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WWE Week In Review: 02/22-28/2010

batista Hello everyone, once again! Hope you all had a great last full week of February, 2010, and welcome to March, 2010, is……….JERICHO! Yes! This past week, we say week 1 of the WWE Champion Batista (his 2nd WWE title reign) and World Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho (his 3rd World Heavyweight title reign, if you don’t count his two WCW title reigns). Let me discuss my opinion on both World Champs.

WWE Champion, the Guy Who Shoots Lasers Out of His Fists

Like I said when I called into Pro Wrestling Radio last week, I never liked Batista that much before. I enjoyed him in Evolution, I think in part because he was a heel, because that’s my personal preference. Shortly after he became face, after his feuds with Triple H and John Bradshaw Layfield, I started not to care too much about him. I think it maybe because he was on Smackdown, and around that time I wasn’t watching Smackdown on a regular basis for years like I’ve done before.

[adinserter block=”1″]But after his turn on Mysterio at WWE Bragging Rights last year, I started to enjoy Batista’s new character. He kicked butt on his terms, and didn’t care what the crowd wanted. He beat Mysterio at Survivor Series by a ref stoppage, because of the many Steroid Bombs [Batista Bombs, I haven’t discussed Batista in a long time, but my first article I wrote for CCB, I talked about his finisher], I was happy.

How he’s been taking his character, I really enjoy. He gets people angry with him. I like it, I really do. Thank you Batista for starting to become likeable for once.

World Heavyweight Champion, a Lead Singer to a Rock n’ Roll Band

[adinserter block=”2″]You all know that I am a huge Chris Jericho fan! And you all know that I am excited that Chris Jericho won the World Heavyweight Championship, even if it’s only for five weeks! And I think you all should like him too! And you all know that I am a Jericholic, and I don’t need to use jump on his band wagon.

Jericho as World Champ into WrestleMania I think it would help bring in ratings. At least for me, I think Jericho deserves to be in the main event for Mania, because last year, he had to face three legends, and honestly, I feel like that match wasn’t that great.

But this is Eric Darsie from Minnesota, sorry for a late Week in Review, goodbye

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