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WWE Wrestlemania 34: What We Learned

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On a Sunday Night in New Orleans, the WWE did NOT disappoint! With the action in the ring, and the constant back and forth arguments Corey Graves and Jonathan Coachman, Wrestlemania 34 nearly had a feel of one of the Wrestlemanias from the 1980’s!!! Plot lines were thick, match-ups were terrific, and the crowd of over 78,000 was on their feet the entire time!

One of the biggest match-ups of the night was in Ronda Rousey’s WWE and Wrestlemania debut in which Triple H and Stephanie McMahon fought Kurt Angle and Rousey. The crowd was amped up for the match, and though Triple H and Stephanie showed Rousey what experience, and cheap moves can do for you during a match, ultimately, Rousey’s arm bar was simply too much for a begging and pleading McMahon. The crowd was thrilled! What kind of freedom this provides Angle and Rousey going forward is left to be seen, but it has definitely shown the wrestling world that the leadership of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon is not one to be completely feared.

During the evening, lavish entrances were the name of the game and The New Day probably had the best entrance of them all! Walking in with their trumpet blaring, and little people dressed in pancake outfits, The New Day’s entrance was far more entertaining than the butt-kicking they received in the ring, thanks to The Bludgeon Brothers, whom defeated The New Day as well as The Usos to become the new SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

At one point in the evening, John Cena sat ringside with fans, only to run back stage after being approached by a WWE referee. Later in the night, Cena made an appearance and was ready for a fight. Having previously called out The Undertaker, Cena was under the impression, as was the sold out crowd, that he would fight The Undertaker. To much of the crowd, and Cena’s dismay, a guitar strummed and Elias appeared. After a short tussle with Elias, Cena began to make his way back to the dressing room and then the lights in the arena went out. Cena stopped in his tracks to notice The Undertaker’s hat and cloak were in the middle of the ring. After being struck by lightning, the cloak and hat disappeared. Soon after, the bell tolled and the crowd ERUPTED! The Undertaker appeared, entered the ring, and quickly destroyed Cena. The crowd couldn’t have been happier to see a WWE legend dominate!

In one of the biggest surprises of the evening, Asuka lost her championship belt, and her streak of consecutive victories! Asuka earned the right to choose her Wrestlemania opponent after the first Women’s Royal Rumble. Asuka chose Charlotte Flair, but Flair was ready, and was able to apply a Figure Eight Leglock and seal the match.

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Another surprise of the night, though the fight was a bit lackluster, was Jinder Mahal’s victory over Rusev, for the United States Championship. The only person in the building that thought Mahal would win was, in fact, Majal. But he did win, which should lead to a quick rematch between the former tag team.

The next fight, though entertaining, was just odd for so many reasons. Prior to Wrestlemania 34, the WWE hosted the Royal Rumble. The winner was to face-off against Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship, at Wrestlemania 34. Much to my surprise, Roman Reigns won the Royal Rumble. With all of the antics and subplots leading up to the Royal Rumble, I was under the impression Braun Strowman would win the Royal Rumble and go on to challenge Lesnar, but it was not to be. Once we learned Roman Reigns would fight Lesnar, many experts began to guess that Reigns would win the match based on Lesnar’s desire to fight in the UFC. With UFC President, Dana White, in the front row of Wrestlemania 34, Lesnar defeated a bloody Roman Reigns, and held onto his Universal Championship belt! This has the entire WWE world in shock, and where things go from here is anyone’s guess. But that’s the greatest thing about the WWE; after all these years, they continue to fool us, and we are now left to guess what will happen next. Well done, WWE! Well done! I think that Braun Strowman will fight Lesnar at some point, and earn the title. It will then setup years of battles between Strowman and Reigns.

Though Braun Strowman didn’t fight for the Universal Championship, like I thought he would, he did have a pretty cool and entertaining tag team match against The Bar. No one knew who Strowman would pick as his tag team partner in the match, and apparently neither did he!!! The Bar entered the ring first, then Strowman entered, politely asked for the microphone, and revealed that he had not yet chosen a tag team partner! He then revealed to the crowd that he would choose an audience member as his partner! Strowman then left the ring, entered the crowd, and chose 10-year-old WWE fan, Nicholas, from the crowd! It was like winning the lottery for the 10 year old! Strowman literally walked all around and through the crowd, until he found whom he wanted to join him. Strowman then walked with Nicholas to the ring, had 10-year old Nicholas stand at ringside and proceeded to fight The Bar. At one point, Strowman did tag Nicholas, the 10-year old entered the ring and froze in obvious fear of Cesar, whom glared and snarled at the boy. Moments later, Strowman signaled for Nicholas to tag him back into the ring, and Strowman easily defeated The Bar. In the end, the ref handed Strowman and Nicholas two belts, and both walked off while high-fiving the delighted fans. It was one of the coolest moments I’ve ever seen in WWE history, and it still gives me goose bumps just writing about it.

Ultimately, Wrestlemania 34 was amazing, and had some truly amazing stories and matches. The matches will allow for some entertaining events that lead to 2019, and eventually to Wrestlemania 35 in New York City!

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