WWE Wrestler Of The Week: February 8th-14th, 2013


Welcome back to another edition of WWE Wrestler of the Week! This week included Valentine’s Day, making it even more appropriate that our winner is a former lover in WWE. Just like last week’s winner, Jack Swagger, this week’s winner returned recently and has been on a rampage ever since. He will be one of the six competitors in the Elimination Chamber match on Sunday. He is the World’s Strongest Man, Mark Henry.

[adinserter block=”1″]On the February 8th edition of WWE Smackdown, Mark Henry was victorious in the main event against Randy Orton. It was the Viper of WWE that Henry defeated in 2011 to win his first World Title after 15 years in the business. Henry has continued to show his dominance in the ring with the World’s Strongest Slam for the win. This was a great match that begins to hype Henry heading into the Elimination Chamber match.

On the February 11th edition of WWE Raw, Henry was victorious again. This time the World’s Strongest Man faced another giant in the WWE, the Great Khali. Fortunately, this was a quick match as no one should want to see Great Khali wrestle. Basically, this match was another opportunity for WWE to showcase Henry and his unbelievable strength. It was yet another opportunity to hype Henry’s participation in the Elimination Chamber match.

Mark Henry made his return to WWE programming last week when he attacked Daniel Bryan, Rey Mysterio and Sin Cara. Mysterio was forced to drop out of the Elimination Chamber match due to Henry’s attacks.

Henry will look to continue his dominating ways on Sunday in the Elimination Chamber match against Swagger, Bryan, Kane, Chris Jericho and Randy Orton. Kane and Bryan will not win the match due to their continuous dysfunction. Many see Randy Orton leaving as the winner, but after he didn’t even have an appearance on Raw, I would be shocked to see him win. Chris Jericho could win and go on to face Dolph Ziggler as a cash-in, but it seems as though WWE is totally behind Del Rio. Therefore, a cash-in probably won’t happen yet.

That leaves Jack Swagger and Mark Henry. Swagger is definitely a darkhorse to win, especially since adding Unlce Zeb Coulter as his manager. However, Henry has been much more dominant. Swagger should dominate the midcard before moving up to the main event. Henry, on the other hand, could win and go on to face Del Rio. Even if he can’t defeat Del Rio, he could attack the champion after the match and set up a Ziggler cash in for WrestleMania.

[adinserter block=”2″]Mark Henry had another dominant week as he hopes to leave Elimination Chamber as the number one contender for the World Heavyweight title. He may make it difficult for next week’s winner as he tries to become the first two-time and back-to-back WWE Wrestler of the Week. With as many as four main event level matches at Elimination Chamber, there will be a number of WWE superstars vying for the next WWE Wrestler of the Week.

Seth M. Guttenplan is a WWE Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report and host of OH YOU DIDN’T KNOW!? PWPRadio’s weekly radio show covering all wrestling news and rumors. To read more from Seth follow him on twitter (@sethgutt) and check out guttwrenchpowerblog.com. You can also like GWP on Facebook here.

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