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Zoo Horror as Seagull is Killed by Monkey in Front of Children

This is the awful moment a monkey viciously crushes a bird against a pole, leaving shocked zoogoers in the audience. Young children saw an angry monkey killing a bird in front of their parents. The animal at Chester Zoo ‘turned into King Kong,’ climbing a 20-foot tower.

When it saw a passing seagull, it plucked it out of the sky and smashed it on its perch before devouring it. The Manchester Evening News writes that Bec Adamson and her son were having a “wonderful day out” at Chester Zoo when he spotted the monkey standing at the peak of the pole. He started shooting and was able to catch the ferocious animal repeatedly pounding its victim against the edge of his cage while holding it by the head. As the extended bird grows limp, the monkey even looks to “lick blood off its fingers.”

With her ex-partner Jamie Stockall at her side, Bec claims the zoo animal sprang up and swooped down to consume the seagull’s internal organs when it was frightened and discarded. Dominik Minshull, the mother’s only child, was enthralled despite the ‘violent’ encounter since it resembled the David Attenborough wildlife videos he loves so much.

More than two million people have seen the frightening video that the hospitality employee shared with TikTok on Sunday. “It was like viewing the actual King Kong,” said Bec, from Northwich, Cheshire. He was bashing it on the pole and yanking at its wings with such force. It was a ferocious display of rage and aggression.

As we walked over, I observed a group of seagulls hovering, and then a monkey grabbed one of them as it flew by. It was a really smart idea. “I began taking shots after telling Jamie and Dominik to watch too. When I enlarge the image, I notice that he’s beating the crap out of the bird. When I learned I had captured it on tape, I was floored.

With over 40,000 likes and more than 1,000 responses, her snarky TikTok post with the description “wonderful family day” has gone viral. Added the following: “Other people began looking too, and soon around 100 people were looking. ” It was quite brutal, but it’s perfectly normal. It’s a natural phenomenon.

“Dominik inquired as to whether or not David Attenborough was viewing since he and his family watch a lot of nature documentaries. He felt it was incredible since he had assumed they were engaged in combat. “He may have been traumatized for life by that. I know I would have been horrified if I had been his age. A psychopath? I’m parenting a psychopath.

Commenters on my YouTube video have compared the video to the forthcoming King Kong film. He was sucking his fingers, and people saw it. He seemed to be well satisfied with his lunch. This bird had its insides ripped out by the time the monkey returned it to the cage after dropping it.

A bird flew over the top, but he chose that one out of all the others.” It’s a pity. “It’s impossible not to keep watching,” said the viewer. We’re all watching this seagull being attacked like tiny psychopaths, but we’d like to know what happens next.”



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