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Y2AJ: Our WWE Dream Team

Since AJ Styles’ surprise WWE appearance at the Royal Rumble this year, his fans and WWE Universe alike are all wondering how his WWE run will go. Many were skeptical about how he would be treated in terms of success and storyline. Nobody wants the fate of AJ Styles’ WWE run to be a bad one.

Look no further, as his opening program seems to be everything we could hope to dream of. Chris Jericho stepped to the plate to give Styles to proper welcome, so to speak. There was no one better than Jericho to start Styles off on the right foot.

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With years of experience under the belt of each man, they possess the talent and tools to work together and against each other. Both can fly, both are technically proficient, and both are the best of both worlds. They can take you down with an impact move such as the Styles Clash and The Codebreaker, or have you screaming with submission moves such as The Walls of Jericho or the Calf Crusher. Y2AJ are two peas in a pod, the alpha to the omega, the peanut butter to his jelly. You get it. Y2AJ is just right.

When we got the first matchup between the two of them, it went uninterrupted, no BS involved. Just two guys duking it out in between the ropes. You couldn’t ask for anything better, right? Well it’s been over a month and with what was a Best of Three series behind them and now their unity as a tag team, it just keeps getting better. Next week on Raw, Y2AJ will face off against the New Day for the WWE Tag Team Championship. And honestly, it’s something I am looking forward to the most lately considering the lack of interest on Raw as of late.

With the best of three series, both Jericho and Styles told a story of how even though Styles was the new kid in town, his work ethic ultimately garnered the respect of Jericho. Now that has happened, the two decide to team up and gun for WWE’s hottest team in the New Day. I mean, why not? The dynamic duo not only put forth great matches against one another, but they work even better as a team. Y2AJ proved their power in teaming up, and it wouldn’t be a bad start for AJ Styles to have gold on his waist in a few weeks’ time.

With Jericho’s part time commitment to WWE, it’s hard to say how long things will run. But the fact that he is in the storyline with Styles and the New Day speaks volumes in a time where part time talent takes up much of the WrestleMania card. Jericho’s veteran status does nothing but good things for all those involved, especially with the Road to WrestleMania in full effect.

But say if Y2AJ do have a run with the WWE Tag Team Championship. Feuding with The New Day brings interest and entertainment. I wouldn’t mind watching these two teams outsmart each other in the quest for tag team gold. It’s a push in the right direction for the tag team division, as The Usos and The Dudley’s are occupied in their own feud to keep them busy for the time being.

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With WrestleMania a month away, there is absolutely no wrong in having AJ Style’s first WrestleMania and Jericho’s thirteenth as a duo. Whether or not they will carry gold has yet to be seen, but can certainly make for a fun ride to Dallas regardless. The WrestleMania card is struggling, and having Y2AJ make it there as a duo can only help WrestleMania be successful in Dallas.

That’s not to say that they can be each other’s opponents as well. While that isn’t ruled out, either man could easily turn against the other. And the reasoning could be jealousy or arrogance depending on who it was. In such a position, any scenario would prove enjoyable and entertaining.

The WWE Universe certainly doesn’t want to see Y2AJ break up anytime soon. Many possibilities can play out between now and post Mania, even if the duo breaks apart and faces off once more. So if WWE plays their cards right, they certainly have a winner between this team and the storyline factor. If they face off, they got all the makings for a WrestleMania classic. If not, Y2AJ is the perfect dream team. They could break the walls down in the tag division. And trust me, the guys in the division, they don’t want none!

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