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Week of WWE Wrestling: 11/01/2009 to 11/07/2009

The OsbournesFor me, this past week, the highlight had to of been the guest hosts of WWE Raw this past week, and that was Ozzy Osborne and his wife Sharron. Why were they the highlight of the whole week? The facial expressions and the randomness of Ozzy standing up at random times and sitting back down, him standing half way up and sitting back down, and looking confused when guys came out and looked like, through his facial expressions, like he didn’t know what’s going on.

With a couple of mishaps on the names-Kobi Kingston (to my friends with the week before, Kofi Kingston is now Kobi Johnson) and Evan Brawn-Ozzy and Sharron did a decent job, I believe. I think with Sharron there, it seemed that things were under control on the Crazy Train edition of Monday Night Raw.

[adinserter block=”2″]Honestly, I have to say these two are up there as the best celebrity guest hosts, along side of Bob Barker. I do think the Osborne’s was that good. To quote Triple H, they were “that damn good!”

But while talking about the whole guest host stuff, I do think it should end. Even my friends who come over and watch Raw with me who are casual fans, they are getting tired of the whole guest hosts idea because it always changes every week and if they miss a couple of weeks, it doesn’t make any sense.

And to be quite honest with you, I have to totally agree. I am past tired of the whole guest host thing. I think McMahon should hurry up and find a new general manager. Yes, the Rock is supposed to come in sometime, maybe, in January. Living in January, it is rumored up here that Jesse “the Body” Ventura will be the guest host when Raw comes to Minneapolis and the Target Center in mid-January. Those two guest hosts should be awesome.

[adinserter block=”1″]For the most part, the whole guest host angle sucks. Yes, it really sucks. I wish it would be done, because I find it totally stupid and idiotic. It’s bad enough that I am starting to consider stop watching WWE for a couple of months, or until the whole guest host angle is done. What would I do over that? I have a lot of old-school tapes and DVD’s that I can watch and review for, that’s always an option. Honestly, after watching a WCW tape from 2000, I don’t know if I want to do that, how frustrating the whole pay-per-view was, with the only great match off of that card was “Screaming” Norman Smiley taking on the Hardcore Champion Terry Funk with Smiley having a “mystery partner” of Ralphus.

But to conclude, Ozzy and Sharron was totally awesome, and when Vince considers a new general manger for Raw, if you could, bring these two back every week. Their facial expressions and name mess ups were totally awesome. This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, listening to older Bryan and Vinny shows, goodbye.

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