Yeezy Day 2022: What is It, Significance, Date, and More


    Prepare your pockets!

    Adidas and Kanye West are laced up to bring about the results of their collaboration for another year and this time, it’s going to be better than the previous years. Yes, we are talking about Yeezy Day which is all set to be witnessed another year.

    If you also always fancied getting your hands on a pair of Yeezys then you wouldn’t want to lose out on this one. Don’t know what a Yeezy is? Where have you been, under a rock? Well no matter, because we are about to tell you everything you need to know about Yeezy Day and what’s in store for this year.

    Here is everything you should know:

    What Is Yeezy Day?

    Yeezy is the love child between artist and entrepreneur Kanye West and Adidas which was birthed in 2015. There’s no better way to phrase it other than this. After his departure from Nike, Kanye partnered with the Germany-based sportswear giant, Adidas in the year 2013 to make a unique footwear label called Yeezy.

    The word Yeezy is derived from the artist’s name Kanye and is has now turned into a multi-million-dollar label now. To commemorate the success of the label, Ye decided to celebrate it by dedicating a particular date for it starting in August 2019 and called it Yeezy Day.

    Yeezy Day Significance and History

    The day was also an opportunity for the sportswear brand to shift any excessive stock and give chances for consumers to get their hands on the Yeezy sneakers which they missed out on initially. Believe it or not, Yeezys have become notoriously difficult to get a hold of and are also sported by celebrities like Justin Bieber and the Kardashians.

    After successfully debuting in 2019, Yeezy Day was held off for the next year and didn’t take place in 2020. However, it returned in 2021 and turned out to be a great success. Yeezy Day 2021 saw the iconic lineup like the Yeezy 500 Soft Vision and the Black Boost 700s.

    When Is Yeezy Day 2022?

    Yeezy Day is expected to follow the same pattern as the previous year so the dates can also be nearly the same. Sole Retriever claimed that Yeezy Day is going to take place in the beginning of August. They also claimed that the latest released as well as the stocks will be split apart on days between 1st and 2nd August 2022.

    IF we speculate from previous years, this time also the residents of the United States are going to be given first access to Yeezy Day and the rest of the world will follow suit. You can pick up your Yeezys on either “Adidas Confirmed” or “Yeezy Supply”.

    What to Expect?

    There are going to be some pretty interesting new releases this year. Yeezy Boost 350 will be getting three separate re-releases. The brand new Yeezy 700s will be making a debut this year. Also as a bonus, the fans will be gifted with a restock of the highly popular and rare, “the Yeezy Foam Runner”.

    Although nothing is confirmed right now, you can expect some great surprises this year. Just don’t be late for the show.


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