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The Rock and The Miz and John Cena will headline WrestleMania 27With the Super Bowl of professional wrestling around the corner & the lineup appearing to have been finalized, it’s time to run down the card with predictions on this year’s lineup. Call me crazy, but it just feels like something is missing this year. Regardless, I’m sure WrestleMania 27 will be a fun show to watch.

8 Man Tag:
The Corre vs. Kane, Big Show, Santino Marella, & Vladimir Kozlov

Holding the Tag Team & Intercontinental Championships, The Corre is easily the most dominant group on SmackDown right now, if not the entire WWE. It’s time for that dominance to continue & a win at WrestleMania 27 is the key to that happening.

Predicted Winners: The Corre
Who Should Win: The Corre

United States Championship:
Sheamus (C) vs. Daniel Bryan

Tough call as I like watching both of these guys. Sheamus has just come off of a long losing streak on TV by capturing the United States Title from Danielson. Looking to re-establish himself, Danielson seeks to reclaim the championship. Classic story. Both guys should shine in this.

Predicted Winner & Still US Champion: Sheamus
Who Should Win: Daniel Bryan (Either or is a good pick. As much as I would like to see Danielson go for the WWE Title, do the rest of the fans want to see it? More importantly, do they believe he can do it?)

Mixed Tag Match:
John Morrison, Trish Stratus, & Snooki vs. Dolph Ziggler & Lay-Cool

Smart on WWE to capitalize on the popularity of “Jersey Shore” by bringing in the queen of the Oompa Loompas. I’d say it’s fairly certain we all know the way this is going. On the upside, it will be nice to see Trish back in action.

Predicted Winners and Fist Pumping Their Way to Victory: Morrison, Stratus, & Snooki
Who Should Win: Morrison, Stratus, & Snooki (Just to keep whatever Jersey Shore fans at the event from obtaining Ungodly BAC’s & fist pumping each other in the face.)

Singles Match:
Rey Mysterio vs. Cody Rhodes
This should be a solid match. This is Cody’s time to show why he is the future.

Predicted Winner: Rey Mysterio (Probably to make him look good in an upcoming feud against Sin Cara. We all know it will probably happen.)
Who Should Win: Cody Rhodes (Time to start pushing the younger generation.)

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Grudge Match:
Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. Michael Cole w/Jack Swagger
Special Referee “Stone Cold” Steve Austin

It amazes me how Cole is the best heel on Raw right now. Why more guys can’t tap into what Eric Bischoff refers to as your “Inner Heel” bewilders me. This match, aside from the Taker/HHH match, easily has the most heat going into it. While it won’t be wrestling gold, it should be entertaining at the least & will tell a story.

Predicted Winner: Jerry “The King” Lawler
Who Should Win: Jerry “The King” Lawler
Predicted to Be Legitimately Fired After WrestleMania for Making Homophobic Remarks on Twitter: Michael Cole

Grudge Match:
Randy Orton vs. CM Punk

Stemming from Orton costing Punk the World Heavyweight Championship a couple years back, this match should be the end of the feud. After having taken out members of the latest incarnation of the Nexus, Orton gets Punk one on one & looks for retribution against Punk for terrorizing his wife.

Predicted Winner: Randy Orton
Who Should Win: Randy Orton (As much as I like Punk, it’s time for him to move on to a different feud.)

No Holds Barred:
The Undertaker (18-0 at WrestleMania) vs. Triple H

Ten years ago, the Undertaker defeated Triple H at WrestleMania 17 & made him #9. Ten years later, the rematch between two of the biggest measuring sticks in the industry. WWE has done a good job at getting fans to believe that Hunter can be the man to end the streak. Look for Shawn Michaels interference in this, but not in a way you would think.

Predicted Winner: The Undertaker (19-0) after Shawn Michaels costs Triple H the match.
Who Should Win: The Undertaker (The Streak should NEVER be broken. Or if it is, have it ended by someone who would benefit from doing so. Triple H ending it does nothing for Triple H’s career.)

WWE Championship:
The Miz (C) w/Alex Riley vs. John Cena

This is a wildcard match. With Miz getting the best of Cena week in & week out, one would assume that Cena will defeat the Miz for the championship. Add in The Rock. After the end of Raw on Monday, you would think Rock would want retribution for getting AA’ed in the middle of the ring & attacked by Miz. This could go either way.

Predicted Winner & New WWE Champion: John Cena
Who Should Win: The Miz
Dream Scenario: 3 Way Dance with The Rock becoming WWE Champion (You want to shock the Hell out of people? You go this route & you build for Rock Cena one on one as early as SummerSlam or even WrestleMania 28.)

World Heavyweight Championship
Edge (C) w/Christian vs. Alberto Del Rio w/Brodus Clay

Another wildcard, I can see this one going either way as well. Del Rio is easily the future of WWE. But would it be too much too soon for him to beat Edge for the World Title in the WrestleMania main event? Hard to say. And while I’m loving the reunion of E&C, I smell a heel turn coming.

Predicted Winner & New World Heavyweight Champion: Alberto Del Rio
Who Should Win: Alberto Del Rio (It’s destiny folks. But you already knew that.)

9 matches & it all goes down this Sunday. I hope it starts feeling like WrestleMania when I’m watching.

27 hits the airwaves live on PPV! I’ll be blogging next week about my WrestleMania 27 thoughts!

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