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WWE WrestleMania 32: What is Next for Dean Ambrose?

What a hell of a fight.

He did not slay the Beast, but Dean Ambrose came a lot closer to winning the Street Fight with Brock Lesnar than most of us probably thought he would have.

Early in the evening, fellow Camel Clutch Blog writer Sarah Hirsch and I were talking about the match between Dean Ambrose and the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar, She said she thought Dean Ambrose would have his “WrestleMania” moment. I agreed as I had hoped this would continue to be a springboard for the Lunatic Fringe and his quest to be the top face in WWE.

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The Beast won the battle and the war, and earned this victory like any bully would in a school yard. Now. it remains to be seen what happens for both superstars.

In watching these two beat the heck out of each other in the weeks prior to WrestleMania 32 – well Lesnar doing most of the abusing – I continued to think back to the battles of Tommy Rich and Buzz Sawyer, and how the two gave everything they had and left it in the ring. This match did not disappoint, and gave us all the shot of adrenaline we all needed.

For Lesnar, it might be a hiatus as the company waits to see if Bray Wyatt is well enough and free of injury to resume a feud the company desperately needs. In the case of Ambrose, it might become a wait and see proposition. Where does the former Shield member turn now that he has exhausted his chance to become WWE World Champion, fought the Beast and the Beast won, and there is probably no chance the company would give him another shot to main event at another pay-per-view.

Has the light begun to flicker in Ambrose’s fame? Who is there to step forward as his next opponent?

Here is a thought or two.

Kevin Owens is no longer Intercontinental Champion and should get another shot at Zack Ryder. Kalisto and Ryback will have another day in the ring. AJ Styles might need someone to dance with. And Randy Orton is on his way back to wrestle again. I sincerely hope none of these men are the ones who come forward.

Conventional wisdom says since Ambrose is already over with the fans, a veteran opponent would be ideal. I could see a feud with Alberto Del Rio, sans the League Nations. I could also see a program with Sheamus. The one however that continues to pop into my head is Chris Jericho.

After scoring a win over AJ Styles (a move I cannot figure out), it makes sense to capitalize on his victory. Like I have mentioned time and time again, Jericho is the guy WWE goes to when they want to put a wrestler over or prove that veterans can still perform when asked. The idea of this kind of feud actually might be best for business.

And most of all, when I asked her thoughts because I wasn’t sure, Sarah said she “loved it.”

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If we thought Jericho and Styles was a classic, can you see the carnage created at Extreme Rules created by these two?

While the roster begins to mend and wrestlers get back in the ring, there will be more opportunities for new feuds. This one, however, should be on the precipice of the creative team. Often times, the best matches and feuds are the ones where titles are not involved. This one qualifies.

If WWE is not going to put Ambrose back in the title picture, then give Ambrose the best chance to showcase his talent and remain over with the fans, make Jericho the next one on his hit list.

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