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WWE Week in Review: 12/06/2009 to 12/13/2009

JeriShowThe “Go-Home” Week for the WWE

This past week was the week before WWE’s newest different pay-per-view, WWE TL C. But for me, besides the pay-per-view last night, I feel like the biggest thing that the WWE faced was: D-Generation X took on Chris Jericho in a handicap match on Raw Monday Night, on the 6th.

Why do I feel like this is the biggest thing for the week this past week for the WWE? Because this whole pay-per-view is resting on the shoulders of the TLC match for the Undisputed World Tag Team Championship where the Jeri-Show defends the titles against D-Generation X.

I am sure that most everyone would agree that the build-up for the pay-per-view was built around the TLC match for the tag titles, because for that match, we have four solid main-eventers fighting, trying to make the tag straps better than what they are.

[adinserter block=”1″]The other two matches, the WWE title match and the World title match, WWE has either thrown in a new competitor seeing how he holds up to being in the main event at a pay-per-view and the World champ is still hurt and his career is wrapping up because his body is pretty beaten up.

But why was a simple handicap match that ended in a no contest something big for the week? To be honest, it’s nothing too special other than it could have been very well Chris Jericho’s last time on Raw. Let me consider why this would be a bad thing. I highly doubt that DX will show up on Smackdown every week if they win the tag titles last night. And with Shawn Michaels leading a bible study back at home on Wednesdays, it would be harder for him to make it to the Smackdown tapings on Tuesday nights, how he would be considered a Smackdown superstar if he would win the tag straps with Triple H.

How would it be a good thing that Jericho is off of Raw? I guess it would be a good thing if a heel is off the show, but isn’t it the heels job to get under everyone’s skin to pay money to see him lose? I feel like Jericho and the Big Show have been doing a great job on being tag champs, which fans want to see DX defeat them and get the straps off of them.

[adinserter block=”2″]Yeah, Triple H gets what Triple H wants, and DX never won the tag straps before, so DX is expected to win the titles, but if WWE is smart, they would keep the titles on Jeri-Show. I guess once this article is up, we would already know. But this is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, having some honka, honka, honky love, he’s the one I’ve been dreaming of, and happy birthday B-Chef, goodbye!

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