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Inside The Wheelhouse: Ok, who’s in-charge of the WWE Visas?

Wade BarrettI have been reading some of the most absurd reports that didn’t have to do with TNA wrestling on various wrestling websites the last 24 hours. Reports are circulating right now that World Wrestling Entertainment will be without Drew McIntyre, unnamed leader of the now named group “The Nexus”, Wade Barrett and now possibly reports are coming out that list could include current WWE Champion Sheamus. The reason being you might ask? It isn’t a violation of the Wellness policy, the guys didn’t get into a fight or arrested, their work visas for the United States haven’t been renewed.

That’s right the WWE could possibly be losing up to three superstars up until Summerslam (according to reports) because they didn’t timely renew their work visas for the United States! First off that is unbelievable and unacceptable. It’s almost as if the WWE is pulling a rib on their fans with the absurdness of this story, but sadly it is true.

Drew McIntyre has been written out of the storylines for the time being and was poised to be part of the Smackdown brand’s “Money in the Bank” match the upcoming July WWE PPV. Who knows what the result could have been for the young star? He may have won the match, earning the title shot that many people thought he would accomplish in the very same match at Wrestlemania 26. Now for the time being he is on the sidelines for something that could have been easily prevented.

[adinserter block=”1″]Then there is Wade Barrett, the winner of WWE NXT season 1, the unnamed leader of “The Nexus” stable on RAW consisting of all the rest of the NXT season 1 superstars. He was not at RAW this past Monday because he was at “Titan Towers” dealing with WWE management regarding the McMahon beat down from the week before. That storyline can make sense for this past Monday but what about the rest of the shows? How do you write him off now for the time being? I would probably do some sort of vignette where the RAW superstars get revenge on Barrett, sneak attacking him and taking him out. But, hey I just sit behind this keyboard.

While the other two superstars have been confirmed, people are still waiting to see if the report of Sheamus being the third name on the “I can’t renew my work visa for some strange reason” list. The current WWE Champion has been the most pushed young/new superstar since possibly Brock Lesnar in 2003. He already has two World Championship reigns on his resume in almost under a year of active wrestling for the WWE. For the company to lose him for about a month would be a blow to the company for the time being and hurt various storylines.

[adinserter block=”2″]I don’t know who is to blame in this story regarding WWE talents not getting their work visas renewed in time but the WWE is going to have to do something to make sure this does not happen again. This is already hurting various storylines on their brands and could take a ton of wind out of the sails for their summer storylines. The WWE has done a great job lately with their storylines and to lose three instrumental young superstars like the ones we have spoken about already, will hurt them for the time being.

The WWE is looking very foolish right now with how this has happened and how it has taken place. This can not happen again and I’m sure the WWE will make sure it doesn’t happen again. If someone in the WWE is responsible for this then that person needs to be fired, Mr. McMahon style!

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  1. What a crappily run business, however this should be mostly in the laps of those superstars. They applied for these Visas, they should've kept track of the dates.


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