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WWE WrestleMania-Type Matches, Ladder Matches and Other Thoughts

Although WWE is doing its best to make the upcoming match between Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins feel like a “WrestleMania-type” match, the fact is fans are more excited about the possibilities that exist from the confrontation between AJ Styles and John Cena. After Monday night, we can all understand why.

Anyone who watched Monday Night Raw knows both performers upped their game just a bit, 13 days before the Money in the Bank dream match. Styles delivered a spot-on promo that was the best work he has done on the mic since coming to visit Vince McMahon’s kingdom. The chemistry he and Cena have after only working two Mondays is electric.

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Cena did his best job to promote Styles as the wrestler he most compares to The Rock. Personally, he may be onto something here. The fans’ reaction to this kind of a script and feud is a Rick-Cena type of high, which few other wrestlers can claim to have with “The Champ” or “The Great One.” Let’s just say Styles is now at the apex of WWE fandom – which should make fellow Camel Clutch Blog writer Sarah Hirsch giddy with excitement.

Styles is the best WWE has to offer right now – which is pretty special considering he and Cena aren’t in the main event and there isn’t a world title on the line. Styles has already climbed the mountain – facing a legend in Chris Jericho, goes toe-to-toe with Roman Reigns and the WWE World Title, and now faces the greatest champion in company history.

Styles legend is already cemented and his work with The Club, which is the new version of the New World Order, will continue to keep him atop the company ladder for some time. I was worried about how WWE was going to book Styles after the Royal Rumble. Now all I can do is applaud the company for a job well done.


I got a feeling the Money in the Bank ladder match is going to be one of the best we have seen in some time. While 14 of 16 winners have cashed in the contract for WWE gold, the six wrestlers who will compete should put on the arguably the best match of the night.

There is no way this confrontation of superstars can disappoint. Unless Sami Zayn or Alberto Del Rio win. Just an opinion, but there is plenty of merit to it.

Kevin Owens is probably the odds on favorite to win the briefcase and should be the performer who gets the next big bump toward the company crown. An argument can be made for Cesaro and his improvements in the ring. Chris Jericho deserves another run as a heel champion. Dean Ambrose is the man without a title – and should get consideration. But there is this feeling I have there will be a major twist to this match.

A seventh participant.

Could Bray Wyatt be the wildcard in all of this and make a great match a spectacular one?

We all shall see.


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While the talk about the brand split and a potential for a world title for Smackdown ramped up and now has cooled a bit, can throw my two cents in, please.

There should be one title. There should be two brands – like with WCW in years past. Whomever the champion is, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins or anyone else, they should float between the two brands. There should be brand specific performers.

There is a thought that John Cena should move over to Smackdown while Reigns and Rollins remain on Raw. WWE could hold the draft as a live event on the WWE Network.

Either way, the new era of this company should bring a new bit of excitement for fans and media, alike.

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