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WWE Week In Review: 03/01-07/2010

Hornswoggle This past week in WWE television, we saw that people can get a sugar “high” off of Lucky Charms. Thanks Cheech, thanks Chong, thanks Hornswoggle, and thanks WWE Creative. Why I thank them? When I was about to get a new box of cereal Wednesday morning this past week, I got frightened that I may only have Lucky Charms, and I didn’t want to become like Cheech and Chong, and mistaken some of my friends as a beautiful woman, when in reality, they maybe just like William Regal. Poor William Regal.

To be dead honest with you all, after seeing this segment [or segments, I think they did more than one of these] I had to say I’m finally done with these stupid guest hosts gimmick. I think having Criss Angel on this coming Raw will suck. Sorry to all of those fans of him, it’s nothing against him, I do not want to see him make John Cena, the Big Show, or Hornswoggle disappear. I have no interest on anyone that has no relevance in the business that we know as professional wrestling.

[adinserter block=”1″]On the 15th of this month, I cannot wait for “Stone Cold” Steve Austin to be the guest host! “Stone Cold” should be the first guest host in a long time that would actually be great! And the great thing is, he was a former co-General Manager back in the day, if people actually remember that [in 2003 with Eric Bischoff]! I do hope the “Texas Rattlesnake” opens a Big Show size can of whoop-*** on everyone on the 15th, and ends this stupid guest host crap! WWE! Please end this joke! It went for way too long! Donald Trump, “why” did you have to make this happen?!?!?!? This is worse than your hair on a bad day! And I had to go there. Wooooo!

And Pete Rose as a guest host the week before WrestleMania XXVI? I do home he get’s Tombstone Piledrove by Kane. Then I would be happy with Pete Rose making another appearance in the WWE ring. Then again, I don’t know why they couldn’t just bring him to WrestleMania if that’s what their plan is for Pete Rose. And poor Rose, I hope you know that the only memory we have of you is being Tombstone Piledriven by Kane at three straight WrestleMania’s. That I like seeing. But not on Raw. I’m sick of those stupid jokers.

[adinserter block=”2″]Are you readers sick and tired of these guest hosts? At least TNA Impact starts tonight (the 8th). Do I think they will be a major threat to Raw? Oh heck no! But at least if they do impose a little threat, WWE would change up their programming, end this joke every Monday night on the USA network, and leave my Monday night wrestling alone! It’s been there for pushing 20 years, why mess with it by bringing in jokes every Monday night? Come on baby! This is getting sickly! I am considering quit watching it after WrestleMania, after all these gimmick pay-per-views coming on and some traditional ppv’s dying. I should quit ranting before I make this into a book.

This is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, have a nice day. There’s your week in review!

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