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WWE Week In Review: 02/15-21/2010

Chris JerichoHope this blog/article finds you all well! And also hope the weather your way isn’t as bad as it is up here in Minnesota. Can’t wait for WWE WrestleMania, and can’t wait for the weather to start warming up! YES!

Let’s dive into what happened in the world of WWE this past week. This week, we saw the “Go Home” week before Sunday’s pay-per-view, WWE Elimination Chamber. To me, personally, nothing too big happened. Yes, we did finally see the end of ECW (the WWE version), we found out what WWE NXT will finally be, starting next week, and we heard Chris Jericho’s promo at the beginning of Smackdown, saying that he defeated the Undertaker cleanly the week prior, and will walk out of the Elimination Chamber on the Smackdown side and walk into WrestleMania as World Heavyweight Champion!

[adinserter block=”1″]One of the biggest storylines that’s been talked about this past week, and something that I’ve been hearing a lot about on the podcasts I pay for, the Wrestling Observer, that it’s been talking about the whole Bret Hart incident.

We seen that a lady backed up her car into Bret’s limo, that smashed the door into Bret’s leg. To me, personally, how everything was set up, it’s unreasonable for what did happened, happened. Why? Because the lady’s car was just sitting there, and happened to move right when Bret got in the car. Don’t people look in their rear view mirror or look backwards before they put their vehicle in reverse? And how it seemed like there was a long, awkward pause, before her car even started to move, so we all knew that Bret’s leg was in his limo! And come on, what limo driver would park their limo with someone as famous as Bret Hart in front of a vehicle that is, thereby, trapped? COME ON! You must be joking with all of us!

[adinserter block=”2″]But after listening to the Wrestling Observer, they were saying (Bryan Alvarez and Dave Meltzer) with the e-mails they’ve been getting, fans, as with Bryan, that they think that this could be a swerve from Hart and Cena, to “make” McMahon think that Hart’s injured, just to accept his challenge at WrestleMania. To me, I like this idea, in parts, but it could have gone more smoothly, in my opinion, with the woman’s car backing up into Bret’s limo, “smashing” his leg.

Will the WWE Creative follow up on this on this coming Monday Night Raw? I sure hope so. And how will the WWE react with TNA going Monday Nights, starting March the 8th? I hope they’re ready, because I am sure TNA/Carter/Hogan/Bischoff team are all ready for everything that’s coming up. But I am Eric Darsie from Minnesota, gearing up for a six-week trip to Brisbane, Australia, this summer, goodbye!

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