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Yakamoz S-245 Release Date, Trailer and More

The announcement for the show was made all way back in October 2020, the show Yakamoz S-245s trailer just dropped. The Tolga Karaçelik directed show was previously named Into The Night. The show will premiere on Netflix on April 20.

More About The YAKAMOZ S-245 Show

The Turkish series is a spinoff of the 2020 sci-fi series Into The Night by Jason George. The series is also set in the same universe as his other work. In the series, a comic event led to the sunlight exposure led to killing all living things.

Into The Light takes you on the journey of a plane that is trying to outrun the rising of the sun. The name Yakamoz S-245 comes from the submarine, that deals with the whole catastrophe. The submarine tries to seek shelter from the burning sun inside the water.

One user was curious about the title of the show and tweeted the following.

The story stars Özge Özpirinçci, Kivanç Tatlitug, and Ertan Saban among others.

What Does The Trailer Show?

The trailer shows a satellite getting destroyed when it came in touch with its rays. Throughout the clip, people come to the realization that “the sun kills everyone the moment it rises.”

People prepare to go underground as the sun’s rays will not touch them there and therefore the people in the submarine would be safe. In another clip, a foreign body is seen approaching the submarine.

There is also a dialogue in the trailer that goes “This was supposed to be Yakamoz’s last mission, but see, it became Noah’s Ark.” The trailer also shows glimpses of internal conflict among the people in the submarine.

There is an evident struggle of peopling finding their place among people and also not want others in the submarine.

The trailer ends with different characters coming together and urging all to coexist as it is the only way they will be able to survive and not get killed by the sun.

Fans React To The Trailer

Most of the fan’s reactions to the trailer were positive. In general, most people were happy to see more Turkish series being premiered on Netflix.

One such user commented on the trailer, “It will be in the same universe as Into the night. Kıvanç had a short scene there too. The subject is interesting and looks good, I missed the acting off my love Kıvanç, this job was perfect. Shooting different Turkish production, at least putting in the effort, gives hope for the audience 😳”.

Another commenter had an interesting theory about why Into The Night has not been approved for season 3 yet. The comment said, “I now think that they haven’t put a green light on season 3 of Into The Night [sic] cause this is needed first for a backstory…”

Many people who were not aware of the series being related to Into The Night were confused by the similarity. It will be interesting to see what people really think once it premiers. It will also be interesting to watch for fans of Into The Night series.

Most of the fans in the comment section were excited viewers waiting for the season to finally premiere after waiting for it since 2020.



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