The WWE Will Never Turn John Cena Heel


One of the oldest topics that won’t ever go away is John Cena turning heel. Many believe that his current program with Bray Wyatt will result in a heel turn. I am here to tell you that the turn will not be coming any time soon.

[adinserter block=”1″]For some reason many wrestling fans on social media have become obsessed with the idea of Cena turning heel. They hate him in his current character but yet have some desire to see him turn heel. I can understand fans wanting to see something fresh but Cena turning won’t be it.

I think there will definitely be a point in time when Cena does turn heel. It is bound to happen. Under the right circumstance it certainly should have happened by now. Unfortunately the truth is that nobody has come along to usurp Cena’s spot as the top babyface. Don’t blame John Cena for not turning heel, blame everyone else for not getting over.

Cena is in a league of his own. It is easy to say Daniel Bryan or CM Punk could take over the spot. If that were the case, they would have. Cena still resonates with a lot of fans. I don’t personally know any but look at his business numbers and they will support this. Nobody draws better than him, nobody sells more merchandise, and nobody is a bigger household name than Cena.

Even I got caught up in the Cena heel turn conversation this past Sunday at Extreme Rules. I thought for one second how cool it would be if Cena pushed Little Johnnie out of the way to get out of the cage and win the match. As fun as that would have been to see, and it would have been great, it wouldn’t have increased business whatsoever.

Like any great heel, you need a great adversary. When Hulk Hogan turned heel and joined the New World Order, he had Sting to rival. When Steve Austin turned and aligned himself with Vince McMahon, he had the Rock. When Steve Austin and Bret Hart turned, they had each other. Who does John Cena have on the babyface side? Nobody.

I think at some point someone is bound to come along and take the company by storm. I love watching Daniel Bryan but I just don’t think he is that guy. The chants are misleading when it comes to business. Maybe he grows and becomes a phenomenon? Maybe Roman Reigns is that guy? I don’t know but I just don’t see anyone on the horizon to unseat King Cena.

The funny thing is that no matter what side of the fence Cena is on, you still have the same wrestler. You are still going to get the same formula which for some, they enjoy while many voices on the Internet do not. Will he add a sixth move to the Five of Doom? I am being facetious but at the end of the day will you really be that much more interested in Cena as a heel?

Here is the other dirty little secret that nobody is talking about. John Cena doesn’t ever have to turn heel. Not every great babyface has to become a heel. Bruno Sammartino was one of the greatest who ever wrestled and he never went heel (except against Baba in Japan). Sting flirted with heel turns but never fully joined the dark side. The fact is that John Cena may never turn heel.

[adinserter block=”2″]It is okay to wonder what would happen but you have to be a realist. You have to see this from the business side and Vince McMahon would be an idiot to turn this guy. It’s been ten years and nobody has been strong enough to take Cena’s spot and offer Cena that heel opportunity. At some point we all need to come to grips with the reality that this turn is probably never going to come at all.

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  1. As a Cena fan I am starving for something fresh and I understand people frustration. I tried to join the YES! movement but it just doesn’t stick with me, Bryan has good matches but he isn’t Shawn Michaels, and I get tired of reversal into a running knee.

    • I think the biggest problem is his feud. He can’t show much against Kane. They aren’t utilizing him to his strength and letting him wrestle. He is better than this but I can certainly see how a fan would miss it in his current role

      • I agree, the booking could be better. I don’t mind his feud with Kane, but I don’t like the way they are going about it. I also think is promo’s still need work, eventually the catch phrase will wear out “get r done” and then what? He is phenomenal in the ring, but is that enough?


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