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Week of WWE Wrestling: 10/18/2009 to 10/24/2009

Vince McMahonWWE Logic versus Pro Wrestling Logic

This week I was thinking of what were the big stories from the wrestling world of World Wrestling Entertainment. And the only thing I could talk about is this….

WWE Logic!

Why would I want to talk about WWE Logic? I also want to subtitle this article, besides the title of “Week of WWE Wrestling,” I want to subtitle it “WWE Logic versus Pro Wrestling Logic.” Here’s the reason why I want to do such. If you guys read my previous article on, me giving my predictions and previewing WWE Bragging Rights, I brought up the term “WWE Logic.” I even used it some on Eric Gargiulo’s Pro Wrestling Radio, but never discussed what I mean with that term. Here’s my definition.

[adinserter block=”1″]WWE Logic: Logic that the pro wrestling fans, philosophers, or anyone else can’t grasp because the WWE Creative Team is trying to change things up to what, in their opinion, what the fans want to see.

And I also mentioned pro wrestling logic. Let me define that term as well.

Pro Wrestling Logic: Logic that bookers, creative team, and the like, used to keep the fans interested in the story lines that actual made sense, and try to make it seem like it could happen out in the real world, outside of the business.

Okay. Why would I bring up WWE Logic and Pro Wrestling Logic up in this article is, let’s look back at this past week in the WWE. Vincent Kennedy McMahon blew a gasket Monday Night after Triple H and Shawn Michaels didn’t know a couple of the guys on the original Smackdown team for Bragging Rights. The next night on the Smackdown tapings, WWE had a brand new team for team Smackdown, aired 48 hours before the pay-per-view. How does that make sense? It simply doesn’t! I tried for the past five or so days, trying to make sense of it, and only thing it does is that it frustrates me, greatly.

That’s the WWE Creative using WWE Logic. Back in the 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s, and during the Monday Night War, we saw what I call Pro Wrestling Logic. How does this relate to the WWE Logic I brought up?

If the WWE want to keep fans that they are trying to get, keep the fans that they got during the Monday Night War, and even bring back fans that they turned away years ago, starting going back to using Pro Wrestling Logic. But using Pro Wrestling Logic against what? For the WWE, use it against their biggest competition today, and that’s UFC/MMA.

[adinserter block=”2″]Seriously, fans of the business is starting to turn away from WWE because of their crazy swerves that doesn’t make sense and is hard to follow and starting to get into MMA. I know nothing about MMA, but I hear nothing but great news from people who watch it and follow it, and nothing but disgust from the fans and writers who do follow pro wrestling. So what is holding me back on not taking the dive? I spent a lot of time and effort into the business which I love. But the thought has crossed my mind a lot of times on why I should do such.

But to wrap this article, I do believe if the WWE Creative quit using their normal “WWE Logic” and quit pissing people off and start using Pro Wrestling Logic, to help keep fans around, and help keep fans interested in the business, once again. This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, enjoying the weekend, goodbye!

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