Week of WWE Wrestling: 11/15/2009 to 11/20/2009


John Cena vs. The UndertakerThe Go-Home Week Before Survivor Series 2009!

This past week for WWE television was the Go-Home week before this year’s Survivor Series. For this past week for the main event for Raw and Smackdown, I feel like the WWE did something right, with two tag team main events for Raw and Smackdown, were we saw DX taking on JeriShow taking on the two World Champs, The Undertaker and John Cena on Raw and saw JeriShow versus the Brothers of Destruction on Smackdown. Let’s discuss the two tag team main events.

Monday Night Raw: Triple Threat Tag Team Match featuring Survivor Series Main Events!

[adinserter block=”1″]A match that should have been given more air time, because the match started seven minutes after 10 Central time, but all-in-all, this match was a great television main event match. And against normal triple threat tag team matches, each guy from each team was in the match at all times, and only can tag in their own partners. But looking past the fact that I believe this match should have been given more air time, I really enjoyed this match. I would of payed money to see this match on a pay-per-view, to be honest, if the two World titles and the Tag Team titles were on the line, and if someone pinned the champ, they get the title (if they pinned the tag champs, that team gets the tag straps). If WWE did that, this match could of easily gone 30 minutes, if not longer, on a pay-per-view, and combined three matches into one. But that’s me.

But let’s discuss the match. A match that, like said, I really enjoyed. I don’t remember how long this match went, but when the match ended, I was happy with. John Cena pinned Triple H in the end to get the victory (a prelude to the Survivor Series WWE Championship Triple Threat match…), and right after, Cena got Tombstone Piledrove by the World Heavyweight Champion! That put a huge smile. Thank you Undertaker for driving the WWE Champion six feet into the ground. Good job.

Friday Night Smackdown: Unified Tag Team Champions faces the Brothers of Destruction!

Another match, like the main event on Raw Monday night, that I would love to pay on pay-per-view to see this tag match go for the Unified Tag Team Straps, seeing the World Heavyweight Champion the Undertaker teaming up with his half-brother Kane, as Brothers of Destruction, going against the Unified Tag Team Champions, Chris Jericho and the Big Show, Jeri-Show. I feel like this match was awesome, seeing Kane and the Undertaker living up to their tag team name and kicking butts and taking names. I am happy that this match got more air time than the Raw main event.

[adinserter block=”2″]We saw in the end that Big Show was trying to help up Jericho and Jericho hit the Code Breaker on the World’s Largest Athlete, ran out of the ring in fear of what would happen, grabbed the Undertaker’s World Heavyweight Championship, and ran up the ramp, and posed with the championship on the entrance stage. I was disappointed that there’s no definite winner of the match on Smackdown Friday night, but I am happy to be able to catch it while it aired on television, brother!

Finally…the Conclusion!

But to wrap up this week’s week-in review, I really enjoyed the two tag team main events on the two main shows that the WWE put together. I am excited to see the three-hour Raw’s Thanksgiving tonight with my former Governor, Jesse “the Body,” wait, I mean Jesse “the Mind” Ventura guest host’s tonight’s Raw, dude! This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, sitting in Atwood, waiting for class to start here in a couple of hours, goodbye!

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