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The Wyatt Family Debuts On WWE RAW

[adinserter block=”1″]I can’t recall a WWE debut more anticipated on RAW in a long time than the Wyatt family. After weeks of buildup the outdoor clan finally appeared and whether it lived up to the hype or not depends on your expectations.

The promotion in recent weeks for the Wyatt family is some of the best that the WWE have done in ages. Ironically this promotion which seemed so brilliant is the same exact promotion that Vince McMahon used to utilize weekly back in the height of the 1980s WWF era with tremendous results (Mr. Perfect, Million Dollar Man, Honkytonk Man). It only took close to 30 years to realize that.

The debut came at an odd time in the show. Towards the end of the show, a time where ratings are often not that good, the Wyatts came out and beat down Kane. A Wyatt vignette was shot and Bray blew out the lantern at the end which saw the arena lights at the same time. Once the lights came back on Luke Harper and Rowan were in the ring attacking Kane. Bray sat in the aisle in a rocking chair and watched. Bray celebrated with the rest of the family, posing over Kane when the attack was over.

So was it a good debut or not? I liked the idea but the execution fell kind of flat. The crowd just didn’t seem into it. I know that the social media world was buzzing all night in anticipation of the debut. I think in hindsight that the WWE should have told people exactly when the clan was debuting. Of course they would have had to shoot a different angle but I think the randomness kind of hurt for some strange reason. Fans chanting “Husky Harris” probably didn’t help either.

I also wonder if the timing will work against them. As characters they are totally different from The Shield, but the debut reminded me a lot of The Shield. Now that said this gives the WWE a great opportunity to set up two three-man groups against each other. We have two heels right now but by next year we are likely to see one of the trios turn babyface. The rivalry almost seems natural. I do wonder if the similar debuts will hurt the impact of the Wyatts.

[adinserter block=”2″]The Wyatts are obviously positioned for a huge push. Maybe now that fans have seen them live crowds will react a little better in upcoming weeks on RAW. I hope that the company remains patient because there is definitely something here. I just hope that fans stick with them long enough to see it.

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  1. I was hoping the tag team would at least have a match against someone or Wyatt would be able to have a back and forth promo with a wrestler, but yes, this was very Shield-like in their debut.


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