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WWE WrestleMania 32: It was Triple H vs. Roman Reigns All Along

So, WWE Fastlane is done and in the history books. And, as usual social media is filled with complaints as we take a turn and inch closer towards Dallas.

Of course, I am referring to the conclusion of the main event at Fastlane: A triple threat match between Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Brock Lesnar. With Ambrose’s surprise Intercontinental Championship loss last Monday; many fans had hoped that this meant Ambrose had a legit shot for the WrestleMania main event. That hope was dashed with Reigns’ win, and the song remains the same in terms of Reigns’ difficulty to get and stay over.

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But while everyone is voicing their displeasure, can we take a moment to step back and see exactly what is in front of us? I know, I know, the creative direction isn’t making it easy at all. But, this feud with Reigns and Triple H is actually been two years in the making. While in fact that Ambrose has been a thorn in his side, Triple H’s main focus had always been Roman Reigns.

Hear me out: Reigns was the muscle of the Shield. Meaning even without Ambrose or Seth Rollins, he was a threat to someone like Triple H. Triple H even went as far to say that Reigns was his first choice when making the new addition to the Authority before Seth Rollins. Reigns matched the size and intensity of Triple H, which when they stood off against one another at one point, posed a welcomed scenario should it ever come to fruition at that time. It even sounded real good as early as two months ago.

From The Shield rebelling against The Authority, through Rollins’ betrayal, to Triple H somehow having a hand in all of Reigns’ Championship defeats, all of this has the makings of a great showdown to come in the heart of Texas. If Reigns’ captures the Championship, it should end the long story of the fight against The Authority. Or so I thought.

The problem of getting Reigns over and keeping him there stalls what should be his crowning WrestleMania moment. When this match at Fastlane was announced, it probably couldn’t have been a much worse scenario. When you put him against two strong fan favorites, well, that’s not exactly doing Reigns any favors. What did WWE expect?

The key to telling a great story is to make the audience believe in the hero protagonist and their quest to overcome the rival antagonist. WWE Creative is not doing this for either guy. Not only was Reigns the antihero last night, the consistency of having no hurdles for Reigns such as interference in the match hurt him as well. I guess The Authority depended on Brock Lesnar to take Reigns out. Where was League of Nations to alienate Reigns? They played a part in Reigns’ Rumble loss, so I mean, wouldn’t The Authority want the League of Nations to try and block Reigns from getting another chance at the Championship?

Reigns’ was due for a rematch; that fact is known. With Triple H being head honcho and calling the shots, there were certainly other ways to go about making Reigns work for that opportunity. Hell, Triple H is the heel after all! For the most part, he’s just standing there reliving the 2000’s walking around with Championship. WWE did nothing to protect Reigns on this run yet again. WWE kills Roman Reigns more than South Park kills Kenny.

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The meat and potatoes are there, but with the lack of consistency and effort from creative, the sauce is missing to make the dish come together. This is not Reigns’ fault, don’t get it twisted. Yet, he is the sacrificial lamb and blamed for the shortcomings. It’s not fair to him at all.

While the hashtags are in full effect, this ought to be the last chapter to this story. WWE needs to not only take advantage of the history between Reigns and Triple H now, but make the skeptics believe that Reigns fully deserves this chance to be on top of the mountain. It’s now the protagonist versus the antagonist, the major showdown to end it all. The hero should come out on top, but it just may be anticlimactic if the story isn’t salvageable. It’s well on its way there.

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