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WWE WrestleMania 32 Doesn’t Need the Rock

It is no secret that injuries to major WWE superstars has cast a dark cloud over AT&T Stadium in Dallas Texas, the home of WrestleMania 32. Several internet reports claim that WWE creative has scrapped all WrestleMania plans and are working with a clean slate. There was a time when I would consider this a good thing, however like many in the WWE Universe I have lost faith in WWE creative.

I don’t want to spend too much time pointing fingers. I am sure that there are a lot of different variables to consider. The WWE can only do so much with the PG rating in order to attain and retain sponsors. They are also determined to keep the show family friendly which means less brutality, less adult themes, and more John Cena. Then there is the fact that maybe Vince McMahon has become Connecticut’s Al Davis. Maybe Jerry Jones is a better example, I think Vince is still connected but is slowly losing his feel for the game. Who knows what is going on behind the scenes, all we really know as fans is that it could be better.

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Coming off of a very lack luster Survivor Series we are left with a couple of questions. Where does the WWE go from here? What will the WrestleMania card look like moving forward? Between now and the end of March there will be blog after blog written full of rumors and dream matches. So I don’t want to try and fantasy book a show that is still 4 months away. However there are a few storylines that are organically brewing that I think the WWE could capitalize on. There also might be a few angles that WWE could explore to freshen things up a bit.

  1. Forget about Ziggler

This is probably extremely unpopular but it needs to happen. I am not suggesting that he is off the show forever but WWE has done a really good job of crushing this character. He is exciting to watch but his matches are about as predictable as Cena’s used to be prior to his open challenge. I am not talking outcome, just flow of the match. Lots of running, lots of grabbing the back of his head in convulsions, corner splashes both hits and misses. I mean seriously, can’t the guy do a match without landing on the back of his head? Now he is being fed to Tyler Breeze? For the record, this doesn’t help Breeze, as Ziggler has been marginalized as of late. He needs to go away and comeback fresh. I am not saying he is done but he isn’t going to save the WWE.

  1. YES! YES! YES!

The WWE needs Daniel Bryan more than ever. I was late to the Daniel Bryan bandwagon a few years back so I didn’t make it on until it was too late. It is a shame that injuries have taken him out of action for so long. Reports tells us that he still isn’t cleared by the WWE medical staff but I am keeping my fingers crossed. Daniel Bryan is one of the few wrestlers who is so over that he won’t need a buildup. Fans have been waiting for his return, but it’s been so long that they are not expecting it. You want to bring some life back into the WWE, bring in Daniel Bryan. Personally, I would like to see him as a surprise in the Royal Rumble. I know he can’t win, because of storylines needed for the WrestleMania main event. However it is a good place for him to make is return and put him in a good story on the Road to WrestleMania.

  1. Go with organic storylines

It has been a long time since we have seen Sammy Zayn. The one time best friend of Kevin Owens before Owens turned on him in NXT. Owens is the guy who put Zayn on the shelf shortly after debuting on the main roster. Zayn was on his way up before the injury and Owens has been red hot. Bring this feud back and the fans will eat it up.

The next feud that needs to be settled is between the Rhodes brothers. At Survivor Series we saw the return the Goldust. There is natural chemistry and history here. Not just in the ring but outside the ring as well. It is believable and we can finally see Goldust pass the torch onto his little brother and move on to help other young wrestlers move up the ranks.

Last but not least, we need to see Reigns vs HHH. If they are not going to turn Reigns heel and align him with the Authority they need to have him go to war with the Authority. Again, we have a natural story here that fans want to see. Reigns has been gaining a bit of steam and fans loved it when he speared HHH at Survivor Series. This story has already had its slow burn, it needs to catch fire.

  1. Tag Teams

Talk about a missed opportunity. There is so much potential in the tag team ranks for good matches and good stories. Between stables and teams the possibilities are endless. We have the Wyatt’s, Uso’s, New Day, Dudley Boyz, Lucha Dragons, Ascension, and Prime Time Players. There is a lot that can be done with a group this talented. I think that WrestleMania V was the best book Mania in history. Part of that is probably because it was my first but there were so many tag teams represented on that card. Demolition, Powers of Pains, Strike Force, Hart Foundation, Fabulous Rougeaus, Bushwackers, Brainbusters, The Rockers, and the Twin Towers. Some had history and some were just good matches. There is a lot of talent in the tag pool and it doesn’t have to surround the title. The biggest tag moment I remember from WrestleMania V was Rick Martel walking out on Tito Santana. It had nothing to do with the title.

  1. New Face of Fear, serious this time

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It is time to make Bray Wyatt dangerous. His promo skills are off the charts and he always puts on a great match. There will never be another Undertaker but Wyatt’s character is right up there with the mystery and the darkness. It is time for the Wyatt family to become dominate. How many ominous promos can you cut and then lose the feud? It’s like when they pushed the “I can and I will” slogan for Roman vs Brock. Roman got torched in that match except for couple of minutes at the end. Then he loses when Rollins cashes in. All those t-shirts and all those promos meant nothing. The longer they wait the less credible Wyatt seems. Sure it made sense when he didn’t beat Cena, but he should have beat Taker at Mania. They should have beat the Brother of Destruction at Survivor Series. Let the monster out of the cage. Make Bray a monster.

The possibilities are endless and I am sure that this list could go on forever. The final thing I would do is forget about Rollins, Orton, and Cesaro. Don’t mention them on TV, don’t mention them in blogs, and don’t give updates on their conditions. Let them disappear so their returns are epic. Like Cena at the Rumble or when Kane thought he killed the Undertaker. It won’t even matter how you do it, as long as they disappear between now and when it happens.

As you can see all in not lost. There is so much potential moving forward and if it is done right the WWE won’t need to Stone Cold, Hulk Hogan or the Rock to save WrestleMania this year.

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