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Inside The Wheelhouse: Understanding the Randy Winn deal

Randy WinnI have given myself a good twenty four hours to digest the New York Yankees recent signing of Randy Winn. I like many Yankees fan are happy they have finally filled their hole in left field, but I like many Yankees fans, scratch that, like most Baseball fans are wondering the same thing. Randy Winn is your answer for left field?

This was one of the worst free agent markets I can remember in recent years, no team made any real big splashes in the free agent market. Even the Yankees bitter rivals made weird signings like Mike Cameron. You let Jason Bay go and went after Mike Cameron? Ok. The signing even made Red Sox fans like The Wheelhouse’s very own “The Sweet Nasty” Chris Cause scratch his head. Cause and I have a war raging on which of our teams will have more team strikeouts…from their hitters. It’s going to get crazy!

[adinserter block=”1″]Back to Randy Winn signing with the Yankees; I liked Randy Winn when he played for the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (yes back when they had “Devil” in their name) and for the first couple of seasons with the Seattle Mariners. He was a decent player and back in the days of the Rays he would be the best player on the field next to Rocco Baldelli, who was also rumored to be the left field solution in New York. Randy Winn was a decent ballplayer and good role player in the position as a lead-off or #2 hitter.

Randy Winn is now 35 years old and coming off of a decline year in San Francisco. A freaking decline year!? This is your answer to letting go Johnny Damon who gave you four great seasons and had a great season for a guy his age by hitting 24 homers in the new Yankees bandbox in the Bronx. I am not happy with the signing but I’m a Yankees fan and have been spoiled the last fourteen years.

After trying to make sense of the deal and giving myself some reasoning behind the deal I have hopefully come up with something. Randy Winn signs a 1 year deal to play left field in the Bronx where he will probably battle for a job with whom I believe to be very underrated, Brett Gardner. What can I say I like a player that hustles and I don’t believe Gardner gets as much credit as he does for the pinstripes.

Back to my reasoning on the Winn signing; 1 year deal, 35 year old decent role player. 2011 who becomes a free agent you might ask that would make a great left fielder? The answer would be Carl Crawford of the Tampa Bay Rays. I got this idea after reading a great article from and it makes absolute sense.

Crawford is entering his contract year in Tampa. Tampa doesn’t spend money and surely has probably some amazing prospect talent in Triple-A which can easily replace Carl Crawford in left field. They will have no probably saying farewell to Crawford.

[adinserter block=”2″]I’m a big fan of Carl Crawford. Anytime I play a Baseball video game he’s a guy that I want on my New York Yankees ballclub. Which I’m sure is the same reasoning Brian Cashman will have when he eventually approaches Crawford in the 2010 offseason.

Crawford is a gamer and has shades of similar ability as Johnny Damon. Decent fielding ability, extremely quick on the base paths and puts the bat to the ball when he gets up. Carl Crawford in pinstripes would make me a very happy boy.

So here is to hoping that is the reasoning behind not re-signing Johnny Damon and signing Randy Winn of all people to fill the left field void this season. If Carl Crawford is the answer I will take it. I will miss the time Johnny Damon put in his time in pinstripes, never thought I would like a ball player who at one time would destroy while playing for the Red Sox but he quickly became a fan favorite for his attitude. Farewell Johnny D!

Randy Winn or Brett Gardner please do well this season…somebody do well!

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