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WWE WrestleMania 30: Daniel Bryan and the Art Selling the Product

The WWE finally got it right last night when it realized that Daniel Bryan wasn’t going to apologize to Triple H and Stephanie McMahon and that his market value for the company is as high as it ever was. The company all but assured the diminutive wrestler the honor of holding the WWE World Title above his head when all is said and done at WrestleMania XXX.

[adinserter block=”1″]Let me tell you something, Brother. That is the best news the WWE could have right now. The combination of Triple H getting back into the ring, the idea that Randy Orton now will lose the title, the idea that Batista will be history after April and that Bryan will now go on to challenge the WWE roster in his quest to be one of the best WWE champions of all time is crucial to the sustenance of the company in 2014.

It becomes a win-win situation for both the company and the fans when they support “every man,” the person Bryan has become. He is truly “The People’s Champion” of this era.

The WWE added three matches to it already growing card. With basically two world title matches on the line, Undertaker and Lesnar as the co-main event and John Cena getting his hands on Bray Wyatt, the promotion of the mega event gets better.

Anything other than Bryan walking away from the event in New Orleans without the title would be criminal.

This is also a way for the WWE to prove they have belief in Bryan as a wrestler who can “make money” or sell the product. Remember, the company (meaning Vince McMahon) did not think someone like Shawn Michaels or Triple H could sell and become the money clip for the striving company. Of course, Vince was wrong.

In years past, wrestlers were given the title in their promotions for various reasons.

The Von Erichs kept the WCCW strap on the four key brothers of the company because Fritz Von Erich wanted his own empire, the NWA Title and to make as much money as possible at any cost. The AWA was all about the family as well.

Nick Bockwinkel and Verne Gagne traded the title back and forth because it was a hotly contested feud and they in-ring chemistry between the two was some of the best the wrestling scene had seen in years. It was Lou Thesz and Buddy Rogers in a sense.

In Florida, Eddie Graham used his smaller-than-average son, Mike Graham, the Funks and Dusty Rhodes to keep the excitement alive with the Southern Heavyweight title. The NWA and the Crocketts put the strap on Ric Flair because of his look, his style and the fact he could sell ice to an Eskimo with his promos. Flair wasn’t the biggest in the ring, wasn’t the strongest and faced intense competition from Harley Race, Jack Brisco, The Funks, Baba and others. But when it came right down to it, Flair sold at the gate – the thing that mattered the most.

At the end of the day, the WWE must decide who will sell the best. John Cena is on the downswing of his career, as evident by his match with Wyatt. There is no CM Punk and Undertaker is only a bit player. Orton is still great at cashing in and Roman Reigns is still a year or two away. Bryan wins by default. And in this case, a win by any means is a win for the WWE Universe.

[adinserter block=”2″]Disclaimer: For the next 30 days, this will be an ongoing series of stories as we move down the Road to WrestleMania. Follow Camel Clutch Blog writer/blogger David M. Levin as he talks about the history, the pageantry and the success and failures of the past when it comes to wrestling’s biggest events. The views of the writer are not necessarily the views of Camel Clutch Blog, and this series is intended to ramp up the excitement that is associated with WrestleMania XXX and the Crescent City of New Orleans. Please enjoy this new feature and any comments are most welcome.

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