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Week of WWE Wrestling: 11/08/2009 to 11/14/2009

Christian vs. William RegalThis past week there were a couple of matches that I would like to discuss for this week’s WWE week-in-review. The two matches are from ECW and Smackdown. The ECW match was the ECW Championship match with Christian defending his title against William Regal and on Smackdown it was the World Heavyweight Champion the Undertaker taking on Chris Jericho.

First, let’s discuss the ECW title match from last week’s Tuesday. To be dead honest, I only saw the end of the match coming off the last commercial break, and it totally pissed me off that Regal didn’t win the championship. Why it pisses me off is Regal deserves the title. Regal could better the ECW championship and as ECW Champion he could better the ECW brand. And with that, that title match was Regal’s last shot for the ECW championship. And for everyone’s last title shot, they normally win the title during their last shot, even in their hometown, like ECW was in this past week (along with the whole WWE roster), being in England.

[adinserter block=”1″]And like said, I can see William Regal as ECW Champion is a good thing for the brand. Why, and how? Regal’s facial expressions are great, and Regal can wrestle. Regal’s in-ring style would be best for the brand as champion. But before I go more with why I think Regal should be ECW Champion and get angry about it, I’ll go to the next match I want to discuss.

On Friday Night Smackdown, we saw one-half of the Undisputed Tag Team Champions Chris Jericho take on the World Heavyweight Champion the Undertaker in their first ever one-on-one battle. Similar to the Regal/Christian match, this match made me upset because they should have done their first one-on-one encounter to be on a pay-per-view. Heck, I’ve heard rumors that Jericho will be facing Undertaker at WrestleMania XXVI. So giving away the match for free is totally stupid!

But if anyone can make a great match with Jericho is the Undertaker, and vice versa, if anyone can make a great match with the Undertaker is Jericho. I could have watched this match when it was aired on Friday night, but chose not to because I think it is stupid that they gave this match away for free. But talking to one of my buddies is who huge into the business said the match was great. And I can believe that. And the Undertaker won with Hell’s Gate on Jericho.

[adinserter block=”2″]And the thing that shocked me the most when Big Show joined Jericho on the post-match beat down on the Undertaker, Kane came out and made the save. Why this shocked me the most is, this is a tag match that I would absolutely love to see, and we can see it this coming Friday night on Smackdown! So watch it while it’s being aired if you can, if not, T-Vo it, tape it on VCR, or whatever, you should watch it!

But to wrap it up, this was a decent week for main events this past week. But anyways, this is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, thinking of when he would hang out again with B-Chef, goodbye!

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