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WWE WrestleMania 32: What Happens to Superstars Who Don’t Win the Royal Rumble?

Now that we know the Royal Rumble main event will be for the coveted WWE World Title held by Roman Reigns, a major wrench has been thrown in the direction of any number of wrestlers who were thought to be the winner from this year’s event, thus winning a change to headline WrestleMania 32 in Dallas.

The stipulation Vince McMahon threw out to Reigns at the end of Raw this past Monday all but assures Reigns of winning the match and it also makes a match between the champion and Triple H, who is supposed to be convalescing from his injuries he suffered at TLC last month. While everything is as predictable as Johnny Manziel in disguise, the eventually finale leaves us to wonder what happens with other matches at WWE’s biggest event of the year.

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Since John Cena is now on the shelf with shoulder surgery, there is one less option for the company moving forward. The injury puts a bit of WWE’s plan for a 16th title reign on hold. How the arc between the two superstars was built was still up in the air, but the confrontation between Reigns and Cena on Raw to close out 2015 – no matter how small it was – gave us an indication that it might have been discussed as a possible main event match at WrestleMania (I doubt it) or at least SummerSlam where the title might have changed hands.

Once again, another pay-per-view without Cena and huge news as he will not be at WrestleMania.

Where do The Rock, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar all fit into this new pronouncement by McMahon from Monday? More importantly, can the company sell a match between Reigns and the COO of the company and still have enough steam after the event to move forward in a new direction?

Here are some thoughts on the aforementioned wrestlers.

The Rock – I am not sure what the company has planned for The Rock in Dallas, but it has to be something huge since he made the announcement on social media last week.

My guess is he is involved somehow in the match between Reigns and Triple H, maybe in his cousin’s corner. Maybe this finally leads to a confrontation and match between Rock and Triple H, maybe at SummerSlam. I cannot see Rock wrestling in a long program of sorts due to his acting career. Last year, he and Ronda Rousey lit the fire for a potential tag team match with Triple H and Stephanie McMahon. As we all know, it never materialized. The Rock’s presence is too important for his role in the event to be minor.

The Undertaker – WrestleMania is in Dallas. Texas is ‘Taker’s home state. There is nothing that screams “big time” like the Undertaker in the biggest event of the year. I think the match with John Cena would have taken place. How the fans would have reacted to this one would have been epic. The fans in attendance would have firmly been behind the Dead Man.

I am still holding out hope that in the near future he and Kane will tear down the house again as enemies, not as tag team partners. I have always said the end of ‘Taker’s career should be the ending chapter of the story between him and Kane. We saw part of it at Survivor Series, but it is still missing a closing chapter. Maybe one will finally be written, but for now Undertaker has to find a dance partner.

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Brock Lesnar –
The growing notion of Lesnar and Reigns in the ring again now has not place at WrestleMania. The stipulation of the title being up for grabs at Royal Rumble negates that. So, what happens now? Who is a big enough name to challenge Mr. Suplex City?

I would love to see Kevin Owens in the ring with Lesnar. The new bully on the block challenging the older guard. It is something Owens has talked about as a “bucket list” type match. It would also be a solid choice and would be loved by fans. Another move might be Sheamus – who has also talked openly about facing Lesnar. The one name I cannot get out of my head, however, is Ryback. For some reason, I see a confrontation of sorts between these two in the future. I just hope it isn’t in Dallas and Lesnar does not have to carry the match.

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