WWE will never…e-e-ever be the same again without Chris Jericho


I woke up this morning feeling pretty great, mainly due to the great rest I got and the fact I was able to sleep in until noon. I grabbed my phone and checked my messages and scrolled up and down my timeline, like I do almost every morning. My great mood was quickly turned into the gut-wrenching, heart drops out of your chest feeling. I stumbled upon a tweet from my first ever follow on Twitter and his twitter handle is @IAmJericho. The tweet served as a farewell message of sorts,

[adinserter block=”1″]“So long to @WWE for now…2013 was one of my favorite in ring yrs ever! Thx for always sticking w Y2J & see u on the road soon w @FOZZYROCK!”

And hours later WWE.com posted an article addressing the situation which you can read here. I want to take a look back at his current return before I reflect back on his career and try to predict what else he could accomplish when/if he returns to the WWE.

Jericho first made his return as the #2 entrant in the Royal Rumble back in January which you can watch here. The major pop he got was just amazing and shows how much admiration he gets and deserves from the WWE Universe. Jericho did not go on and win that Royal Rumble match which was a surprise to me as well as probably most of the WWE Universe. I learned soon after why he was not slated to win that match. Jericho’s return to the WWE was not to further his stellar career and accolades.

His return was to work on putting over the younger superstars on the roster and a few that were returning. He faced Fandango both at Wrestlemania and Extreme Rules, CM Punk at Payback, and Ryback at the Money in the Bank PPV. I would almost be down playing his whole return if I didn’t miss that sure fire five-star epic match with RVD on Raw. That match might have been the best match I’ve seen on Raw since the 1 hour classic match between John Cena and HBK. If you don’t know what match I am talking about please do yourself a favor and search for it on YouTube.

Back on the topic though, Jericho understands the business and possesses something other past legends failed to attain. Jericho had the mindset of knowing that the future is in the younger talent and he doesn’t need to come back and beat Punk, Bryan, Fandango and Ryback. Even if he won those matches it does nothing to further his legacy because he has accomplished literally everything in the business to accomplish. He knows that when he was first making a name with the then called WWF; a lot of older established names helped him become the success that he is today.

The part that previous legends failed to understand was after this was over and they were reaching that end point in their career you return the favor. Jericho honestly loves the wrestling business and he will do whatever it takes to see that it has a future even if that means not getting a significant win in his return to the company. He has no problem putting his ego on check and helping fellow superstars and we are all thankful for this because putting over younger talent is great for everyone.

His tweet suggests that Jericho is done with the WWE for the rest of 2013 but I can see him returning in 2014. The WWE universe knows Jericho as well as I do and we probably agree that we will see him in the New Year. I think it’s a safe bet that we will see a surprise entrant in the 2014 Royal Rumble and it turns out to be a returning Y2J. He is an incredible professional wrestler and it’s always sad to see him leave.

I don’t mark out for many wrestlers in the WWE now, but I will every day and maybe three times on Sundays for Jericho. As I talked about before he was the reason I got a twitter it’s very entertaining and it gives everyone insight on his life. If you are sad about his departure than I plead you check out his twitter he’s the definition of a must follow. He has done everything in the WWE and he’s stated many times he has no interest in going to TNA, putting over the younger talent on the roster is the perfect role for him. He is very popular, truly appreciative of all his fans and realizes that not very many people make it to where he’s at in this business so he knows how lucky he is to be there.

His departure was expected as we all know his dedication to Fozzy and we knew he was on a part time basis like Brock Lesnar, RVD and the Rock. He’s done a very good job on always keeping the WWE Universe in check and letting them know that he hasn’t turned his back on them. He’s always made sure that we knew that Fozzy was another passionate hobby of his and he was as dedicated to it as the WWE. He understands that the role that the veterans on the roster play is helping develop the next generation. I do hope to see another return after this Fozzy tour is over. But if he leaves then he owes the WWE Universe and the WWE nothing. He’s given us every part of his body, every bit of his soul, we share countless memories, returns and entertaining moments. In the latest return he’s helped established the future stars of the WWE. Chris Jericho is a legend in every sense of the word.

If Jericho does decide on making another comeback, I hope the WWE tries to keep it as a surprise much like his return this year. It can be another moment we can add to his illustrious career and one that may top all other returns. His role will probably be much like the role he served in this return. If so I can see some future stars really getting a significant win over Jericho. Damien Sandow will be a future World Heavyweight Champion, a feud with Jericho maybe having Sandow win a “if Jericho loses he must retire” would be a career defining moment for Sandow.

Wade Barrett has some prior history with Jericho so a feud with Jericho can establish Barrett as the future. Bray Wyatt and Chris Jericho would be straight money on the microphone in the weeks leading up to a PPV match. I doubt he’ll see another World title run in his future but having his name associated with a title match can immediately help the hopefully younger non-established superstar. But if Jericho decides he’d like that one last title reign and going out on top, I could think of no better end to what has been a Hall of Fame career.

No matter what he decides to do with his future. I know everyone who’s watched him wrestler, perform with Fozzy or knows him outside of both of those will join me in saying…

Thank you, Chris!

Funny moments Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=O4-VgVVgGao

Funny moments Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=w-ct0_Bre8U

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It’s time to hear your side, what do you think of Chris Jericho’s departure? If he does return what role would you have him in? Will he get that one last major title run? Post your thoughts in the comment section below.

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