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WWE WrestleMania 30 Predictions: December 2013 Edition

The rumors and speculation regarding WWE WrestleMania 30 matches appears to change monthly. It seems that this is the first Mania in years where fans don’t have any indication of where things are going. That is what makes these predictions fun.

[adinserter block=”1″]I can’t recall a time in recent years where I didn’t have some idea of what the direction was for WrestleMania. Even if it is just one match, the WWE has generally given fans enough of a tease by now to get the buzz going. It was only two Mania events ago that the fans knew one year out what to expect at the annual spectacular.

Plans seem to be changing by the week in the WWE. Guys on top a few weeks ago are now wrestling in mid-card tag team matches. Anything is possible at this point. So with that mindset let’s look at a few logical and maybe not so logical matches that we could see this coming in April in New Orleans.

John Cena vs. The Undertaker…Unified Title vs. Streak – I have been predicting this match for years and every year I am disappointed. I think there is some big money here and no matter what you think of Cena, the match makes sense. I thought they missed the boat last year by not extending Punk’s title reign and bringing his streak into the picture. Maybe it sparked an idea because at this point I think this is more possible than you think.

The match is new, it’s fresh, and there really is an unpredictable feel to the finish. Quite frankly I’d have no problem at this point putting Cena over but I also don’t think it is necessary. I think Taker winning the WWE title would probably be the bigger surprise here. I thought Cena vs. Orton was a lock. At this point it is probably off of the table.

Brock Lesnar vs. The Undertaker – The big sacrifice of a Cena vs. Taker match is that you lose this one. This one is a few years in the making and they already have a storyline going in. I think the match would be tremendous and the idea of Lesnar going after the streak is intriguing. I am not sure what to do with Brock if they take this one and the Ryback match off of the books.

John Cena vs. Triple H for McMahon company ownership. I’d call this the backup plan if Cena vs. Undertaker doesn’t happen. It’s a WrestleMania rematch but at this point it does make sense. If the rumors about a Vince McMahon-backed wrestler wrestling Hunter for company control are still true, Cena makes the most sense. That said I think Cena vs. Taker has far greater financial impact than this one.

CM Punk vs. Triple H – Welcome to this week’s rumor. The match does make sense, especially with Punk recently injected into the Authority angle. Unfortunately I think that the WWE made a huge mistake when they gave this one away two years ago at Night of Champions. The match would still be hot but it wouldn’t have the same zest it would have if it were a first-time meeting.

CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan – This one is probably more wishful thinking on my part. I thought that when the Beard and the Best teamed up at Survivor Series that it was the start a long angle culminating at Mania. That doesn’t appear to be the case. I love the idea of both guys going into this as babyfaces with more of a professional rivalry f eel to the feud as opposed to a good guy vs. bad guy. There is still time!

Dustin Rhodes vs. Cody Rhodes – If this match is ever going to happen it is going to have to happen at WrestleMania 30. With all due respect to Goldust I can’t imagine any more career comebacks, although he looks great. It’s not a match that is going to sell a lot of tickets but I think it is a match that could be a lot of fun to watch. Throw Dusty Rhodes into the mix and you have a recipe for some real good promos leading up to the big event.

Brock Lesnar vs. Ryback – There is some talk that these two monsters could meet sometime in 2014. I think it’s a terrible idea but it is an idea that makes sense nonetheless.

[adinserter block=”2″]Ryback vs. Goldberg – I was more confident about this match a few months ago than I am now. Goldberg’s recent candid remarks about negotiations tell me that this one is further away from being signed than any of us realized. It would be a fun spectacle…as long as they keep it short.

The Shield vs. The Wyatt Clan – I think if there is one match that has been teased thus far it is this one. It is obvious this is where things are heading after seeing these six interact with one another on RAW a couple of times. I just don’t know if the WWE has the patience to hold this one off for four months, thus delaying Roman Reigns inevitable split from The Shield.
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