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You should be rooting for Fandango: Inside The Wheelhouse

[adinserter block=”1″]I had the pleasure this past Monday to sit down with WWE Superstar Fandango for nearly 20 minutes and walked out of it an even bigger fan then I was before I met him.

Fandango, the WWE star we see on WWE television has gotten over with fans since his debut because the man behind Fandango has embraced it above and beyond. His in-ring work looks to be improving on a weekly basis, his promo ability is already pretty good, he has a ton of charisma and is a wrestler that has that special “it factor” we don’t see very often anymore. He reminds me a lot of a young Chris Jericho; it probably wasn’t irony that those two worked together at WrestleMania this year.

But what I like about the man behind the Fandango character is that he is a fan of the business. Nowadays we are stuck with wrestlers or divas that had professional wrestling as their “plan B” or maybe even “plan C.” That can be reflected at times due to those type of wrestler’s lack of passion for what they do. This is not the case with WWE Superstar Fandango.

This is a guy who started going to wrestling shows to get work during his teenage days. Sure he had your normal “jobs” to keep money coming in while he was chasing his dream but in the back of his mind and in his heart, professional wrestling was his passion. I can’t overstate enough how much that passion is reflected in his character.

To me, the “sky is the limit” at this point for Fandango. It already seems like it’s a matter of time before he is a babyface with the audience and that’s just a sign of natural progression in professional wrestling. One thing that I thought was very interesting in the interview was how big “always staying ahead of the curve” is important to Fandango. A year from now we may actually forget the gimmick behind his character was a ballroom dancer.

The biggest issue in wrestling right now clearly is a wrestler being “stale” or not evolving. Many fans criticize the WWE and their stars, most notably John Cena, for being the same character in 2013 that they were in 2006. Props to Fandango for noticing what weaknesses there are in wrestling right now, using it to his advantage and making sure he stays “with the times” rather then become complacent.

He clearly is a “student of the game” and has an underrated “mind” for the business simply because it hasn’t been reflected in many interviews. I don’t believe that will be the case much longer and while it isn’t known now; don’t be surprised if more people start picking up on how much Fandango “gets it.”

[adinserter block=”2″]I had a fun time speaking with him and really appreciated him taking the time out this past Monday morning. I hope you enjoy the interview but more importantly appreciate not only Fandango the character, but the man working hard to keep his character growing each week on television as well.

Listen to the interview here:

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