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WWE Women: Sasha Banks is the Best Choice for Nia Jax

This past Monday on Raw saw both Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair go their separate ways since their feud culminated the night before at WWE Roadblock: End of the Line.  Flair currently has her hands full with Bayley, who already holds three wins over the four time Women’s Champion. However, Banks was at the end of the vicious attack by powerhouse Nia Jax.

Jax has been climbing the ranks on Raw since her unexpected draft pick to Raw during the summer.  She has pummeled through much of the enhancement talent and disposed of Alicia Fox.  It was a matter of time before Jax set her sights on someone more prominent and we got our answer on Monday night as to who it would be.

While logically she wouldn’t face Flair, Jax is not ready to chase the Championship either.  But the time has come for her to elevate her position.  So that left her targeting a title-less Banks.  It’s clear that Jax is a monster and with that comes a path of dominance.  Her first real test since coming onto the main roster will be with the Legit Boss.  It is known that Banks is indeed very talented, and her resume speaks for itself.  Banks has a huge hand in Flair’s transformation this year, and has lent her hand into putting both the NXT and WWE Women’s Division where it is today.  She is the best choice for the former model to get her feet wet so to speak.

How the feud will be handled is too early to tell.  But Jax had the first shot, and don’t think the Boss won’t retaliate.  She may be wounded, as Jax said Monday on Raw, but Banks has a lot of heart and that will come into play.  It will be interesting to see how it all plays out if the company is invested in the feud.  

Smackdown has been successful in having both primary and secondary feuds that are prominently featured on their show.  Now that Banks and Flair have separated, Raw can focus on following the formula of the blue brand.  Fans are invested in both women which that only helps the Women’s Division continue on after a phenomenal year.  With both Bayley and Jax it is their turn to shine and play a bigger part in ensuring the continued success of the Women’s Division.

Feuding with Banks will establish Jax as the one to watch out for in 2017 should all go well with this feud.  It has been a slow burn for Jax to which it will pay off in due time.  Jax will be put to the test when she goes toe to toe with Banks and fans will really see what the powerhouse is made of.  In other words feuding with Banks will make or break Jax.  As Banks is the next opponent for Jax, she has nothing to worry about as far as elevating herself goes.  Fans and colleagues alike don’t call Banks the Boss for nothing.  Again, Banks’ resume speaks for itself.

No matter if Jax wins or loses, this feud with Banks will establish her on the main roster.

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