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WWE Leaving The WrestleMania 30 Door Open For CM Punk

[adinserter block=”1″]Once CM Punk walked out of the WWE it was expected that the company would immediately shift to WrestleMania plans for a Daniel Bryan vs. Triple H match. While it has simmered, nothing has boiled, and it appears that the spot is still open for Punk if he wants it.

It didn’t take long for reports to surface once Punk walked out (or as Vince McMahon called it, took a “sabbatical”) that the new match at Mania would be Bryan vs. Triple H. Quite frankly I always thought that is where this should go. It’s been building since the end of the summer whereas Punk vs. Hunter never really got off the ground. Yet for whatever reason the WWE were going with Punk over Bryan to Punk’s dismay. A keen eye reveals that Vince and company are still holding out hope that the former champion returns.

If you have watched RAW since Punk left the Kane vs. Punk storyline immediately shifted to Bryan vs. Kane. Again, this one made more sense anyway given Bryan and Kane’s history as Team Hell No. The shift was odd in a sense since Bryan was already booked in the chamber match. Where is this going with no Bryan vs. Kane match available at the chamber? The obvious answer is WrestleMania.

This whole scenario is fascinating in that one of the many reasons some report that Punk walked was his disinterest in wrestling Triple H at Mania. Punk reportedly had no interest in the match which would have resulted with the obvious ending of Punk going down (which he should since he was planning on leaving in July anyway). So why would the WWE continue to hold that match for Punk, hoping he comes back, when the match is one of the reasons he walked?

I never believed that this whole Punk deal was a work but maybe it is? Maybe that is why they haven’t shifted towards a strong Hunter vs. Bryan push? That said, maybe they do something Sunday in the chamber that changes everything. Yet today as I write this Bryan vs. Hunter looks about as likely as happening as Punk vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin.

[adinserter block=”2″]We will obviously get some closure on this when RAW comes to Chicago in a couple of weeks. RAW will be in Punk’s own backyard at a tenuous time for Punk fans and supporters. If RAW ends at 11:15 that night with no Punk in sight I’d say it’s over. If he is coming back that is the night it happens. RAW in Chicago is turning into a huge event for these reasons.

The clock is ticking and the door is closing slowly. The spot remains Punk’s to take. Whether he does or doesn’t will be answered on March 3.

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