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2 hours ago

10 Hulk Hogan Alternatives To Be WWF Champion In 1984

10 Hulk Hogan Alternatives To Be WWF Champion In 1984

I am not a big fan of “what ifs” but a recent podcast discussion got me thinking. What would have happened in 1984 if Hulk Hogan wasn’t available to the WWF? Who could Vince McMahon Jr. pick to beat the Iron Sheik and lead his quest to take over the world of pro wrestling?

A recent podcast at drew my attention to this topic. The guys had a fascinating discussion about the best choice to become WWWF champion in 1978 if Bob Backlund wasn’t available? The podcast immediately prompted me to think about the same question but in regards to a Hogan-alternative. Thus it didn’t take long to stop the podcast and start typing this blog.

So here is the scenario. Hulk Hogan is unavailable to Vince McMahon for whatever reason. Whether he is injured or preferred to stay in the AWA and work his New Japan gig, he isn’t here to read more , , , , , , ,

23 hours ago

TNA Wrestling Reportedly Losing Spike TV Contract


TNA Wrestling is literally on life support. Multiple reports indicate that Spike TV will not be renewing their contract with TNA. TNA will have the next sixty days to secure a new deal or face a grim situation in the near future. was the first to go on record and report that Spike TV have opted not to renew their agreement with TNA Wrestling. Negotiations have been ongoing for months with many believing that a deal was imminent. Unfortunately a big email blunder looks like it may have tipped the scales and given Spike second thoughts on pursuing future business with the company.

Dave Meltzer reports on that Spike TV/Viacom were very upset when news broke that Vince Russo was employed by the company. Meltzer reports that there is heat there and the Spike folks don’t like Russo. While it is unfair to blame Vince Russo here to read more , ,

4 days ago

CCB Extra – Hot Topics: Stephanie McMahon, Brock Lesnar, CM Punk, Lana, and More


Freelance writer and published author Chris Illuminati and the CCB’s own Eric Gargiulo talk about all of the latest pro wrestling news and hot WWE rumors. This giant one-hour plus podcast also touches on a lot of old school wrestling with plenty of talk about the wrestling Eric and Chris grew up watching in the 1980s. The list of news and rumors covered in this podcast are…

  • WWE Battleground results and reaction
  • WWE RAW and the big angle featuring Stephanie McMahon getting arrested
  • The controversy surrounding Lana and Rusev’s promo at Battleground
  • Sting in the WWE, will he wrestle, and against who?
  • The future of Brock Lesnar
  • The booking of Stephanie McMahon and Triple H
  • Paul Heyman’s promo on RAW
  • Where is Vince McMahon?
  • John Cena’s longevity as a babyface
  • Rumors regarding possible legal action the WWE may take against CM Punk
  • And much, much more.

This podcast topped out at around 67-minutes. Check back soon for more podcasts from Chris and Eric!

Check here to read more , , , , , , ,

6 days ago

10 Of The Biggest WWE Busts In History

10 Of The Biggest WWE Busts In History

Hype isn’t always a good thing for a new WWE wrestler. Sometimes too much hype can create unattainable expectations from fans. The cream doesn’t always rise to the top in these instances as these 10 busts can attest to.

Falling flat in the WWE isn’t necessarily reflective of your skills as a professional wrestler. Some of the most talented wrestlers in the world for different reasons, failed to live up to expectations set by management and fans. I came up with a list of ten who as Hulk Hogan would say, “couldn’t cut the mustard” under the big lights and heavy spotlight of the WWE.

Diamond Dallas Page - DDP was arguably the biggest signing to come over with the purchase of WCW. While Page always had his doubters, expectations are always going to be large when you are pushed that heavy by the opposition. Unfortunately Page couldn’t come close to meeting here to read more , , , , , ,

1 week ago

WWE Battleground 2014 Results and Recap: Cena Retains, Miz Wins


WWE served up a cold appetizer to the biggest party of the summer, Battleground 2014. A disappointing show will be remembered for a bait and switch along with a predictable result in the main-event that should culminate with the Authority’s Plan C at SummerSlam. Quite honestly I can’t think of another WWE PPV this year as lackluster as Battleground.

Battleground was a show you can feel free to miss if you were planning on watching the replay. It played out like a lot of WCW shows in the late 1990s with predictable results and the most anticipated match on the card not even taking place. It was surprising to see the WWE fail to deliver a decent show considering the amount of six-month subscriptions coming due on the WWE Network. Hey, at least nobody will remember this show after Brock Lesnar shows up on RAW Monday night.

John Cena retained the WWE world title in a decent here to read more

2 weeks ago

Sting Talks Undertaker and More WWE Dream Matches


Sting has finally landed in the WWE. The big question fans keep asking is whether Sting will wrestle The Undertaker. Streak broken or not, Sting is still interested and wants the dream match on the grandest stage in the business.

Sting debuted Monday night on RAW in a video promoting WWE 2K15. While a video game is nice, what the fans really want to see is Sting in a WWE ring. Better yet, they want to see him one on one with the dead man. Will it happen? If it’s up to Sting it will.

“I’ve made it clear I’d love to have one last hurrah, one last big match hopefully. And of course I’ve been outspoken about Undertaker being the opponent,” he told the UK Mirror when asked about one more match.

“I know what happened at WrestleMania where Brock Lesnar broke his streak. I think, or at least I’m here to read more ,

2 weeks ago

Bray Wyatt vs. Chris Jericho is ‘Best for Business’


This Sunday at Battleground, for the very first time, Bray Wyatt gets in the ring with Chris Jericho. From the moment it started I got the feeling that this is exactly what Bray Wyatt needs right now.

Since the day Wyatt’s promos began showing up on Monday Night Raw, I knew he had the makings of something special. A cult leader that seemed to be a cross between The Undertaker and Mankind, Wyatt had a look and a voice that could change the landscape of the WWE. The more we saw of Bray, the more I was sure he could be a major player in the future. He tells a story in the squared circle like no one else currently on the roster. He uses creepy movements that fit his character and it’s always fun watching a big guy who can move in the ring.

Bray was quickly involved with some of here to read more ,

2 weeks ago

TNA Wrestling World Champion Returning to MMA Fighting


The TNA Wrestling world champion is going to fight. Bobby Lashley is returning to MMA. Lashley will be jumping back into the cage for Bellator in a rare MMA fight featuring a world champion from a top United States pro wrestling promotion.

The fight was announced earlier this week and will go down on September 5 and air live on Spike TV. Lashley is part of a beefed up lineup that will go head-to-head with a UFC event 10 miles away. Lashley will play a minor part in the show but could wind up as the biggest draw of the night due to his crossover appeal.

This is an interesting deal as I have seen and heard both arguments as to why it is a good and bad idea for TNA to have Lashley fighting. Those arguments are obvious. I am on the smart move side. I see this as here to read more ,

2 weeks ago

The Lovable Losers: Top 10 Memorable 1980s WWF Jobbers


One of the most fun memories I have of being a pro wrestling fan were the jobbers. I spent many Saturdays watching WWE (WWF) stars squash preliminary wrestlers in one-sided affairs. Today I pay tribute to these unsung warriors and look back at the most memorable WWF jobbers of the 80s.

Please don’t misunderstand this blog. I am not here to make fun of these lovable losers. I am here to pay tribute and honor the brave who stood up to Big John Studd in the face of a bear hug, were clawed to unconsciousness by Blackjack Mulligan, and were showered by the spit of Captain Lou Albano. Yes, pro wrestling would not be the same for an hour every Saturday if not for these forgotten warriors.

Keep in mind a few things when reading the list. One, I am only looking at the WWE (WWF) here to read more , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

2 weeks ago

Sting Coming To WWE 2K15


It only took 26 years but Sting is finally coming to the WWE…sort of. Rumors have been confirmed that Sting will play a big part in the marketing of the upcoming WWE 2K15 video game. Check out the first promo featuring the former WCW champion.

Sting to WWE2K15 is not necessarily a shocker but it is big news nonetheless. This will be the first time Sting will be featured in a WWE video game. Like the deal made with the Ultimate Warrior last year. This does not indicate that Sting has signed a deal with the WWE. This is simply a deal between Sting and the video game company, although most suspect that a deal with the WWE is imminent.

The WWE posted an official press release announcing the news which featured quotes from Sting. Here are some of the highlights. One of the most popular and revered competitors in WCW here to read more , ,

2 weeks ago

WWE SummerSlam 2014 Planned Matches and Card


The biggest party of the summer is only several weeks away and it looks like we have a preliminary card. WWE SummerSlam is about as stacked a show as you are going to get right now with one of the most intriguing rematches in recent years scheduled to headline the big event.

Keep in mind that these are all preliminary ideas and any of these matches are subject to change before they are officially announced by the WWE. This all comes via a report in the Wrestling Observer newsletter.

John Cena will defend the WWE championship against Brock Lesnar in a highly anticipated rematch, at least by this blogger. This one gets real interesting outside of the ring as the big question here is who goes over. Cena went over Lesnar in their first match back at Extreme Rules 2012. The result was criticized by fans and wrestling media alike here to read more

3 weeks ago

WWE Network Review: WCW Clash of the Champions XIX


The WWE Network recently added the entire library of WCW Clash of the Champions. I just happened to stumble across the live stream when Clash XIX was broadcast. This odd lineup on paper looked like a train wreck yet in the ring this show turned out to be an absolute classic.

The show featured the opening round of a tournament to crown a new pair of NWA world tag team champions with the subsequent rounds scheduled to take place at the Great American Bash. The theme was that teams would be represented from all over the world to compete for these vacant titles. While the teams looked like something straight out of Battle Bowl, the show turned out to be one of the more fun two hours of wrestling I have watched since NXT Takeover.

This was a really strange yet incredibly entertaining show. The Bill Watts 1992 era of WCW is here to read more , ,

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