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Inside The Wheelhouse: The WWE Road to predictability

WrestleMania 26Why can’t wrestling be unpredictable? There used to be a time when I could watch wrestling and be surprised. Lately I can’t say that. Maybe it’s my own wrongdoing because I go to the wrestling internet sites. But lets be serious you can watch WWE programming and figure out where they are going with the storylines most of the time.

The largest build of storylines where it’s the most predictable appears to be during the road to WWE Wrestlemania build every year. As Eric Gargiulo and I discussed on “The Still Real to us Show”, we have had our surprises this year (Cena, then Batista wins the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber) but we have had our predictable outcomes as well (Edge chooses Y2J). Sadly we have had some more predictable outcomes as we continue towards the path of Wrestlemania 26.

The last couple of weeks I have written blogs on where I see the Wrestlemania 26 card going. So far I’ve done pretty well with my predictions and missing a couple matches for the big show in Glendale. I feel like after what I saw this past Monday night on Raw I have once again done pretty well for myself.

Let’s go straight for the obvious right now with the Bret Hart/Vince McMahon match. We knew in some form this was going to happen, we just didn’t know how. There were reports out last week that the WWE Championship match would be a tag team match with Cena & Hart vs. Batista & McMahon and that Hart would win the WWE Championship. As of right now it appears that’s not where they are heading to this.

For the 2nd time in three weeks Vince McMahon has accepted a challenge to take on Bret Hart at Wrestlemania 26. We are to believe that Bret Hart has suffered a leg injury from the car backing into him and that is the reason why Vince accepted the challenge. It makes decent sense on why Vince McMahon, who was a commentator during Bret’s era, would go on a face the former five-time WWE Champion.

[adinserter block=”1″]But are we really going to get a bad leg Bret Hart for WM26? I don’t think so. I believe we are going to get some sort of swerve where Bret was behind it the whole time finally some sort of contract signing where he shows Vince and the rest of the “WWE Universe” that it was all a hoax for Vince to wrestle Bret at Mania. Either way I am happy that we are going to get to see Bret Hart at WM26, in what capacity I’m not sure, wrestling one more time at Wrestlemania.

The other matchup that looks like is setting up a Wrestlemania match is the Randy Orton vs. Legacy handicap match at the March 8th Raw. If you believe that we will be seeing a Cody Rhodes turn his back on Ted DiBiase angle, I am right there with you. There have been talks of Orton/DiBiase at WM26 since almost last summer (similar to Jericho/Edge), to not pull the trigger this close in the game is huge.

As I said on this past week’s “The Still Real to us show” (which you can still download at I believe that Ted DiBiase is headed towards a big baby face push. I believe that Ted DiBiase can be World Champion material overtime. I’m sure that creative isn’t essentially happy with how well they have developed him over the years since he debuted but he still has that “look.”

I believe we will see Rhodes turn on DiBiase and set up an Orton/DiBiase match at WM26. Hopefully this match will catapult the career of Ted DiBiase and the career of Cody Rhodes as well. With more attention given to Rhodes as a singles competitor we may see him also blow up this year as a future main eventer.

[adinserter block=”2″]It just sucks to see the writing on the wall in wrestling most of the time but I guess that’s why we keep coming back for more and writing these blogs every week. Once again I have got to take my hat off (as if I’m wearing one as I write this?) to the WWE creative team who is firing on all cylinders right now as we head to WM26. This is shaping to be one of the best cards at Wrestlemania that we have seen in years.

We left Raw knowing that next week we will be building to an Orton/DiBiase (with the handicap Orton vs. Legacy bout) match and also the makings of a Triple H/Sheamus (where Sheamus kicked Triple H to end Raw) match, while adding onto the Hart/McMahon and Cena/Batista (the Cena/McMahon match) bout. Those are two mid-card matches for WM26 and arguably a Main Event/Mid-Card/Special Wrestlemania match when discussing Hart/McMahon.

I’ll save it for another blog or for the next “Still Real to us show” with Eric Gargiulo and I; but if I’m TNA right now I have to be worried as I head into the March 8th Monday Night Wars showdown. WWE is exciting and fun to watch heading to their biggest show of the year while TNA is giving us two legends that shouldn’t be in the ring anymore and can’t keep their personal lives in order.

Damn it’s a good time to be a wrestling fan.

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