backed into the heel corner. Konnor tags in and nails several shots. Young comes back with some forearms before getting shouldered off the ropes. The two crisscross until Young hits a rolling elbow. Konnor comes back with an uppercut. Young hits a few shots, but then gets tripped into the middle rope. Viktor tags in as Young rolls to the apron. The two fight on the apron until Young hits a back suplex onto it. He then nails Konnor with a forearm before Viktor throws him face-first into the ring post. Commercials.
Back from the break, Young is trying to fight out of the heel corner, to no avail. Konnor tags in and hits a legdrop for 2. Konnor drives Young down with a rear chinlock. Young fights to his feet before being thrown to the corner. He fights out before getting tripped. Viktor tags in and stomps Young in the back. Young goes for a sunset flip off the ropes and gets it, but not before Konnor makes the tag. He breaks up the pin with a kick, then tags in Viktor, who hits a bodyslam for 2. Viktor applies a rear chinlock, but Young quickly fights out. Viktor hits a high knee off the ropes, sending Young to the apron. Young backdrops him to the floor, then starts to crawl for a tag. Titus and Konnor both tag in, with Titus hitting a shoulder off the ropes. Viktor tries a top-rope cross-body, but Titus catches him and just throws him to the side. He nails Konnor with a big boot, then connects with an avalanche and a Pounce for 2. Viktor breaks up the pin, then boots an incoming Young. Young tosses him to the floor and connects with a cross-body from the apron. Back in the ring, Titus avoids a corner whip and hits the Clash of the Titus for 3.
Rusev and Summer Rae come out.
Reigns is still reportedly not in the building. Rollins says he normally wouldn’t want to come out and burden everyone with the formality of giving Reigns the count of ten to come out here, but man, he really wants to see these sweet Apple watches in action, so let’s count it down, hop in the Cadillac and get the hell out of this rotten city. The bell is rung, and J&J proceed to start counting.
Reigns’ music hits before the 10-count, and we see him coming down through the crowd. Rollins starts to clobber him on his way into the ring, but Reigns quickly powers him into the corner. Reigns whips him across the ring, with Rollins flipping upside-down. He lands on his feet, but then turns around into an uppercut. Joey Mercury jumps on the apron, so Reigns throws him into the ring. He puts Mercury up for a powerbomb, but Rollins boots Reigns in the gut, then powerbombs Reigns into the buckles for 2. He stomps Reigns down, then chokes him over the middle rope. Mercury gets in a cheap shot behind the ref’s back. Rollins goes to the top and hits a double-stomp to Reigns’ back for 2. Rollins strikes Reigns in the back with some forearms, then tees off on him in the corner. Rollins stomps Reigns down, then applies an arm wringer. Reigns tries to fight back, but Rollins quickly stops him before hitting a bodyslam. Rollins heads up top again and dives off, but is met in mid-air with an uppercut. Reigns hits a few more rights before Rollins lands a mule kick. He nails a corner forearm, but Reigns comes back with a corner clothesline. Reigns hits a few more of those, then nails an incoming Mercury with an uppercut. Rollins looks for another corner powerbomb, but Reigns counters witha  back-body drop. Rollins lands on his feet, but then turns around into a powerbomb by Reigns. Reigns loads up the Superman Punch, but Jamie Noble grabs his foot. Mercury then comes in and starts pelting Reigns with punches, leading to the DQ.
Rollins hits a clothesline, and now we have a triple-team attack going. Dean Ambrose’s music hits, and he runs down with a kendo stick. He swings at everyone, clubbing Rollins repeatedly in the process. Rollins recovers and goes for the Pedigree, but gets blasted with a Superman Punch. Reigns loads up the spear, but J&J pull Rollins to the floor and try to leave through the crowd. Rollins escapes, but Ambrose and Reigns catch J&J and throw them back into the ring. Ambrose cracks Mercury over the back with the stick, and Reigns drops him with a Superman Punch. Ambrose then clobbers Mercury with the cane as Noble has escaped back through the crowd. Reigns then cuts through Mercury with a spear.
End of show.

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WWE SmackDown Results and June 25 Recap

June 26, 2015 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

This week opens with Seth Rollins, flanked by Joey Mercury and Kane. Jamie Noble is out with a broken rib for now. Jimmy Uso is filling in for Byron Saxton on commentary this week, as Saxton is apparently working on Tough Enough at the moment. Couldn’t tell you for sure, because I’m not watching that crap. Rollins says the Authority is back. They’ve got the band back together. They took a trip to Suplex City on Monday night, and burned it to the ground. It might have been uncomfortable for some fans, but change is a necessity. You need it to grow and evolve. He is a perfect example. A little over a year ago, he was a member of the Shield. He made the change that was necessary. It wasn’t popular at the time, but look at him now. He’s the undisputed WWE World Champion. He’s a proud member of the Authority, and he’s surrounded by true family, true brothers, like Joey Mercury. Mercury has had his back since day one and is a genius. He helped mastermind the beat-down of the Beast on RAW, and he’s glad to have Mercury on his side. It’s bittersweet for everyone, though. He points out Noble is missing. He was taken to a medical facility after RAW, suffering three broken ribs at the hands of Brock Lesnar. We go to the footage, where Lesnar rams Noble back-first into the aisle barricade. Back to the arena, Rollins says he and Mercury spent the previous night with Noble. Noble is a champion and will make a full recovery. Now, Rollins will say tonight what they said to Noble, and that is that tonight is dedicated to the career of Noble. Noble wouldn’t want them to be sad about what happened; he’d want them to celebrate, and no one has more to celebrate than Kane. Yeah, those two World titles and a handful of tag title runs in 20 years with the company is something special, let me tell you. Rollins says Kane took Lesnar down on RAW. Before that, he chokeslammed Dean Ambrose straight to hell, and he showed everybody that no matter what, Kane is forever the “Devil’s Favorite Demon”. Kane says whether your name is Roman Reigns, Ambrose or Lesnar, if you cross the Authority, there will be consequences. Speaking of which, there is a giant absence in the family tonight. Their extended family member the Big Show (apparently, that’s still a thing) is not here tonight after the unprovoked actions of the IC Champion. We go to RAW again, where Ryback assaulted Show in a backstage brawl. Back to the arena, Kane asks Ryback to please join them in the ring.

Ryback comes down, and Kane asks him to explain his actions from RAW. Ryback said Show didn’t want to hear what Ryback had to say, but wanted to see what he could do, and “The Big Guy” showed him. Rollins says he endangered countless, innocent employees. He’s the IC Champion; that’s not how a champion is supposed to act. If he wants to know how a champion should act, maybe he should take lessons from Rollins. Ryback says he’s what a champion looks like, then rips off his shirt. There’s a difference between a champion and a sellout. A champion stands and fights; a sellout runs and hides. A champion stands by people every day; a sellout like Rollins plays nice when Lesnar is in town. He wishes Ambrose had his grip and could have held on for one more second at MITB, because then we would have a real champion instead of a pathetic, cowardly, over-protected, gutless child like Rollins. Rollins stares daggers through Ryback, and Kane tells Ryback he’ll have the opportunity to show the WWE Universe how he thinks a real champion behaves when he faces…wait for it…it’s a shocker…I promise…Kane.

The Authority leave, but halfway up the ramp, Rollins calls for the music to be cut off. He is sick of the lack of respect. He is the WWE World Champion. Kane will take care of Ryback tonight. Ryback mentioned Ambrose like Rollins still has something to prove. He didn’t barely beat Ambrose at MITB; he annihilated him. But since Ambrose is still walking around, Rollins wouldn’t mind finishing the job, so tonight, he’ll take on Ambrose one-on-one, and he’ll show the world the Authority is not only back, but always wins.

Sheamus boots Ziggler, then hits a European uppercut before beating Ziggler down in the corner. Ziggler avoids a bodyslam and locks in a scissored sleeper. Sheamus tosses him off, then rolls to the floor to avoid a superkick. Up on the apron, Ziggler dropkicks Sheamus, and that’s when Rusev comes out. He tells Lana to stop as he hobbles to the ring. She heads up the ramp to meet him. He tells her to stop this and come back to him over and over. He offers to kiss her the right way, and she turns her back on him. He screams at her in Bulgarian, and she marches back to ringside. He says he’s done, and this is it. He curses at her some more, and back in the ring, Sheamus tries for a surprise Brogue Kick, but Ziggler avoids it and rolls Sheamus up for 2. He goes for a leaping DDT, but Sheamus drops him gut-first across the top rope. Sheamus knocks him to the floor with a running kneelift as we go to commercials.

Back from the break, Sheamus has Ziggler in a rear chinlock. Jimmy Uso is insufferable on commentary. Ziggler fights out before running into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Sheamus goes to the top, but Ziggler brings him back down with a super facebuster, hurting himself in the process. He still gets up first and hits a few rights. He blocks a back-body drop and goes for a superkick. Sheamus blocks and goes for a back suplex. Ziggler lands on his feet, boots Sheamus and goes for the rocker dropper. Sheamus catches him and looks for a powerbomb, which Ziggler reverses into a sunset flip for 2. Sheamus gets up and hits a kneelift, but then runs into a superkick for 2. Ziggler goes for the Zig-Zag, but Sheamus holds onto the ropes. Ziggler runs into a tilt-a-whirl, but counters it into a scissored sleeper. Sheamus tries to break it by ramming Ziggler back-first into the buckles, but Ziggler holds on. Sheamus then sends him face-first into the buckles before a couple back rams finally breaks it. He grabs Ziggler on his shoulders, but Ziggler fights him off from the middle buckle. Sheamus crotches him on the top rope, then nails a Brogue Kick for 3.


We see Rusev limping in the back, muttering to himself. He screams at someone backstage before continuing limping to a chainlink fence. He shakes the fence before Summer Rae tries to calm him down. She says Lana’s not worth it and walks away. I guess Rae would know about being worthless better than just about anyone, right?

Fox hits a hip throw, then goes into a side headlock. Naomi sends her into the ropes and gets hit with a shoulder. She kips up, but then gets hit with an awful kick that sends her to the apron. She gets up and kicks Fox in the face, then comes back in with a quick hurricanrana. She hits a bulldog into the second buckle, then stomps Fox in the back before slapping her int he back of the head. Naomi hits a bodyslam and a jumping legdrop for 2. Naomi applies a rear chinlock, and I just noticed she’s wearing light-up sneakers, because she’s apparently 10 and this is 1991. Fox fights her way out of the chinlock and reverses a corner whip into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Fox then tackles her through the ropes and to the floor, right in front of the Bellas. Naomi recovers and rams Fox back-first into the apron, then kicks her in the back a couple times before rolling her back in the ring, which Fox botches. Naomi gets in the face of the Bellas before Tamina superkicks Brie. Nikki tackles Tamina, but then gets thrown into a superkick by Naomi. Naomi crawls back in and Fox cuts her off before hitting some stupid-looking version of Melina’s old Extreme Makeover for 3.


I love how all of the divas on the roster right now except for Paige and Natalya are heels. Makes a whole lot of sense.

Jesus. Jimmy Uso is using the term “Oos” for everything tonight, and it’s making my ears bleed.

Jo-Jo is standing by with the New Day. They are clapping. She points out they lost their titles at MITB. Xavier Woods says they don’t focus on losses or negatives. Kofi Kingston and Big E ramble on about positivity and overcoming things. Thankfully, they’re cut off by the Prime-Time Players. They start a “New Day sucks” chant as Jo-Jo leaves. PTP point out that there’s a dilemma, because there’s only two of them and three of the New Day. One of the New Day will have to sit on the sidelines and be a weak link at Battleground, but he’s sure they’ll figure it out through the power of positivity. They leave, and New Day start bickering and throwing a tantrum. Bo Dallas walks up, and he’s not happy about seeing the most positive entity in WWE so angry. They inspire so many, including him, which is why he asked the Authority if he could ask to join New Day against PTP and their partners. Thank goodness, because with him, the New Day will be sweltering hot and sunny, with a 100% chance of victory. New Day then get him to do a clap with him, because the WWE hates me.

As Ryback comes out for his match with Kane, Big Show attacks him and throws him into the lower screen on the stage. Show knees him in the face, then rips the IC title off and throws it to the side. He continues the attack on the ramp, then throws him down it. The attack continues at ringside as Kane looks on from the ring. Show’s kicks look like a bunny could shake them off with ease. Show throws Ryback chest-first into the barricade, then tosses him into the ring. Kane orders the referee to ring the bell, and the referee begrudgingly does so.

Kane rolls Ryback over for the easy pin, but only gets 2. He stomps Ryback down in the corner, then grinds his knee into Ryback’s back over the middle rope. Kane hits an uppercut before Ryback manages to ram him into the buckles. Kane reverses positions and knees Ryback in the gut. Kane hits a couple kicks and an uppercut. He hits some pathetic shoulder thrusts in the corner, but tries it once too many times as Ryback moves and sends him shoulder-first into the ring post. Ryback is up first, and he drops Kane with a spinebuster. He pulls himself up int he corner and calls for the Meat Hook, which connects. He signals for Shell Shocked, but Show causes a distraction on the apron. This allows Kane to go for the chokeslam, but Ryback escapes, kicks Kane and goes for Shell Shocked. Show comes in and plants Ryback with a side kick, leading to the DQ.


Ryback tries to fight back, tackling Show. Kane and Show quickly overwhelm him and stomp him down. Show then puts him down with a chokeslam. Ryback still tries to pull himself to his feet, so Show plants him with another chokeslam. Jerry Lawler at this point mentions the Miz, the third member in the IC title three-way at Battleground. Miz is so crucial to this match and the company, this was the first time he was mentioned all night.

Titus and Kofi start, with Kofi applying a headlock, turning it into a hammerlock and hammering Titus across the back. Titus throws him to the corner and hits two very loud chops, then picks Kofi up and slings him across the ring. Young tags in, and the PTP hit a double shoulder. Young hits a sit-down splash for 2, then gets backed into the heel corner. Dallas tags in and hits some forearms before Young cuts him down with a clothesline. He hits a big forearm, then follows up with an inverted atomic drop, a couple punches, a European uppercut and a suplex for 2. He hits a hip throw and cinches in a side headlock before getting back to his feet. Dallas fights out, but then eats a couple knees. Young goes for the Gut Check, but Dallas escapes to the floor. He and the New Day have a clap session as their opponents just look on. Commercials.

Back from the break, Kofi is beating Cara down in the corner. He mocks the Dragons, then goes for a corner whip. Cara reverses, Kofi climbs the buckles, and dives off into a dropkick for 2. Cara runs into a back elbow as Woods tags in. Cara gets backdropped to the floor, where he punches Woods a couple times. He tries to climb back in, but Kofi hits him with a baseball slide, followed by a superkick by Woods. Far too many wrestlers in WWE use the superkick. Just saying. Woods mocks the Dragons, then rolls Cara back in before taunting Jimmy Uso at the announce desk. Back in the ring, he stomps down Cara, then tags in E. E does some more stomps, then tags in Kofi. Kofi stomps Cara. Dallas tags in and does some stomps. Woods tags in and does some more. So does E. Kofi tags in and E whips him in for a dropkick on Cara. Dallas in, and he picks Cara up, then immediately tags out to E. Whatever. E applies an abdominal stretch, but Cara fights out. E clubs him down and tags in Kofi. They set Cara up for a superbomb, which Cara counters with a hurricanrana. Cara crawls for a tag as Woods tags in. Kalisto makes the tag and hits a springboard cross-body. He follows up with a springboard corkscrew cross-body, hits a Kalisto Kick, then snaps off a low hurricanrana into a driver for 2 as Dallas breaks it up. Young comes in and hits Dallas with the Gut Check. E runs through Young, then turns around into a spinebuster from Titus. Kofi sends him to the floor with Trouble in Paradise, but then gets dropkicked to the floor by Cara. Woods rolls Kalisto up for 2, misses a clothesline, then gets hit with a Tidal Crush. Cara climbs to the top and wipes out everyone on the floor. In the ring, Kalisto hits a springboard 450 splash for 3.


Roman Reigns is in the locker room and is approached by Dean Ambrose. Bray Wyatt is really ticking him off. He messed with Ambrose, and now he’s messing with Reigns, hiding in the shadows, delivering spooky messages and trying to get in people’s heads. He wants to search the building until they find him and deliver a nasty message to Wyatt. Reigns cuts him off and says he’ll worry about Wyatt. He’ll bust Wyatt’s ass at Battleground, and Ambrose needs to worry about the Authority. He’s got Ambrose’s back tonight. Ambrose leaves, and Reigns finds something in the pocket of his vest. It’s a picture of himself with the words “Anyone But You” written on it, with Reigns’ eyes scratched out.

After some commercials, we see Reigns marching around in the back, looking for Wyatt. Kane stops him and Reigns says to either tell him where Wyatt is, or get the hell out of his way. Kane says ever since Wyatt got into Reigns’ thick skull, he’s become a liability. Reigns crossed the line, and it won’t be tolerated. He’s ejecting Reigns from the building. Some security guys come out. Kane says Reigns can’t fly off the handle, and he needs to maintain a safe working environment. The security wrestlers surround him, but he shoves them off. He says if he finds Wyatt, it’s going down. He shoves Kane, then marches out of the building.

They lock up and trade arm wringers before Rollins hits a hip throw. Ambrose is back up, and he receives a shoulder off the ropes. They crisscross until Ambrose hits a pair of armdrags and goes into an armbar. He turns it into a hammerlock, then armbars the other arm while putting pressure on Rollins’ shoulder. Rollins comes back with a boot and some punches on the ropes. Ambrose then clotheslines Rollins to the floor, sending him into the barricade in the process. Commercials.

Back from the break, Rollins hits a dragon screw across the middle rope on Ambrose’s left leg. He attacks Ambrose’s leg some more, then nails a corner forearm shot before applying a deathlock. Ambrose crawls to the bottom rope and manages to break the hold. Ambrose comes back with some punches before Rollins trips him and applies a half-crab before just slamming the knee into the mat. He assaults Ambrose in the corner, nails another running forearm, then tosses Ambrose to the middle of the ring. He heads up top, but Ambrose hobbles to the corner and meets him with a punches before hitting a butterfly superplex from the middle rope. Ambrose slaps himself in the knee, snaps off some jabs and chops, then hits a pair of forearms. He hits a corner forearm, misses a bulldog, avoids a splash and rolls Rollins up for 2. He ducks a roundhouse and hits a back suplex into a facebuster for another 2. Ambrose goes for Dirty Deeds, but Rollins backs him into the corner. He sets Ambrose on the top rope and goes for a superplex. Ambrose fights him off and goes for a tornado DDT. Rollins tosses him off, and he lands on his bad knee before Rollins hits a superkick for 2. Rollins heads up top once more and goes for a cross-body. Ambrose rolls through for 2, then hits a swinging neckbreaker. Ambrose heads up now, and Kane jumps on the apron. Ambrose kicks him away, dives over Rollins, ducks a clothesline and hits Kane with a suicide dive. Rollins tries a dive, but Ambrose forearms him through the ropes. Back in the ring, Ambrose hits the flying elbow and goes for the pin, but Mercury distracts the referee. Ambrose breaks the pin and goes after Mercury, who drops to the floor. Rollins rolls Ambrose up for 2 and goes for Dirty Deeds. Mercury is back up as Rollins escapes, only to have Rollins thrown into him, knocking him off the apron. Ambrose rolls Rollins up for 2, then hits an elbow out of the corner, followed by a tornado DDT for 2. Ambrose hits a few more strikes against the ropes, but then walks into a back kick. He goes for the rebound clothesline, but Rollins ducks and sets up the corner powerbomb. Ambrose manages to hurricanrana him over the top and to the floor, then heads to the top rope, wiping everyone out with a flying elbow. He rolls Rollins back in, but Rollins surprises him with a spin kick. Ambrose comes back with a rebound clothesline, then goes after Mercury, who is trying to crawl into the ring. Ambrose assists him and goes for Dirty Deeds. Rollins turns him around and drops him with the Pedigree for 3.



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WWE: Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe

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WWE SmackDown Results and June 18 Recap

June 19, 2015 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

This week opens with Sheamus, the new Mr. Money in the Bank. Why he won it this year, I don’t really know. After some stills from the “PPV” showing how he won, Sheamus thanks the crowd for booing him. When he returned to WWE, everyone stood up and chanted “You look stupid”. That was the best you could do? Everyone proved what he was thinking: they’re narrow-minded people with pea-sized brains. Now, with the briefcase, how stupid does he look? He feels like a million dollars. Actually, more than that, because the case is worth its weight in gold. He can cash in whenever, wherever, and he’s just one opportunity from becoming your next WWE World Champion. That feels so good to say. If there is anyone out there who thinks they can stand in his way, well, let’s take a look at what happened to Randy Orton on RAW.

We go to footage from that event, where Sheamus helped Kane beat Orton. Back to Sheamus, he starts laughing. “The Viper” became a problem, so Sheamus eliminated him. Now he’s moving forward to deal with Seth Rollins, the Authority, and of course, “The Beast” Brock Lesnar. These are factors he will use to his advantage. Nobody, and he means nobody, will stand in his way in returning to the top of WWE. When it’s all said and done, he promises everyone they will be entertained.

This brings out Dean Ambrose, who says he doesn’t speak Irish gibberish. Did he just say no one will stop him? He’s pretty sure someone did when Ambrose pinned him on RAW. Also, if it weren’t for Bray Wyatt, Roman Reigns would have the case. If Sheamus wants to continue to spit lies in front of people who paid not to hear him, maybe Ambrose will beat him a second time tonight and takes the case out of Sheamus’ potato-farming hands and give it back to its rightful owner. Sheamus says those are brave words from a guy who can’t deliver on the mic. Unlike Sheamus, Ambrose lost at MITB. Ambrose likes to steal other people’s property. He can’t win the big one on his own. If he wants the contract, why doesn’t he get in the ring and take it?

Ambrose doesn’t have the stones to get in the ring with Sheamus. Ambrose starts to climb in, but Kane comes out. Kane says no one is stealing anything tonight. He has Ambrose figured out. Ambrose likes to cause trouble and make life difficult, but he’s not good at following through. Ambrose wants to know why Kane is here, since he needs to go pick up the Authority’s dry-cleaning or something. Kane says he’s tired of the disrespect, and he imagines Sheamus feels the same way. So, here’s what we’ll do. We’ll give Ambrose a good arse-kicking in a 2-on-1 handicap match against Kane and Sheamus. That match starts…um…sometime in the future somewhere? I don’t know. Kane is never very clear on these things, is he?

Ambrose rolls to the floor and hangs out near the barricade. Sheamus goes after him, but Ambrose runs back into the ring. He ducks a pair of Kane clotheslines and dropkicks Sheamus off the apron. Kane goes for a chokeslam, but Ambrose low-bridges him. Sheamus back in, and the two trade punches. Ambrose hits a flying forearm, then wipes Kane out with a suicide dive. He hotshots Sheamus on the apron, then goes up top. He fights Sheamus off, but gets crotched by Kane. The two heels beat Ambrose down in the corner, and that’s when Roman Reigns’ music hits. Sheamus heads to ringside to intercept him, but Reigns appears on the other side of the ring and starts pelting Kane with rights, leading to the DQ.


Sheamus returns to the ring, but gets clotheslined to the floor by Reigns. Reigns hits Kane with a jumping clothesline, and Ambrose dropkicks him to the floor.

As a result of the first match, the main event will be Ambrose/Reigns vs. Kane/Sheamus in the never-ending Reigns/Kane saga.

We see Ambrose and Reigns walking around in the back. Renee Young stops them to ask their reaction to the main event. Reigns says Bray Wyatt crossed the line on Monday. Reigns has never run. Wyatt better find Reigns before Reigns finds him first. Ambrose has nothing to say.

The two lock up, and Brie backs Paige to the corner, slamming her head into the buckles in the process. Brie hits a running bulldog for 2 and follows up with a low dropkick. Paige trips her off the ropes and blasts her with a running knee for 2. Brie comes back with a weak dropkick, and Paige responds with one of her own. In the corner, Paige hits a shoulder thrust and some punches. She sets Brie on the top rope, only to have Brie fight her off. They trade a few shots as Paige climbs to the middle rope. Brie comes off the ropes with a sunset flip powerbomb for 2. Commercials.

Back from the break, Brie is kneeing Paige in the back before she gets a 2-count. Brie hits a neckbreaker for another 2, then goes for a rear chinlock, with her knees in Paige’s back. Paige fights to her feet before getting thrown to the corner. Brie gets in a few kicks in the corner, but then misses a clothesline. Paige pins her in the corner and lands several back elbows, followed by some kneelifts. Paige ducks a clothesline and knocks Brie to the floor with a side kick. She heads out and takes Brie down with a somersault plancha off the apron. She rolls Brie in, and Brie feigns a knee injury as Paige goes up top. As the ref checks on Brie, Alicia Fox comes down and knocks Paige off the buckles. Brie then plants Paige with a sit-out facebuster for 3.


The Bellas celebrate with Fox on the stage after giving her gear that matches theirs. Oh, god. I’m already dreading where this angle is going.

Renee Young is standing by with NXT Champion Kevin Owens. She asks for an explanation for the attack on Machine Gun Kelly. Owens says she must be a fan of MGK. He says he already apologized and got carried away, but none of that would have happened if MGK hadn’t put his hands on Owens first. If you want someone to blame, you can blame John Cena. If Cena hadn’t been there and started all of this, none of that would have happened. Young then asks about his criticisms about his match on RAW with Dolph Ziggler and not making it a title match. Owens says the whether it was a title match or not doesn’t matter. He beat Ziggler, so who cares? He’s not Cena. He doesn’t need to pander to the crowd. He likes it when people earn their title matches against. On that note, he wants to make it clear there will be no NXT Championship Open Challenge tonight. Owens is then interrupted by Cesaro. He’s heard all the hype, but Owens does nothing but talk. So, whenever he’s done talking, why doesn’t he step in the ring with the “King of Swing”? And, just so there’s no miscommunication (Cesaro lightly taps him), Cesaro put his hands on Owens first.

As Dolph Ziggler comes out, we get confirmation that Owens/Cesaro will happen later tonight.

Bo Dallas comes out as Ziggler’s opponent. As he walks down, he says Lana is on the rebound. It’s a hard place to be, and it breaks his heart to see her like that. But not as much as it breaks Rusev’s heart. She left her man in his darkest hours, with a broken heart, a broken body and a broken soul. Despicable! Then, she ran to Ziggler, literally the worst rebound ever. If Ziggler’s profile popped up, he’d swipe left and keep looking for a real man. He’s out there somewhere, Lana. All you have to do is Bolieve!

I just spotted someone wearing a Bo Dallas shirt. L. Ron Hubbard help us. Ziggler immediately nails a dropkick, but then misses a corner splash. Dallas hits a few corner clotheslines and a short-arm for 2. He locks in a cravat, but Ziggler fights out. Dallas hits him with a few knees to the face, then yanks him down by the hair. We see Rusev watching on a monitor backstage. Back to the match, Ziggler ducks a clothesline and hits the Zig-Zag for 3.


Lana kisses Ziggler, and we see Rusev flip out backstage.

Woods hits a quick forearm and stomps Neville down for about half a minute. He then hits a fist drop for 2 before applying a cobra clutch. Neville snaps him off and backdrops him to the floor. He then hits a twisting plancha, only to have E and Neville surround him. New WWE Tag Team Champions the Prime-Time Players show up at ringside to even things out as Woods rolls back into the ring. Neville climbs in, and Woods rolls him up for 2. Woods escapes a slam and hits a boot in the corner. He heads up top for the Red Arrow, only to have Kofi distract him on the other side of the ring. That allows Woods to crotch Neville. Kofi then dives onto Titus O’Neil, who catches him and throws him into the barricade. E hits a vertical splash on Titus, only to turn around into a straight right by Young. Woods dropkicks Young through the ropes, but then turns around into a big kick from Neville. Neville heads up once more, hits the Red Arrow and gets 3.


The WWE World Champion, Seth Rollins, makes his way down to the ring. As he climbs in, we cut to footage from RAW, where it was revealed that Brock Lesnar will be Rollins’ next challenger. Rumor has it Lesnar will face Kevin Owens at Summerslam, possibly with the World title at stake. Back to Rollins, he says he is the biggest star in WWE, the WWE World Champion, and the undisputed future of this industry. He knows the fans will never understand what it is like to be in that position, so he will try to explain it. 24/7, he is under the most intense scrutiny imaginable. Everything he does is magnified for the world to see. Does he ever get a thank you? A pat on the back? No, all he gets is disrespect. This week has taken it to a new level. The only thing he’s been asked is how he feels about facing Lesnar at Battleground. When he heard Lesnar’s music on RAW, his first reaction was shock. That was the last person he expected to be named. The last time we saw Lesnar, he brutalized several employees, including Michael Cole. But as Lesnar walked down the ramp and circled the ring like a shark, that shock turned into undertanding. There’s no other way. This is how it has to be. He’s beaten everyone else. Orton, Reigns, Ambrose, everyone put in front of him. For him to cement his legacy, he has to beat Lesnar at Battleground. The same Lesnar that conquered the Undertaker’s streak. The same guy that took Roman Reigns and John Cena to “Suplex City”. That guy walked into the ring on RAW, stood toe-to-toe with Rollins and did nothing. Do you know why? Because Lesnar remembers Wrestlemania. Lesnar knows better than anyone how dangerous Rollins can be. If he would have taken one swing at Rollins, Rollins would have knocked his teeth down his throat, and that mystique Lesnar walks around with would have been gone forever. Rollins is the diamond Triple H thinks he is, and at Battleground, he will shine brighter than he ever has. So, to answer the question, how does he feel about Lesnar at Battleground? He can’t wait.

After some clips from RAW for the feud between Reigns and Bray Wyatt, we see Wyatt sitting in a locker room, staring off into space. Dean Ambrose is there, and he says he can’t wait for this match tonight. He’s going to rip the braids out of Sheamus’ face. He hates Sheamus’ stupid hair, too. Reigns doesn’t responds, so Ambrose smacks him to get his attention. He tells Reigns not to let Wyatt get into his head. Reigns says not to mention him. He needs to get this match done tonight and head home.

Cesaro applies a wastelock and rolls Owens up for 0. Owens fights back near the ropes and applies a side headlock before hitting a shoulder for 2. He kicks Cesaro in the back, then nails him with a forearm. Owens hits a kick off the ropes, but Cesaro comes back with a clothesline, knocking Owens to the floor. Cesaro hits a suicide dive, nearly piledriving himself in the process. Fortunately, he’s okay, and he blasts Owens with a running European uppercut against the barricade. He rolls Owens in, and Owens goes for a suplex from the apron. He can’t get Cesaro up, so he hits a few forearms. Cesaro comes back with a clothesline from the apron. He then gets knocked to the floor after Owens pulls him face-first into the ring post. Commercials.

Back from the break, Owens has Cesaro in a rear chinlock. Cesaro escapes, ducks a clothesline and hits a springboard spinning European uppercut. Nice move. You don’t see Cesaro do stuff like that often. Owens pulls himself to his feet in the corner, but then walks into a flurry of punches. He hits a back elbow out of the corner, then nails a beautiful tornado DDT for 2. Owens mocks Cesaro and goes for the Neutralizer, but Cesaro backdrops him and goes for the Cesaro Swing. Owens kicks him off, but then gets caught coming in, with Cesaro hitting a modified fireman’s carry into a front slam for 2. Cesaro hits a few European uppercuts in the corner, then runs in with another for 2. Owens catches him with a surprise flapjack into the buckles, then follows up with a release German suplex. He nails a cannonball in the opposite corner and goes for a pin, but only gets 2. Owens heads up top, but Cesaro gets to his feet. He meets Owens with punches, then nails yet another European uppercut. Cesaro climbs up and goes for a superplex. Owens tries to counter with a powerbomb, but Cesaro lands on his feet and knocks Owens off the buckles with a dropkick. On the apron, Cesaro throws Owens face-first into the buckles, then goes for an outside-in superplex. Owens manages to crotch him on the top rope, then hits the pop-up powerbomb for 3.


Damn fine match right there.

Miz now has a new segment, “Miz at the Movies”. It’s basically a piece of crap to promote the new WWE Studios movie, Vendetta, starring the Big Show and Dean Cain. This leads to Miz trying to start fights with Ryback and the Big Show. This will not make anyone give a tinker’s damn about Miz, no matter how badly WWE wants it to happen.

We get the video package for Dusty Rhodes. Still hard to believe he’s gone…

Sheamus and Ambrose start. Sheamus hits some quick kicks and a European uppercut, then stomps Ambrose down in the corner. Ambrose ducks a short-arm, snaps off a few jabs, whips Sheamus across the ring and hits a shoulder thrust. Sheamus comes back with a snapmare and a kick to the back. They trade a few more shots until Sheamus hits a knee to the face. He grinds Ambrose’s face against the ropes before Ambrose comes back with chops in the corner. He mounts the corner for some punches, but Sheamus escapes and drops Ambrose face-first onto the top buckle before nailing a short-arm clothesline for 2. Ambrose ducks a clothesline and hits a cross-body, right into some punches. Kane tries to enter the ring, but Reigns cuts him off as Sheamus is backdropped to the floor by Ambrose nails a forearm on Kane in the corner before he and Reigns clothesline Kane to the floor. Commercials.

Back from the break, Kane is now legal for his team, and he’s laying into Ambrose in the corner. Ambrose comes back with some of his own shots and hits a seated dropkick against the ropes. Kane manages to make a blind tag, leading Sheamus to drag Ambrose to the floor, dropping him face-first at ringside. Sheamus throws Ambrose onto the announce desk with a bodyslam, then rolls him back into the ring, where he stands on Ambrose’s chest. Sheamus drops a knee for 2, then tags in Kane. Kane kicks Ambrose in his left leg, then stomps him on the back. Kane pushes Ambrose to the corner and tries to work over the wrong leg. After a quick burst from Ambrose, Kane drops him with an uppercut, then tags in Sheamus. Sheamus works on the correct leg, locking Ambrose in a stretch muffler. Ambrose powers himself up onto Sheamus’ shoulders and sends him to the floor with a hurricanrana. Sheamus is back in quickly, however, and he drops Ambrose with a chop-block. Kane tags in and slams Ambrose’s knee into the mat. Ambrose rolls to the ropes, where Kane stands on his face and neck. Kane distracts the referee to allow Sheamus to get in a couple stomps, then catapults Ambrose under the bottom rope. Kane hits a right in the corner, then another. Then another. Then another. Ambrose comes back with a few of his own before getting tossed outside. Ambrose catches himself and hotshots Kane before hobbling to the top rope. He comes off with a flying elbow, but tweaks his knee again in the process. Kane tags out to Sheamus, who tries to prevent a tag. Ambrose elbows him away and tags out to Sheamus. Reigns hits his standard hot tag moves before running into a pair of boots in the corner. He escapes a tilt-a-whirl and shoves Sheamus into the opposite buckles before nailing a series of corner clotheslines. Kane then receives an uppercut before Sheamus rolls Reigns up for 2. Reigns comes back with a Samoan drop, then loads up the Superman Punch. Kane comes in and intercepts Reigns with a goozle, then catches Ambrose off the buckles with one. He shoves Ambrose away, who responds with a rebound clothesline, sending Kane to the floor. Sheamus drops Ambrose with a Brogue Kick before ducking a Superman Punch. Reigns ducks a Brogue Kick and connects with the Superman Punch on the next try. He signals for the spear, only it’s interrupted when Bray Wyatt appears on the TitanTron, singing “I’m a Little Teapot” to a picture of Reigns and his daughter. The distraction is enough for Sheamus to recover, and he nails Reigns with a Brogue Kick for 3.


Wyatt stays on the screen as Sheamus leaves the area. He laughs before telling Reigns, “Happy Father’s Day, Roman. Run.” The lights go out, and when they come back on, the picture of Reigns and his daughter is in the ring, next to Reigns.

End of show.

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WWE: Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe

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WWE SmackDown Results and June 11 Recap

June 13, 2015 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

Dean Ambrose’s music hits, and we see him in the crowd, still carrying the WWE World title. He hits the ring and says it’s been a wacky week. It’s amazing what you can see for a handful of beads in Louisiana. There’s a saying that he was taught in New Orleans. Ambrose tries to speak French and fails, before saying the saying translates to “let the good times roll”. That’s what he did on RAW, when he took the title belt to Bourbon Street. He had the best time, and we see pictures of his adventures. After all that, he hit the casino and played roulette with the title belt. He looked up and saw a commercial for RAW, featuring Seth Rollins. So, he hailed a cab and bought a ticket. We see a picture of him with a scalper, and Ambrose makes a crack about how he doesn’t think it was a real ticket. Luckily, Roman Reigns saved him a seat at ringside. Even after a night in New Orleans…I don’t know what he says next, because the screen blips, then the RAW logo flashes for a second before we’re back to Ambrose. He says that stings (still not sure what). He hopes Rollins is watching and remembers what it felt like to be abandoned by his  friends. He hopes Rollins remembers when his world crumbled. He hopes Rollins remembers Ambrose standing over him with the title. He hopes Rollins remembers Ambrose planting him with Dirty Deeds. If not, they’re going to replay the whole thing this Sunday at MITB when Ambrose officially becomes the World Champion.

Rollins comes out, mic in-hand. He says he’s tired of Ambrose’s crap. He mocks Ambrose, then says Ambrose thinks he’s different than every challenger that has come before. He is not different. He like all the scum in this arena, meaning he’s not in Rollins’ league. At MITB, Rollins will take his World title back. So, let’s stop wasting time. Why doesn’t Ambrose give the belt back before Rollins comes in the ring and takes it from him? Ambrose tells him to relax and says this is just a gag. If it’s that important, Rollins can have it. Ambrose drops the belt in the ring and rolls to the floor while apologizing. Rollins drops down to grab it, but Ambrose says that’s not the real belt. It’s a replica he bought at a concession stand. Monday got weird. After he left RAW, he took the belt, but he doesn’t remember where he left it. It’s either in New Orleans or somewhere between here and Orleans. Everything is a blur to Ambrose. Honestly, it still feels like Tuesday to him. Gotta love the insider jabs Ambrose is taking here. He’s going to retrace his steps and find the real belt. He promises he’ll bring the belt to MITB. He’ll walk in with it, then walk out with it. Ambrose leaves through the crowd as Rollins screams that he’s not done with him.

Kane comes out and says Rollins is in fact done with Ambrose. This week on RAW, he had the opportunity to choose any opponent to prove he could win on his own. He chose J&J Security, and he failed. If that happens Sunday, Rollins loses the title. Rollins won’t have any help from the Authority. On Sunday, he will truly be on his own, just like he’ll be on his own tonight against another MITB participant, Dolph Ziggler.

Tonight, Neville, Randy Orton and Roman Reigns will take on Sheamus, Kofi Kingston and Kane.

We learn Ryback will defend the IC title against the Big Show at MITB, because punching Sheamus makes you the #1 contender to a title, apparently. Miz does his stupid prematch crap, and Ryback tries to go after him, only to have Miz bail to the floor. Miz tries to sneak in, but Ryback sees him coming and scares him back to the apron. Miz tries for a roll-up through the legs, but Ryback just steps back a few steps and begins slamming the back of Miz’s head into the mat while calling him stupid. Ryback hits a delayed vertical suplex, holding him up for an impressive amount of time before impact, which gets 2. Miz rolls back to the floor, and Ryback follows. Miz suckers him and sends him face-first into the announce desk. Commercials.

Back from the break, Miz has Ryback in a terrible sleeper. Two simple submissions, and Miz can do neither of them correctly. Miz tries to jump onto Ryback’s back to add a body scissors to it, but Ryback turns it into a backpack stunner instead. Ryback hits a pair of shoulders, ducks a clothesline and hits a powerslam off the ropes for 2. Ryback sets up a powerbomb, but Miz escapes and clips his left knee. He boots Ryback in the head, then applies the figure-4, aka the other simple submission he’s terrible at. After a 2-count, Ryback easily breaks free and hoists Miz up for a powerbomb. Miz escapes and hits a snap DDT for 2. Miz goes for the SCF, only to have Ryback immediately escape and plant him with a spinebuster. Miz bails to the floor as the Meat Hook gets loaded up, but Ryback follows him and nails him in the back. Back in the ring, Ryback goes for Shell Shocked, but Miz grabs the ropes and escapes before hitting the Skull-Crushing Finale. He goes for the pin, but Ryback kicks out at 2 to Miz’s disbelief. Miz stomps Ryback down, then tries to choke him over the ropes in the corner. Ryback pulls himself up as Miz mocks him, calling for a Meat Hook. Miz charges in, and Ryback Meat Hooks him into oblivion. Shell Shocked connects and gets 3.


As Ryback celebrates, the Big Show comes out onto the stage. He congratulates Ryback. He wouldn’t say he’s impressed, but it’s impossible to impress him. He has 20 years experience and a lifetime of being a giant. From day one, he’s had a license to do what he wants, when he wants. This Sunday, he’s going to take the IC title, and there’s nothing Ryback can do about it. Ryback had his moment on RAW when he hit Shell Shocked. Woo-hoo. This Sunday, it will be a different ball game. No matter how hungry Ryback gets, he won’t be able to digest the KO Punch. The reality is the “Big Guy” is no match for the Big Show. Ryback says if Show wants to step in the ring, he’ll not only have to deal with a raging Ryback, he’ll have to deal with thousands of ragin’ Cajuns. So, don’t sing it; bring it, little man. Ryback taunts Show, and Show screams that he’ll tear Ryback’s head off while marching down to the ring. He stops short and says he doesn’t give fights away, and he doesn’t do what people want. Sorry, “Big Guy”. Show walks up to the stage, turns and tells Ryback his feeding time is this Sunday.

R-Truth is on commentary for the next match. He’s calling Byron Saxton “The Coach” before calling Todd Phillips “JBL” and saying he lost weight.

Barrett and Truth will go one-on-one this Sunday on the kick-off show. Swagger gets the jobber non-entrance this week. Swagger grabs a waistlock, but Barrett elbows his way out and proceeds to stomp Swagger down. Swagger comes back with rights, but then runs into a back elbow. Truth starts trying on Barrett’s entrance gear, which gets Barrett’s attention, allowing Swagger to roll him up for 2. Barrett ducks a clothesline and nails a mule kick before looking back at Truth and telling him to take it off before he gets a Royal Bull Hammer. Barrett rolls to the apron as Truth climbs onto the announce desk and does a dance. He sees Barrett looking at him and starts to take off the gear. Barrett approaches him as Truth drops the crown and runs away. Barrett chases after him, but is met with a clothesline by Swagger at ringside. Back in the ring, Swagger hits the Swagger Bomb for 2. Swagger goes for the Patriot Lock, but Barrett kicks him away, then nails the Royal Bull Hammer for 3.


We get a recap of the promo “battles” between Paige and Nikki Bella. This leads to Paige walking around backstage before Alicia Fox gets into her face. She says Paige doesn’t speak for her, and the only change needed around here is Fox removing her from the divas division tonight.

Part of a sit-down interview with Lana is shown. She talks about how kind Dolph Ziggler is, and how he respects her. She continues complimenting him before saying the rumors don’t matter. Rusev hobbles in and says not to ruin this because Ziggler is brainwashing her. Ziggler’s been with a bunch of other women. Rusev has always been with Lana and never needed anyone else. He begs her to just submit herself to him and no one else. Lana looks at him and simply says it’s over before leaving the studio. Rusev begins screaming at Michael Cole (the interviewer) before chasing him off.

Rollins applies a wastelock and turns it into a front chancery. Ziggler counters into a hammerlock beofre Rollins gets a rope-break. Back up, Rollins boots Ziggler and hits a hip throw. Ziggler tries to break free from the side headlock, but Rollins applies more pressure. Ziggler manages to twist to his knees and get back up before Rollins shoulders him off the ropes. They crisscross before Ziggler hits a hiptoss. He goes for the superkick, but Rollins sees it coming and hits the floor. Back in, Ziggler applies a waistlock and tries to turn it into an abdominal stretch. Rollins backs him into the corner and hits a cheap shot while calling for a break. Rollins chokes Ziggler over the middle rope and sends him in for an Irish whip and a back-body drop. Ziggler counters with a neckbreaker for 2, then goes for some mounted punches in the corner. Rollins slides out and hits Ziggler with an electric chair for 2. He drops a couple knees, then hits a short-arm clothesline for another 2 before applying a rear chinlock. Ziggler eventually escapes, but Rollins quickly puts him back down with a suplex for 2 before reapplying the hold. Ziggler escapes once more before Rollins goes for another suplex. Ziggler escapes and clotheslines Rollins to the floor, the momentum taking him down as well. Outside, Ziggler rams Rollins’ head into the barricade. Rollins hits a back elbow before Ziggler tries for a dropkick. Rollins catches him and catapults him into the timekeeper’s area. Rollins rolls in to break the count as we go to commercials.

Back from the break, Rollins nails a corner forearm, then sends Ziggler face-first to the mat. Rollins hits an abdominal stomp before Ziggler hits a few quick punches. Ziggler sends him in with an Irish whip, but Rollins comes back with a Sling Blade for 2. Rollins rakes at Ziggler’s face, then applies another rear chinlock. Ziggler gets to his feet and gets free with a jawbreaker. Rollins runs into a back elbow, then gets backdropped to the floor. Rollins manages to roll back in pretty quickly, and now both are struggling to get to their feet. Rollins pulls himself up first, misses a clothesline, gets hit with two from Ziggler, then receives a corner splash. He reverses a neckbreaker and goes for a back suplex. Ziggler lands on his feet and hits a leaping DDT for 2. Ziggler gets up and goes for the rocker dropper, but Rollins catches him in a powerbomb. Ziggler reverses into a sunset flip for 2. He misses the rocker dropper again, gets rolled up, rolls through, ducks a thrust kick and rolls Rollins up in a schoolboy for 2. Rollins misses a roundhouse, and Ziggler backslides him for 2 before finally hitting the rocker dropper for 2. I absolutely refuse to call it the Fame-Asser/Famouser, regardless of the commentators. Rollins pulls himself up and catches Ziggler in a fireman’s carry. Ziggler slides to the apron and hits a hotshot before coming off the top with a cross-body. Rollins rolls through and grabs a handful of tights for 3.


The two lock up before Fox applies a waistlock. Paige breaks free by ramming Fox into the corner, then nails a series of back elbows and a big kick to the face. She climbs to the middle rope and repeatedly kicks Fox in the head. Fox goes for a running boot, but Paige catches it and turns it into a version of the Regal Stretch. Fox crawls to the ropes and manages to get the break, then kicks Paige in the head from the apron. Fox snaps Paige’s neck into the middle buckle from the apron, and a boot from the apron gets 2. Fox gets another 2, attempts a submission, forgets how to apply it, then goes for a rear chinlock instead. Paige gets to her feet, but Fox snaps her down by the neck before reapplying the rear chinlock. Fox breaks it to hit a few knees, then applies it once more. Paige breaks free, avoids a big boot in the corner and rolls Fox up for 3. She misses a clothesline and eats a big boot and a clothesline, getting Fox a 2-count. Fox climbs to the top, but Paige meets her with a forearm. They trade shots as Paige climbs up, before she sends Fox to the floor with a hotshot. Paige goes to the apron and wipes Fox out with a cannonball before rolling her back into the ring. Paige goes for the PTO, but Fox kicks her away. She misses the axe kick, then eats a pair of back kicks. Paige locks in the PTO, sits ALL THE WAY down, and Fox quickly taps out.


You know, I’m glad Kevin Owens is getting so much attention in this feud with Cena, but I’d like to know why the US title hasn’t been involved, especially since it started in the midst of Cena’s open challenge bit.

Renee Young is standing by with the Prime-Time Players. She starts to ask a question, but Titus O’Neil interrupts and asks the question for her, which is whether or not they’re ready to face the New Day for the tag belts this Sunday. He says you damn right they’re ready. Darren Young says the PTP are like butter-they’re on a roll. Titus says fans have recently been seeing a “coming out” party for the PTP. Young says that party was last summer. Titus says that was exclusively Young’s “coming out” party (referring to Young being openly gay), and he should be proud of that. This Sunday, however, they both will be proud to get rid of the New Day, as well as the clap, which they will replace with a more subtle clap. They do their own version, with their name in stead of New Day, and Renee Young joins in.

Koif starts for his side, while Reigns volunteers for his. They lock up, and Kofi applies an arm wringer. Reigns counters and whips Kofi down by the neck before hitting a running boot for 1. Reigns hits a headbutt, then tags in Neville. Neville continues to work on the arm, driving Kofi to the mat. Kofi rolls to his feet and nails a forearm. He kicks Neville in the corner and whips him across the ring. Neville avoids contact, handsprings across the ring and hits a springboard cross-body for 2. Kofi backs him to the corner and tags in Sheamus, who stomps Neville down. Neville crawls for the tag, but Sheamus drops him with a forearm. He escapes a slam attempt and tags in Orton. Orton hits a hotshot from the apron, then nails Sheamus with punches and kicks. He hits a clothesline out of the corner, then goes for the Garvin Stomp before dropping a knee for 1. He comes back with a kitchen sink, then backs him into the corner. Orton fights off Sheamus’ teammates before running into a tilt-a-whirl powerslam. Commercials.

Back from the break, Sheamus has Orton in a rear chinlock. Orton counters with a back suplex. Orton rolls to his corner and tags in Neville. Neville ducks a clothesline, slides through the legs, hits several kicks and lands a boot to the head. He dropkicks Kane and Kofi off the apron, then blasts Sheamus with a corner enziguri. He heads up top, but Kofi distracts the referee, allowing Kane to crotch Neville. Sheamus recovers and hits Neville with a series of kneelifts, then slams him off the buckles. Kane tags in, and the crowd falls deathly ill. He hits an uppercut after some stomps, then hits another stomp. Neville gets corner-whipped, receives a clothesline and walks into a sidewalk slam for 2. Kofi tags in and stomps Neville int he back for 2 before applying a chinlock with a 3/4-nelson. Neville counters with a legdrag, but Kofi pops up with a quick dropkick for 2. Sheamus tags back in and hits the Irish Curse not once, not twice, but thrice, as Woods won’t shut the hell up at ringside. Sheamus applies a rear chinlock as Neville reaches for his corner. He manages to fight his way out, so Sheamus throws him to the corner. Neville avoids a shoulder charge, and Sheamus collides with the ring post before falling to the floor. Neville makes the tag to Reigns as Kofi tags in. Reigns hits a pair of clotheslines, ducks one and hits a third, turning Kofi inside-out. Reigns nails a corner clothesline as E jumps on the apron. Reigns hits him with an uppercut, then slingshots Woods into the ring from the apron. Woods gets thrown to the floor, and when Reigns turns around, he catches Kofi with a Samoan drop. He loads up the Superman Punch, but Kane intercepts him and hits a chokeslam. Orton drops Kane with an RKO. Sheamus drops Orton with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus eats a missile dropkick from Neville. Kofi nails Neville with Trouble in Paradise. Kofi charges at Reigns in the corner, who moves. Kofi lands on the middle rope and dives off, only to have Reigns knock him out of the sky with a Superman Punch. Reigns covers for 2, only to have the other 2/3 of the New Day break up the pin, leading to the DQ.


The New Day continue to work over Reigns, with E and Woods hitting the leaping DDT/Big Ending combo. Woods pulls a ladder from under the ring as E helps Kofi back up. Woods sets it up, and the two help Kofi begin to climb. Dolph Ziggler’s music hits, and he brings out a ladder of his own. E and Woods try to meet him at ringside, but he runs through them with the ladder. He then clotheslines Kofi to the floor, sending himself out in the process. Neville rolls in, pulls the ladder next to the ropes as the rest of the wrestlers are fighting at rings, then climbs up. He perches himself, then wipes out everyone with a cross-body. Have I mentioned how much of an afterthought Orton is in WWE right now? Anyway, Neville recovers, sets the ladder up in the ring once more, then climbs up and retrieves the briefcase before standing triumphantly at the top.


WWE: Daniel Bryan: Just Say Yes! Yes! Yes! on

WWE: Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe

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WWE SmackDown Results and June 4 Recap

June 07, 2015 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

This week opens up with Seth Rollins, sans the WWE World title belt. J&J Security are also noticeably absent. Rollins has a folding chair, which he stares at before saying nearly a year ago today, he took a chair not unlike this one, and he single-handedly dismantled the Shield. Rollins sits down in the chair and says since then, the question he’s gotten from everyone more than anything is why? Why did he take the chair and send a message to Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns? Why did he destroy what he created? From day one, he said his goal was to be the very best in the history of this industry. Not ONE OF the best; THE best. He was sick of sharing the spotlight with two chumps who were obviously beneath him. It was time to move on, and he was the only one with the guts to pull the trigger. So, he joined up with the Authority, and they anointed him the undisputed future of WWE. He validated that endorsement by winning the MITB contract all by himself. The best part is that he was only getting started. Shortly after the Royal Rumble, he had a vision. He had a vision to make history, to do the impossible, to beat Reigns and Brock Lesnar at the same time. Now, it’s one thing to come up with a plan like that. But to execute it flawlessly took courage, guts and the heart of a champion. At Wrestlemania, he ripped Reigns’ dreams from his hands and slayed the Beast at the same time. Now that beast is off licking his wounds while Reigns is living in Rollins’ shadow, trying to do everything Rollins has already done. Well, here’s some news, brother: the sequel is never as good as the original. So, here he stands, the greatest WWE World Champion of all time, and he’s got no championship around his waist. That brings him to Ambrose. Ambrose wants so desperately for everyone to think that stealing a title makes him a champion, but Ambrose knows that’s not true. Everyone knows who the rightful champion really is. That’s fine, because he doesn’t need a belt, anyone or anything to validate who he is and what he’s capable of. He appreciates everything the Authority has done for him. But he doesn’t need J&J, Kane, the Big Show, Stephanie McMahon or Triple H to destroy Ambrose. At MITB, his title will hang over the ring. He will climb the ladder and retrieve what he’s rightfully earned. And when it’s said and done…

Ambrose appears on the TitanTron, sitting under a ladder and holding the WWE title. He says he couldn’t help but hear Rollins say he does things all by himself. Does Rollins have bad memory, or is he just a liar? As far as he can remember, Rollins always needed help. He couldn’t go through a single airport without asking Ambrose or Reigns with help with his bags. He’s got more baggage than a rich girl with daddy issues. But Ambrose always knew Rollins was a liar, but who is he to judge? Ambrose is every bit the scumbag Rollins is. However, there’s one lie he can’t stand when he hears it, and that’s Rollins calling himself the WWE World Champion after Ambrose beat him at Elimination Chamber. Rollins can put on a show all he wants. We all know the Authority will do whatever they can to protect their investment. They’ll send monsters, demons, giants the cavalry, J&J, everything to make sure the WWE title never slips through their fingers. That helps Rollins sleep at night. It’s made him soft and weak. Rollins wants to talk about doing things by himself. Ambrose has spent the last year surviving. He’s had to grow eyes in the back of his head. Every time he steps in the ring, he’s had to watch his back. That puts him on the endangered species list, which only makes him stronger. Every day, he got stronger, and finally, he reached the top of the mountain at Elimination Chamber. To get there, you can’t be afraid to fall, and he’s never been afraid to fall. So, they’re going to do this one more time. This time, in a ladder match. Rollins wants the belt? He has to climb and take it. Ambrose is the real, rightful champion. He’s walking in to MITB with the belt, and he’s walking out with it, or he’ll die trying.

Tonight, Sheamus takes on Roman Reigns, and we also get the first ever Kevin Owens NXT Championship Open Challenge.

Young starts with Cara. Cara applies a waistlock and hits a takedown. Young comes back with an arm wringer before we get a series of reversals. The two go into a lock-up, and Cara applies a hammerlock. He tags in Kalisto, who snaps Young over. They hit a pair of kicks, then follow up with Cara wheelbarrowing Kalisto onto Young for 2. Kalisto hits a few strikes before Young nails a clothesline. He hits a cannonball off the ropes for 2, and Viktor tags himself in. He hits a fist drop on Kalisto before tagging in Konnor. We see the New Day looking on backstage. Meanwhile, Kalisto sends Konnor to the floor with a Tidal Crush, then low-bridges an incoming Viktor. Cara comes in, and the Lucha Dragons hit a pair of suicide dives. Commercials.

Back from the break, Konnor tosses Kalisto onto the top rope. Kalisto kicks him away, then kicks an incoming Viktor as well. Konnor recovers and hits Kalisto with an electric chair into a facebuster for 2. Vikto tags in and drops an elbow for 2. Konnor tags back in and hits a legdrop for 2. He applies a rear chinlock before tagging out to Viktor. Viktor hits a boot and a big chop, sending Kalisto to the corner. Viktor nails a forearm, then corner-whips Kalisto before running into a boot. Kalisto hits a headscissors from the middle rope, then crawls to Cara. Konnor blasts Cara on the apron, which allows Viktor to make the tag. They hit a double hiptoss into a release powerbomb for 2, only to have Young break it up. Konnor clubs him across the back and sends him to the floor, then goes for a suplex on Kalisto. Kalisto escapes with knees to the head, backflips off a back-body drop attempt and falls into a tag from Titus. Viktor tags in, and Titus floors him. He knocks Konnor off the apron, then nails Viktor with a big boot. He hits an avalanche and follows up with a big powerslam for 2, only to have Cara break it up with a swanton bomb. Young comes in and lays Cara out with the Gut Check. Konnor knocks Young to the floor, and then turns around into a big boot from Titus. Kalisto hits a springboard dive, but Titus catches him, then throws him at Konnor, knocking them both outside. Viktor rolls Titus up, but only gets 2. Titus hits a boot to the gut before connecting with a pumphandle powerslam for 3.


To the best of my knowledge, this will be the first time the PTP have ever gotten a 2-on-2 match for the tag belts.

Renee Young is standing by with the New Day. Now that they know their opponents, how does their game plan going into the match change? Xavier Woods says their future at MITB is as bright as a morning sun rising on a new day. Step one: dispose of the PTP and their morally corrupt ways. Big E says all the PTP want is the money. Kofi Kingston says step two while their arms are raised high, they will listen to the fans celebrate, hands clapping as they say, “New Day rocks!” Woods says step three is Kofi walking into the MITB match and, through the power of positivity, walking out with the contract. Kane approaches them and says there’s a new game plan tonight. Kofi is taking on Neville one-on-one. Oh, and have a pleasant day.

Another week, another jobber non-entrance for Stardust. The two lock up, and Stardust suckers Ryback into the corner before escaping. He repeats this, then slaps Ryback. He misses a clothesline and gets hit with an armdrag before running into a back elbow. Ryback sends him into the corner, but runs into a pair of boots. Ryback catches Stardust diving off the middle rope and goes for a powerslam, but Stardust counters into a diving inverted DDT for 2. Stardust stomps Ryback down and hits a low dropkick for 2. Stardust applies a cravat, but Ryback escapes and shoves him into the buckles. Ryback runs into an elbow, but then catches Stardust off the buckles with a spinebuster. The Meat Hook connects, and Shell Shocked is good for 3.


Renee Young is standing by with Paige, only they’re out on the stage instead of in the back. Young points out how Paige got screwed on RAW. She asks how Paige is feeling after the loss. Paige says it feels like it’s never going to change. It’s the same old, same old. The Bella Tw*ts have been pulling “twin magic” for years, and she’s sick of it. Me too, especially since only a dumbass couldn’t tell them apart at this point. The Bellas walks out here, smile for the cameras and act like they’re giving divas a chance. In reality, they’re holding the division back. They’ve been doing it since day one. They think the spotlight shines on them. Their whole lives are consumed with being celebrities. Paige’s life is consumed with the ring. She prides herself on being herself and being different. She’s never bought into the notion of if you “can’t beat them, join them”. She leans more towards “if you don’t like the world you live in, you have the power to change it”. So, she guesses she’ll have to change it. Thank you.

We see Luke Harper holding Erick Rowan’s sheep mask. He says we tried to fit into your world, but you rejected us. We don’t look like you, act like you, and we certainly don’t think like you. The camera pans over to show Rowan is there as well. He says they’re family. Harper says every single turn, you have closed the door on them. But the reapers are at your doorstep. And now, it is time to pay for your sins.

Guess that team is finally back together, which is good. Both guys were really going nowhere as singles wrestlers, especially Rowan. And no, Harper’s cup of coffee as IC Champion doesn’t count for much.

Kevin Owens makes way down to the ring. He says you will notice he doesn’t need Michael Cole this week, because after what he did on Sunday, everyone knows exactly who he is. He is the NXT Champion, Kevin Owens. He’s the guy who beat John Cena in his very first match in WWE. He’s also the guy who’s going to do the exact same thing in their rematch at MITB. Now, everyone knows who he is and what he’s about, except for Cena. Cena seems to think Owens is someone else. Cena thinks he’s some kid in a Cena hat and t-shirt who hangs onto every word he says, much like Owens’ son. But he’s only 7 and doesn’t know any better. He stood in the ring Monday night and listen to Cena go on and on and on. He looked into Cena’s eyes, heard the emotion in his voice, and he realized Cena is completely delusional. For years, he thought it was an act, but no. Cena actually believes this nonsense. And it doesn’t end there. You want to talk about him being delusional? Cena said Owens isn’t a real man. Owens can’t let his son be influenced by someone so out of touch with reality anymore. Hustle, Loyalty, Respect? Never Give Up? That’s not how it works in the real world. This fairy tale fantasy Cena has been force-feeding kids for the last ten years is absolute garbage. Someone needs to put an end to the corruption of our children’s minds by Cena, and Owens will proudly be the one to step up and do that in their rematch at MITB. He’s going to show the world what a real champion, a real role model and a real man is. That brings him to tonight and his open challenge. If there’s anyone back there who thinks they can beat the man that beat Cena on his first night, and will do it again at MITB, well, the champ is here! The NXT Open Challenge starts…oh, he’s not wearing a watch, so whatever. You want some? Come get some! Obviously, I can’t mimic Owens’ mocking of Cena with typing, but it was pretty funny.

Owens boots Ryder and clubs him down. Ryder comes back with a facebuster off the ropes. Owens avoids an Irish whip and heads to the floor. Ryder follows, and Owens throws him into the barricade. Back in, Owens nails a boot and corner-whips Ryder. Ryder blocks the charge and hits a missile dropkick from the middle rope. He goes for a corner forearm, but Owens drops him with a superkick. Off the ropes, Owens hits the pop-up powerbomb for 3.


After the match, Ryder is slumped in the corner. Owens nails him with a cannonball, then hits another pop-up powerbomb.

Renee Young is now with Sheamus. She mentions his match with Roman Reigns tonight. People are saying Reigns is the favorite to win the MITB match. Sheamus takes exception to that, then points out how he destroyed Randy Orton on RAW. He plans on putting on another show tonight, then, in less than two weeks, he’s planning on climbing the ladder, grabbing the case and becoming the next WWE World Champion. What’s that thing Reigns always says? Oh, yeah. Believe that.

Inset promo from Neville. He says he’s the fastest, most agile, and he doesn’t know fear. At MITB, don’t blink, because you might miss the “Man That Gravity Forgot” grabbing the contract. This is the start of the “Altitude Era”.

Kofi hits a boot and a European upperct, then sends Neville into the corner. Neville flips over and hits a cross-body from the middle rope before hitting a hurricanrana. Kofi hits a slide tackle off the ropes and drags Neville to the floor. He distracts the ref, which allows E to hit a vertical splash. Woods rolls him back in, which gets Kofi 2. Kofi boots Neville back to the floor as we go to commercials.

Back from the break, Kofi has Neville in a modified rear chinlock. Neville fights out, but Kofi hangs on with a handful of hair. He then pulls Neville back in and hits an inverted suplex for 2. Kofi backhands Neville across the face, which causes Neville to come back with a series of kicks. Neville throws Kofi into the buckles, nails a chop, then hits a seated dropkick from the middle rope. A standing moonsault gets 2. Kofi suckers him into the middle buckle, then charges in the corner. Neville catches him, drops him, then nails a tornado DDT. Neville calls for the Red Arrow, but E pulls Kofi to the floor. Neville changes positions and takes them both out with a moonsault, landing on his feet in the process. Woods tries to trip him on the way back into the ring, but Neville avoids it and slingshots himself back into the ring. Kofi looks for a quick roll-up, but Neville reverses for 2. He gets sent into the ropes, where Woods is waiting on the apron. Neville blasts him, only to have Kofi try to roll Neville up again for 2. Neville twists himself around, sits across Kofi’s chest and cradles both legs to get 3.


We see the Miz getting makeup put on. My feed quick-cuts to “MizTV”, already in progress. He’s with Lana, and is basically calling her a waste of space. He blathers on about her cutting Rusev as a business decision. She said she did care for him, but his behavior, lies and hateful words forced her to do what she did. As for Miz, his questions are leading to two options: she’ll leave, or she’ll slap Miz. Miz, looking douchier than usual, says there are always two sides to every story. To get the other side, he has a surprise guest, that being Rusev himself.

Rusev comes out on crutches, in a walking cast. He hobbles his way into the ring and says he’s not here to pick a fight or start trouble. He’s here as a broken man. He knows he’s called her so many bad things. He has no excuse except that he was raised differently. He really thought he didn’t need Lana, but as her favorite American song goes, you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone. This country has embraced Lana, and is all about giving second chances. That’s all he’s asking for as well. Without his crutches, he can’t walk or stand, and he’s begging for one more chance. He’ll always lean to her. He wants her to be his crutch. Lana picks up his crutches, looks at his foot and says she’ll show him where to put his crutch. He calls her a stupid cow and nearly calls her a b*tch before Dolph Ziggler comes down to the ring. Lana hooks onto Ziggler’s arm, and the two leave together.

They lock up and proceed to jockey for position until Sheamus breaks it. Reigns applies a side headlock, then hits a shoulder off the ropes before clutching his ribs. He shakes it off and hits a few punches before Sheamus nails a kitchen sink, sending Reigns to the floor. Sheamus follows, onlty to have Reigns nail him with a clothesline. Reigns picks him up, but gets rammed into the apron before getting pancaked across the announce desk. Sheamus hurls him over the desk, then rips up part of the desk as we go to commercials.

Back from the break, Sheamus is driving his knee into Reigns’ ribs. He hits a forearm to the face for 2, then applies a rear chinlock. Reigns fights out before Sheamus corner-whips him. Sheamus runs into a boot in the corner, but then catches Reigns in a rolling fireman’s carry slam for 2. Sheamus hits a gut shot and tosses Reigns to the apron, where he looks for the 10 Beats of the Bodhran after a few shots to the ribs. Reigns manages to break free and nail a few forearms, followed by a hotshot. He nails Sheamus with a series of punches while Sheamus is draped across the bottom rope. He goes for the apron kick, but Sheamus moves. He kicks Reigns in the ribs under the bottom rope, then pulls him back in. The two trade shots until Sheamus throws Reigns to the corner. He hits a running shoulder thrust, but misses a second one, colliding with the ring post. Sheamus winds up on the floor, manages to recover and looks to wrap Reigns’ leg around the ring post. Reigns pulls his leg in, sending Sheamus’ face into the post. Sheamus rolls back in and Reigns nails him with a clothesline. He hits one more, then explodes with a third off the ropes. He hits a series of corner clotheslines, but then eats a big boot. Sheamus charges in, and Reigns catches him in a fireman’s carry. Sheamus escapes and boots Reigns to the floor. As Sheamus heads out, Reigns trips him on the apron, then nails his big kick. Back in the ring, Reigns hits a Samoan drop and calls for the Superman Punch. Kane’s music hits, and he comes out, flanked by J&J Security. They march down to the ring, and the distraction allows Sheamus to roll Reigns up for 2. Sheamus hits the Irish Curse for another 2, then goes for the Brogue Kick. Reigns avoids it and nails a Superman Punch. He pulls himself up in the corner, and that’s when Kane enters the ring. He nails Reigns with a big boot, leading to the DQ.


After the match, Kane looks for a chokeslam. Reigns fights his way out, but then gets dropped with a Brogue Kick as J&J cheer at ringside. Kane then puts Sheamus down with a chokeslam. He looks up at the MITB briefcase then…you guessed it…announces himself as the final participant in the MITB match. Big f*cking surprise. Reigns gets up, turns around and walks right into a chokeslam.

End of show.

WWE: It’s good to be the King: The Jerry Lawler Story

WWE: Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe

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WWE SmackDown Results and May 28 Recap

May 30, 2015 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns team up to take on WWE champion Seth Rollins and Kane in this week’s edition of WWE SmackDown.

Kidd and Cara start with a lock-up. They trade arm wringers. Kidd backflips off the ropes into an armdrag. He blocks a hiptoss, counters and sends Cara to the floor. Cesaro makes a blind tag and nails a European uppercut as Kidd hits a German suplex for 2. Cesaro applies a modified half-Boston crab, but Cara escapes. He hits a boot out of the corner, then dives off the buckles with a headscissors. Kalisto tags in and gets hoisted up by Cara, right into a hurricanrana. Cesaro winds up on the floor, but the PTP roll him back in, where Kalisto gets 2. Cesaro recovers and hits a clothesline. Kalisto goes for a sunset flip out of the corner, but Cesaro powers him up into a delayed vertical suplex. Kidd tags in and spikes Kalisto off the top in what looks like a double-team brainbuster for 2. Kalisto recovers and applies an arm wringer before tagging in Cara. Cara nails a kick against the ropes, sending Kidd to the floor. Los Matadores roll him back in, where Cara grabs him for a Gory Special. Kalisto tags in and hits a springboard dropkick while Kidd is still locked in the Special, which gets him 2. Kidd reverses a corner whip, Kalisto avoids contact, the two crisscross, and Kalisto snaps off a handspring headscissors, sending Kidd to the floor. The New Day roll Kidd back in, and Cesaro gets in their faces. Commercials.

Back from the break, Cesaro is now legal with Kalisto. He has Kalisto in a sleeper, but Kalisto escapes. Cesaro tosses him to the floor. The PTP roll him back in, and Cesaro corner-whips him. Kidd tags in, but gets hit with an elbow. Cesaro goes for the Very European Uppercut, but Kalisto lands on his feet on Cesaro’s shoulders, leaps off and makes the tag. Cara hits an apron kick on Kidd, then lands a springboard armdrag. He hits a hurricanrana off the ropes and follows up with a lionsault for 2. Cara sends Kidd out, but he holds on and lands across Cesaro’s back. Cesaro muscles him back in, where he hits a headscissors off the ropes. Cesaro tags in and hits his series of corner uppercuts. He calls for the Cesaro Swing, but Kalisto tries to interfere. Cesaro blasts him, which allows Cara to roll him up for 2. Cara hits a satellite armbar for 2, then tags to Kalisto. Kalisto misses a dive, ducks a clothesline and hits a corkscrew plancha from the middle for 2. He hits a handspring tidal crush for another 2. Cesaro picks him up off a chancery and hits an overhead belly-to-belly, sending him to the floor. The PTP roll Kalisto back in as Kidd makes the tag. He hits a springboard flying elbow for 2. I think this is the first lumberjack match I’ve seen where the lumberjacks aren’t beating the wrestlers up the second they hit the floor. Kidd goes for a suplex, but Kalisto escapes, rolls Kidd up, rolls backwards and hits a Kalisto Kick for 2 as Cesaro breaks it up. Cara dropkicks Cesaro to the floor near the New Day. Back in the ring, Kalisto hits a mule kick and goes for a hurricanrana. Kidd catches him and locks in the Sharpshooter. Kalisto crawls to the ropes, so Kidd drags him to the middle. Cara breaks it up with a springboard headbutt. Cesaro blasts Cara with a superkick, but then gets backdropped to the floor by Kalisto, landing on several of the lumberjacks in the process. Kidd then clotheslines Cara to the floor as the New Day roll Kalisto back into the ring. Not sure when he left, but whatever. Kidd turns around, and Kalisto surprises him with the Salida Del Sol for 3.


Damn, that was a fun match. These two pairs are easily my two favorite tag teams in WWE right now.

We see Kane on his cellphone in his office, when Seth Rollins and J&J Security enter. Rollins mentions something about “Age of Ambrose” on Sunday (my feed must have skipped a promo. My apologies). He says Ambrose is lucky he’s even on the streets. He doesn’t know how Ambrose got out of jail, but he needs to be locked up forever. Jamie Noble tells some story about his aunt. Rollins shoves him away and says to Kane that they have a rematch with Ambrose and Roman Reigns. After Monday, what will Ambrose do tonight? Kane calls tonight playtime. They’ll soften Ambrose up, then take out Reigns. Rollins likes the idea, but they thought that would happen on Monday. Kane says Rollins isn’t the only one who can come up with a plan, and after tonight, he won’t have to worry about Sunday.

As R-Truth comes out for his match, we get an inset promo from him. He mentions danger and how everyone is talking about it. Everyone must’ve forgot he puts the “D” in “danger”. He doesn’t worry about danger; danger worries about him. Uh…right…His opponent, King Barrett, also gets one of these promos. He says, by royal decree, this Sunday at Elimination Chamber, his rivals will bow down to the king as he regains the IC title. His loyal subjects around the world will sing, “All hail King Barrett”.

Barrett immediately hits a big boot, then sends Truth shoulder-first into the ring post for 2. Barrett hits some mounted punches and a stomp, then lands a swinging neckbreaker for 2. He applies a rear chinlock, but Truth fights out. He hits an uppercut, avoids a corner whip and tries to catch Barrett with a headscissors. Barrett catches him, shoves him into the air and lands a boot to the gut for 2. Barrett kicks Truth once more, then snaps off a suplex for 2. He loads up the Royal Bull Hammer, but Truth ducks and rolls him up for 2. Barrett avoids a corner whip, but then turns around into the Lie Detector, the move formerly known as Lil Jimmy, for 3.


After the match, Sheamus comes from out of nowhere and drops Truth with a Brogue Kick. Sheamus then does the same to Barrett. He then celebrates behind the podium that the IC title is on at ringside.

Lana is backstage, getting prepped for what looks like an interview. She is wearing so much less makeup now, and man, is it a huge improvement.

This week, the show is emanating from the Mohegan Sun Arena in Mohegan Sun, CT.

Renee Young is now with Lana. Young asks how she is feeling after the breakup with Rusev. Lana says when you let your emotions interfere, you lose the upper hand, and that is almost what happened on RAW. For a moment, she really believed he could change. She was wrong, and that won’t happen again. She is no man’s property or a toy possession. Young asks about her relationship with Dolph Ziggler. She says there is no relationship. Young points out the recent history between the two. Lana says Rusev’s attack on Ziggler will not prevent Ziggler from making it to EC and competing. That’s when Rusev walks up. Lana asks if he’s going to throw a tantrum and act like a spoiled child. He says why bother? He already beat up Ziggler. Where is he? At home? Ziggler is afraid to show up because he knows Rusev is here. He is not bothered by Ziggler at all, and is not jealous at all. Lana’s little boy-toy will suffer because of Lana’s wretched kisses. She dug her grave, and now she will rot in it.

The two lock up and jockey for position until Ryback turns it into a wastelock. Rusev tries for a rope-break, but Ryback pulls him back to the middle. Rusev attempts a break again, and Ryback does the same thing he did before. Rusev breaks it with a back elbow and applies one of his own. Ryback counters with a hammerlock. Rusev counters with a side headlock. Ryback sends him into the ropes, and the two collide with shoulderblocks. They do it again, and neither budges. Ryback lays in some punches, then nails a chop in the corner. He hits a headbutt, but Rusev comes back with clubbing blows to the back. Rusev goes for a suplex, but Ryback blocks and counters with a delayed vertical for 2. Rusev lays in some more punches, hits a snapmare, then mule-kicks Rusev in the face. Ryback drops an elbow, hits a chop, a punch, a knee and a forearm. Rusev comes back with a kick off the ropes, then drops Ryback with a clothesline for 1. Rusev hits a headbutt, then lays in some kicks to the back as Ryback is hanging on the middle rope. He sits on Ryback’s back, then proceeds to kick him in the corner before hitting a double axe handle to the back. Ryback gets whipped hard into the buckles, and Rusev follows up with a kick to the side of the head as a “We want Lana” chant breaks out. Ryback recovers enough to hit a few strikes out of the corner, but then runs right into a back elbow. Ryback puts on the breaks off an Irish whip, then backdrops Rusev to the floor. Outside, Ryback continues the attack until Rusev slams him face-first into the announce desk. Rusev hits a fall-away slam on the floor as we go to commercials.

Back from the break, Rusev drops an elbow, then applies a rear chinlock. Ryback fights out, and now the two trade punches. Rusev hits a splash against the ropes, but Ryback comes back with a shoulderblock. Rusev runs into a back elbow, then gets shoved away in the corner. Ryback goes for a powerslam, but Rusev falls out of his arms and appears to have hurt his ankle. He rolls to the floor, where Ryback follows. Rusev sends him face-first into the ring post, and then gets DQ’ed on the second one.


Rusev continues the attack post-match, sending Ryback into the ring steps. Apparently, this ankle injury is legitimate, and Rusev is expected to be out for a couple months or so.

Paige comes out for a match, and she gets the inset promo treatment. She basically talks about how Naomi is a whiner, then says Naomi taking her title match a month ago is the fuel she needs to get back to the Divas title. This is followed up by one with Naomi and Tamina. Naomi calls Paige too emotional. Naomi isn’t emotional at all, and she doesn’t care. She hopes Paige has an emotional breakdown on Sunday when Naomi wins the title.

The two lock up, and Naomi shoves Paige away. Naomi does what apparently is supposed to be taunting, then goes for the ropes when Paige tries to grab her. Paige grabs her in a lock-up, shoves her into the corner and clubs her down before stomping her. Naomi rolls to the floor near Tamina. When she tries to get back in, Paige catches her with a series of kneelifts, sending her back to the floor. Paige tries to grab her by the hair, but Naomi grabs her arm and whips it into the ring post. She sends Paige shoulder-first into the top buckle, then stomps her down in the corner before working on the arm over the bottom rope. Naomi drives Paige down by the arm, then drops a series of knees onto it. She applies a top wristlock, which Paige counters with an armdrag. Paige hits a trio of short-arm clotheslines, a dropsh*t, and a side kick to the face. Paige goes for the PTO, but Naomi kicks her away. Paige ducks a clothesline, kicks Tamina through the ropes, then catches Naomi on a cross-body attempt, which she turns into the Ram-Paige for 3.


Paige avoids an attack from Tamina, and as she heads up the ramp, the Bella Tw*ts come out on stage. What a shock! Nikki Bella does nothing but hold the belt over her head while making stupid faces! Boy, those two sure do earn their money!

Michael Cole is in the ring, about to conduct an exclusive interview with NXT Champion Kevin Owens. I love that Owens is making the NXT title more important than the US title in his segments with John Cena. Mainly because it is. The US title hasn’t had much of any value for the last several years. After some clips of the past two weeks, both of which feature Owens destroying Cena, Cole welcomes him and says he’s been in WWE for two weeks. Owens says that’s true, but he’s been a wrestler for 15 years. He’s competed all over the world, and dominated all over, just like he will do to Cena this Sunday at EC. Cole says Cena is not the typical competitor. Owens knows the resume’. Cena has 15 World titles, 2 Royal Rumble wins, 11 Wrestlemanias, 57 varieties of terrible t-shirt designs, and over 1000 different ways to suck. He is the NXT Champion, yet Cena walks around and acts like Owens has something to prove to him. If you ask him, Cena has something to prove to Owens. Cole says that Cena said Owens knows how to start a fight, and let’s see if he knows how to finish one. Owens remembers that, then says to take a look at what he did to Sami Zayn. Then, Cole will know if Owens can finish a fight. We go to footage from NXT, with Owens destroying Zayn in their last match. Owens says he did exactly what he said he would to further his career, and that was take out Zayn for good. Zayn was his best friend. He traveled with Zayn for 10 years. He was closer with Zayn than anyone else, and that’s what Owens did to him. If he can do that to someone he cares about, imagine what he will do to Cena. In fact, just watch EC, and you can witness that destruction first-hand. After that, then the real champ will be here.

Kane and Reigns start, and J&J immediately distract the ref. This allows Rollins to knock Ambrose into the barricade and Kane to stomp Reigns down. Rollins tags in and continues the attack on Reigns in the corner. He tags out to Kane, who misses a clothesline and gets hit with a spinning back suplex. Ambrose tags in and nails Kane with rights. Kane corner-whips Ambrose, but Ambrose blocks the charge and hits a seated dropkick from the middle rope. He connects with a bulldog out of the corner and goes for Dirty Deeds. He breaks it when Rollins tries to dive on him from the top, meeting Rollins with a boot to the gut. He goes for Dirty Deeds on Rollins, but Rollins gets pulled to the floor by J&J. Commercials.

Back from the break, J&J are beating up on Ambrose at ringside as Rollins has the ref distracted. They roll him in for a 2-count by Rollins, and now Kane tags in. He chokes Ambrose over the middle rope with his knee, then applies a double trapezius claw. Ambrose fights out, then nails some rights out of the corner. He gets on the middle buckle, but Kane pulls him down by the leg for 2. Rollins tags in and smacks Ambrose around while talking trash. Ambrose drops him with a forearm, only to have Rollins get back up, knock Reigns off the apron and hit Ambrose with a Sling Blade for 2. The ref checks on Reigns, which allows Rollins and Kane to double-team Ambrose in the corner. Rollins hits a bodyslam and tags out to Kane. Kane hits a low dropkick for 2, then hits an uppercut and a headbutt. Rollins tags in and nails a corner forearm for 2. Rollins applies a rear chinlock. Ambrose breaks free, hits a few chops, then runs into a back elbow. Rollins tosses Ambrose to the floor, then distracts the ref as J&J double-team him some more. They roll him back into the ring, but he spins through and sends them both flying over the announce desk. Rollins kicks him through the ropes and rolls him back in for some corner shots. He sets Ambrose up for a superplex, but Ambrose blocks it and sends Rollins to the mat with some headbutts. Kane tags in and tries the same thing, but Ambrose fights him off as well. Kane runs into a boot, and Ambrose hits him with a tornado DDT. Ambrose makes the tag, as does Kane. Reigns dominates Rollins with a series of corner clotheslines. Rollins ducks a jumping clothesline and goes for a spinning neckbreaker. Reigns continues to spin and nails Rollins with a forearm to the back of the head, then puts him down with a Samoan drop. He loads up the Superman Punch, but Kane intercepts him. Ambrose takes Kane out with a flying elbow, then hits a plancha on Kane on the floor. Back in the ring, Rollins ducks a Superman Punch, knocks Reigns down and looks for a thrust kick. Reigns blocks it and stacks Rollins up for a pin, only to power him up for a powerbomb. Rollins escapes, runs into a big boot, hits a superkick and goes for a powerbomb. Reigns backdrops him, only to have Rollins land on his feet, when he turns around, Reigns nails him with the Superman Punch and goes for the pin, but J&J hit the ring, leading to the DQ.


J&J swarm Reigns until Ambrose sends them both to the floor. Kane follows suit, and Ambrose wipes out all three with a suicide dive. Rollins goes for one as well, but Ambrose nails him with a forearm. Kane starts calling for someone to come down, and the New Day run down to ringside to beat up on Ambrose. Reigns wipes them all out with a suicide dive as Xavier Woods manages to escape into the ring. Ambrose drops him with Dirty Deeds. Big E comes in and nails a shot on Ambrose, only to have Ambrose hit him with a rebound clothesline. He avoids a dive by Kofi Kingston, who gets hit with a Superman Punch in mid-air. Reigns then takes E down with a spear. Kane comes back in and chokeslams Reigns before Kane and Rollins double-team Ambrose. Rollins pelts Ambrose with rights, then hits him with a Pedigree, which I might add, he does better than Triple H has in years.

End of show.

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WWE: Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe

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WWE SmackDown Results and May 21 Recap

May 23, 2015 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

This week’s episode opens with Roman Reigns making his way down to the ring. He says he has a bit of bad news: he didn’t win at Payback. But, he has some good news: he had a really good time at Payback. Any time you punch Seth Rollins in the mouth, it’s a good time. The Shield hit a triple powerbomb and blew the roof off the joint, and he got to go toe-to-toe with his boy, Dean Ambrose. The fact is, he can chase Rollins all he wants, but it won’t be a fair fight. By next week, he’ll probably have 50 more little security guards. While Reigns is fine with punching them all, sometimes, you have to think with your head and not your fists. It’s a new game plan now, as he’s entering the Money in the Bank match, and he’s going to win. You can believe that.

Dean Ambrose heads down to the ring. He apologizes for interrupting, but when he heard Payback, his ears started burning. So he looked for a bucket of ice to dunk his head into, but took a wrong turn at catering, and here he is. But before he came out, he heard something about MITB. He thought about the violence, which he loves. Then he remembered that this year, he won’t be reaching for an opportunity to become WWE World Champion, because by then, he’ll already be champion. Reigns says he hopes so, and he respects Ambrose outsmarting Rollins for a title shot, but for once, just once, would Ambrose please think of an exit strategy.

This prompts Kane to come out onto the stage. He can’t believe he’s about to say this, but he agrees with Reigns. Ambrose’s exit strategy ended with Rollins giving him a Pedigree. He may have gotten one over on the Authority, but in the end, the Authority always wins. Reigns asks how Kane could know that, since he’s always on his back. Kane says that, as far as he’s concerned, Reigns is not in the MITB match. This is not a personal bias; it’s based on fact. Reigns lost at Wrestlemania. He lost at Payback. The only thing Reigns has earned is his spot at the back of the line. The only way he’ll get another title match is proving he deserves it to Kane. Ambrose calls Kane a Justin Bieber groupie. Kane used to be a “brother of destruction”. Now he’s the redheaded stepchild of the Authority. When Triple H and Steph feed him the scraps from the table, does he get to use a fork and knife, or does he eat from a bowl like the lapdog he is? Kane gets pissy and says to not mention his “family” in any way ever again. Ambrose has a hard time listening, so maybe he’ll get this: tonight, Ambrose gets a RAW rematch with Bray Wyatt. Ambrose is happy about that, and he’s going to take care of Wyatt tonight. Kane then tells Reigns he has no plans for Reigns tonight. In fact, Reigns should reflect on his failures tonight. He needs to turn inward, and find ways to grow as a complete superstar. Enjoy the night off. Reigns thanks him. He’ll take a cheat day, fill a plate with Chesapeake crab cakes and cheesecake. But, he’ll still watch the show and make sure Kane does everything that is best for business, and Kane can believe that.

The Prime-Time Players and the New Day are on commentary for the next match.

Kidd and Cara start with a lock-up. Kidd applies an arm wringer. Cara counters and goes for a Gory Special into a pin for 1. He then turns it into a submission, only to have Kidd reverse into a sunset flip for 2. He hits an armdrag into an armbar, only to have Cara tag out to Viktor. Viktor beats Kidd down, only to have Fernando make a blind tag. Kidd trips him and goes for the Sharpshooter, but Torito jumps on the apron for a distraction. Nattie puts a stop to that by grabbing him and lugging him on her shoulders, only to have him spin out and sunset flip her on the floor. In the ring, Fernando kicks Kidd in the back, sending him into the ropes. Diego tags in and cannonballs onto Kidd’s back. Konnor tags himself in, and he hits Kidd with a powerbomb into a DDT. Commercials.

Back from the break, Kidd is fighting out of a rear chinlock, only to have Konnor club him down. Konnor knocks Cesaro off the apron. Moments later, Kidd falls into a tag from Cara, who hits Konnor with a springboard somersault plancha. Cara ducks a clothesline and hits a springaboard cross-body for 2. Konnor boots him and sends him into the corner. Cara boots him away, hits Viktor, then takes Konnor down with a twisting armdrag from the middle rope. He follows up with a handspring elbow, then goes for a lionsault. Konnor blocks it with his knees and tags in Viktor, who stomps Cara down. Konnor back in, and the two hit a double powerbomb. Viktor back in, and he stomps Cara for 2 as Kalisto breaks it up. Viktor hits Kalisto with a falling tigerbomb, then talks trash to Los Matadores, only to have one tag himself in. He covers Kalisto, even though he’s not legal. Viktor pulls the Matador off, and the two of them argue before fists start flying. Their respective partners hit the ring and continue the brawl. Viktor takes a Matador out with a running STO as Konnor and the other Matador spill to the floor. Apparently, during the shoving match between Viktor and the Matador, a tag was made, making Viktor legal again. He sends Cara in for an Irish whip, only to have Cara backflip off a back-body drop attempt and tag in Cesaro. Cesaro nails an overhead belly-to-belly, then hits his series of corner European uppercuts. He calls for the Cesaro Swing, hits a spinebuster, then goes into the Swing in order to set up Montezuma’s Revenge by Kidd, who apparently tagged in at some point. Diego makes a blind tag off Kidd and throws him to the floor, then covers Viktor for 2, only to have Cesaro break it up with a double stomp. Konnor then nails Cesaro and sends him to the floor, only to have Fernando send him out with a hurricanrana. Diego is back up as Viktor tags out to Kalisto, who hits a springboard cross-body. He dropkicks Diego in the knee, then drives his head into the mat off a hurricanrana for 2, only to have Konnor break it up. Konnor grabs Fernando and throws him to the floor as Kidd comes back in the ring. He ducks a Konnor clothesline and hits a somersault plancha on Fernando, who is on the floor on the opposite side. Cesaro comes in and clotheslines Konnor to the floor, only to turn around into Kalisto tossing Cara onto him with a flying dropkick. Cara heads up top and hits a corkscrew plancha, wiping out everyone. Diego sneaks back in and rolls Kalisto up for 2 and goes for a catapult. Kalisto lands on his feet on the middle rope and hits a blind hurricanrana into a roll-up for 3.


I don’t think I’ve seen a blind hurricanrana like that since Jonny Storm’s Rewind.

After some video of what happened between Rusev and Dolph Ziggler on RAW, Renee Young is standing by with Ziggler. She asks for Ziggler’s reaction to what we just saw. He says it’s been a hell of a week. He got busted open at Payback. On RAW, after he was told he’s in the Elimination Chamber match for the IC title, Lana kissed him, only to have Rusev come out and assault him. He’s no stranger to women kissing him, but this is the first time he’ll be locked in a steel structure with the ex-boyfriend. Tonight, he faces another one of his EC opponents, King Barrett. It’s the week that keeps on giving. Lana walks up, and she wishes him good luck before saying she’ll be watching. Ziggler asks Young to leave. He says he knows what Lana was doing on RAW. He knows she was just trying to make Rusev jealous. Rusev needs to respect women. He knows the game she’s playing though, and he’s fine with it. She’s not too bad of a kisser, either.

My feed goes to commercial, and when it comes back, the match has already started, with Ziggler in a rear chinlock. Ziggler fights out and nails Barrett with a right cross before planting a dropkick. He misses a corner splash, then turns around into the Wasteland for 2. Barrett complains about the count as Ziggler rolls to the floor. Barrett heads out and rams Ziggler back-first into the apron. He then launches Ziggler into the barricade by the timekeeper’s area before slamming him face-first into the announce desk. He rolls Ziggler in before taunting Jerry Lawler at ringside. Back in, Ziggler sneaks in a stack-up pin for 2. Barrett comes back with a pair of mule kicks, the last one to the face, for 2. Barrett calls for the Bull Hammer, but Ziggler superkicks him in the arm. He goes for the leaping DDT, only to have Barrett toss him face-first onto the mat. He goes for the Bull Hammer, but Ziggler ducks and drops him with a Zig-Zag for 3.


Lana comes out and applauds Ziggler from the stage. She’s wearing less makeup, which is actually a huge improvement.

Paige heads down to the ring, and says it’s so good to be back. Last time she saw the fans, she was in her, and I quote, “hometown of England, in London”, in front of her friends and family, in a divas battle royal for a title match, which she won. That was one of the best moments of her career, but her triumph was short-lived. We go to the footage from said match, where Naomi attacked her after it was over and put her on the shelf. Back to the arena, Paige says that’s when Naomi finally became relevant. You’re welcome, pumpkin. She has a weird admiration for Naomi because she took what she wanted. Paige has done that countless times. On the way, Naomi found herself a “boyfriend” in Tamina. She then says Tamina is int he wrong division. Moving on, she’s fully recovered and despite her admiration for Naomi, she took what is Paige’s. This is her division, the Divas title is her title, and the ring is her house.

Naomi and Tamina come down to the ring. Naomi laughs and says she must’ve hit Paige harder than she thought. Paige doesn’t understand where she is in the pecking order. Someone like Naomi, with all of her qualities, deserves to be the top diva, not someone who’s made a career out of screaming, which is all Paige is good at. She doesn’t know what it’s like to struggle and be overlooked by the same people she’s trying to impress. Paige got a title shot on day one. She didn’t earn it, and she damn sure didn’t deserve it. Paige hasn’t been here as long as Naomi has, but this is how things work: you can’t wait for opportunities; you have to take them. Naomi is doing that right now. Paige had an opportunity, and someone better took it from her. Don’t take it personally; Naomi simply removed her from the equation. Paige says taking an opportunity is exactly what she did. In one year, she did more than either Naomi or Tamina in their long, dinosaur careers. There’s more to being a diva than athleticism. You also have to have opportunity, which Naomi lacks. What she doesn’t lack, however, is excuses. Shut up, get over and get over yourself. Naomi starts screaming and says she’s about to run over Paige and everyone else who gets in her way. This is Paige’s house? Naomi and Tamina are about to clean house. They jump on the apron, only to have Paige attack both of them. Eventually, they’re able to double-team her and beat her down, which leads to Nikki Bella “running” down to the ring and chasing them off. She then goes after them outside, only to fall from the ring onto her stupid face. She grabs Naomi by the foot and manages to throw her into the ring, where Paige drops her with a side kick. Nikki tries to climb in, but Tamina pulls her back down. Nikki fights her off as Paige goes for the Ram-Paige on Naomi. Nikki enters the ring and hits Paige with a forearm to the face at the same time, then hits her with the Rack Attack.

Bray Wyatt appears on the screen and says not too long ago, people used to treat these so-called lunatics as if they were evil. Some would go as far as to claim perhaps they were possessed by demons. Nowadays, these claims are looked down upon, as if they were primitive and outrageous. Here’s the thing: they were right. Demons are all around us and exist in us all. Tonight, he will prove to Dean Ambrose he has his inner demons, but they watch the minds of men (I think. That part was hard to hear). Ambrose is asking himself, “why me, why now?” Simple. Ambrose is in his way. Run.

It is announced that Nikki Bella will defend the Divas title against both Paige and Naomi in a triple threat match at EC.

Stardust gets the jobber non-entrance treatment. He hits a boot, then clubs Truth across the back. Truth comes back with a hiptoss, then nails an uppercut that sends Stardust to the outside. Stardust hits a hotshot from the apron, then nails a springboard dropkick for 2. It’s announced Truth will be in the IC title match at EC as well. Back to the match, Stardust stomps Truth down against the ropes, then drives his knee into Truth’s back before applying a straightjacket. He snaps Truth down by the neck, then stomps the side of his head. He hits a short-arm clothesline and a punch to the face, then goes back to the straightjacket. Truth gets to his feet and manages to break free with elbows and punches. He goes for the Osaka street cutter, but Stardust escapes and hits the Disaster Kick for 2. He gets another 2-count, then hits Dark Matter for 2. Stardust pulls off one of his gloves and nails Truth with punches in the corner. As he grabs his glove, Truth kicks him in the face, picks up the glove in some kind of weird distraction, then hits Lil’ Jimmy for 3.


Renee Young is standing by with Ryback, who is also in the IC title match. She asks about what is going through his mind going into the Chamber. He says he’s never competed in this match before, and he’d be lying if he said it wasn’t intimidating. At the same time, he’s chomping at the bit to get inside. He’s a starved lion trapped in a cage with five antelope. What does Young think would happen. She says something stupid about vegans. Ryback then delivers a message to the five others: The Big Guy’s hungry, and anything that stands between him and the IC title will get devoured. He’s hungry. The WWE Universe is hungry. And when people are hungry, people say “Feed me more”. Ryback then tells her he has some great vegan recipes and he’s quite the cook. Again, stupid vegan lines.

Mandow and Slater start with a lock-up, with Mandow backing Slater into the ropes before giving a clean break. He misses a clothesline, and Slater applies a side headlock. The two crisscross until Mandow hits a back elbow. He throws Slater into the buckles, then snaps off some jabs. Rose comes in and gets the same treatment before Mandow hits him with an inside-out hotshot. Back in the ring, Slater hits a Harlem side kick for 2, then kicks Mandow in the back. Rose tags in, and the two hit a double suplex for 2. Rose drops some elbows and a fist for another 2, then tags in Slater. Slater hits a kick to the gut, then chokes Mandow over the middle rope. Rose back in, and he kicks Mandow off the ropes for 2 before applying a rear chinlock. Mandow counters with a back suplex. Rose tags out, as does Mandow. Axel hulks out, does the finger point, hits the three punches and the big boot. Rose comes in, but Mandow backdrops him to the floor. Axel hits an Atomic Legdrop and gets 3.


The two have a pose-down after the match.

Renee Young is now standing by with Bo Dallas for some reason. She says Dallas made quite the impact on RAW when he attacked Neville. We go to that footage. Back to Young and Dallas. She asks why he attacked Neville. He says when he was a kid, a bird used to land on his windowsill every morning. God, his voice is obnoxious. The bird was beautiful with bright colors, and could fly higher than the rest. One day, it flew too high, hit a power line and hurt its wing. He watched it try to fly again, but it couldn’t, so he came along, took the bird, fed it, coddled it and nursed it back to health. With his help, the bird overcame adversity and flew away. Just like that bird, Neville has a broken wing. He’s trying to make Neville stronger. With Dallas’ help, he can overcome adversity and fly away. All he has to do is Bolieve.

The two lock-up, and Ambrose applies a side headlock. Wyatt comes back with a shoulder off the ropes, but then runs into a drop toehold. Ambrose pounds Wyatt’s knee, then snaps it backwards before hitting a dragon screw. He sets Wyatt’s leg up on the middle rope in the corner and hits a kick to the knee, but Wyatt shakes it off and drops Ambrose with an uppercut. Ambrose comes back with a kneelift against the ropes and a flying forearms that sends Wyatt to the floor. He follows up with a suicide dive, breaks the count, goes for a dive off the apron, only to have Wyatt sidestep him and send him knee-first into the ring steps. Commercials.

Back from the break, Wyatt has Ambrose in a rear chinlock, with his knee in the back. Ambrose fights to his feet, but then gets kicked in the knee. Wyatt hits a bodyslam, then misses a running senton. Ambrose pelts Wyatt with rights and goes for a cross-body, but Wyatt blocks it with a vertical splash. My feed cuts in and out, making the next minute choppy. When it comes back, Wyatt has Ambrose draped across the middle rope. He then yanks on Ambrose’s neck from the floor and looks for a suspended DDT. Ambrose fights him off and turns it into a tornado DDT on the floor. Ambrose is up first, and he throws Wyatt in before climbing back in himself. They pull themselves up in opposite corners, and Ambrose hits a corner forearm. Wyatt shoves off a bulldog, but Ambrose rebounds with a clothesline. He hits several strikes, and my feed starts acting wonky again. When it comes back, Wyatt is on the floor, and Ambrose goes for a suicide dive. Wyatt catches him and looks for Sister Abigail. Ambrose escapes, so Wyatt tries to roll him back in the ring. Wyatt spins through on the apron and levels Wyatt with a clothesline. Back in the ring now, Ambrose heads up top for the flying elbow. Wyatt catches him and looks for the standing uranage. Ambrose escapes and goes for Dirty Deeds. Wyatt escapes and hits the uranage on the second try for 2. Wyatt hits a right, and my feed sucks yet again. Back on a few second later, Ambrose hits a low dropkick and goes up top. Jamie Noble runs down and jumps on the apron to distract the referee, which allows Joey Mercury to shove Ambrose off. He lands on his feet, but gets caught in Sister Abigail. Ambrose reverses it into a schoolboy for 2, gets hit with an uppercut, then rebounds off the ropes with a clothesline. As both men are down, Seth Rollins marches down to ringside. Before he gets to the ring, Roman Reigns heads down through the crowd. He nails both members of J&J, then chases Rollins back up the ramp. Noble attacks him from behind, and Reigns chases him into the ring, where Ambrose pelts him with fists. Wyatt is back up, and he throws Ambrose into the ropes. Ambrose avoids a charge and ends up hung up on the middle rope. as the ref is getting Noble out of the ring, Reigns nails a Superman Punch on Wyatt, and Ambrose follows up with Dirty Deeds for 3.


End of show.

WWE: It’s good to be the King: The Jerry Lawler Story

WWE: Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe

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WWE SmackDown Results and May 14 Recap

May 16, 2015 By: Category: Videos, WWE | Pro Wrestling

This week opens with Bray Wyatt appearing on the screen. He says that, last Monday night, Ryback stood toe-to-toe with fate, and won. But Wyatt knows that, beneath the muscle-made facade, is an Achilles heel. He wants to expose. He will make an example of Ryback, and he will prove to the world Ryback is chasing a Garden of Eden that doesn’t exist. Tonight, Ryback will try to scratch an itch, but beneath the surface, his wounds will fester with malice. Scratch, scratch, scratch, scratch. And Wyatt will come forth and turn his dreams into nightmares. Here’s some advice, friend: resist the itch and run.

Dean Ambrose makes his way down to the ring. He says he works best alone. He fights alone. He drinks alone. It felt good on Monday to be standing all alone in the ring, because alone is what he’ll be this Sunday at Payback. Once the bell rings, it’s every man for himself. We’ve got Seth Rollins, the little troll with his Lollipop Guild goon squad. We’ve got Randy Orton, who ate a spear from Roman Reigns last time. Moving onto Reigns…so, yeah. He hit Dirty Deeds on his only friend. He didn’t plan on it, and we know what happens when things get out of hand with Ambrose. So, he has one thing he wants to say to Reigns before they do battle on Sunday.

On that note, Reigns marches down through the crowd. As he does so, we find out the main event is Reigns/Kane Part 812, in a match with no count-outs or DQs. Joy. Anyway, Reigns enters the ring, and Ambrose says he knows he won’t get an apology. Reigns gets in Ambrose’s face, smiles and says he wouldn’t expect one. Ambrose did exactly what Reigns thought he would do, and that’s pull the trigger. He hit Dirty Deeds one time, and that’s all he gets. At Payback, it’s Reigns’ turn to get payback. Tonight, they are brothers with no grudges, but this Sunday, Reigns is bringing the big guns, and he hopes Ambrose does the same. Reigns offers a handshake.

Ambrose starts to accept, but then Kane comes out. He hates to break up this moment, but as DOO, he’s here to let them know they should be less concerned winning the Slammy for “Bromance of the Year” and more concerned with the fatal four-way on Sunday. They should be concerned on even making it to Sunday. Ambrose says Kane should be concerned, because on RAW, Triple H said if Seth Rollins loses on Sunday, Kane is out of a job. So, technically, this could be the last time we ever see “Corporate Kane”. Kane says he’s not concerned, because next Monday, he will still be employed. He’ll deal with Reigns later, but now, he’s here to tell Ambrose he has a match, since that’s what’s best for business. Tonight, Ambrose will face Sheamus, and that match begins now. Ambrose cuts him off and says “right now” is the only time Kane knows when to make a match. So, if Sheamus is done French-braiding his beard, get him out here, and let’s get this fight started.

They go into a lock-up, and Sheamus backs Ambrose against the ropes. Ambrose escapes and goes into another lock-up. He backs Sheamus into the corner before giving a sort-of clean break. Another lock-up, and now Sheamus grabs Ambrose around the neck. Ambrose reverses into a hammerlock, but Sheamus quickly gets to the ropes for a break. Sheamus nails a boot and hits a hip throw. Ambrose fights back up and sends Sheamus into the ropes, only to have Sheamus nail a shoulderblock. The two crisscross until Ambrose hits a drop toehold. Ambrose turns it into a leglock, then pulls Sheamus back by the mohawk before applying a half-straightjacket. He breaks his own hold with a kick to the back of the head, then grinds his forearm into Sheamus’ face in the corner. Sheamus comes back with some shots, then nails a European uppercut. He hits a bodyslam, then kicks Ambrose in the spine. Ambrose comes back with some punches, but Sheamus nails another European uppercut, sending Ambrose to the corner. Sheamus grinds his forearm into Ambrose’s face now. He misses a clothesline, and Ambrose connects with one of his own. Sheamus hits a boot out of the corner, then throws Ambrose in, only to misses a running shoulder. Ambrose hits a corner forearm, then connects with a running bulldog. He nails a series of shots against the ropes, then charges in. Sheamus sidesteps him and sends him outside, only Ambrose skins the cat and pulls himself to the apron. Sheamus quickly tries to tie him up for the 10 Beats, but Ambrose elbows his way out. As he comes back into the ring, Sheamus nails him with a running knee, sending him to the floor. Outside, Sheamus launches Ambrose into the barricade, then rolls back in to break the count as we go to commercials.

Back from the break, Sheamus has Ambrose in a rear chinlock. Ambrose breaks free, but then eats a kick. Sheamus goes for the Irish Clover-Leaf, but Ambrose kicks him off. He snaps off a few jabs and a headbutt, avoids a back-body drop and goes for a kick. Sheamus catches the foot and locks in the Irish Clover-Leaf. Ambrose manages to crawl to the ropes for the break, only to have Sheamus kick him in the chest. Sheamus goes for White Noise, but Ambrose counters into a sunset flip for 2. Ambrose hits a few more shots before running into White Noise, which connects on the second attempt. Sheamus signals for the Brogue Kick, but Ambrose sees it coming and rolls to the floor. Sheamus follows and rolls him back in, only to have Ambrose keep spinning and floor Sheamus with a clothesline at ringside. Ambrose climbs to the apron, kicks Sheamus into the barricade, then goes for a suicide dive. Sheamus meets him through the ropes with a forearm, then attempts the Brogue Kick again. Ambrose once again avoids it and clotheslines Sheamus to the floor. Ambrose hits the suicide dive on the second try, then rolls Sheamus back in. He heads up top, dives over Sheamus, who sees him coming, then runs right into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for 2. Sheamus slugs Ambrose a few times, but Ambrose comes back yet again with some forearm strikes. Sheamus hits a back elbow, only to have Ambrose rebound with a clothesline. Ambrose rolls to the apron and heads up top once more. Sheamus meets him on the buckles and climbs up for what looks like a super powerslam. Ambrose escapes and shoves Sheamus head-first into the ring post, then rolls him up for 3.


Outside of a count-out win against Daniel Bryan, has Sheamus won a single televised match since his return?

Kane is watching on a monitor in his office, when Seth Rollins and J&J enter. Rollins has a question, but reminds Kane of what Triple H said on RAW. Now, to the question: Rollins heard a rumor that Kane isn’t sure he wants to help Rollins on Sunday. Rollins asks if that’s true, then reminds Kane how much he gets paid as DOO. Kane says he’s set for life. He saved his money and doesn’t need the paycheck. Rollins is sorry Kane feels that way, but Kane needs to do the right thing. Kane says he’s struggling with that. In fact, he doesn’t know if he’ll know what the right thing is until he’s ringside on Sunday. Now, if they’ll excuse him, he has to get ready for his match with Reigns. Rollins wishes him good luck, and Kane wishes Rollins good luck as well…in his match against Ryback tonight.

Rusev and Lana make their way out, and Lana appears to be carrying a folder in her arm. In the ring, Rusev orders the crowd to shut up, then tells Lana to read what’s in her arm. She says last week on RAW, she betrayed her country by indulging in your perverse western customs. She allowed false ideologies to corrupt her loyalty and dedication to the Russian Federation and their long-standing traditions. She begs for forgiveness of her family, Mother Russia, and most of all, the super athlete and America’s only champion, Rusev. Rusev hands her the Russian flag then tells John Cena that, on RAW, he showed everyone why he will lose on Sunday at Payback. Cena was not prepared. He lacks focus. We cut to the video, where a match between Cena and Neville was ended by Rusev interference. Rusev then locked Cena in the Accolade. Back to the arena, Rusev says he knows what Cena was thinking in that hold. His mind was saying “I quit”, right before he passed out. The only difference between RAW and Payback is that everyone will hear Cena say those words. We then cut to a gif of Cena saying “I quit”. Back to the arena again, Rusev celebrates as the Russian flag drops down behind him.

Renee Young is standing by with Ryback. She asks if he can focus on his match tonight, knowing Bray Wyatt has threatened to come after him. He says tonight is huge. Going out there and defeating Rollins could earn him a title match. He doesn’t take anything for granted. His message is simple: Start full, then empty. Don’t leave anything out in the ring. As far as Wyatt goes, he gets it. He looks like a meathead. But he’s no dummy, and on RAW, the “Eater of Worlds” tasted a Meat Hook. At Payback, he’ll pick up where he left off. Tonight, though, he’s got Rollins. “The Big Guy” is hungry, and that means only one thing: “Feed me more”.

Another batch of Tough Enough submissions, this time including Tessa Blanchard and my friend, Josh “Caleb Crush” Sipple. These two are the only ones that stood out for me (for obvious reasons). The rest were either about as stereotypical as they come, or sob stories. Oh, and Gabriel Iglesias.

Seth Rollins and J&J come out for Rollins’ match, but before that, Rollins says we all saw what happened Monday night. It switches over to RAW, where the other three in the title match each took turns hitting their finishers on Rollins while Kane stood by. Back to the arena, Rollins says he hopes everyone enjoyed that because that is the last time you will ever see anything like that happen to him. It won’t happen at Payback, because it will be every man for himself. Reigns, Ambrose and Orton are just as cut-throat as Rollins, and they will cut each other’s throats, with Rollins there to pick up the pieces. With his security, his superior athleticism and superior mental acumen, and with the DOO Kane in his corner, he will emerge victorious. Now, as for tonight’s roadblock, Ryback…

Ryback’s music cuts him off, and we’re onto our match.

…Except no we’re not. As Ryback heads down to the ring, Bray Wyatt appears out of nowhere and sends Ryback flying headfirst into the floor. Commercials.

Back from the break, Ryback is pulling himself into the ring, attempting to get this match started. The referee checks on him, and he gives the okay to start.

Rollins immediately goes on the attack in the corner, then nails a series of quick punches to the temple. Rollins goes for a suplex, but Ryback reverses. Rollins breaks it with knees to the top of the head, then hits a complete shot into the middle buckle. He sends Ryback to the floor with a knee to the back, then distracts the referee so J&J can stomp Ryback down. Ryback tries to pull himself back up and just barely makes it back in at 9. Rollins hits a trio of boots, then drops Ryback with a DDT for 2. Rollins chokes Ryback over the middle rope, then pelts him with more rights. Ryback throws a few weak punches, then manages to hit a Thesz press before grabbing Rollins by the ears and slamming his head into the mat. He then collapses, which allows Rollins to hit a neckbreaker for a pair of 2-counts. Rollins locks in a front chancery, but Ryback manages to power himself to his feet and escape the hold by tossing Rollins, once again collapsing in the process. Rollins recovers, but then runs into a back-body drop. Ryback avoids a corner splash, but then runs into a boot. Rollins dives off the middle buckle, and Ryback catches him, then spins him around into a powerslam. Ryback hits a pair of shoulders off the ropes, then catches Rollins with a spinebuster for 2. Ryback pulls himself up and signals for the Meat Hook, only to have Joey Mercury try to interfere. Ryback goes after him, which allows Rollins to roll Ryback up for 2. Ryback turns around and blasts Rollins with a Meat Hook. He goes for Shell Shocked, but Jamie Noble distracts the referee, which allows Rollins to rake the eyes and escapes. Rollins hits a high kick from the apron, then connects with a flying knee from the top. Rollins then connects with a thrust kick. Ryback fights to get back up, and when he does, Rollins hits another thrust kick for 3.


Renee Young is standing by with Naomi and Tamina. She says we’ve seen a new side of Naomi, then cuts to some clips. Back to the interview, Young asks about the change in demeanor. Naomi says they’re tired of being overlooked. She’s been here for years. She’s the best athlete in the division, and Tamina is a powerhouse. What has the WWE Universe given them in return? A whole lot of nothing. They’re sick of walking around, empty-handed. Opportunities aren’t given to girls like them, so they’re taking the opportunities. Tamina pipes in and says this division is run by them now. Naomi says the other girls don’t stand a chance. Nikki Bella is as fake as they come. She’s just desperate for attention. And don’t get her started on Brie Bella. Brie is nothing. She’s a quitter, just like her pathetic husband. Sometimes, a good girl needs to be bad in order to get things done.

The New Day come out, and Xavier Woods orders the music to be cut off. He says that Tyson Kidd and Cesaro are cheaters. But, out of the kindness within their souls, they will give the former champs a second chance at the titles at Payback in a best-of-3-falls match. Big E says Cesaro and Kidd are bad people. They don’t recycle. They double-dip. And when they go to the theaters, they buy one ticket, and seat two. Kofi Kingston says there is some good news for the fans. They don’t have to be like Cesaro and Kidd. They can choose to be like the New Day. The New Day are the change you need to see in this world. Woods tells everyone to sing with them and tries to get a “New Day rocks” chant, which of course they don’t get.

Kidd goes for a waistlock, but Kofi breaks it with an elbow. He beats Kidd down, but Kidd comes back with punches. Kofi blocks a shot, hits an inverted suplex and floats over into an armbar in a very nice combination. Kidd fights out and avoids a trip attempt. Kofi slides to the floor, and Kidd kicks him through the ropes before hitting a somersault plancha to the floor. Kidd rolls Kofi back in for a 2-count, then goes for the Sharpshooter. E jumps on the apron for a distraction, but gets wiped out with a Cesaro clothesline. Woods tries the tactic as well, so Natalya grabs him by the foot and holds him for a kick to the head by Kidd. Kofi then rolls Kidd up with a handful of tights, but only gets 2. He misses Trouble in Paradise, and Kidd locks in the Sharpshooter. He drags Kofi to the center of the ring and sits down tight, forcing Kofi to tap.


It is announced that the Elimination Chamber event returns this month on the WWE Network.

We get clips from Daniel Bryan handing over the Intercontinental title on Monday night and being forced out of action once again due to injuries. I really hate to say it, but I legitimately fear Bryan’s in-ring career is over.

Bo Dallas comes out, reminding us he still has a job. He says this past week on RAW may have been the last time we see our beloved Bryan. Life isn’t all about yes or no. Albert Einstein once said that in the middle of difficulty lies opportunity, and while Bryan being gone is going to be difficult, this is Dallas’ opportunity to be there for all of the fans. There are five stages of grief, and he can help you through them all. The first is denial. There is no denying Bryan let everyone down. The second is anger. Anger is good. Anger is healthy, especially when you direct it at Bryan for letting you all down. Then there’s bargaining, and you’re all going to get a heck of a bargain on the Bryan t-shirts now that he’s gone. Then there’s depression. Depression is what is going to completely engulf Bryan once he realizes everyone is about to forget about him (as he says this and I look at his face, now sporting a beard, I realize he’s trying desperately to look like his far more successful brother). Last, but certainly not least, is acceptance. Dallas can help you all accept the fact that Bryan is gone and never coming back. All you do is Bolieve! At this point, his voice was cracking worse than the Pimply-Faced College Kid on the The Simpsons.

After the entrances, we go to commercial. When we come back, Neville is being sent into the corner, only to flip his way out of making impact. He flips across the ring and hits a cross-body from the middle for 2. We are informed King Barrett is on commentary, as he’s facing Neville at Payback. Neville has Dallas in a side headlock, but Dallas fights his way out and sends Neville to the outside. Neville lands on the apron, then low-bridges an incoming Dallas. He kicks Dallas from the apron, only to have Dallas trip him up. Dallas rolls him into the ring, covers his head with the ring skirt and pounds away before getting back in and hitting a clothesline for 2. Dallas applies a cravat, which Neville counters with a snapmare. He slides through Dallas’ legs, hits a few kicks, a running boot and a forearm. Neville nails a step-up enziguri, then hits the Red Arrow for 3.


Barrett jumps up on the announce desk and says how dare Neville try to pass himself off as a challenge to the King’s throne. He doesn’t have time for frivolities of a mere peasant like Neville, especially one that comes out week after week in such a ridiculous costume. Neville is in need of some good, old-fashioned corporal punishment, and that’s exactly what he’ll get at Payback, and it will come in the form of a Royal Bull Hammer. Now, subjects, repeat after him: All hail King Barrett!

We see Adam Rose giving Rosa Mendes Eskimo kisses in the back. She looks disgusted, so she asks what’s wrong. Apparently, Rose’s hot dog keeps staring at them. No, that’s not a metaphor for an erection. Rose orders his hot dog to come over. The hot dog says his name is Carl, and he wants to know when the Exotic Express is getting paid. Rose says he doesn’t pay them to talk. This is about more than money; this is a revolution. This is about high art. Carl asks if they’re not getting paid then. Rose grabs him and says he’s just like the Bunny, in that he doesn’t get it. Rose throws him to the ground, then says the party is officially over. Rosa says the party is about to begin, then proceeds to try to lick his brain stem by shoving her tongue as far into his mouth as possible.

No. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, NO! I’m sorry, but I can’t do this. I am so damn sick of seeing these two slog through another snooze-fest. I like Reigns, but Kane is at the point of his career where he’s just dragging everyone down that he works with. Why he is still working when he planned to retire several years ago, I’ll never know.

The two brawl at ringside for a couple minutes. Then the match starts. A kendo stick comes into play. Seth Rollins and J&J are looking on via monitor in the back. The announce desk gets torn up. The steps get torn up. Kane hits a sloppy DDT. Reigns kicks out of a chokeslam through a table. Reigns spears Kane through a table and gets 3 after about 8 minutes.


Renee Young is standing by with Rollins and J&J. She asks how his confidence is after seeing Reigns wins just now. Rollins says he has never taken anything away from Reigns. Kane is nothing to sneeze at, but it will take more to take the WWE World title, and that goes for Dean Ambrose & Randy Orton as well. On Sunday, they will all be losers, just like…Rollins stops when he notices Young backing away. The camera pans out, and Ambrose is eating a snack while standing behind Rollins and J&J. They turn around, and Ambrose offers a cookie. He then throws the plate at the three and assaults Rollins. Rollins fights back, and that’s when Reigns comes in with an equipment box. He rams it into J&J, then chases Rollins off before having a brief stare-down with Ambrose. The camera pans down, and the WWE World title belt is at their feet. The two stare at each other a bit more as Reigns offers a handshake. Ambrose goes to shake it, but instead picks up the belt and sets it on Reigns’ shoulder. He says not to worry; he’ll take it on Sunday.

End of show.

WWE: It’s good to be the King: The Jerry Lawler Story

WWE: Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe

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WWE SmackDown Results and May 7 Recap

May 10, 2015 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

This week emanates from Ottawa, Canada. Jerry Lawler is in the ring, and he says that last week, exclusively on the WWE Network, they held the 2015 KOTR tournament. It’s an honor to be crowned, because it means you held your own in a multi-match tournament with little downtime. It says a lot about an athletes credentials and means you’re pretty darn good if you can win. So now, he’d like to introduce the winner of this year’s tournament, King Barrett.

Barrett comes down, wearing the crown & cape, and carrying a scepter. Looks like he’s officially going by the moniker “King Barrett” now. The crowd chants for Lawler as Barrett gets into the ring. He goes to congratulate Barrett, but Barrett cuts him off and says there’s only one king in WWE, and it certainly isn’t Lawler. Lawler just likes to call himself “The King”. Barrett earned that accolade by beating 3 men in 24 hours to get the title. So, if Lawler thinks he can address Barrett as an equal, he’s got another thing coming. If Lawler wants to start this conversation, he has to do the same thing as all these commoners here, and that’s utter the following words: “All hail King Barrett”. Correct him if he’s wrong, but the trailer parks of Memphis doesn’t have any castles. Just like that other phony king, Elvis Presley, the only throne Lawler is qualified to sit on is the bloody toilet. So, just repeat the four magic words instead. Lawler says he’s not going to do that. Barrett orders him to and gets in his face, but Lawler stands his ground. Barrett then says this interview is over. He takes off his crown and cape, drops his scepter and signals for the Bull Hammer.

Dolph Ziggler comes out before this can go further. He congratulates Barrett on becoming the KOTR, but Barrett isn’t coming off like royalty; he’s coming off like a renaissance faire reject. Barrett was wearing the crown to tight. It’s a good thing he dropped his gear, because Ziggler’s about to drop him.

The two lock up, and Barrett drops Ziggler with a kneelift, followed by an elbow to the back. Ziggler comes back with some weak shots, only to run into a back elbow. Barrett throws Ziggler to the corner, then proceeds to stomp him down. Barrett hits a quick suplex for 2, then drops a knee off the ropes for another 2. My feed cuts out in the middle of an Irish whip, and when it comes back, Barrett has Ziggler in a rear chinlock. Ziggler gets to his feet, elbows his way out, hits a headbutt and goes for a corner whip. Barrett reverses, but Ziggler puts on the breaks and goes for a headscissors. Barrett tosses him up and kicks him right in the face on the way back down for a 2-count. Barrett drives his knee into Ziggler’s back a couple times, then drives him down with a modified surfboard. Ziggler reverses, nails some punches and hits Barrett with a jawbreaker before running into the Winds of Change for 2. I love that move. Barrett tells the crowd to bow down to the king, but he winds up taking too much time, and Ziggler comes back with a rocker dropper for 2, only to have Sheamus come down and assault Ziggler, leading to the DQ.


Barrett and Sheamus proceed to double-team Ziggler in the corner before Sheamus sends him into a big boot by Barrett. Alliteration is fun. The assault continues as they tie Ziggler up in the ropes, and that’s when Neville comes from out of nowhere, hitting Sheamus with a dropkick and sending Barrett to the floor with a flying forearm.

After some commercials, we come back, and Barrett is assaulting Neville at ringside. Apparently, during the commercials, a new match was both made and started.

Barrett rams Neville into the ring apron on the floor, then rolls him in before tagging in Sheamus. Barrett holds Neville down as Sheamus stomps on him. Sheamus kicks him right across the face, then nails him with a right. Neville fights back with a few strikes, then tries to dive over Sheamus to make the tag. Sheamus blocks him, tosses him, then knocks Ziggler off the apron. He turns around and catches Neville with an Irish Curse for 2, then drags him to the heel corner for a tag. Barrett stomps Neville, then strikes him with a series of kneelifts. He corner-whips Neville, then catches him with a backbreaker for 2. Barrett applies a rear chinlock, but Neville quickly fights out. He lands a kick off the ropes and goes for a tag, but Barrett grabs him and hits a big boot. Sheamus back in, and he comes off the ropes with a quick knee. Sheamus grinds Neville down with a rear chinlock, then gets a 2-count. Neville tries to get to his corner, but Sheamus cuts him off. Neville hits some weak body blows, but then gets caught with a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Sheamus rolls Neville to the apron, then pulls him up for the 10 Beats of the Bodhran. He only gets in three before Neville catches him with a hotshot. Neville rolls back in, runs into a powerslam, escapes to the corner, then avoids a shoulder thrust. Sheamus collides with the ring post and falls to the floor. Back in, Sheamus tags out to Barrett while Neville tags Ziggler. Ziggler hits a pair of clotheslines and a corner splash. Barrett avoids a neckbreaker and shoves Ziggler off, only to send Ziggler into Sheamus with a shot to the face. Ziggler turns around and pops off a nice dropkick on Barrett, then hits a leaping DDT for 2. He goes for the rocker dropper, misses, and gets caught in the Wasteland. Ziggler escapes and nails a superkick for 2. Sheamus in, and he misses a Brogue Kick before Ziggler sends him to the floor. Neville wipes him out with a twisting suicide dive, and Barrett then rolls Ziggler up for 2 with his feet on the ropes, which Neville sees and puts a stop to. Barrett turns to argue with Neville on the floor, which allows Ziggler to drop him with a Zig-Zag for 3.


You know, if both of these duos stay together, we could have two really good teams for the tag team division. Both sides gel really well, despite both teams pretty much being thrown together.

The New Day have challenged Cesaro and Tyson Kidd to a six-man match, with the latter getting to choose a third man.

Renee Young is standing by with Dean Ambrose. She mentions he’s going into Payback with a 1-in-4 chance of walking out as WWE World Champion. How does he feel about that? Ambrose says those are better odds than he had before he beat Seth Rollins on RAW and got into this match. He’s not a math or science guy. He’d rather hang out under the bleachers. He’s never cared for rules or schedules or authority. There’s something called chaos that they can’t factor in to any of the equations they like to use. In a fatal 4-way match, anyone can win at any time. That means maybe the last guy you’d expect or want walks out the NEW WWE World Champion. The contract signing tonight should be interesting. He’s a bit of a party crasher, and he has a feeling nobody is going to be happy to see him.

So…this is what Harper has been reduced to. Breaking up the Wyatt Family was a huge mistake. Fandango is now high-fiving fans, so I guess he’s officially a babyface now, not that anyone really gives a damn. Harper appears to be doing the Fandango dance for a moment, but he uses it as a distraction, only to nail Fandango with a big boot a moment later. He follows up with a bodyslam. He goes for another, but Fandango slides out and hits a few shots before connecting with a seated dropkick off the ropes. He ducks a clothesline and hits a spinning heel kick, then hits a boot out of the corner. He drops Harper with a tornado DDT, then goes up for the Last Dance. Harper is up quickly, and he launches Fandango to the mat. He nails a big superkick, lays Fandango out with a discus clothesline and gets 3.


Erick Rowan’s music hits. Wait…this crap with Harper is still going? Did it really ever even get off the ground? Does anyone even care about Rowan? Rowan enters the ring and removes the sheep mask. He then proceeds to stomp Fandango into obvlivion before dropping a big knee. He then hits him with a full-nelson slam, which is already Damien Sandow’s finisher, and is now the third finisher Rowan has had in about a year. How much you want to bet Sandow is forced to change his? Anyway, Rowan then leaves as Harper looks on.

Okay, if they’re planning on putting these two together, I can get behind that, especially due to the fact that Rowan is utterly worthless on his own.

After some commercials, we return to Lana in the ring. She is smiling. She tells the fans not to cheer for her, as it angers Rusev. Rusev then comes out on this note. Rusev gets in the ring and berates her in Russian before ordering her out of the ring. Well, there goes the only reason anyone gives a damn about Rusev. That won’t stop WWE from shoving him down our throats, though. Rusev looks around the crowd, then says all of John Cena’s victories have been nothing but flukes and miracles. *Russian* Last Monday on RAW, Cena showed Sami Zayn mercy, which is a sign of weakness. Rusev is a machine. He shows no mercy and has no weaknesses. At Payback, he will expose Cena to the world and win back the US title. In their final battle, Cena will be crushed, and everything he’s built over the years will crumble. But on this coming RAW, he wants to meet Cena eye-to-eye in the ring and tell him to his face why Cena will say the words “I quit”.

Renee Young is now standing by with Roman Reigns. She brings up the fatal 4-way and his history with all three competitors. She asks if he has any conflicting emotions going into this. He says not really. He’s been rivals with Randy Orton since day 1. He pretty much hates everything about Seth Rollins. Dean Ambrose is like a brother him, and he trusts Ambrose, which means he also trusts Ambrose will do anything to walk out as champion. However, Reigns is bringing the biggest fight the world has ever seen to Payback, so the quicker he signs the contract, the closer he gets to punching someone in the mouth. Not for fun this time; for championship gold. Believe that.

The New Day is in the ring, and we’re waiting to see who Cesaro and Kidd found. They come out with Natalya. A moment later, their partner comes out…and it’s Ryback.

The feed for this match is pure dogsh*t, so I apologize in advance, because you’re not going to get much of a recap, I fear. After a few moments of garbled mess, which started with Ryback and Kofi, things clear up a bit with both Kidd and Woods tagging in. Kidd applies a side headlock before making a blind tag to Cesaro off an Irish whip. Cesaro comes in with a big clothesline, then hits a delayed vertical suplex after saying to Ryback, “Big Guy, this one’s for you.” As he has Woods up, E tries to run interference, so Ryback comes in and hoists him up in a delayed vertical as well. Kidd and Kofi comes in, and Kidd joins the fray with a snap suplex. Back to Cesaro and Woods, Cesaro throws Woods to the corner and tags in Kidd. The two stomps Woods down to a “New Day sucks!” chant. Ryback tags in and does his own “New Day sucks” stomp before hitting a bodyslam. Kidd back in as Woods rolls to the apron. Woods shoulders Kidd and comes in with a sunset flip. Kidd rolls through and goes for a Sharpshooter, but Woods rolls to the floor. Kidd wipes him out with a somersault plancha. Kofi comes in, so Cesaro sends him to the floor before surprising everyone with a suicide dive. E tries to run interference on Kidd, so Ryback runs through him with a clothesline on the floor. Kidd rolls Woods back in and goes for a corner whip. Woods reverses and sends Kidd to the floor off a headscissors attempt. Kidd lands on the apron and nails Woods, but is then distracted by Kofi, allowing Woods to shoulder him to the floor. E tags in and drops to the floor, where he rams Kidd back-first into the barricade, then into the apron, then into the barricade, and then finally into the apron again. Commercials.

Back from the break, Kofi is legal for his team, and he pins Kidd for 2 before applying a modified rear chinlock, combined with a half-nelson. Kidd fights out, but then gets clubbed across the back. Woods tags in before Kofi hits a spinning back kick off a corner whip, then comes in with a tornado DDT through the ropes for 2. E tags in and nails a body blow in the corner. E then hits an overhead belly-to-belly, followed by another one for 2. Woods tags in and kicks Kidd in the gut and sends him to the corner. Kidd reverses and sends Woods in face-first. Kofi makes the tag and knocks Cesaro off the apron. Kidd ducks a clothesline and tags in Ryback, who cleans house. He misses a clothesline, then catches Kofi off the second rope with a spinebuster. Woods tries to interfere as Ryback signals for the Meat Hook, and gets knocked to the floor. Kofi comes back with a Pendulum, only to have Ryback tag out to Cesaro. Ryback sends sends Kofi to the corner off an overhead belly-to-belly, and Cesaro comes in with a running European uppercut, then does this series three more times before setting up the Cesaro Swing. E runs interference, misses a clothesline and knocks Ryback off the apron. Cesaro sends E flying to the outside, and as Woods checks on him, Kidd nails Woods with a running kick to the face from the apron. Back in the ring, Cesaro blocks a roll-up attempt by Kofi, then nails a dropkick. He tags in Kidd, who climbs up onto Cesaro shoulders and balances there while Cesaro walks to the center of the ring, only to come off with a flying elbow. He gets 2 as E breaks up the pin. Cesaro then gets thrown to the floor by E. Ryback comes in and tosses Woods, only to get caught in the Big Ending. He manages to escape, however, and proceeds to clothesline E to the floor.Woods gets slammed onto his face by Ryback, then sent to the floor. Ryback heads out after him. The lights go out, and we see one of Bray Wyatt’s video clips. The lights come back on, and Woods has Ryback’s foot, which allows E to level him with a vertical splash. Cesaro dives onto E from the barricade and hits him with a tornado DDT. Kidd dropkicks Woods through the ropes, but then gets rolled up by Kofi, who gets 3 with a handful of tights.


Renee Young again? Oh, god. Now she’s with Randy Orton. Great. She points out he failed at Extreme Rules, then asks if he’s rethinking his strategy at Payback now that Dean Ambrose is in the match. He says doesn’t lose sleep over strategy. He’ll hit whoever is closest to him, no matter who it is, and he’ll get the WWE World title back. After tonight, the odds are that one of the former members of the Shield aren’t making it to Payback.

Bet you forgot both Tamina and Emma still worked here. I know I did. I’m happy to see Tamina back. Emma? I don’t care. Naomi has new entrance music. We get an inset promo from Naomi and Tamina. Naomi says that all these glamour girls are trying to steal her “shine”, and it seems everyone has forgotten what she can do. Now they know. Tamina basically says the same thing about herself. Naomi says now everyone knows. Well, that sucked.

To the match, Naomi hits a kneelift off a lock-up, then throws Emma into the top buckle three times before stomping her down. Emma comes back with a boot and a couple of forearms before throwing Naomi into the buckles a few times. She hits a snapmare, then lands a seated dropkick for 2. Naomi hits a kick off the ropes, then snaps Emma down by the neck. She hits a few mounted punches and a neckbreaker. Naomi kicks Emma in the gut, then foot-chokes Emma against the bottom rope. She grinds Emma’s face across the top rope, hits a kick to the gut and a dropkick for 2. She tosses Emma into the middle buckle, but then misses a splash as Emma slides to the apron. She slides through Naomi’s legs and pulls her down for 2. Emma gets another 2 off a roll-up, then another off a jackknife. Naomi bridges up and gets in a backslide for 2. Emma ducks a clothesline before getting hit with the Rear View for 3.


Tamina hits the ring, and the two stomp Emma into oblivion. Naomi then sends Emma into a superkick by Tamina.

The Rear View is easily the worst finisher in WWE right now, by the way.

More Tough Enough clips. I still am not even remotely interested.

Oh, boy! More Renee Young! She is now with Seth Rollins, who is flanked by J&J Security. Same crap she’s asked the other guys. Rollins says he’s the guy who makes the impossible possible. For example, he beat Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania and captured his title in the process. She asks if there’s any truth to the rumor that Kane said the only reason that happened was because of him. Rollins says that sounds desperate. Kane is so irrelevant and so obsolete and so jealous of Rollins. The only reason the match at Payback is a fatal 4-way is because Kane is trying to preserve his job. It has nothing to do with a bogus match with Ambrose; it’s all because Kane is jealous of Rollins. However, Rollins has something Kane will never have: a brain. His brain has gotten him to where he is, and he always has a plan, and that includes at Payback and tonight. Rollins is the man, and the future is now.

Kalisto starts with one of the Matadores, giving a handshake in the process. The two exchange some quick moves until the Matador gets Kalisto in a headlock. We learn this is Fernando. Fernando sends Kalisto into the ropes, but Kalisto comes back with a spinning headscissors, followed by a springboard headlock takedown. Cara tags in and hits a tope con hilo off a trip by Kalisto. Cara hits a headscissors off the ropes, then lands a hip throw. Fernando tries to reverse, but Cara holds on and gets back to his feet. Diego makes a blind tag and hits a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker off the ropes for 2. Diego nails some forearms before tagging in Fernando. The Matadores leapfrog over Cara a few times before catching him off the ropes. Cara reverses the catch into a double takedown, sending Diego to the floor. Fernando gets corner-whipped, but counters a charge with a back-body drop. Cara headstands in the corner off this, but then gets kicked to the floor. As the referee is distracted, Torito takes Cara out with a running seated splash off the apron. Commercials.

Back from the break, Los Matadores hit Cara with a double suplex. Fernando is still legal once again, and he goes for a rear chinlock. Cara fights his way out and lands in the Matador corner. He elbows Diego off the apron, then hits a spinning fireman’s carry slam on Fernando. Kalisto and Diego tag in, and Kalisto wipes Diego out with a springboard cross-body, followed by a corkscrew version. He rolls Diego up in a schoolboy, but then lets go and nails him with a quick kick to the head, which he calls the Kalisto Kick. He then hits a headscissors into a sort-of piledriver for 2 as Fernando breaks it up. Fernando sends him into the ropes, but Kalisto handsprings off and nails him with a Tidal Crush, sending Fernando to the floor. Cara comes in illegally and nails Fernando with a suicide dive on the floor through Kalisto’s legs. Diego then sunset flips Kalisto, but only gets 2. Diego goes for a suplex, but Kalisto escapes. Cara makes a blind tag and nails Diego with a kick from the apron. Up top, Cara misses a swanton bomb, but manages to roll through. He charges at Diego and reverses a tilt-a-whirl into a small package for 3.


Torito tries to console Los Matadores after the match, but they’re pissed, and one of them knocks him on his ass before both of them berate him.

Kane is in the ring with a table and four chairs. It’s time for the contract signing. He says it’s his job to make sure the fans’ voices are heard. They said they wanted to see Seth Rollins defend his title against three challengers at Payback. Tonight, he sanctions this match with all four when they sign the contract. So, let’s get everyone out here and make it official. Out first is Randy Orton. Next is Roman Reigns. After that is Dean Ambrose, and finally Seth Rollins, who is still flanked by J&J. Each man takes a seat at the table, except for Rollins, who stays on the stage. Kane says in 10 days, these four superstars will enter…Ambrose cuts him off, calls Rollins “Justin Bieber” and says that, apparently, since Rollins is a VIP, he doesn’t have to come down. He invites him, Frodo and Noble to come down anyway. Rollins says Ambrose’s humor was never Rollins’ style, but it’s still better than listening to Reigns try to form sentences. He’s not going down to the ring, and instead will stay on the stage with J&J. Reigns says he’s going to kick Rollins’ ass no matter what, then signs the contract. Orton tells Rollins they’re all here for the same reason: the title. He also signs, and Ambrose then threatens to drag Rollins’ ass down to the ring if he doesn’t sign. Ambrose signs, and Rollins says the DOO Kane has the authority to sign for Rollins, which sounds like a better idea. Kane says that’s correct in theory. He’s trying to remember what Rollins said about him earlier. What was it? Rollins said he was obsolete or irrelevant. In any case, if Rollins can’t physically attend this signing, Kane could sign for him. However, since Rollins is here and perfectly healthy, he insists Rollins sign the contract himself. Rollins finally agrees and marches down to the ring as a “Justin Bieber” chant breaks out. He gets to ringside and has Joey Mercury bring him the contract for review. Rollins looks it over and says everyone is accounted for. He calls Ambrose “Low-Rent Roddy Piper”. He never thought Ambrose was that good, but that’s what Reigns used to call him back in the day when he acted crazy, trying to entertain these idiots. There’s Reigns. He’s better at autographs than wrestling. Ambrose used to say he couldn’t wrestle his way out of a wet paper bag, according to Rollins. Finally, there’s Orton. It’s no secret how Reigns and Ambrose feel about him. They used to call him spoiled and entitled. Reigns used to say Orton never worked a day in his life. Ambrose used to say Orton’s only here because of his old man. Rollins is just telling the truth. What’s wrong with honesty. He walks into the ring with J&J and puts the contract down to sign it as the other three look ready to swarm. He hands Kane the contract as he calls him “Mr. Obsolete”. Kane says it’s because of him that Rollins is champion. Rollins argues as Ambrose, starts to push the chairs away behind Rollins’ back. Orton and Reigns look on as Ambrose then leans the table in the corner. Rollins turns around and Ambrose tells him everyone knows how this will end. He calls dibs on the table, then tosses Mercury onto it. The Authority swarm him, only to have Orton and Reigns attack them. Rollins gets clotheslined to the floor by Orton as Reigns does the same to Kane. Orton heads to the floor to continue fighting with Rollins as Mercury gets sent to the floor. Rollins nails Orton and goes after Reigns near the announce desk while Ambrose throws a chair at Mercury. Jamie Noble gets tossed, then gets hit in the head with a chair. Ambrose hits Kane with a suicide dive on the other side, then throws Rollins into the barricade. Kane tries to come back with a chokeslam, but Ambrose breaks free and shoves Kane into a Superman Punch from Reigns. Rollins tries to flee the ring, but Ambrose grabs him in Dirty Deeds. He breaks free in the corner, then leapfrogs a spear attempt by Reigns. Reigns puts on the brakes before colliding with Ambrose, but then gets dropkicked into Ambrose by Rollins. Rollins then escapes an RKO attempt and flees up the ramp. Ambrose and Reigns begin shoving each other, only to have Ambrose get nailed with an RKO. Reigns drops Orton with a Superman Punch, and Rollins comes back in with a springboard knee to Reigns’ face. He then hits a thrust kick on Reigns and holds the WWE World title triumphantly over everyone.

End of show.

WWE: It’s good to be the King: The Jerry Lawler Story

WWE: Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe

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WWE Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe DVD Review

May 08, 2015 By: Category: WWE | Pro Wrestling

WWE: Ultimate Warrior: Always BelieveUnfortunately, the man known as the Ultimate Warrior left us last year at the age of 54, just three days after finally being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. Prior to his induction, Warrior finally came to terms with Vince McMahon and company after nearly 20 years, signing deals for his likeness to be used on action figures, in video games, and a proper DVD not named “The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior” (more on that later) chronicling his career, that was fairly well received.

That would be followed up with this set, which not only covers his career, but documents his journey back to WWE, including everything leading up to his final days. The DVD opens up with a message to fans from his widow, Dana Warrior, thanking everyone for their support, as well as discussing how much Warrior appreciated the support throughout his life and career.

From there, the DVD goes into the documentary, and fortunately, Warrior is doing most of the talking. He recorded several different sit-down interviews for WWE prior to his passing in order to give his side of the story. We start with his days of getting trained by Red Bastien along with Sting and the two other guys no one remembers that made up Power Team USA, and how that in turn evolved into him and Sting becoming the Freedom Fighters, who later became the Blade Runners.

His time in the regional circuit is somewhat glossed over, although Warrior talks about his days in WCCW quite a bit, where he worked as the Dingo Warrior, and how he actually started as a heel in Gary Hart’s camp, but the fans turned him face. We move onto his signing with WWF. Most everyone knows these stories by now, but it’s nice to finally hear Warrior’s versions of the story, which add a little more insight and make taking a side in some of the more controversial moments a lot harder to do.

During these segments, we hear stories from tons of people who worked with him, including JR, Sting, Bill Irwin, Zeb Colter, etc., along with the typical stuff from John Cena and company. While you could really do without a lot of these stories, I’ll forgive them due to the fact that they were mainly stories from guys who were fans of his in their youth.

Some of the best moments on the DVD are Warrior discussing his relationship with Vince McMahon and the McMahon family on a whole. While they were very close during Warrior’s height of popularity (going so far as Warrior admitting he used to call Linda McMahon “mom” and stayed at their house frequently, even when they weren’t home), Warrior makes no bones about the hostility had towards Vince (as well as Hulk Hogan), and goes into great detail all of the problems he had during his career. Surprisingly, Vince, Hulk and others that are called out at this point do not sugarcoat how bad things got, from Warrior holding Vince up for half a million dollars at SummerSlam 1991 (Warrior does not deny this), to leaving the company again the next year. Contrary to popular belief, Warrior did not leave due to a money dispute during that time, but was in fact suspended (along with Davey Boy Smith) due to use of hGH, which came at a time not long before WWF was about to face the infamous steroid scandal.

His return in 1996 is briefly mentioned, but not a whole lot is said overall. Considering how abysmal that run was, that’s probably for the best. He also discusses his run in WCW, which was beyond absurd. The rumor has always been that everything that happened during that run was all his idea. According to Warrior, Eric Bischoff came up with the whole bizarre “superhero” schtick Warrior was doing, and Hulk Hogan admits the match at Halloween Havoc was completely his fault. Warrior goes on record to say that, had he known how bad it was going to get in WCW, he never would have taken the money they gave him.

As I mentioned before, a few years ago, WWE released the controversial “Self-Destruction” DVD, which was more or less an outright personal attack on Warrior, with pretty much everyone on the DVD slamming him at every chance. Surprisingly, WWE fully acknowledges s this set on the DVD, and there is an extensive segment dedicated to it, with both sides telling their story. I didn’t realize Warrior sued WWE in response. Somehow, that story went under my radar. Also included is footage from the trial itself, including Hulk Hogan making himself look like a complete idiot (big surprise, I know). According to this DVD, the case was eventually settled out of court, with little to no money exchanging hands. Dana, who is a fixture throughout the DVD, discusses how badly the DVD set and the following trial hurt both Warrior and his family, and how it was one of the catalysts for Warrior not rebuilding the bridge with WWE until years later.

The last hour or so of the DVD is dedicated to Warrior’s return to the company, including contract signings and him making amends with Vince McMahon, Triple H and many more. Like the rest of the set, Warrior and others are very candid about how everything came about and how he finally came “home”. It’s probably the best part of the set, because it’s nice to see how happy Warrior was to make amends, as well as how much it meant to him, his family, the McMahon family, and the rest of the superstars & legends. At the same time, it’s bittersweet when you consider he did not get a very long time to enjoy the new reunion. In fact, it actually gets uncomfortable to watch toward the end. I admit I got choked up, especially when, after his final appearance on RAW, he filmed a small segment that ended with, “I look forward to the future.”

For all the flack they get, Vince and Triple H are still human beings, and you definitely see their human side on display. Both men break down at various points when discussing Warrior coming back to WWE and accepting his HOF induction. Vince especially comes off as being deeply hurt. Considering he was one of the last people to see Warrior alive, and may be the last person Warrior ever took a photograph with, it’s not hard to see why.

The set ends on something of a positive note, however. The Warrior Girls, as they call themselves (Dana and their two daughters, Mattigan and Indiana) reunited with the WWE earlier this year. We learn they developed a very close relationship with Natalya, who apparently took Warrior’s death harder than you might expect, including Matti training a bit with Nattie in hopes of becoming a WWE diva later on down the road. It’s a bit cheesy and typical, but it makes for a nice “feel-good” moment, and it’s cool to see that one of his daughters hopes to follow in his footsteps one day.

Included in the set is one full disc of matches, and another full disc of promos. Like many recent sets, WWE included a lot of rarely-seen stuff this time around. While that’s not necessarily great all the time, I still appreciate that they’re going deeper into their massive library, rather than rehashing the stuff we’ve seen a billion times (Warrior/Hogan from WrestleMania VI, for example). There are a lot of squash matches on here, and none of them are real standouts as Warrior was not exactly a Rembrandt in the ring. However, there’s still some fun stuff to watch, especially if you’re feeling nostalgic. Some good bouts with Rick Rude and Sgt. Slaughter, to name a couple, are included and are definitely worth a watch. Not a single match from his WCW run is shown, but considering he only really had two matches during that time and both were atrocious, that’s for the best.

Disc three is all promos, and it’s pretty entertaining, whether the promos make sense or not. By Warrior’s own admission, a lot of the stuff he said made no sense, but sounded cool, and there’s plenty of those “load the spaceship with the rocket fuel” promos included. Plus, if you missed them last year, his HOF speech and speech the night after Wrestlemania are also included in full. In retrospect, the speech from RAW is very hard to watch. With what was said, you get the feeling he knew his time was up. While it was a fantastic speech, it’s eerie and unsettling when you consider he passed away less than 24 hours later.

Overall, this set is fantastic. I know I didn’t go into great detail with a lot of the DVD, but honestly, I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. This is one of the most “must-see” WWE sets I’ve come across in a long time, and every serious fan needs to check it out. The documentary alone is worth the price of admission, and the production quality is top-notch. It’s a fitting way to cap off the life of the larger-than-life performer Warrior was, and while it’s sad he didn’t get to live to see, I’m very glad he was alive during production so he could contribute.


“Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe” documentary portion, featuring: Warrior, Dana Warrior, Indiana Warrior, Mattigan Warrior, the McMahon Family, WWE Superstars and WWE Legends — with previously unseen footage included.

Chapters and runtime details of the documentary are still to be confirmed.

WWE Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe DVD/Blu-ray – Full Match List



2-on-1 Handicap Match
Dingo Warrior vs. Perry Jackson and Chico Cabello
World Class Championship Wrestling * July 25, 1986

Dingo Warrior vs. Big Bear Collie
World Class Championship Wrestling * June 2, 1987

Ultimate Warrior vs. Frenchy Martin
Madison Square Garden * November 24, 1987

Ultimate Warrior vs. Brian Costello
Wrestling Challenge * November 29, 1987

Ultimate Warrior vs. Mike Sharpe
Philadelphia, PA * December 5, 1987

Ultimate Warrior vs. Conquistador #1
Wrestling Challenge * May 8, 1988

Intercontinental Championship Match
Ultimate Warrior vs. Honky Tonk Man
Boston, MA * October 10, 1988

Intercontinental Championship Match
“Ravishing” Rick Rude vs. Ultimate Warrior
East Rutherford, NJ * May 8, 1989

Ultimate Warrior & King Duggan vs. “Ravishing” Rick Rude & Andre the Giant
Madison, WI * June 6, 1989

Ultimate Warrior vs. John Weiss
Wrestling Challenge * September 24, 1989

WWE Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe DVD/Blu-ray – Full Match List

Intercontinental Championship Match
Ultimate Warrior vs. Andre the Giant
Maple Leaf Wrestling * October 29, 1989

Ultimate Warrior vs. Brooklyn Brawler
Wrestling Challenge * March 11, 1990

WWE Championship Match
Ultimate Warrior vs. Haku
Saturday Night’s Main Event * April 28, 1990

Ultimate Warrior vs. Sgt. Slaughter
Saturday Night’s Main Event * April 27, 1991

Ultimate Warrior vs. Rick “The Model” Martel
Wrestling Challenge * April 28, 1991

Ultimate Warrior vs. Smash
Superstars * May 18, 1991

Ultimate Warrior vs. Skinner
Superstars * May 2, 1992

Ultimate Warrior vs. Papa Shango
Lexington, KY * May 19, 1992

Ultimate Warrior & “Macho Man” Randy Savage vs. The Nasty Boys
SummerSlam Spectacular * August 19, 1992

Ultimate Warrior vs. Isaac Yankem
RAW * April 29, 1996

Ultimate Warrior vs. Owen Hart
RAW * July 8, 1996

WWE Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe DVD/Blu-ray – Full Match List



Bill Mercer interviews Dingo Warrior
World Class Championship Wrestling * September 19, 1986

Nightmares are the Best Part of My Day
Superstars * February 27, 1988

I Live For Anger and Frustration
Wrestling Challenge * March 13, 1988

Normal People
Wrestling Challenge * June 5, 1988

I Won’t Let You Down
Wrestling Challenge * June 25, 1988

Legends Weren’t Built Overnight
Superstars * July 16, 1988

Craig DeGeorge Interviews the New Intercontinental Champion
Superstars * September 3, 1988

You Can Feel It
All American Wrestling * September 18, 1988

Totally Out of Control
Wrestling Challenge * January 29, 1989

A Test Like all the Others
Wrestling Challenge * May 28, 1989

We Shall Conquer the Giant
Superstars * July 15, 1989

Mean Gene interviews Ultimate Warrior about SummerSlam
Wrestling Challenge * August 13, 1989

The Eighth Wonder of the World
Superstars * September 9, 1989

Mean Gene interviews The Ultimate Warriors
Wrestling Challenge * November 5, 1989

The Brother Love Show Discussing the Royal Rumble
Superstars * January 13, 1990

I Speak to You, Hulk Hogan
Superstars * February 3, 1990

WWE Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe DVD/Blu-ray – Full Match List

The New WWE Champion
Superstars * April 14, 1990

The Brother Love Show Discussing SummerSlam
Superstars * June 23, 1990

Confined Spaces
Superstars * July 21, 1990

Leaving Nothing Behind
Wrestling Challenge * August 12, 1990

Useless Dreams
Wrestling Challenge * August 26, 1990

The Brother Love Show with Queen Sherri
Superstars * September 8, 1990

Sister Love
Superstars * October 13, 1990

The Commander in Chief
Wrestling Challenge * December 23, 1990

Your Ultimate Destruction
Wrestling Challenge * December 30, 1990

Total Surrender
Superstars * January 5, 1991

The Smell of Defeat
Wrestling Challenge * January 13, 1991

Mean Gene interviews Queen Sherri
Royal Rumble * January 19, 1991

I am the Wildness
Superstars * February 9, 1991

I Said Sew It In!
Superstars * February 16, 1991

You Have Found the Madness
Superstars * February 23, 1991

Don’t Look Back
Superstars * March 9, 1991

One More Step in the Destiny
Wrestling Challenge * March 10, 1991

A Battle Like No Other
Wrestling Challenge * March 17, 1991

Now We Are Back
Superstars * May 4, 1991

Then We Shall Feast
Superstars * April 11, 1992

These Are My Warriors
Superstars * April 18, 1992

The Papa Shango Curse
Superstars * May 23, 1992

Only Desperate Men Act with Impatience
Superstars * August 8, 1992

The Ultimate Maniacs Are Born
Superstars * September 19, 1992

The Ultimate Maniacs Are Out of Control
Wrestling Challenge * November 7, 1992

One Warrior Nation
WCW Monday Nitro * August 24, 1998

Running to Reappear
WCW Monday Nitro * September 21 * 1998

Ultimate Warrior – Hall of Fame Induction
Hall of Fame * April 5, 2014

The Spirit of Ultimate Warrior Will Run Forever
RAW * April 7, 2014

WWE Ultimate Warrior: Always Believe DVD/Blu-ray – Full Match List


A collection of personal stories from: Warrior, Dana Warrior and Indiana & Mattigan Warrior. Specifics of these extras are still to be confirmed.

Dingo Warrior vs. Rick Rude
World Class Championship Wrestling * August 22, 1986

The Ultimate Challenge
WWE Championship vs. Intercontinental Championship Match
Hulk Hogan vs. Ultimate Warrior
WrestleMania VI * April 1, 1990
Arena Hard Camera Version

Ultimate Warrior & Legion of Doom vs. Demolition
Saturday Night’s Main Event * October 13, 1990

Ultimate Warrior vs. Earthquake
Fort Myers, FL * February 19, 1991

Ultimate Warrior & Undertaker vs. Papa Shango & Berzerker
Ontario, Canada * June 3, 1992

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