WWE: What is Next for Dean Ambrose and Roman Reigns

Dean Ambrose Roman Reigns

The Hell in a Cell Match between Roman Reigns and his nemesis Bray Wyatt should finally put an end to the feud that has lingered between the two WWE superstars since the Money in the Bank pay-per-view. But after the bloodshed and the two giants beat the hell out of each other, what happens to each wrestler? More importantly, what happens to both Reigns and his “brother in arms” Dean Ambrose?

[adinserter block=”2″]Hopefully, the answer is Reigns begins the heel turn which leads to a WWE World Title Reign (no pun intended).

For Ambrose, that road is a little more complicated. For Wyatt, the answer is simple – which WWE wrestler is next in line for the evil genius to play destroy mentally?

The focus, however, should be on Reigns and how the time for his ascension to the main event is ever-present again. Oh, and he can thank John Cena for this revelation. Without word of Cena’s sudden upcoming departure from the company for personal reasons, Reigns’ heel turn may have been lying in wait longer than first thought.

Leave it to WWE to speed things up and potentially ruin a good thing at the expense of other potentially more dominant feuds.

For Reigns, the time might be now or within the next two and a half months. Sure, plenty would have to happen for Reigns to end the year atop the company’s rankings, but it would seem like a seismic shift for the wrestler who won the Royal Rumble, lost his way with the fans and has piggy-backed his fortunes on the capes of both Daniel Bryan and then on Ambrose. It is only now after a lengthy feud with Wyatt and all his greatness that Reigns might finally be ready to take his step toward what Vince McMahon thinks is his rightful place in WWE’s hierarchy.

Personally, if this were to happen, it might be one of feast or famine moves of 2015 and could be the one topic we are still discussing throughout 2016.

The other side to this coin might be that an Ambrose heel turn is a more likely scenario that makes sense. This is what Boyer has to say in his “Daily DDT” column on fansided.com.

I could see four different angles for the brothers in arms, either set up an elimination tag match at Survivor Series, tear up the tag team division while protecting unsuspecting superstars from Wyatt family attacks, have Ambrose turn heel and challenge John Cena for the United States Championship, and Reigns challenge Brock Lesnar for a WrestleMania 31 rematch that the pair never finished.

This would allow Reigns to become the face McMahon so desperately wants and would give Ambrose a real spot on the WWE roster (with feeling). Ambrose, the Lunatic Fringe, needs a new angle since the one he is currently living in is stale and wastes his talents.

Is Ambrose again the key to Reigns’ success – yes he is. In order to make that happen, does Hell in a Cell signal the turn we might not have seen coming? Whether it leads to a Reigns-Lesnar rematch at WrestleMania 32 remains to be seen. It would get a bigger pop from the fans this time around, as Reigns would receive the fans’ support instead of being booed out of the arena like he was after the Royal Rumble.

[adinserter block=”1″]No, there won’t be any need for The Rock to come in and save his candy ass this time around.

Reigns is the type of wrestler that has to succeed in this company. While he is awful on the microphone, his skills are undeniable, his heritage is worthy of continual note and his connection of with Ambrose has to develop a bit more. There is too much love in the room when these two guys get in the ring. But Reigns should not be the focal point of character assassination. That belongs to the man without an identity.

If Reigns is to be the best for business, his friend has to do what is best for business. Let Ambrose shock us all. And let WWE deal with what happens next.

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