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WWE – What’s Wrong with Seth Rollins?

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I was happy to see Kevin Owens win the WWE Universal Championship. What surprised me was how the match ended. We were all surprised when HHH entered the match and literally determined the outcome of the match. We’ll find out the reason why this was done when HHH explain to us in a future episode of Raw. I have my own reasons. Some may agree with it but hear me out. One reason this may have happened was for shock value. That worked! Behind the scenes, the outcome happened for a reason. All of us can think of many possibilities as to why Rollins lost the fatal four way match. Could it be there’s something wrong with Seth Rollins?

Not something wrong personally. He is a great wrestler. My question is there something wrong with Rollins with respect to his wrestling persona? Is there a problem with his in ring performance? Is there something wrong with his mic skills? I feel like something’s missing with Seth Rollins but I can’t put my finger on it exactly.

Seth Rollins became the chosen one of The Authority turning heel and his back on Shield members Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns. I had to admit I was surprised when that happened. I credit Rollins for his work ethic and success in NXT that made him an NXT champion. I always felt that Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns had bigger draw potential. The bookers botched the beginning of Rollins’ first title reign keeping him down and not letting him show his skills.

The bookers eventually gave Rollins the green light and he thrived as champion to the point of becoming a fan favorite despite his heel status. Rollins is a good, annoying heel but what stops me in my tracks at times is his drawn out work on the mic. They tend to go on a little too long to the point where I zone out. Not sure if Rollins’ character has maxed out on the mic. Roman Reigns doesn’t need to speak much. He’s to the point and more of a fighter than a speaker. Dean Ambrose is the wild card, literally and figuratively in his wrestling and on the mic.

Rollins’ knee injury held him back for months but he came back with a roar from the crowd. He continued his heel character in a genius move telling the fans he threw out the get well cards. We all expected Rollins becoming champion again when he returned but this is the second time he’s gotten a swerve. The first time was Dean Ambrose cashing in the money in the bank briefcase. Was that also an early sign that the front office started having doubts about Rollins?

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Then we arrive to SummerSlam where I thought Rollins would win the title but lost to Finn Balor; a guy who’s been in the WWE for barely a month. Within that Summerslam match a red flag was brought up when Rollins injured Balor’s shoulder outside the ring.

That is a legitimate concern if Rollins is that type of rough wrestler that can injure other superstars. The combination of very muscular wrestlers and high risk moves results in higher risk of injuries. Including Balor, Rollins has injured three wrestlers. The others were John Cena and Sting. You can give a pass to Sting since he is older and had some ring rust but the facts are there. Did WWE management, HHH in particular, literally come out in the middle of the fatal four way match to send a message that Rollins is not our champion because he wrestles rough, is an injury risk, and not clicking with the fans despite his pops when his music comes on? After the music is played is where the momentum stops. Hopefully, the bookers take a step back and assess Seth Rollins to understand his character and figure out what to do with him.

I do see Seth Rollins becoming WWE heavyweight champion again. The question is can the bookers fix those kinks before that happens. Let’s hope they do.

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