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Zenless Zone Zero Release Date Speculation, Beta Sign-Up, Gameplay, and Latest Update

Coming up straight from the developers of Genshin Impact.

Genshin Impact, now that’s a name very rare few people involved with gaming would not have heard of. The sheer existence of the game and its ‘impact’ on the gaming industry was massive. The game with its beautiful gameplay and open world charmed many and it is still one of the most popular RPGs out there.

What if we were to tell you that the same developers that developed Genshin Impact are coming up with a brand new game? You heard it right, Zenless Zone Zero was announced just last week and the hype for the game is already pretty high.

If you are looking for details regarding the game, then keep reading. Here’s everything we know about the game so far:

What Is the Game About?

Zenless Zone Zero is an RPG game more like Genshin Impact and less Honkai Impact. The action RPG is set in a post-apocalyptic city and allows the player to play as a professional demon-dimension explorer. Your mission involves exploring the mysterious world called New Eridu.

The whole world has been destroyed by creatures called Hollows who come out of dimensional gateways. People fought back and now the hollows have become a source of income and factions fight each other as competition rises. Your role in the game is of a Proxy who explores the hollows as part of those factions.


The game is set in an anime-style kind of world and so are the characters. Speculations say that the game will feature a character-rotation system like Genshin Impact. It is not yet known if the game will feature an elemental system or how big the party system will be.

The trailer for the gameplay featured two siblings so we can speculate that players will be given the choice of a male or female character. The developers have claimed the gameplay of ZZZ to be rogue-like.

Zenless Zone Zero Closed Beta

As of now, an official announcement regarding a close beta has not been made. So what you can do currently is sign up for all the latest news by adding your account with the game company. For that, you can visit the official site of the game and sign up or login into the Hoyoverse account.

From there, you will have to complete a survey and after that, you will be signed up for the tuning test. After the sign-up period is over, selected players will be notified about the tuning test.

Zenless Zone Zero Release Date Speculation

The game was first announced on May 13 so you can rest assured that it will be a while before you can get your hands on the game. As a surprise, the company started recruitment for the first closed beta of the game on 13 May as well.

So if you are fortunate, then you might get the chance to play closed beta which is scheduled for June 2022. The game won’t release any time before 2023 but there will be another closed beta by the end of this year.



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