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WWE Women: Dana Brooke Gets Lucky

If we are going by backstage talk and rumors, by chance Dana Brooke made a surprise appearance on the main roster just little over a month ago. Since then, she has aligned herself with NXT counterpart Emma followed by Charlotte just recently. While Brooke has had a lot of time lately playing the heel sidekick, it didn’t stop fans from wondering how she got the call up to the main roster over Bayley.

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Bayley was highly rumored to make her long anticipated main roster debut after losing the NXT Women’s Championship to Asuka back at NXT Takeover: Dallas. With the injury bug still plaguing much of the main roster, those plans may had been shifted and changed. The talk of the debut was all but actually happening. While Bayley’s main roster debut is imminent, it looks like fans will have to wait a little bit longer for it.

But until then, fans are getting used to seeing Brooke making appearances on Raw and Smackdown. She is doing the dirty work for Charlotte now, it is a direction she is more than used to. From interference to distractions, she’s been getting the job done. While she does well in that aspect, Brooke has much room for improvement in the squared circle. She was getting better in NXT, having a decent showing with Asuka at NXT Takeover: Respect. While she’s nowhere near the talent of the Four Horsewomen, if she stays dedicated and cleans up her work she will look much better. After all, the reputation that the women have in NXT requires that.

Brooke has definitely improved, and seems to be transitioning quite smoothly on the main roster. It’s evident now that her gymnastics and bodybuilding experience is really coming into play here. Brooke uses it to her full advantage and that’s always a plus. Her role with Charlotte is actually a good thing; being paired with someone else helps cover the shade of green just a bit, but it allows her to get little time in the ring too.

Sooner or later, she will be in a sink or swim position once her program is over. It reminds me of Roman Reigns and his inexperience while in The Shield. While Reigns improved by leaps and bounds, he was just about sinking because of booking and character direction. Right now, that doesn’t seem to be the case with Brooke, but I thought the same thing with Reigns, thinking that he would become hot in singles competition.

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While Brooke may or not be ready for the main roster, the fact is, is that she is there and will be staying. With the injury bug seeping into the Women’s Division, it could be just luck or the powers that be have some plans for the new face. She’s been getting plenty of screen time, and that’s especially a good sign for newer talent. With Sasha Banks entering back into the picture, Brooke finds herself in the Women’s Division’s top storyline.

For now, Brooke has gotten pretty lucky lately. She is able to make the most of her screen time, and looks to be comfortable in her current role as Charlotte’s new best friend. Her real test hasn’t happened yet, but once she’s on her own is where we will see if she’s up to the challenge. I for one am waiting for her to get there. She’s got potential, and hopefully it won’t be wasted.

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