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WWE Walking a Dangerous Line with Snooki

Snooki is going to get RAWDid the WWE get snookered? Dave Meltzer reports that Snooki showed up three hours late to a WWE video shoot and was drinking like a fish during and after the gig. Wrestling bloggers and media have buried TNA lately for their issues with Jeff Hardy. Are the WWE any better by using Snooki?

On the surface this probably seems like a dumb question. The WWE is using Snooki for one match on one night. However that one match happens to take place on the biggest stage in pro wrestling. The WWE is giving the Jersey Shore star a promotional vehicle that millions of entertainers and pro wrestlers would die for. What if it was Jeff Hardy getting that spot, ready to return at WrestleMania after leaving TNA?

[adinserter block=”2″]What is the difference? Well the difference is unlike Hardy, Snooki promotes a party lifestyle heavy on drinking. Let’s face it, Nicole Polizzi isn’t a star because she is a great singer, dancer, or has some kind of amazing talent. Polizzi is a star because as Snooki she has miraculously turned into American teenagers’ favorite drunk. Is it just me or does it seem a bit hypocritical for a company that enforces a WWE Wellness Policy to knowingly do business with someone who makes her living getting drunk at parties or on national television?

Look I am certainly not trying to stand up on my high horse and criticize Snooki’s lifestyle. I was a young man once and I partied with the best of them. I also know that if I showed up to work boozed out of my mind I’d probably be fired. Additionally, as someone who worked in the wrestling business for over ten years I can tell you that most on the independent wrestling scene are fully aware of the WWE’s policy and would do their best to present as clean an image as possible to get a job there. I say why bother! You have a better chance going on television and making a drunk fool of yourself to get on WrestleMania than you do by paying dues and working the indys.

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The point here is that for two weeks the wrestling media has been on a personal crusade against TNA Wrestling for employing Jeff Hardy after his numerous personal issues, his most recent being at Victory Road. What’s the point? At least Hardy shows up ready to work 95% of the time. Thus far Snooki has shown up for work in the WWE only 50% of the time. Are TNA’s standards or concerns for their employees really any different than the WWE? Maybe it is time to leave Dixie Carter alone and focus your attention on Vince McMahon.

[adinserter block=”1″]The WWE better be very careful because they are dancing with the devil here. What happens in Snooki shows up to WrestleMania drunk? Do they keep her in the match in limited capacity? Do they pull her and explain to fans that Snooki was impaired and unable to wrestle? Do they risk the livelihood of the actual real WWE full time superstars for a few minutes of TMZ press on Monday morning?

I hope at least there is some kind of contingency plan because right now Snooki is batting .500. I am no psychologist but I am going to go out on a limb and guess that Ms. Polizzi is going to be very nervous once she shows up and realizes she will be making her pro wrestling debut in front of 60,000+ people. How do you think she is going to take the edge off?

But hey, it’s a WWE wrestling “universe” and we are just living in it.

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