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WWE – Y2J vs. AJ Potential

Wrestlemania 32 is just around the corner. Matches are pretty much set. The feuds are building to an April 3rd climax. Despite the big names missing, the undercard is doing the best it can to stand on its own. HHH vs. Roman Reigns will headline Wrestlemania 32. This match may have problems due to Reigns who is the face continues to get booed by the crowd. Shane McMahon vs. Undertaker has the makings of a great, crazy match on paper but I cringe seeing Shane throwing flurries of mini punches that doesn’t sell well. I’m hoping he’s saving all the good moves for April 3rd. Dig deeper into the undercard and there’s one match that could potentially be one of the best matches of the night; Chris Jericho vs. AJ Styles.

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This could be the perfect match to open Wrestlemania 32 to get the crowd going early. The crowd responded with a huge pop when Styles made his debut at the Royal Rumble two months ago. Wrestling fans know him from the TNA days and most recently his stint in Japan. On the other end you have Chris Jericho; Y2J. Plans were big for Jericho when he debuted in the WWE interrupting The Rock on Raw in 1999. He’s the first unified WWE Champion as well as winning the WWE Heavyweight, Intercontinental, and tag-team titles multiple times. Those accomplishments will give him an instant pass into the WWE hall of fame.

Week after week I’m enjoying this angle and even more so due to Jericho’s heel turn and this is where he works at his best. It’s a great intangible to have for a heel to draw real heat. He’s getting up there in age and I joke about his physique looking like someone’s uncle but you can’t deny his passion for professional wrestling and making his feuds work. Building AJ Styles as his friend and then turning on him in Chicago, the city where he had his WWE debut is a stroke of genius. Their matches have been exciting to watch. They also worked great in a tag team title match against the New Day prior to Jericho turning on Styles with three Codebreakers.

He may not be as mobile now but his actions and body language emit cockiness. He gets a pass for going back and forth as a face and heel because he’s so good at doing both. Jericho will make a stink about a feud when he needs to. Fandango is a classic example when he wasn’t happy working an angle with him. He eventually did and lost to Fandango at Wrestlemania. By the way, where is Fandango these days?

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So come April 3rd wherever this match will land on the undercard don’t step away from it because you know two performers like Styles and Jericho will deliver for the company. Some believe Styles should be wrestling Kevin Owens or someone from the League of Nations but that can be saved for later in the future; as long as he remains healthy.

I’m predicting Styles winning this match. You have to love how well these two are working together. Jericho doesn’t need to win this match because he’s accomplished everything and always has the Highlight Reel to fall back on. We’ll see where Styles goes after this feud but for now enjoy the feud for however long it lasts.

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