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WWE WrestleMania 32 Still Needs Fixing

The entire tone of Vince McMahon’s announcement of the Undertaker facing his son Shane McMahon changed with one comment he made on Monday night.

“Shane won’t be my son (after he loses to Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match). He will just be a son of a b*tch.”

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In an instant, images of an extremely angry Linda McMahon flashed before my eyes. While last week’s opening segment with the only son of WWE’s chairman was magnificent and brash and bold, the past week left us all wondering who let the writers walk away and how could a confrontation between Vinnie Mac and the Dead Man leave us all wanting more and a whole lot of empty inside?

It’s interesting to me that at a time where WrestleMania 32 has to be bigger and better, the only thing the company seems to be concerned with is the McMahon’s once again beating the hell out of each other. I guess it also means professional wrestling isn’t entertainment unless a McMahon is in the center of controversy. Nevertheless, WrestleMania even with the inclusion of McMahon-‘Taker for the rights to Monday Night Raw, is damaged and needs a bit of manufactured help.

Ground control to anyone who is listening to me and reading this blog.

The problem isn’t as much the lack of a roster to promote the event. It’s how the roster the company has is being used is more than insulting. There were times in the NWA, especially in Florida, when rosters were depleted and Ric Flair would have to wrestle Bill Snyder or Charlie Cook or even Cocoa Samoa. The program and promotion made due with what it had because of storytelling. It’s become the forgotten art in this age of the business. For an old fan, that is a shame.

The storyline for WrestleMania should never be about the McMahon, rather it should be about the company’s world title and a suitable champion to carry that strap around – not someone who is so unfavorable with the fans. A swerve of epic proportions would be ideal right now, like Dean Ambrose beating Triple H before ‘Mania, then having to face Roman Reigns, which leads to a Reigns heel turn. This in turn would allow Brock Lesnar to face Bray Wyatt like it was originally planned. I know I am a writer and a free thinker, but maybe WWE should listen to what I have to say for once.

It could be what is best for business.

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There are so many reasons to like an Undertaker-McMahon match and even more reasons to hate the idea. While there is no real value in McMahon entering a ring with the 50-year old veteran, there is an intrinsic value to have us all think it would happen. There will be a proxy to take McMahon’s place. John Cena, Sting or Randy Orton. The elder McMahon wouldn’t have it any other way but to throw a curve ball at us. And honestly, we really don’t want to see the match with Shane O’Mac getting put through hell.

What we have here is a failure to see the big picture by the creative team, Vince and Triple H. Unless there is a reorganization of the card, where the company plays to its strengths, then this might be a lost cause. Oh, and it’s one month away and we still do not know how the company plans to use The Rock. We can only dream for a scenario where he comes from the back and saves the day in the only way The Rock knows how.

If you smell what I am cooking.

This blog, err rant, has a purpose – which the McMahon’s cannot figure it out and it really isn’t about them. Until then, this card, while it has some real potential, is lost. Hopefully someone can find it, and save the day. There are plenty of ways to make that happen. Just don’t leave it up to the McMahon family to make that happen any time soon.

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