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You had me at Bray Wyatt

For a very long time, I felt I could not find the proper words to describe my love for Bray Wyatt without sounding like a nut. In a way, I think I am a little bit nutty for liking him and the remaining members of the Wyatt Family as much as I do.

I still think I don’t possess the vocabulary required to give Bray and his followers the glowing once over they deserve. I’m just some girl on the internet talking shop about a character who intrigues her. But, I will write the words that I think give the Wyatts the praise they deserve. My hope is that you will realize just how much wrestling needs a Wyatt Family after you’ve finished this.

[adinserter block=”1″]If you look at pictures of Bray Wyatt before he was Bray, It’s hard to believe the transformation. Husky Harris in NXT was your run of the mill 20 year old heading to the local mall. An average looking, girthy guy with tattoos and nothing much else that’s remarkable. Never, ever would I have been able to picture what he would eventually become. He and the rest of the Wyatts are wrestling’s elite, made better by Bray’s ability to be legitimately terrifying.

I’ve seen rumblings on the internet that The Wyatt’s have been done before, so they’re not to be taken seriously. I hate that kind of talk. Wrestling, as much as it’s amazing and a huge spectacle, is a business mired in repeats and stereotypes. Any long time fan can watch a show and dismiss a character because it alludes to something from the past. It’s easy to do that. I’m guilty of doing the same. I, however, am unable to do that with The Wyatt Family.

Bray and his family, a group plucked directly from the pages of horror novels and scary movies, are the best stable wrestling’s seen in a long time. They are more than an actors putting on a shirts, hats, and masks. They are much more than characters walking half halfheartedly holding a lantern on the way down to the ring. No, Bray Wyatt and his family took time and care to become what we see on TV each week. These men tap into a fear you tucked in your chest and never told a soul. The Wyatts, to me, are the men you meet when your car breaks down on a long abandoned highway.

But make no mistake, these are mere men. Mortals. Flesh and bones. No different than you and me. Yet, collectively, when the Wyatt Family comes on my screen, I can’t help but be repelled and fascinated all at the same time.

I consider myself a wrestling fan since birth. I was born to love wrestling, and I will probably die watching wrestling. I’ve been watching so long that I feel like I’ve seen the best and worst that this business has to offer. I can say with as much honesty that I can muster that no other wrestler has even ingrained himself so deeply into my conscience like Bray has. You can keep your Undertakers, Kane’s, and Batista’s. The Wyatts are all I need.

What is it about them that strikes such a cord within me? I wish there was an easy way to explain. I feel like everything Bray Wyatt does can be taken and broken down into a deeper and scarier thing. They have the ability to threaten without ever having to scream boorishly or flex a muscle in intimidation. The Wyatt Family are not the suit wearing, macho tough guys that we currently see on WWE TV. When Erick Rowan leans into the camera with his sheep’s mask on and says RUN, I really do want to run. But yet, I cannot look away. These men are absolutely chilling.

I think one of the things that makes the Wyatt Family that much scarier is something like them exists somewhere. Speaking the words they speak, and doing what they do. Sure, The Wyatts are an entertaining exaggeration of a real thing, but history shows us that men like these are real and lurk somewhere just around the corner. Characters that amplify a real thing, to me, are the best thing.

Ultimately, the Wyatt Family can be characterized as dangerous and unpredictable. As we move closer to my personal pick for dream match with The Shield, they only continue to get more frightening. They can be the men in the dark that make children cry, and they can do all this effortlessly. The Wyatt Family, collectively, are what 2014 WWE wrestling needs.

The Wyatts are the riddle you can’t write, the problem you can’t solve, and the object that you can’t move. They are the scary thing in the back of your mind, and the best thing is they aren’t going anywhere.

[adinserter block=”2″]In my opinion, the day that Bray Wyatt holds a championship, will be his best day.

Until then, follow along as Bray and his family make a new and frightening mark on wrestling history. I know I will be.

Follow the Buzzards, indeed.

Shanna Harris has been watching wrestling for over 10 years. She loves women’s wrestling, NXT, and live tweeting wrestling shows. Her many wrestling commentaries can be found at, and her 140 character rants can be read at @AbsoluteSmark

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  1. Couldn't agree more. Bray Wyatt has brought me back to wrestling. He's the Jake Roberts type character of the modern day. I watch every week to see the guy develop, and I want nothing more than to see a good 5 year run where he holds this character, with his posse. They need to continue to book him carefully and not kill it quick with a loss to super cena, etc.

    They could have a monstrous thing on their hands if they do this right. More often then not, creative doesn't know how to handle a talent like this that appears to be over with the fans. See Ziggler.

  2. Great article. Any praise for Bray osxmuch deserver. Sure its a Waylon Mercy redo but he does it soooooo much better. And really who even remembers Mercy?


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