The Wyatts, The Shield & General Thoughts on WWE Elimination Chamber 2014


I have been overly critical for months about the WWE and its use of wrestlers in six-man tag matches to find a way to keep its current roster active – if not happy. But what I witnessed last night at the Elimination Chamber was total perfection.

[adinserter block=”1″]The matches within the pay-per-view helped tell a story – one that leads us to WrestleMania XXX and New Orleans. But when the smoke cleared, the match between The Wyatts and The Shield proved to be the greatest of the night.

And it was everything I wanted it to be. Fans cheering for both sides for the sake of wanting to see this match, rooting for both sides and the fans in the Target Center voicing their approval.

“This is Awesome!”

Stories in the ring are told by fan reaction and fan approval. They are also told by the role of the heel and his ability to incite the crowd, lead the match and cause havoc when need be. Both parties, The Shield and The Wyatts did that. And it was AWESOME!
Has there ever been a trio of wrestlers in recent memory who sell for the crowd and the opponent like The Shield? Has there been a more sinister a trio since Kevin Sullivan and his cult-like animals in Florida like Bray Wyatt? If the WWE allows this to fester and build and explode like a volcano that has been tempted too many times, this could be the best feud of the year.

That is something the WWE needs in more ways than one.

What this match told us was the WWE will use these two stables as continual foes. The Russians vs. Dusty Rhodes and the Road Warriors. The Freebirds and the Von Erichs, Some faction of the New World Order vs. Sting, et al, and the Horsemen in a match with Dusty Rhodes, Sting or anyone else they can humiliate.

The six-man feud is alive and well in the WWE.

Batista, Seriously?
The match between Batista and Alberto Del Rio was the worst match of the pay-per-view. The fans obviously do not care about The Animal and are still pissed he won the Royal Rumble. Is there another way for the company to find another wrestler to headline WrestleMania XXX?

The match was ill conceived and looked more like a filler match than one that should have been the precursor to the final match of the night.

The Table Has Been Set For Tamina
Finally, there is a crack in the armor of the AJ Lee camp. For seven months, the Black Widow has held the Divas Title and we have not seen one female challenge her. Now, maybe there will be some movement toward that.

While Tamina helped Lee win her match Sunday night, she also showed anger with her “body guard” and therefore, there shall be a match between the two.

I told you months ago, this looks like Diesel and Shawn Michaels from years ago and maybe my idea is coming to fruition.

And Then There is Hulk Hogan

There has been so much said about Hulk Hogan, which honestly is not make me all that happy. As before with The Rock and The Miz, hosting an event like this only leads to failure. And Hulk Hogan makes everything about him. There is no need for Hogan to be associated with the event.

[adinserter block=”2″]While the WWE is working on marketing concepts and has brought in Hogan and now Ric Flair to be a part of the company machine, the WWE should not have either one involved in WMXXX.

Hogan will (as will Flair) hurt the product more than help it.

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