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Brock Lesnar
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Wrestlemania 34 is now history. Overall, I thought it was a great pay per view. It ended at a reasonable time around midnight/very, very early Monday morning. I barely got 4 hours of sleep. Aside from going into work the next day, my wife and I tending to our 16 month old son’s teething and cold. Luckily, I was able to eke out a little bit of time to offer my thoughts and opinions on this wrestlemania past. Here we go!

Kickoff matches:

Andre The Giant Battle Royal: I actually listened to this match in my car via the wwe network app on my Bluetooth. It sounded like a typical kickoff show gibberish match. I predicted Matt Hardy would win. Actually, picked it out of the blue. I would’ve picked someone that would have push potential but couldn’t find one; not even Dolph Ziggler. Bray Wyatt’s surprise appearance and assistance was shocking not only because we didn’t expect him to appear but a big fall compared to last year as Smackdown champion.

Alexander wins Cruiserweight Title: My heart said Alexander, but I went with my head and chose Ali. Honestly, this was a pick ‘em match and was happy with the outcome regardless of who won. Again, listened to it in the car. Solid match audio was solid!

Women’s Battle Royal: Finally made it to my friend’s house to watch this one on TV. This one was hard to pick compared to the ATG Battle Royal. I was assuming a heel, Bayley turning on Sasha Banks, or Becky Lynch winning it. My choice was Ruby Riott for a start of a push. Completely forgot Naomi was in this match and eventually won it. Shame on me!

Wrestlemania Matches:

Intercontinental Championship Match: Exciting as expected. All 3 looked jacked up as if they did a few bench press reps prior to walking down the aisle. Rollins looked eerily cool with the light blue tinted pupils. I was expecting a demon Finn Balor winning it but somewhat surprised Rollins won it. Miz does nothing for me but I guess this will allow him to spend time with his new baby (Congrats by the way!). I’ve been way off on Balor. I picked him to win this year’s Royal Rumble but I wonder when/if he’ll contend for any title. Does he head over to Smackdown on next week’s roster shake up?

Charlotte wins!?: Big fan of Charlotte but I think they booked this one badly. All the talk is of Asuka’s undefeated streak and winning this year’s Royal Rumble should’ve cemented her destiny. She was this generation’s Goldberg without actually winning the title during the streak. Maybe Summerslam would’ve been a better spot for Asuka to lose her first match. What do I know? Hope to see a rematch.

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Mahal!?: Another shock but, I picked this one right. Ask my friends who were in on the selection pool to prove it. Randy Orton doesn’t need a title at this stage of his career. Bobby Roode will win titles in his future. Rusev was the popular choice which scared me to pick him. As for Mahal? Vince McMahon likes big guys; especially big heels. Oh yeah, and a sidekick who will take hard bumps for Mahal to win the big matches. You might not like that but get used to it.

Rousey Shines: This was the match of the night in terms of overall booking and the hot crowd. Not sure what to make of Rousey. She hadn’t impressed me during the build-up to this match but she brought it. Question is where does Rousey go from here and can she continue the momentum despite her part time schedule? As for HHH and Stephanie McMahon, you have to give them both tons of credit for building huge heel heat and making this a fantastic match.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn still looking for Work: The MASH Unit (a.k.a McMahon & Bryan) win this one. Yeah, Bryan was going to win his first match back from medical clearance but I as well as millions of others expected a heel turn to allow Owens and Zayn to win and get their jobs back. Of course, the bookers played it so Bryan didn’t do any high flying crazy moves that he’s known for.

Nia Jax Finally Wins!!!: I am so happy for Jax. Remember, she was a very late round pick in the Raw/Smackdown draft a few years ago. I remember writing that this could be a steal for Raw. From being an unknown to jobbing to just about all Raw faces to finally winning the title is a long, hard fought journey to a sweet culmination to Jax’s career. Congrats Nia!

Undertaker Sighting: Yeah, he showed up. Quick match as expected. Could this possibly be the foundation of an official match between these two next year at Wrestlemania 35? Taker will have an entire year to rest his body and make sure his hip is fully healed. Taker had the biggest pop of the night for an individual. Oh yeah, and Elias rocked it as the opening act!

Youngest Title Holder Ever: Bookers finally did a right thing giving Braun Strowman a title. Bad thing about it was his tag team partner; a ten year old kid. Cute idea but it made The Bar look bad. Can’t do that to the The Bar working their way as the top tag team on Raw. Bookers either ran out of ideas or lost a bet with a WWE staff member to put their son in a wrestlemania match.

Bludgeons win Smackdown Tag Team Titles: I completely missed this one. I should’ve picked the Bludgeon Brothers but I had the Usos retaining because not all titles had to change. Two days later, I look back and realize yeah, Bludgeon Brothers deserve it. I think all of us are exhausted from the thousands of Usos/New Day title matches.

Nakamura Turns Heel: What happens when you try to make a face a big hit but it ain’t working? Turn him heel. Match was okay; nowhere close to the quality of their first legendary meeting. But this is the first of many matches between the two. Loved the way it ended after the match with Nakamura landing the low blow on Styles. If it were me, I would add Paul Heyman as his new advocate since Nakamura’s not cutting it on the mic.

Lesnar Retains?: I thought it was official that Lesnar loses and moves onto MMA. So, Mr. Vince McMahon at the very last minute throws us all a really nasty curve ball. Lesnar supposedly re-signs for a couple years of active part time work as a part time champion. Thank you, Vince McMahon!? You realize there are other full time wrestlers on your roster that are title worthy.
There you have it! My quick take. Going forward I will delve into specific topics that has no room for this article. Until then, enjoy the post Raw and Smackdowns and I’ll see you on the blog.

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