WWE WrestleMania 31 Thoughts and Analysis


Wrestlemania has come and gone and I have to admit that this was one of the best Wrestlemanias within the past decade. There was a lot of action, mostly good bookings, and throwing in a preview of Wrestlemania 32. I’ve been watching Wrestlemania with the same group of fans for the past fifteen years. Along with the beverages and cholesterol & sodium packed foods, we all discuss feuds, rumors, and anything else wrestling related but we all agreed that except for one match, it was booked well.

Pre-Wrestlemania Matches: Unless I was oblivious, I had no idea there was going to be two kickoff matches and I thought the pay per view was going to start at 6:30. I arrived a few minutes after six but I quickly got situated after grabbing my liquid refreshment.

[adinserter block=”1″]Tag team title was done well by all parties. Thought the Usos would win it but glad Cesaro & Kidd retained the title. Cesaro’s the Wrestlemania kickoff champion winning consecutive kickoff matches that included last year’s Andre the Giant Battle Royal. Maybe next year he’ll take the next step to the actual prime time Mania pay per view. I loved seeing Natalya slapping the Sharpshooter on El Torito.

Andre The Giant Battle Royal – Typical mayhem for a Battle Royal, surprised to see wrestlers from the tag team title match and good booking with Show, Miz, and Mizdow as the final three participants. Finally Mizdow turned on The Miz. Looking forward to those two feuding as I would also like to see Mizdow get a push. The crowd loves him but will his bosses love him too. Not surprised The Big Show won the trophy.

Intercontinental Title Ladder match – First thing my friends and I questioned at the start of this match; was “Pat Patterson” really trending at that moment? I can’t picture the WWE Universe trending this guy’s name. Back to the match it was what I had expected with everyone hitting their high risk moves and that one crazy bump of the ladder breaking in half. No surprise Daniel Bryan won the match keeping the Yes Movement strong. Can Bryan remain healthy as champion?

Seth Rollins versus Randy Orton turned out to be a good match overall but the finish was stellar as they traded their finishing moves. As we eventually saw and I had mentioned to my friends, Rollins would take the loss here and then eventually take the title. Orton’s win doesn’t do much for him going forward into the summer but he’s a consistently good worker with whoever his next feud will be.

HHH versus Sting was entertaining. I was expecting a little move but the age of these two guys it was entertaining. How great was it to see DX & NWO come out as well as an HBK appearance? I was getting nostalgic thinking about the Monday night wars. It felt like this match was the closing of that era with HHH defeating Sting. I was surprised Sting lost in his first match in the WWE but it is Vince McMahon’s company so I guess he wanted to make sure the WCW/TNA guy took the fall. Where Sting goes from here remains to be seen but I hope he wins at least one match.

I like the AJ Lee/Paige tag team. AJ should use the Go to Sleep finisher just to piss off her bosses while the crowd would get a huge pop out of it. Did we really need a musical act during the pay per view? I say switch the musical act to the kickoff portion while moving the intercontinental title match in the prime time spot.

What a difference a year makes for the Undertaker. He looked he got beat up in an alley by a bunch of guys while shaving his head. His injuries hinder his performance too but this year reminded me of Taker of recent years. A full head of hair makes a difference and he was in good shape. Wonder if there will be a rematch with Brock Lesnar at Wrestlemania 32. Kudos again to Bray Wyatt but please do not use the scarecrows again! Wyatt’s becoming a top heel and the crowd is still into him a year after his feud with John Cena. There were doubters about Wyatt last year, I wasn’t one of them, but he’s proving them wrong.

Speaking of Cena, he had to win this match after watching the patriotic pre-match promo. Rusev had to lose this match. If his first loss is to John Cena, that’s a good thing. WWE’s pushing him as a top heel along with Bray Wyatt so he’s getting his bump or two along the way.

[adinserter block=”2″]The WWE title match started off slow with Lesnar dominating but boy was that a finish! Lesnar’s a great bleeder. Glad he’s signed on with the WWE. He and Paul Heyman make a great tandem. You have to give credit to Roman Reigns with punishment he received at the hands of Lesnar. I thought Reigns would win the title and then Rollins running in and pinning a beaten down Reigns but I’m happy with the way it ended. The crowd did too. And speaking of the crowd, it was a hot crowd and that added to the great show that was Wrestlemania 31.

Heading into Wrestlemania 32 I ask the WWE to keep up the good work with the massive stage entrance. They’ll be at Cowboys Stadium so I’m expecting the same or even bigger since everything’s bigger in Texas. Have the roots have been planted for a Ronda Rousey/Stephanie McMahon match? HHH versus the Rock? Mixed tag match? The Rock continues to show why he’s still the best and he still got it. Will we see Sting at one more Mania? Is there a Brock/Taker rematch now that Lesnar’s sticking around? The next twelve months will be interesting and hopefully exciting to watch.

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